Original Sugababes Launch Legal Action Against New Line-Up!

Published: Wednesday 3rd Mar 2010 by Sam

Just when it appeared the dust had settled in the Sugababes saga, it is being reported that ALL of the group’s original members have launched High Court action to secure the rights to the ‘Sugababes’ name.

According to Holy Moly, Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena, and Siobhan Donaghy have jointly applied to the European Trademark Authority, seeking ownership to the group’s name. Shockingly, the ‘Sugababes’ name had reportedly never been trademarked, which has allowed the case to proceed.

Buena initially filed the application back in November last year, 2 months after Buchanan was booted. Yet yesterday, the application was amended to include both Keisha and Siobhan.

If their case is successful (which insiders say is ‘likely’), the trio would be able use the name for, among other things, CDs and advertisements in Europe. They would also be able to perform and record under the name. Although the latter is unlikely in light of Buchanan’s solo deal and personal differences between Donaghy and the other members.

Worse still for the current line-up, who will undoubtedly have to change their name should they lose, their legal team have only until May 8th to officially file opposition. Ouch.

Check out scans of the legal files below!

There’s little else to be said other than….let the battle begin! Granted I’m sure there are intricate details and procedures which could drag on for a while, I know which side I’m rooting for. I mean, watching the current line-up performing the group’s older material (material which neither Amelle or Jade were even in the group for) just a few minutes before this story broke, really made my stomach turn. Peep their recent live spin on ‘Ugly’ and ‘Round Round’ after the jump…


Round Round

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  1. wtf March 3, 2010

    thats right these new b****** need to find their own name…they think they can just come in and ride off on the success the older sugababes have built?? f*** them..they should have never booted the last member out now b****** find your name and start from scratch..

  2. Stoney-Brie March 3, 2010

    @ WTF thats so true lol and it’s funny too it jst aint right!

    they def need 2 get a new name, come on even singing the hit from way back doesn’t make sense for it’s like wannabez performing, i hope the real sugababes get justice on this!

  3. Bee March 3, 2010

    Remembering the good old days
    even found their old ‘One Touch’ demos…they were magic…those girls were born to be in a group together.

    Oh well, good luck to both parties. Maybe the new look Sugababes need a need name to shake off the curse of the band name.

  4. zenguru March 3, 2010

    this is funny

    are they forgetting they were a manufactured band so the ownership of the name should lie with who ever PUT them together

  5. yesyes March 3, 2010

    They are doing COVERS of the songs….this is pop music. CHILL!!!

  6. Kyus93 March 3, 2010

    WTF that flop Mutya is jealous because she can’t sell records and make money on her own so she wants to ruin it for everyone else because she’s so bitter. The Sugababes are better with the new line-up, THEY should be suing Keisha for bullying in the workplace! Everyone knows Mutya and Keisha are b****** so sit the f*** down Mutya with your far-ass ugly self and make a career on your own, WTF b****

  7. Sugafan9 March 3, 2010

    KEIHSA & MUTYA B******!! Hope your careers both fail!!! @ KYUS93 i completely agree with you!! Hope the new babes kick some asses!!

  8. cool chick March 3, 2010


  9. cool chick March 3, 2010


  10. olivia March 3, 2010

    Karma is a b****…i Guess
    Team Sugababes (LOL)

  11. Chris March 3, 2010

    This is getting ridiculous- the ex sugababes all love each other now right? What a load of crap!

    For starters Sugababes have, and will always be a manufactured group… for gods sake, they were a pop group signed to a major, put together by a producer- no different to eternal, spice girls, all saints, atomic kitten! They are a BRAND (Ever since Freak- the girlks have played the ‘pop tart’ label)

    When Siobhan left, she made it very clear she didn’t want to be in the Sugababes same goes for Mutya. If I recall there was no major love lost from Keisha when both of these girls left…they carried on.

    Now it seems that the girl solo stuff isn’t working out that they all want a piece of the pie again.

    I’m not a massive fan of Heidi, but she has just as much right the band name as the other girls- Sugababes (ala mega-selling pop brand) was created with her on board with the new label Island. She has a right to continue working under the name- but for sakes sake ban her from singing the ‘One Touch’ songs… something that I can’t really seem harm a tour setlist.

