Chris Brown Collaborates With Keyshia Cole On New Project

Published: Thursday 8th Jul 2010 by Trent

Chris Brown broke the news to his fans early this morning that he is currently working on a new project with singer Keyshia Cole. There is no word as to whether the duo were working on something for Brown’s next studio release or Cole’s album which will hit stores later this year. Last month, That Grape Juice reported that Brown has logged some studio time with Young Money rapper Drake.

While many might be confused about how a Brown/Cole collaboration will sound, they simply have to reflect on what he did with Tank on the song ‘Take My Time’ from his under-appreciated ‘Graffiti’ album. Brown is a versatile artist and while his technique is a bit rough, he certainly has a lot of potential for growth unlike certain other acts who are currently popular on the charts.


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    PAIR OF FLOPS !!!!




    sorry “IRRELEVANT” FLOPS !!!!




  4. 2BAD2BME July 8, 2010

    @DANBOFFICIAL you have no life you sickening b****

  5. sugar July 8, 2010

    chill out crazy rihanna fan or stan !!! or get out


    awww you think deleting me is going to work trentishinaqua ?

    I can override all your bans sweetie……


  7. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) July 8, 2010



  8. GangsterA July 8, 2010

    You know i like rihanna but i cant stand some of her fans esp the one who talk like shes mj any way i really like graffti i hope his next album will be as good as hes last effort

  9. veebz July 8, 2010

    I’m ready for Chris 2 come back now

  10. BRE July 8, 2010


  11. BENJAMIN July 8, 2010

    Sounds interesting, maybe I’ll check it out.

  12. Judy July 8, 2010

    It will be a HIT!!!!

  13. Dani July 8, 2010

    Chris loves you too. I know R****** doesn’t tell yall that she loves you! But Chris loves you!
    God Bless You!

  14. t July 8, 2010

    this site is so unappreciated when it comes to them telling the truth about chris brown and his talent.



  16. Dani July 8, 2010

    Rather be boring than a HATER!!!!

  17. Darren July 8, 2010

    Run for your life Keyshia! He tends to massacre women’s faces…and careers.

  18. dtwowncbr33zy July 8, 2010

    it will be a banger kcole and cbr33zy then him and drizzy they hve sumething to talk about rihanna fans get a life and get over it

  19. truthfully July 8, 2010



  20. Drop top girl July 8, 2010

    Yeay! Love Chris Brown and love keyshia cole… Can’t wait to see what they come up with.



    siddown sweetie, your embarassing yourself !

  22. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    LMAO @ all you Chris haterz who say you won’t post on this site but you break your damn necks to post on any post about Breezy before his fans do!

    Anywho, Chris and Keyshia making music is definitely a plus for both artist! Do that thang Chris and Keyshia!

  23. bjksolo July 8, 2010


  24. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    LMAO @ Whites like Darren that bring his flat a** to this site hating on Chris but he ain’t got shyt to say about Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen beating women on the regular.Oh hell what am I thinking,that’s what racist whites like that thang do.They overlook the discretions of Whites but will sit on their devil azzes all day long trying to judge Black people!Boy sit yo sweet a** down!

    Now for all you dumb ninjas that follow whites on their judgement blacks,you get a #sityoazzdown too!

  25. KNUCK July 8, 2010

    Hmm.. I would think Sam and Trent would be more subtle about having some type of crush on Chris.. He’s s*** to me too and I like a few of his songs but it’s not that serious.

    Trentenisha picked a cute pic of him tho!



    theres no need for racism sweetie, so take a seat !!!



  27. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    @Sercet Voice

    You know Chris and Keyshia will blow it up, just like Jordan Sparks and Chris did.


    White boy you are on the wrong blog. I think you want GAGA’s or Christina’s blog you racist bytch. Now run run run to their blog

  28. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @DanBeOfficial….Honey the truth is not racism,it’s truth all day long!

    Now you can keep your black b*** in denial all day long but I won’t! Whites like Darren and hell maybe you are White will talk all day about Chris one fight with his abuser but will keep REAL quiet about what Whites like Mel Gibson did to his girlfriend and he’s currently in the news right now for it! The same Whites that think they are in a position to judge Chris ain’t got shyt to say about Charlie Sheen either but yet they speak on Chris,oh hells no fool that won’t fly with me!

    Now if you are Black,not only are you an apologist for the hypocrisy of Whites.You are also a willing conspirator with Whites who deny their own discretions but will point out the discretions of Blacks and Blacks ONLY! I consider Blacks like that complete traders and sellouts!

  29. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @Plain and Simple! Exactly I know they will and I can’t wait to hear the music…..

  30. Keesha July 8, 2010

    I saw him post that on his twitter. I can’t wait to see what music him and Keyshia make. Hopefully it will be good. SMH at the haters. Seeing haters brings a smile to my face. They just don’t want Chris to be great. Such a shame and sad for them for not wanting to see the good in people.

  31. JAZYBELLE July 8, 2010

    I cant wait that joint will be epic
    haters stay mad.

  32. VA STAND UP!!! July 8, 2010

    @Dan Official: You seriously need help! They way you obsesse over CB is really ridiculous at this point. Even those damn Gucci and Ghetto Fab lames have laid off, but you are still on that BS.

