Mariah Carey Prepares For Christmas Album

Published: Saturday 24th Apr 2010 by Trent

As reported a few weeks ago, Mariah Carey has returned to the studio to work on a new album. The news encouraged a wave of speculation among her fans as many wondered whether she was indeed working on a new studio album or a Christmas album as the decision regarding which project the diva will be undertaking was yet to be finalised by her management. However, according to MariahDaily, famed photographer David LaChapelle has confirmed that Carey is in fact working on a Christmas album.

Nevertheless, LaChapelle’s news does not mean that Carey may not be working on both a Christmas project and a new studio album as well. Having entered the studio with Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, Johnta Austin, Teddy Riley and now Randy Jackson, a studio LP seems to be a strong possibility. Possible release dates for the project(s) have yet to be scheduled.


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  1. Dilla April 24, 2010

    Noooooooooooooooooo! Don’t do it!

  2. Dilla April 24, 2010

    What they need to do is put this b**** in a garbage bag and make her job in the dessert in summertime while juice dieting to lose the weight, then hire a grade A stylist, tie this b**** down and dress her age appropriate. Cover your ass Mariah damn!!!!!

  3. Kyus93 April 24, 2010

    No girl! You need to go away and find some inspiration & get signed to a new album! A Christmas album is not going to solve your problems at this point!

  4. movieman April 24, 2010

    mariah you need to sit down and have some babys

  5. nothing but my opinion April 24, 2010

    noo! not another one 🙁

  6. Boricua April 24, 2010

    She REALLY needs to not touch that Xmas album with her voice in the state its in these days.

    That album is her zenith album vocally.
    No one can deny she sang the s*** out of that record!

  7. Last Boy on Earth April 24, 2010

    oh no 🙁

  8. smh April 24, 2010

    Mariah can still SANG her ass off. Ya’ll so damn delusional. That woman can out sang everybody in this industry. She should have stuck with Jermaine Dupri for the entire album.

  9. KNUCK April 24, 2010


  10. Sarah April 24, 2010

    I agree that Mariah doesn’t need to do another Christmas album. She already has one of the biggest selling X-Mas albums, which is a classic and so is AIWFCIY. But I’m looking forward to it, regardless. I just hope she’s not trying to turn traditional X-Mas songs into ghetto like trash and featuring rappers. I wasn’t really feeling the remix JD did for AIWFCIY. That song didn’t need a remix.

    I just hope Mariah sings very well on this X-Mas album, and is singing some of the great traditional songs that weren’t included on her last X-Mas album.

  11. Sugarpie April 24, 2010

    I can only hope she is not goin to ruin her previous xmas album which was fantastic…..but she is farrrr from that vocally and musically as well, so its pretty sure its goin to be another dissapointment…:(((

  12. FiercerMC April 24, 2010

    Whatever it is she’s gonna do… Mariah i’m all for you!!!

  13. melike April 24, 2010

    Yay i cant wait for it 😀 i love christmas and its about time she made a new christmas song
    all i want for christmas is your new album mariah 🙂 x

  14. bobby from bulgaria April 24, 2010

    To ALL THE LOSERS out there:
    Yeah, whatever you say, NOBODIES… Ha ha ha… Insignificant bugs you are… :)))

    Who do you think you are to tell the GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIMES what to do…???
    Just go back to your lousy holes and don’t ever come out again…

    Mariah will do WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO DO… Cuz she CAN… And you CAN’T…

    I can’t wait to hear Mariah’s new Christmas album this year… Cuz she does it for the FANS, not for the LOSERS… :)))

  15. Gary April 24, 2010

    OOOOOOOH BEST IDEA IN THE WORLD !!!! I’M far from a fan of her , but a Christmas Album is an amaziiiiing idead , if the first single appeals me , i will probably buy it ! and it would be my first Mimi album bought lol

  16. I HATE TGJ April 24, 2010

    I LOVE the idea of a new Christmas Album….here’s why…how many of you listen to the Merry Christmas album for like the whole months of Nov and Dec, I myself listen from Oct as well, anyway, there are a million other Christmas songs and some classics that she didnt do on the first one, and I dont think that she will make it R&B, she might however make it have a soul vibe, but she did that on the first album and it worked perfectly….bottom line, MC is not stupid she knows what works and Im sure she knows that a Christmas album needs to be more universal because its marketed to wider variety of people that normally wouldnt buy her cd’s, and she knows that she has to go up against one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time…HER OWN, its ALOT of pressure. PLUS the new song with her Mom will be on there, and I doubt it will be anything less than beautiful. Dont want the summer to go by to fast, but cant WAIT till NOVEMBER!!!!!

