New Video: Ke$ha – ‘Your Love Is My Drug’

Published: Thursday 13th May 2010 by Sam

Pop rebel Ke$ha keeps her undeniable momentum going with the release of the video for current single ‘Your Love Is My Drug’. The Dr Luke produced song has thus far peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Peep the quirky video after the jump…

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  1. Emmi3 May 13, 2010

    i like it but i would have prefered for her 2 do a video for take it off though!

  2. hardcastle May 13, 2010

    you go ke$ha, three song all hitting the 1million mark this year 2010 that is great you keep the good work up.

  3. bbq May 13, 2010

    I love this song! Nice Kesha!

  4. Last Boy on Earth May 13, 2010


  5. Trashyawnce May 13, 2010

    Creative yet messy at the same time.
    Hot mess just like her

  6. Tami May 13, 2010

    All her songs sound the same


    Ke$ha stinks. I’m sorry but her “music” is crap and she is about as talented as a sand crab.

    Check out:
    The Conversation Chamber

  8. Orlando May 13, 2010

    she sucks major ass

  9. Tiff May 13, 2010

    i dont see the hype. she is good enough i guess

  10. Aryo May 13, 2010

    Awesome video

  11. Glow In The Dark May 13, 2010

    Pretty girl. But her music is freakin annoying. And this song and video doesn’t make it any better.

  12. channelexor May 13, 2010


  13. SOOS May 13, 2010

    This song is a bad copy of Katy Perry’s style. 🙁

  14. frankie May 13, 2010

    this is crap
    i heard on the radio her voice sucks live and that she sounds horrible on tour with rhianna who is also a lack-luster live performance

  15. frankie May 13, 2010

    she looks like she needs to wash her ass

  16. Stoney-Brie May 13, 2010

    such a messy, drunk and confused girl…i wonder what she’s going to be like when she matures.. or will she ever?

  17. Smile May 13, 2010

    so what WDF? is she a rapper?? its like a white gurl rapping b******* from her diary.. it’s messy this what you call a joke..

  18. Its Me Again May 13, 2010

    Didn’t TGJ announce last year that they were going to interview this girl?

    I wonder whatever became of that.

  19. matt May 13, 2010

    ^^^ she was an ignorant b**** who kept pushing back the interview times. thinking she some sought of big shot, she’s a cracked up w**** and her time is ticking until she fades away back to the trailer trash where she belongs 🙂

  20. Ghetto Fab May 13, 2010

    Here we go again with Dr. Luke’s s***! Everything this guy does sounds exactly the same and idiots keep buying it. I still don’t understand the hype around this girl. To me she belongs in the same box as Justin Beiber. Nothing but talentless mediocre white kids you can find at any suburban mall. On a positive note it does look like she bathed for this video. I guess thats a start. SMH

  21. stan May 13, 2010

    interesting video, but my god, that song is atrocious

  22. ~TeAM WeeZY~ May 13, 2010


    She’s definitely on drugs and “LOVE” isn’t one of them.

  23. Aryo May 13, 2010

    Why are y’all guys talkin s*** about her?????
    She rocks
    and where is Uputthelimeincoconut to defend her?

  24. Alexander Wallin May 13, 2010

    In all the singel’s she is talking in the verses, it so dame bad! Why do folks like this s***!

  25. Dubs May 13, 2010

    Tik Tok part 3?
    Lol, her songs do kinda sound the same to me. I thought the song/vid was kinda cute though.

  26. Gary May 13, 2010

    Definetly not a fan of hers ! But i can’t deny , the video is realy great !
    I don’t understand why this song is such a hit though….

    Can’t wait for Michelle to comeback on the MUSIC scene after she finished her huge success on her role of Roxie on CHICAGO ! I hope she releases a HIT and sells 8 millions !
    I know she will 🙂

  27. Bobs May 13, 2010

    Great non-standard video! Like the desert peyote taking theme… good for her.

  28. BEYONCE VS. THE WORLD May 13, 2010


  29. matt May 13, 2010

    ^^ something i agree with you on (beyonce vs the world) 🙂 shame is i actually like the song and the video kinda, guilty secret, that is all kesha will ever be!

  30. kveick May 13, 2010

    Her songs annoy the hell outta me, and they all sound the same

    @ Team weezy lmao!

  31. Yellow Gorillah May 13, 2010

    I Like it but it sounds sooo much like that katy perry song Vegas or sumting
    they sound soooo samiliar =/ hmm they need to get diffrent producers but i like the video =P

  32. rated x May 13, 2010

    i vote hell nawl

  33. Emrah May 14, 2010

    haha funny how some of yall react…well first of all stop hatin on some one who does what he or she wants and loves 2 do… she aint harmin nobody noone gut hurt right…so 2 options…u can like it and watch and listen to her…or just skip go spend your time on something else whats worth your time…But dont hate …funny actually u are not dissing kesha …But all of her fans….the record she broke with animal…her rocking the charts…great album sales for a newbie….u guys dont respect the people who do like her and tell them/us that we are listening crap….who the hell u think u are 2 say that …its not like i/we tell u what to do or listen 2 or burn ur favourtes down….I hope one day all the hate can be gone from forums blogs and stuff

  34. Aniyah May 14, 2010

    Smh! I dont get how you dont accept Rihanna, who may not have the best voice but has a voice, but you accept this no talent at all white gurl! She cant sing without Auto-Tune! I cant even recal a song with Rihanna using auto-tune! I’m not gonna like Kesha s*** is catchy, but i dont get your reasoning for not accepting rihanna, but accepting her! and I wouldnt watch Kesha in concert, what can she possibly do??
    anyways come check out my blog!

  35. Andariego May 15, 2010

    Pretty much a Ke$ha standard video. Nothing breathtaking. Let’s see if she sticks around…

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