    Also I want to see Keisha do well- but she is a complete hypocrite- Siobhan has said she was pushed out by the other girls… she hated being a Sugababe. Heidi and Mutya were closer that Mutya and Keisha AND when the boot was on the other foot Ms Buchanan was more than happy to carry on the band name.with new members.Who does she think she is? Keisha was never the ‘Leader’ figure in Sugababes 1- if anything Siobhan was pushed to the front. Keisha pushed herself to the front in the other eras… she doesn’t have anymore right to the name than Heidi!

    Finally- stop dissing every performance! I have worked on many tv shows where the babes have performed throughout the years and they have always been inconsistant!

  12. SOOS March 3, 2010


    Law doesn’t work like this.
    They left the group one by one, a new member came one by one, this new team is the first when there are no original member, but it’s not a problem, because Heidi is almost an original member, and beacuse of it the olda sugababes (who remembers those b****** anymore? their worst decision of their career when they quitted the group, and now they are frustrated about it…) will loose the trial.

  13. caz March 3, 2010

    i remember sugababes from the beginning, bout their first album, i cant believe these girls are singing sugababes original songs, they where not there, they have no shame. i dont think the original lineup are being spiteful, i think they are just claiming whats theirs.

  14. John March 3, 2010

    Good on them for finally doing it. Just shows how much Mutya loves Keisha for sticking by her mate as soon as Keisha got kicked out. I know some people side with the new lot, but still facts are facts, they ain’t sugababes without an original. People say they are a brand, and they are NOW, but they so were not back then and say if every member of girls aloud was kicked out and replaced one by one A LOT of people here arguing these new girls are still sugababes would argue for the oppisite side if it was girls aloud, so why should sugababes be any different.

    It is so cheeky of 4.0 not thinking twice about changing the name and just keeping it the same, just shows how unimaginitive they are having to steal their fame off girls that actually had soul and worked hard.

  15. Moonie March 3, 2010

    This is bull! Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan need to sit the f*** down. Why are Mutya and Siobhan even saying anything? Are they mad because their floptastic albums didn’t sell? I mean, they left on their own account. And Siobhan says stuff about Keisha any chance she gets and now their business partners?!? She’s a sellout just like the rest of them! But I ain’t mad at her, I guess you gotta feed yourself however you can. But seriously, They all need to to go sit down and let the Sugababes 4.0 (Who can actually function and work together in the same room, without bitching each other out!!!) do THEIR thing! They are the ones who f***** up and left or got fired! Go sit down somewhere ex-Sugababes! And also who ever let the name “Sugababes” go this long without being trademarked is an idiot.

  16. stan March 3, 2010

    why does it seem like girl groups always have lineup issues. *smh*

  17. Sassoonboy March 3, 2010

    This is just a rumour!!!!!…I really dont think siobhan donaghy will be part of the lawsuit if there is really one goin ahead!!!..she is a solo artist!!!…she is friends with mutya and how siobhan would describe Keisha is…No one forgives their first bully!!!!..siobhan has stated in interviews..she would not be part of the sugababes as they are today!!!but has respect for heidi as she describes as a really nice girl!!!! good luck sugababes i say and to siobhan for mutya and keisha …well its getting kinda boring!!!!!!.Yawn!!!! a recent interview with siobhan donaghy…/SiobhanDonaghyTheonethatgotaway

  18. March 3, 2010

    if it’s never been trademarked, they have just as much right as anybody to take the name.
    it’s the other girls’ fault/their management’s fault for not being smart enough to cover their asses.

  19. hking March 3, 2010

    Could this mean the NEW sugababes have to push the new album. SWEET 7

  20. me March 3, 2010

    I really hope the original line up get their name back.
    Keisha and siobhan has resolved their differences.
    I dont like the new trio to be called the sugababes as they aint.

  21. me March 3, 2010

    Watching them performing keisha & mutya ‘s parts is like them doing an amature karoke.

  22. James March 3, 2010

    I hope the originals get their name back too. They deserve to be called the Sugababes, not Amelle and Jade. Heidi maybe. Amelle was basically a GUEST in that group, she should never have been allowed to have as much power to kick the last original member out of the group. If I was Amelle I would have left the group and allowed Keisha and Heidi to carry on the Sugababes name, and I would have been on my merry way to a solo career instead of all this bs with her thinking she IS the Sugababes.

