Lady GaGa – ‘The Fame Monster’ Snippets

Published: Saturday 14th Nov 2009 by Sam

You can now listen to snippets of Lady GaGa‘s hotly anticipated ‘The Fame Monster’ LP ahead of it’s November 23rd release (which as I’m typing I realise is the same day as Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ hits stores. Things that make you go ‘hmmm’).

In any case, judging by the clips…

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Fedde November 14, 2009

    This sounds awful, every song sounds the same, her 1st album was so much better.
    Meanwhile Im listening to Rihanna`s new album and it is FIRE

  2. lool November 14, 2009

    What the hell, this girl is so overrated its unbelievable, everything sounds the same, the lyrics are more then awful, the music industry has no salvation, I lost my hope..

    Speechless looks good tho, Telephone is a joke, it looks like a Danity Kane or a PCD song, awful..

  3. Trolley Suitcase November 14, 2009

    I’m with Fedde on this one. This song list isn’t too impressive at all. Alejandro sounds almost exactly like poker face to me.

    Frankly, with it launching on the same day as Rihanna, I’ll take Rihanna’s effort instead. It just seems a lot more creative.

  4. matt November 14, 2009

    how can you say that rihannas effort is more ‘creative’ ? that made me laugh, i love rihanna but rihanna doesn’t even write her own material for it too be classed as creative, as you say.

  5. AWOLLUVA November 14, 2009

    @ Matt, Trolley Suitcase is actually spot on. Now it’s not so much creativeness as in the “writing aspect” of it, but rather the sound of the actual album, as well as the tracklisting itself. The fact that Sir Gaga is only releasing 8 tracks on the album (technically it’s not even an album, it’s an EP, and at least 6 of the songs sound similar and/or the same), is kinda uncreative. Whereas R****** has more of a diverse sound within her album (diverse for HER, anyway), and damn near more than 8 songs. I guess it’s “aesthetically” more creative, if you wanna get technical.

    No matter who writes or doesn’t write their own lyrics though, none of these chicks are exactly known for singing anything with any kind of depth and substance. Gaga thinks she’s that kind of songwriter, but who the hell is she kidding? She needs to drop this “Electropop-meets the 80’s” b******* and get a new sound. I’m thinking something along the lines of Rock for her next full length release, when Electrocrap is finally dead. Listening to the snippets though, it just doesn’t sound cute…

  6. wtf November 14, 2009

    ok rihanna all are just laughable…RR is better????? its FIYAHH..yeah, ok..clearly shows me where is music is today..if rihanna is being called fiyah, i rest my case..

    onto fame monster… i will be getting it…with gaga, i dnt expect anything better or less..she puts out dance tracks and that is what i want to hear the second and thrid track plus bad romance…nov 23rd it is..lets see how whack gaga really is!!! smh at delusional stans…

  7. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS November 14, 2009

    It’s only 8 tracks, but only a year after a full album. It feels like a re-release, even though she says it’s not, and you can buy the 8 tracks only for less than the price of a ‘proper’ album.

    “Frankly, with it launching on the same day as Rihanna, I’ll take Rihanna’s effort instead. It just seems a lot more creative.”

    Def Jam employees are working overtime again. Most of the songs on Rihanna’s latest album sound very similar too: depressing ballads or whiny vocals to rock music- nothing we haven’t heard before. GGGB was a wide variety, but the latest one isn’t. I can’t wait for Gaga’s album (THE FAME and THE FAME MONSTER).

    I’m not crazy about the clips, but most of the time you can’t tell from 30 seconds. The same goes for Rihanna’s album too. Cold Case Love sounded just like every other song, but the entire track was great when it got into full swing.

    Rihanna will win the chart battle because hers is a new album, not a year old one with new tracks.

  8. Cherry November 14, 2009

    In Lady Gaga’s defense, please try not to judge the album from the 30 second snippets because believe me it doesn’t do the songs justice. I listened to the entire album from start to finish and with the exception of two songs (in my opinion of course lol), the album is hot. Now if I hadn’t heard the album in its entirety, then perhaps I wouldn’t be too excited either. But honestly, it’s really hard to judge an album based on small clips. For example, the song Monster is a banger and based on that snippet you wouldn’t be able to tell. In regards to Rihanna, I am a huge RiRi fan and if I were to base my opinion on the 30 secs snippets I wouldn’t be excited. I rather wait until the album drops and form my opinion at that time. Also at the end of the day, you either like Lady Gaga or you don’t. If you’re a fan of her music then you will like the album.

  9. Keith November 14, 2009

    Visually, Lady GaGa is at the top of the game right now. Musically, it’s all so…..Madonna: trite pop songs that don’t have much that sticks to your belly. Most of the songs have leaked and I am not impressed. And I don’t think the final mastered versions will be much of an improvement.

    Rhianna’s new garbage….I dunno what she will do with that except look back and say “I recorded it during one of the darkest periods of my life”. “Cold Case Love” is great but the rest of the album goes from fake urban to pseudo-P!NK. Not a good look at all from a fashion strumpet who got lucky with fun, summertime pop songs.

    Gaga for the videos, Rhianna for the catwalk/runway and some damn body else for the music.

  10. Gaga forever November 18, 2009

    F*ck you all insecure guys lady gaga is the best you can’t say anything!!! you’re out, back off.

  11. francisco alvarez November 22, 2009

    well the songs do sound a like, but they will be hits, anyways, i am going to stick with bad romance, alejandro, and monster!

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