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Published: Saturday 3rd Apr 2010 by Sam

Pop Icon Janet Jackson‘s visit to the Oprah Winfrey Show aired a few hours ago. Though the singer, 43, was there to promote new movie ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ – along with Tyler Perry, she opened up a lot when questioned about the passing of her brother, Michael, last year. Indeed, Jackson candidly spoke about where she was when she heard the news, the family’s attempted intervention, how they knew he had a problem, Dr Murray, fondest memories of MJ, and a whole lot more.

An insightful, and, ultimately, rather difficult watch. However, one which eases up upon Perry’s arrival on stage to discuss the move.

Check out all the parts of the interview after the jump…(Shout out to Pinboard Blog & Rap-Up)

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  1. Misty April 3, 2010

    It was a nice interview yet I felt Oprah could have refrained from trying to make the interview soley about Michael. It was obvious it was hard for Janet to answer certain questions and at times she looked like “can we move on please”…After all she came on to promote a movie, not to reopen healing wounds. I was a little upset that Oprah had to be like everyone else and rehash those things that were already covered in Janet’s previous interviews. I do think Janet did very well and was very strong and I’m proud of her. She looked beautiful as well. Glad Tyler was there to help.

  2. Caitlin April 3, 2010

    Keep fighting, Janet. <3

  3. Hazel April 3, 2010


  4. DESIREE April 3, 2010

    It’s a painful thing having to lose someone close to you and whom you have shared alot with. I know what Janet is going through having lost a big brother like Michael who loved her and was a big icon to her as well.

    Janet, if you are reading this, i want you to keep moving on, trust in God Almighty and learn from your brother’s mistakes. He wasn’t perfect, nobody was or is even till this day and people will never be perfect. But your brother was a big icon to the world and for that fact alone should encourage you to move on and do your very best to keep the memory of Michael alive. YOU OWE IT TO HIM AS HIS SISTER AND FRIEND. GOODLUCK! AND I’M HERE TO SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY. I’M A BIG FAN OF MICHAEL AND WILL ALWAYS BE!

  5. DESIREE April 3, 2010

    what in the hell is wrong with Oprah..drop it please and let Janet move on. It’s hard already that Michael had to die now you are trying to dig deep the wound. You are right, it’s time you retire Oprah and i mean it.

  6. Wesley April 3, 2010

    She is the most elegant, s***, charismatic women. I felt it wrong that the entire interview was made about her brothers death, considering her appearance was because of the film shes promoting .

  7. MJfan April 3, 2010

    Janet is such a refreshing famous black woman. She is elegance all the way. Janet is sophisticated, classy, soft-spoken, articulate. Janet is truly a lady. I’ve always loved Janet, but this older sophisticated Janet is the ultimate.

    Janet hair , make up, was flawless. Her wardrobe- dignified.

    I, understand why Oprah had to go there, because that is what is on the fans minds, and it’s a Current event. I’m pretty sure she spoke with Janet before and after the show.

    As far as Michael is concerned, the family needs to heal, but personally, as a fan, and a person that is extremely sensitive to pain and suffering, I can’t help but gravitate towards MJ, a man that I’ve never but, but loved the same. I believe that he had so much hurt and disappointment in his life, and deep within, he probably felt he couldn’t trust anyone, because people just couldn’t be there for him. This poor man always talked about being lonely, even walking the streets of his neighborhood, asking people would they be his friend, this man had mannequins in his room both at his parents home and at Neverland, he would call people just to talk. He gravitated towards children, just for companionship. It’s really sad, how can a man that so many claim were his friend be so utterly alone. And then again, another possibility is that, maybe MJ being the genius that he was always had songs, ideas in his mind , that at times it became overwhelming, and thus made it hard to deal with. Most geniuses are unhappy, and depressed, from Van Gough, Mozart. One cannot be a genius and be happy., impossible. And like Oprah and many others have said, his depression allowed him to create the most beautiful art. Deep within, I believe he accepted that , and used it to better his art. Happy people can’t produce master pieces, sorry. My analysis is my thoughts on MJ, and listening to others as well.