  17. I HATE TGJ April 24, 2010

    IF anything … It’s going to be GOSPEL / POP like the first christmas album ….. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. tamone April 24, 2010

    Who Gives a FUH it She “already did a cristmas album’
    So If She Wants To Do a Christmas Album then Let Her Do What Her Heart Desires !
    Either Way, im ALL for ANYTHING She Does !
    & if youre a TRUE Fan you would Be Too !
    Im Not Saying i totally Agree Wit the Xmas Album though Lol
    Buuuuuuuuuuuuut , why not ?
    i bet it will BE AMAZING

  19. candy bling April 24, 2010

    F*** all you hating c**ts! Mariah is gonna sang her ass off and all you bitter non-believers will eat your sad words.

  20. relevance April 24, 2010


  21. licaan April 24, 2010

    i like the idea of a Christmas album, what’s the big deal here?

  22. jonstrax April 24, 2010



  23. geronimo April 24, 2010

    too much competition…. sorry just go ahead and make them babies

  24. ALLNIGHTDONTSTOP2010 April 24, 2010

    Sheesh Mariah sure have alotta haters damn are some of you the reason why she 200 million biggest selling female artist of all time???? Why cant the woman sing if she wants to then let her damn. Her 1st christmas album was really amazing I think she could do another one followed by her new untited album in early 2011 Get em MC

  25. Sean April 24, 2010

    Her first christmas album was AMAZING but vocally she is not in that league anymore. Take her Hero re-make, for instance, adn even with the help of autotune and studio production she still comes off flat and hoarse, and live performances even worse. I don’t know what is up with her vocal nodule situation, but I know that everyone will compare this album to Merry Christmas and she will fall short. As for all the “lambs,” you should realize that the woman is so desperate for a hit she’s prepping 3 packages for release in one year: Memoirs Remix which got shelved, xmas album and a new studio LP. The woman is one more flop away from breakdown #2.

  26. Sarah April 24, 2010


    Lol shut up. Seriously. Mariah can definitely still sing and very well, with the proper vocal rest. Her last tour received an overwhelming response from how great and on point her vocals were.

    Every singers voice changes and I’m fed up with people expecting Mariah to sing like she did 15 years ago. Let it the hell go. She can still blow chops and she sounds better the majority of these so-called “singers” nowadays.

    I’m sure her vocals will be on point and she will do great with this X-Mas album. I also don’t see it flopping. It definitely won’t match the success of “Merry Christmas” but I definitely believe the album will be a hot seller every X-Mas holiday season.

    Also, Mariah only had one studio flop this decade. CB and E=MC were minor sellers but aren’t flops. They both sold 1.3 and 1.4 million respectively.

  27. Sarah April 24, 2010

    I meant one flop last decade.

  28. Bobby D April 24, 2010

    Awesome! I will buy both of em.

    Mariah still got it. haters keep hatin

  29. AP April 24, 2010

    Mariah knows what she’s doing! I think a Christmas album is a good idea before a new album! As for her voice she still got it and she can outsing everyone out there so all the haters can stfu!

    Can’t wait for both albums!Go Mimi!

  30. GOOD ASS JOB KANYE WEST April 24, 2010


  31. Raychel April 24, 2010

    I like this idea

  32. Kevin April 24, 2010

    im a lamb too, and mariah can still sang about 95% of her prime…look at her Angels Advocate Tour….BUT….


  33. slick April 24, 2010

    i really hope she doesnt do any ghetto tracks! not even one! i also hope she brings it hard on the vocals. she can still sing, but she needs to be 100% for this!