  23. Pinkpop March 3, 2010

    let’s be fair and say that I always considered Heidi as a equal memeber. The red haired one…don’t even know her name was just like on the first track (hit) and then left.

    and for Mutya: didn’t she just say she was done with music… so why does she care bout a name

  24. Ace March 3, 2010

    Truth be told THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO THIS, whether they like each other or not they all seem to agree with the rest of the world- THEM TRIX AINT THE SUGABABES. Even if they never peform with one another again, without one original member in the group theres no way the name could continue to be used. I think this is the end. If the SweetNLowChix have to change their name no ones gonna care, there mediocre success thus far is all because of what… THE NAME… and NONE of these girls are substantial enough to carry on the legacy of what the Sugababes are. I HOPE THEY WIN and thats EVEN IF THEY NEVER SING A NOTE TOGETHER AGAIN they have the right to PRESERVE their legacy. If you don’t understand why, for whatever reason, JUST IMAGINE a new Destiny’s Child project with Michelle and 2 other chix we dont know… people would laugh them hephaz off stage. SO with that said Im with the Sugababes …. SweetNLowChix y’all are officially one your own….

  25. bips March 3, 2010

    lol u’re all so funny i remember that months ago u were like nobody loves k and now look even sohbian want to kick the ass of the sugafakes!!!! damn it sounds so good!!!!karma is a b**** they really think that they could get rid of this so easily??? sit down take your pop corn and watch the celebrity match of the year….sugababes against sugafakes and i don’t know why but sweet 7 will hardly see the light that why the released was pushed back!!!!
    huh huh !!!

  26. Jay March 3, 2010

    lol I’d f*ck ’em up too

  27. Kendra March 3, 2010

    I agree with Ace. These NEW Sugababes have no right using a name that none of them help create. Yeah Heidi has been there since album 2 but she didn’t start the group. I hope the originals win they case. I would DIE of laughter if they had to change there name

  28. Boricua March 3, 2010


    And the Sugababe’s were NOT manufactured. The girls used to be studio rats who where always eating sweets in the studio – hence the name.

  29. ABEL March 3, 2010

    okay as much as i hear that the new sugababes lineup are good and that keisha was a b**** or vice versa i just have to say….

    Sugababes (although a manufactured pop group to some people) produced some of the greatest hits which kinda made my high school years [if not the whole 2000 decade] more enjoyable! but yet many people will know them as an ever changing group.

    I became a huge fan of them back in ’02, loved the lineup with keisha, mutya and heidi (don’t get me wrong i also loved siobhan) and i personally think that Taller In More Ways is the best album from them

    Amelle is great as well, she has got a very powerful voice and so does Jade(but in my opinion Keisha has the powerful voice) but it has to come to facts!

    No matter what lineup, there still has to be an original member throughout! Just look at *the supremes* who are by far one of the best girl bands of all time and they lasted for more than 15 years with a few change in the lineups but still….AN ORIGINAL MEMBER WAS IN THE BAND!

    Whoever wins the case, i bid them congrats but please….lets just hope that this can bring the closure to all ex and current sugababes fans out there


  30. Sassoonboy March 3, 2010

    People are so cruel!!!!…..and have no respect for the current line up of the sugababes!!!.I know heidi range has worked very hard since Siobhan donaghys departure!! I really dont think siobhan has anything against the current lineup!!! she stated in a recent interview that if she were still in the group!!!they would not be successful!!!!due to the fact of her being far too choosy and having alot of writing and control of what they would sing!!! and personally…Im disgusted at Mutya!!!…..she is just as bad as Keisha…I really thought she would care about heidis feelings…it was her choice to leave!!!!…and what we are all forgettin is if Keisha had not been such a B**** in the first place…and not make 3 members lifes hell …sugababes would not be in the headlines and have various line up changes in the first place!!!!…why do people always want to see people fall!!!…haters are just as bad as bullies!!!

  31. Jai14 March 3, 2010

    I LOOOOOOOOVE THAT ! They need to take them down, b****** !