  8. MJfan April 3, 2010

    The entire interview was mainly about MJ, because it’s MICHAEL JACKSON. This man had an effect on people , that will never be dublicated, ever. I don’t care how famous a person is, artists of today will never have that ummph like MJ. And people need to realize something, maybe MJ was blessed because throughout his career he never accepted responsiblity for his art , he always gave created to God. And look how much he was blessed. They had to talk about it, because Janet talking about MJ while promoting her movie, is actually helping the movie.

  9. tee April 3, 2010

    I think Oprah should have eased up a bit. I mean even when Tyler came out she still keep at Janet. It was like she was trying to get her to say something, not sure what. I like how Tyler when he came out said that Janet and her family really tried to get Mike help. Also that comment Oprah made about her thinking “who loved Michael enough to help him stop with the drugs” was so insensitve. You simple can’t help someone who doesn’t want or think they need help. Oprah folks are not God they can only try not command others…

  10. John April 3, 2010

    I think some of these MJ fans don’t understand that Janet has her own career lmao.. she didn’t need MJ to become famous and she doesn’t need MJ to promote her movie, her being in the movie promotes it herself, as everyone is dying to do an interview with her… Regis and Kelly, 106 and Park, Oprah, The Today show etc… and that’s the truth because I’m a massive fan of MJ as well. Janets a superstar in her own right

  11. MJ is the King April 3, 2010

    John, you are delusional if you think people want to interview Janet because of her movie. It is all about MJ.

    Even though in 2007, Janet told Oprah that she had not seen nor talked to MJ since the 2005 trial…and yesterday, she admitted to Oprah that they became distant after thriller…still she hammered her about MJ. The King lives on.

    Janet doesn’t have much of a career left. Need a remind you that despite the fact that MJ went through hell, ridiculed & went on trial..he still sold out the O2 arena 50 times!!!! And even more impressive, he willingly left the industry and had not released a new about in 9 years.

    While Janet had to cancel her last tour for poor ticket sale…with a new album out. It was about MJ before…it will go down in history. A history that MJ made possible for all r&B singers today.

  12. Stoney-Brie April 3, 2010

    @ MJ IS THE KING the bottom thing Michael will always be Janet’s big brother and he loved her more than you will ever know, and they knew each other more and more we know them!!.

  13. Son of Baldwin April 3, 2010

    Oprah was asking Janet those questions like she didn’t give a f*** about how Janet would feel talking about it.

  14. t April 3, 2010

    Well, all I gotta say is if he was so badly into drugs and they were doing all these interventions why then…oh why would they want to do a J5 tour? LOL Why was Joe all up on how much AEG should pay MJ for the TII concerts then? Why was Janet on LKL saying she was trying to get MJ to do the J5 Reunion concert…I mean seriously???!!!!

  15. Fred April 3, 2010

    Oprah is a two faced b****. Cant wait till she is off the air on regular TV. She never did jack for Michael when he was alive I cant believe Janet would even talk to this fat h**.

  16. JCGemini22 April 3, 2010

    janet is always the trooper. she deals well with pain and hardship. as for oprah-you know she been dyin’ to get that interview since michael’s death, and was more than determined to get the questions that EVERYONE (abc, nbc, cbs, cw, cnn, etc. etc.) in during her chat with janet. granted, janet has a movie coming out, but i am sure, in the back of her mind, she knew what oprah was going to go for. and a publicist can only stop the questions so far. she’s oprah. janet looked fabulous. she looked sophisticated and well preserved. now mind you, i am not a fan of that “Nothing” video. j needs to be more on her game when it comes to how she presents herself in these videos. IE. Feedback (the song) was the biz, then she came out with that video and you’re like, what the hell???! It eventually grew on me, but I still don’t agree. When I first heard Feedback, I just knew she was going to show B where even SHE got the term DIVA from! But typical j, combat boots are her comfort zone! lol

  17. jjlova06 April 3, 2010

    Oprah is tooo intense. I guess this would be considered a good interview, but I personally feel that she went too far and too long about this. You can tell that she is not comfortable and does not want to answer.

  18. ARTISTK April 3, 2010


  19. jjlova06 April 3, 2010

    But I will say that she was so much mroe comfortable on Oprah than on any other show. All the other ones she seemed like she was soooo nervous and sat straight up and everything.