  34. Jasmine April 24, 2010

    I think she is trying to get out of her contract with Def Jam by making another album so they cannot sue her.

  35. bobby from bulgaria April 25, 2010

    @Toyaz World

    Who cares about Madonna now… So when did she start her career then? 1983…

    Well, Mariah started her career in 1990 so don’t feel sorry for her… That is 7 years behind… In 7 years Madonna will be nowhere to be found and Mariah will be ON THE TOP… 🙂

  36. jan April 25, 2010

    Bad idea. Mariah needs to go away , take a break, live life and revamp her issues. The public is so not into her now and a new xmas album will only invite comparisons. I doubt it even goes gold so another flop

  37. Duca April 25, 2010

    It is sad to see someone like Bobby cant take the fact well that Mariah is IRRELEVANT as her main market US …she is dead!

    Mariah>>>>>>Celine>>>>>>>>>>Janet>>>>>>>>>> RETIRE


  38. UGLY, UNFIT, FAT DRUNK & FLOP MIMI April 25, 2010

    Regardless, Madonna always ahead of Mariah WORLDWIDE !!! Kah Kah Kah

  39. Tha Phoenix April 25, 2010

    I think the X mas album is just a taster. I highly doubt B Co, JD and she, along with Teddy Riley, would be wasting all their talents on an X mas album.

    Mark my words, we’ll have a new LP from by next June at the latest,

  40. CH3RRy April 25, 2010

    retire already!!

  41. Kevin April 25, 2010

    If it’s a legit Christmas Album, I won’t be too against it. Let’s hope so.

    No remixes, no rappers, no features unless it involves other songbird types (Mary J. Blige, for example)

  42. Inspire, achieve and motivate with ambura! April 25, 2010

    She needs time out to look over what has gone wrong recently. She can’t throw out album after album until something sticks. When she did take out to regroup, she produced one of her most successful albums. Overloading the public is not working. Releasing a Xmas album will make matters worse. She already has a hugely successful one, so this one will not come close, especially since her recent decline in popularity.

    Like some Mimi fans said, she’s never going to be as big as she used to be. What goes up must come down. Either it’s a gradual decline or a crash landing. She’s moving from the first to the latter. She’ll always be one of the greatest voices ever, but that’s not what sells anymore. She is attractive, and definitely NOT fat, but she needs to wear clothes that suit her figure. She doesn’t have to be frumpy because she’s almost forty, but wear something that suits her figure.

  43. bobby from bulgaria April 25, 2010


    – OK, who is RELEVANT or IRRELEVANT now is out of the question… Here are some examples: Lady Gaga & Kesha, so… I’ll just LAUGH at that… :)))
    – What matters is what you have achieved… And Mariah has achieved the status of being the BEST SINGER & VOCALIST EVER… Cuz I don’t see the next Mariah coming…


    Quote: “She needs time out to look over what has gone wrong recently.”
    – Who told you she hasn’t…? Maybe she did… That’s something that’s out of your, or mine, business… We don’t have the power to tell celebrities what to do… They have their own decisions… Just like we have ours…

    Quote: “Like some Mimi fans said, she’s never going to be as big as she used to be. What goes up must come down. Either it’s a gradual decline or a crash landing.”
    – Says who…??? Are these the ones that said THE SAME after “Glitter’??? Were they right? I’ll just LAUGH at that too… :)))

    Quote: “She’ll always be one of the greatest voices ever, but that’s not what sells anymore. She is attractive, and definitely NOT fat, but she needs to wear clothes that suit her figure”
    – Maybe it’s not a matter of sales anymore… Could it be that? Maybe it’s more for the fame and for the fans…
    – As for the clothes I think that everybody wears whatever they want to and everybody makes mistakes…

  44. AP April 25, 2010

    Totally agree with you Bobby! All of you haters are gonna stfu like you did when emancipation came out!!!!

    Listen to your Gaga’s, Kesha’s etc cause 5 years from now they won’t be making records but Mariah will!!!! So happy to be a lamb!

  45. Tha Phoenix April 25, 2010

    Complete cosign with @Bobby and @Ap – you guys are saying what I keep saying on twitter ( ). These are the probably the same people chatting after Charmbracelet.. then TEOM came out – 10 mill sales in ONE YEAR – and you done know they SHUT UP after that.