  32. Rafael March 4, 2010

    This is just wrong. Mutya left the group few years ago because she didnt want to be a part of Sugababes anymore and she wanted a solo career, guess what her solo carrer was a HUGE FLOP and now she wants to go back to sugababes and take their name? Hell No! And the red one who is she? Heide was there from the first succes the group had.

    The best line up would be Heide, Mutya & Keisha !!! And we all know that. That red one needs to go away!!!

  33. Law March 4, 2010

    Hey guys just to let you know that this is not a rumour, I spoke to Kiesha on Twitter back in December last year (this is not b*******), Kiesha tweeted that she had met up with Siobhan and Mutya and her and Siobhan had made peace and she was so happy! She said “It was so strange having not seen her since they were teenagers and that it was lovely to be friends again” Kiesha was so happy she said that Siobhan and Mutya were supporting her fully and her decision to put out a solo album.

    She denied rumours that they were getting back together as 1xra reprted seing all 3 of them coming out of a resturant, but when i asked recently by another tweeter Kiesha replied never say never.

    The bottom line is Kiesha, Mutya and Siobhan are the original sugababes, whether your into the new girls or not, they have no right to be touring the world under a brand they did not build, songs they did not write and make popular, if they are going to do so the original girls deserve a lump some of money for the years they put into that brand or the deserve there name back as it was actually Kiesha and Mutya who came up with the name, Keisha has been the business mind behind the group and everyone agrees that Mutya and Keisha are The Sugababes, there management should not be able to treate women like this and think they can turf them out and keep replacing them with younger girls, it’s not right!

    They will win as they deserve to, end of!

    I think the current fans of the new girls, should realise this is not an attack on the girls it is against the management for thinking they have the right to turf out someone who is the founder member of a brand she help build, that’s like Beyonce or Kelly being kicked out of Destinys Child and Michelle fronting them with 2 other girls, people would be outraged, (although i love Michelle), Do you think the spice girls would EVER allow 5 new girls to use that name and earn no money, f*** no so why should The Sugababes?

  34. True March 4, 2010

    How is Keisha being bitter now that it turns out that mutya was the one who made the lawsuit?
    It their legal right to sue the label & management for future gain of the sugababes brand.
    We don’t know what will happen in the future they might miss out if they don’t sue.

    If they don’t win the new bunch are not safe because it mean if they speak out about the label & management they could be kick out & replaced.

    even if the name not been trademarked the fact the sugababes have sign contracts with advertisers, touring contracts, music rights contracts all those contracts could certificate the original line up.
    copy right states you have to have a legal documents, written documents or witnesses if you add writing credits, music cd, music video’s the originals could win.

  35. antertain March 4, 2010

    Real Catfights and Spotlights lol.

    2be fair in some way Heidi has some claim to the name as she’s done more albums than Siobhan under the Sugabaes reign.

    Mutya left because she was having her baby and needed to take time out. Plus she thought the group were going too commercial compared to earlier albums as they always had the RNB/POP sound.

    Think they should get a one off payment or just claim Royalties of the new line-up as they using the BRAND name that originals founded

  36. OriginalSugababesFan March 5, 2010

    My prayers have been answered! to this dayi’ve missed the original line up of raw talent, there first album is more mature and better written and produced than 90% of what they have had out since. This new girls make me want to vomit it is soul destroying to watch them ruining the group name that I have grown up on and loved, seriously guys if heidi is that important as a band member can any of you invision her as a solo artist? NO becuase she was always just the extra sideline to make up up for the ever so talented Siobhan. The Original girls were not manufactured , Mutya’s parents put the group together and Mutya came up with the name, these fake s**** have no place using it, if the want to sell records they need to earn there own stripes!

  37. unknowntheartist March 5, 2010

    I agree that the new group should leave the name behind. The original members are more than entitled to the name. I have never cared about Sugababes without Keisha and Mutya in it always and with Siobhan to a small extent (due to her not being around that long).
    The way it has played out over the years reminds me of the way the Pussycat Dolls are worked- any one of them at any time could have been let go and they will always have anothe rto step into those shoes.

  38. sandra June 24, 2010

    would love 2 see the old babes back together 🙂

  39. Davis Richards December 23, 2010

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