  20. keith April 3, 2010

    I am a little surprised at the vitriol from @MJISTHEKING. I guess that’s the difference between respecting the FAMILY and worshipping one person. And I beg to differ that Janet DOES still have some career left. If this turns into a solid phase as an actress, then I hope you are eating crow soon. Jill Scott and Jennifer Hudson are the only hyphenates that come close to Janet.

    Anyhoo, Janet really continues to prove herself as the textbook example of how to be a star. Graceful and poised under fire (and Oprah didn’t relent), the younger stars should be taking copious notes. Even though she was pushed, I could appreciate Janet’s honesty and candor. I don’t think Janet would’ve been as forthright if she hadn’t been pushed, though. If nothing else, she did look BEE-YOO-TIFUL. Fran and team were on point for this appearance but I will agree the video ensembles need revisiting.

    Saw the movie last night and Gavin/Patricia are the central story. LOVED it. In fact, the movie should have been JUST Gavin/Patricia with Sheila/Troy thrown in for good measure. Seeing it again today…..

  21. LISA April 3, 2010

    @ FRED


  22. ben April 3, 2010

    Only in America could a fat, ugly, feminazi, sell-out b**** like Oprah become so successful. I respect Janet for keeping her composure. I would have told her to change the f****** subject. Why she so concerned for MJ now? She couldn’t stand him when he was alive. Just hope she knows how much he did for her career. Oprah, do you remember that ’93 interview you did with MJ? Do you remember the millions of viewers & advertising money you got from that interview? Probably not. I hope this is the last time Janet goes on her show.

  23. Daniel April 3, 2010

    Only in America could a fat, ugly like Janet become successful.

  24. yasmine April 3, 2010

    I am so sick & tired of being SICK & TIRED of Oprah digging into people’s private business. Wasn’t this supposed to be an interview about WDIGMT? Instead she turned it into a interview about MJ. We’ve heard enough about his death. The media keeps exploiting his name, knowing they despised him. Enough is enough. Now the press is gonna harass MJ’s 3 children until they “speak out” about their life with him. American media personalities are sickening.

  25. yasmine April 3, 2010

    @ DANIEL

    GTFOH!!! Janet Jackson is beautiful no matter what size she is. Pull your head from Okra Winpey’s ass and get some oxygen before you die of asphyxiation.

  26. K-N April 3, 2010

    Janet has such a wonderful spirit. Oprah is a business woman at the end of the day. She’ll do anything for ratings. She lives for the almighty dollar smh

  27. BRK393 April 3, 2010

    Oprah is so fake. Notice Janet gave her one-word answers at certain points. It’s usually the best way to shut somebody’s ass down. Not with Oprah. She just keeps talking & talking

  28. Kayla April 3, 2010

    @FRED and @LISA
    THANK YOU I AGREE 100% about Oprah
    I love Janet though *smooches*

  29. LUV-LEE April 3, 2010


    I am not a big fan of Oprah anymore because of the way she dogged out Michael during his trial even though Michael was nice enough to give Oprah his first interview in how many years (14 at the time I think). And especially the way Oprah spoke about Michael after he passed away 🙁 When she finally decided to speak about him. I distinctly remember hearing her say “I did not consider myself a friend of Michael”. She also said something like “And I didn’t ant to be one of those people talking about how great he was now that he was gone”

    She’s been acting holier than thou for the past 2 years and I am over her. I am so glad she is retiring. I have a feeling that Janet may not be aware of all the things Oprah has been saying. Janet doesn’t watch much TV from what I heard, and when she does, she is usually watching cartoons.

  30. LUV-LEE April 3, 2010

    @ DANIEL

    F U C K OFF

  31. cherie April 3, 2010

    @ LUV-LEE

    I have a feeling Janet DOES know about Oprah’s comments on Michael. Why do you think Janet agreed to do interviews with every one else BEFORE Oprah. Janet & Michael were very intuitive & smart. They knew who the s*** talkers were, but fooled people with their quietness and shy personalities. Janet also asked for Robin Roberts to interview her instead of Diane Sawyer. It’s understandable when you see Sawyer’s interviews with MJ or interviews with other people on MJ.