    Talent never goes anywhere. Those who doubt MC and thinks she’s down and out, just cause of two so-so albums (and I’m the first to admit that Memoirs was NOT on point at all), they’ll be the ones licking her a*** when she comes back harder than ever.

    That’s all.

  46. MARIAH – TIME TO RETIRE!!! April 25, 2010

    This is Mariah’s time to retire!!!

    Seriously she should sit her ass down before putting out another FLOP album. This Christmas album is going nowhere. Trust me. She just scrapped plans for that remix album (who’s idea was that again?) for that FLOP album that hardly even reached gold status.

    Sit your ass down, raise your family, take a rest and take some vocal lessons and drop the lipsynching. Sing live so that you won’t have to struggle to fill 3000-seat venues!! LMAO!

  47. Whatever April 25, 2010

    Yeah Mariah was once one of the greatest singers on earth. But she ruined her legacy by lipsynching. Sorry she’s not a live vocalist anymore. Anyone who denies that should get their brains checked.

  48. GO and POP OUT BABIES April 25, 2010

    I can safely say with this Christmas album, it will mark her popularity as decreasing and she tries hard to cash in in during Christmas Holiday = sheer DESPERATION !!! 🙁

    Mariah cant even sold out a Mc Donalds- sized car park venue during her concert.
    Mariah had 4 flopped album in her career.
    Mariah’s latest single Up Out My Face flops so hard in the chart they canceled her Remix Album

    and I am done…. 🙁

  49. Angels fart April 25, 2010

    poor Lambs..nobody likes her these days ..Kahahahahahahhahahahaahaa ha ha ha

  50. AP April 25, 2010

    Lambs do like her 4 life and that’s a lot believe me!

  51. bobby from bulgaria April 25, 2010

    Yeah, the haters came back again…

    Whatever you say… Still there’s no other Mariah coming… She’s already A LEGEND… 🙂

  52. Scouser April 25, 2010

    Mariah Carey Is Amazing, I loved her last christmas album, and im looking forward to her new one. Her voice is so fabulous and i hope she carries on making more and more albums, every song she sings is outstanding and gorgeous, i love you mariah !! and the haters please sort yourselves out as if shes gonna listen to you, yous need to get a life and keep your silly negative comments to your self because you people obviously dont listen to real music.

  53. Martín April 27, 2010

    Mariah Carey is used to commercial failures. In the last decade, 4 (FOUR) of her albums were FLOPS: Glitter, Chambracelet, The Remixes and Memoirs of an imperfect angel. The last one sold less than 1 million copies. Greatest Hits was also a failure..I think people is fed up with her R&B, Hip-Hop style and remixes.. As for the voice, Celine Dion always had the best powerful and angelical voice as shown in the song All by myself and many others.

  54. plumey June 22, 2010

    Better put Dila in a garbage can because shes a stupid b****, you have any talent, you sold millions of records, yo are beautifull, you sing no, no ,no,no, stpo talking abou mimi whatever she does at this point is for fun she dont have to provr anything to nobody, so go to hell idiot.

  55. Memoirs of An Old Constipated Dolphin July 16, 2010

    churning for more flops, grandma? 🙁

  56. Bludancer328 August 14, 2010

    Mariah needs to experience a new sound and reinvent her image to redeem her career. The Emancipation of Mimi was a curtain opener to what we know Mariah can do with her gift and her voice. It would be best if she was to take her career to the extra mile and stop harboring her girly, hip hop RnB roots. Granted, she has proven to the world her 1/3 part of her racial background, but how long can she hold on to it. It is getting a bit tiring to hear slow grooves that pretty much sound the same. I am a dear fan of hers and I just sigh with disappointment with these past records.

    Artist nowadays are stepping out of their comfort zone and giving us listeners some awesome ass music. What Mariah can do is figure out what other types of genres can she incorporate in her music and collaborate with other producers other than Jermaine Dupri. Like the saying goes, you have to cut the umbilical cord. If she were to do just that, she would be back in the spotlight, and it would catch her by surprise.

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