  32. sid April 3, 2010

    @ LUV-LEE
    Oprah’s comments were predictable. She was an “abused” person and she wants to transfer her trauma onto Michael (for what he was accused of). Have no illusions. Oprah is one of those people who believes she should be the only powerful & influential person around the world. MJ was that and I’m pretty sure she resented him for it, much like Priscilla Presley hated him because he rivaled Elvis. Oprah is insecure. Under the make-up, designer clothes, mansions, celebrity “friends”, and millions of $ is the poor ugly little black girl from Mississippi who wanted to be white (she told Barbara Walters that in the 90s). She has no right to put down Michael but she needs to in order to feel better about herself. After all, she needed to discuss his film and bring on family members for ratings. She’s slipping in viewers and is desperately trying to hide the fact that she’s tired & her show is tired.

  33. SparkD April 3, 2010

    I could slapped the mess out of Oprah for that! Can’t you see Janet is in agony!

  34. MJfan April 3, 2010

    People tell us how you really feel about Oprah. lol. Well, I don’t like the fact that Oprah only discusses one side of a story and never address both issues. When she had Mike Tyson and he discussed his life with Robin Givens, she didn’t ask Robin Givens to discuss her side of story, and Robin Givens had to contact her, to discuss her side of the story, and call Oprah out on laughing when Tyson said that he wanted to shock Robin for her comments that she made during an old interview they did with Barbara.

    Oprah did the same thing with the whole Bobby and Whitney situation, she allowed Whitney a platform, but never once had Bobby Brown to discuss his side of the story. And that is dangerous, to present only side of the story and not the others so they can tell their side of the story.

    But, it’s funny how Oprah said that when she looks back on the MJ interview, he appeared as if he wanted to be her friend, but she was more concerned with getting the Interview of the century. And she discussed how she thought of MJ as seeing the wizard or something. That’s funny because MJ came across in that interview as pretty normal and very open to me. And how come noone called Oprah out on the fact that during the trial , she said , No grown expletive man should sleep with children. Yet, she never once talked about how in the same interview, MJ talked about him sleeping on the floor with pillows. And how everytime MJ had a child there with him, he would tell the child to ask their parents for permission to sleep in his room. And the one thing that is funny, is that MJ was a known insominac, so I’m pretty sure the children were sleep in his bed, he was probably up reading, writing music, or watching t.v. Oprah didn’t go into full detail about that, she gave people the wrong impression on MJ, and she really should apologize.

  35. denise April 3, 2010

    @ MJFAN

    Yeah I find it funny that Oprah never tried to hear Chris Brown’s side of the story before throwing him under the bus. She laughed at Mike Tyson wanting to slap Robin Givens but not at Rihanna getting beaten? She always puts her nose in something that does NOT concern her. Chris Brown performed at her school in South Africa, so it was very two-faced & hypocritical (the usual for her). I also highly doubt that MJ wanted to be her “friend”. Just because he was nice to her? Oprah has long been full of herself and she distorts the truth. Also let’s not get started on her “child abuse” situation at her African girl’s academy.

  36. algie April 3, 2010

    janet you are such a classy woman

  37. Ben April 3, 2010

    Big ole’ Oprah just couldn’t let it die down. You would think she would know better. I know Janet is so sick of talking about it, but I highly commend her for being professional about it. It still must be so hard for her because many feel that her success is built off her brother’s back, and that is NOT true. She has had to deal with that all her life, and none of the other Jacksons are doing anything right now, she is the last successful one, so wherever she goes, last summer’s tragedy follows her.

  38. Me April 3, 2010

    O is such a freaking hypocrite. I lost a lot of respect for her last year. She didn’t like Michael while he was alive, so why ask all these questions now. And she kept pushing Janet and making sure she repeated derogatory stuff…over and over. Biotch! Just say that you’re glad he’s gone and you think that’s what he deserved. Stop hinting. Disgusting woman.

  39. Justmyopinion April 4, 2010

    I feel for Janet, its true to the world he was the legendary michael jackson but to her he meant so much more…..You can see the hurt written on her face. She seemed a little uncomfortable being asked SO MANY questions about him……..I know Oprah had to ask, but I think maybe she should have backed off just a little…….losing someone is hard but to have that happen and the world is watching and commenting and picking apart your family makes it all the more difficult.

  40. OprahLovefromSouth April 4, 2010

    I’m amazed at the diss for Oprah … really goes to show age. It’s all good because your thoughts are yours. I will say that if you really thought about it … her show is primarily geared toward women. Most of “those” women didn’t want to hear from Bobby Brown nor Chris Brown. Thank God for Oprah’s intelligence and the proof is in the pudding. She’s now one of the richest black women in the world. It comes from her knowing when and when not. All I can tell you is keep living and you’ll see. As for Oprah’s retirement … don’t fool yourself. Her Daytime show is retiring … not her.

  41. DubA April 4, 2010

    Oprah really rubs me the wrong way sometimes; she can be quite polarizing. I feel as if this interview was not her best. She was loud, aggressive, overly persistent, insensitive towards Janet (who we all know is REALLY private), and her tone was too nonchalant for the topic. I would have thought that she was discussing the weather, not the death of MJ! I loved Janet though. She was honest, open, and even though I could see the pain and sadness in her face, there was a strength and courage, too. I also like how she keeps it real about her relationship with Michael. She isn’t going around trying to act as though she and Michael were attached at the hip and were super close; she isn’t trying to use him for celebrity, which is refreshing to see in Hollywood.

  42. allouishous April 4, 2010


    Oprah DID NOT like or respect MJ and she made it clear before his death and afterwords. She degraded him in a show during his trial, expressing her disgust at his interview with Martin Bashir and inviting Lisa & Priscilla Presley on to bash him. Oprah’s salary or influence has a lot to do with her influencing the public into having negative perceptions of certain people. Other than that, she’s nothing without her money or career. She doesn’t present both sides of the story because she doesn’t want to offend women? Oprah is as SEXIST as they come. She has little integrity. Ellen Degeneres has been far more neutral to celebrities with controversy around them. Oprah had Chris Brown perform at her school in South Africa and then denounces him on tv over the dv incident? Yet she laughed at Mike Tyson wanting to slap Robin Givens and at Jay Z recounting his days as a drug dealer? Her biases are disgusting and extremely obvious. She disrespected Janet by badgering her knowing that she was still feeling pain over the loss. She only wanted to push the agenda of Michael being a drug addled lunatic who hurt children. Oprah cannot be trusted.

  43. janelle April 4, 2010


    Another brainwashed lunatic with your head stuck up Oprah’s ass. Keep living in a delusion. Oprah didn’t give a f*** about MJ. Therefore, the audience didn’t need to be subjected to her ridiculous forced questioning about MJ’s “demise”. She’s glad he’s gone and therefore had to “act” as if she cared about Janet’s feelings in the aftermath. She really doesn’t care. No one in the American media cares.The meltdown after MJ’s death was purely for profit. Any interviews or news segments pertaining to it are for a ratings boost.

  44. OprahLovefromSouth April 4, 2010

    @Allouishous and Janelle

    Don’t get hostile … your thoughts are your own. No one is brained washed if they decide that Oprah is doing an outstanding job. As I said before, her success speaks for itself. 25 years in the business says she knows her stuff. We can disagree without obscenities and profane language.

    Lastly, Tyler came out and reinforced Oprah’s line of questioning.

  45. Sammie UK :) April 5, 2010

    Dang I thought Oprah was better than this….I did find her disrespectful and rude with the way she was questioning Janet, digging for more and more….Re-opening old wounds and pain she was slowly getting over….Good for Tyler for pulling down Oprah a notch, by the looks of it Oprah didn’t like that….I understand Oprah is a businesswoman first and foremost that doesn’t mean she can treat people like that in a patronizing manner when questioning them….But Janet held her tears back though and conducted herself with class, grace and dignity unlike Oprah who didn’t come across very well in this interview at all….xo

  46. B April 5, 2010

    My girl J always rises to the occassion!!!! She will always be #1 in my book!!!!

    The movie opened at #2 with $30 million. A great number considering Clash of the Titans opened with 1000 more screens and was in 3D which has higher ticket prices.

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