    Anyway….um you would think TGJ would do a lil more research before they pst a story based on a random tweet. He was actually in the studio with Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson, Llyod, The Runners, Rico Love, K-Mac….a whole mess of people. Not just him and Keyshia specifically. There was a big studio session with a gang of artist.

    There was even a twitvid and they played a sample of a song.

    CB didn’t mention any of the others on his twittter or post the video, but you could see in the video there was a mess of people in the room. I’m not saying that him and Keyshia aren’t gonna do anything together for his or her upcoming albums, but it’s not like TGJ is making it out to be. I love both CB and Keyshia though so a collab from them wouldn’t be so bad.



  34. X,Y,”and Z” July 8, 2010

    I’ve yet-to-see Keysha Cole cancel ANY-OF-HER concerts, nor-had-to sell her CD for $0.99!! As-a-matter of-a-fact, I’ve yet to see ANY CURRENT ARTIST cancel their concerts AND sell their CD for $0.99 ….!!!

    … Didn’t Chris co-write, along with Andre Meritt and Robert Allen (sp?), ‘Disturbia’? And didn’t he have a #1 – ‘No Air’, with Jordin Sparks; Ester Dean – ‘Drop it low’? So if it’s Rap, Dance, Pop or R&B, Chris has demonstrated a thorough-mastery-of each-and-every said genre-of-music! … When-we-say this boy is multi-talented/multi-faceted/highly-energized, now-YOU-know!

    @Trent/Sam — Can y’all get the neilsen (sp?) ratings, for this past weekend’s, “initial rerun” of the BET Tribute/Award? I’d like to compare it to last year’s, “initial rerun” award tribute!

    The point I’m trying to make(?); Jay Z, Beyonce nor Rihanna’s presence, or absence, had NO bearing on the ratings! What DID have affect, was BET’s NOT announcing that CBreezy would perform. No-one-knew; given last year’s-fiasco, we-can-ALL be excused if we showed little-interest!

    In-any-case, CBreezy DID perform, and now THE WORLD, has crowned him: THE NEW KING OF POP …!! … Long-may-he reign; long-may-he thrill us, to-no-end; and might MJ-himself, NOW … RIP!!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!!

  35. JAZYBELLE July 8, 2010

    thanks for the clarification
    Im still glad chris is in the studio working on his music as usual..

  36. JAZYBELLE July 8, 2010

    @VA stand up 😉

  37. I and I (yardie style) July 8, 2010

    Graffiti was a really good album, who doesn’t have it is missing out on some good music! Can’t wait for July 23rd when my boy will done the stage at Reggae Sumfest. I hope he doesn’t go on stage and say bumboclaat and think its cute (like some Americans think it is cute), it is an offensive word and he will get fined for that.

  38. mr.M July 8, 2010


    Hope its a ballad <3

  39. bjksolo July 8, 2010


  40. cheech July 8, 2010

    There goes my baaaaabbbbyyy *usher voice*

    Love you CB, can’t wait to hear new music from you

  41. Fred July 8, 2010

    The live premiere of the BET AWARDS ’10 on Sunday, June 27, drew 7.4 Million Total Viewers, making it the #1 cable awards show among adults 18-49 for the fifth consecutive year. (NMR, Live + Same Day, 6/27). This year’s show, which aired from 8:00-11:30 p.m.,* marked the tenth anniversary of the BET AWARDS and featured a moving tribute to Michael Jackson where Chris Brown channeled the King of Pop while dancing to a montage of his classics like “The Way You make Me Feel,” “Remember The Time,” “Billie Jean,” “Smooth Criminal,” and then broke down to tears singing “Man In The Mirror.” Kanye West and T.I. each made their return to the stage with powerful performances that also tore down the house.

    The BET AWARDS ’10 also stands as BET’s #2 telecast of all time behind last year’s record setting awards show. In addition, the BET RED CARPET SHOW was the #2 red carpet program and drew in 2.5 million total viewers, while the BET AWARDS ’10 POST SHOW, also the #2 post show behind last year’s performance, garnered 4 million total viewers. All shows enjoyed at least double-digit time slot gains versus CY and STD.

    Also at this year’s show, BET launched the AOL Fandemonium Award, a contest where fans utilized mobile and social networking platforms to vote for their favorite artist. During the two week challenge, fans submitted the largest number of mobile votes ever seen for a mobile campaign and also interacted on Twitter and Facebook. For the 2010 Viewer’s Choice Award voting, where fans select the winner of the Viewer’s Choice category, it was the second highest mobile voting campaign ever, behind this year’s 2010 Fandemonium Award, and resulted in new records both online and on mobile.

  42. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    Now if Chris’s name was mentioned the rating would have been higher.

  43. Fred July 8, 2010

    Last year BET awards had higher viewers but only because Michael Jackson had just died two days previous or so and people were anticipating a great Tribute which they didnt get, BUT was finally done right this year.

  44. Fred July 8, 2010

    Another note, Chris was never mentioned to perform this year which would have boosted viewers if they would have announced it.

  45. VA STAND UP!!! July 8, 2010

    @T: Tell me about it! This blog is definitley biased and opinionated but when it comes to commending Chris on his talent, they are truly on point.

    @Darren: Boy Stop! Don’t try that ish over here! Your simple ass will get dealt with! CB Stans go hard!

    @Secret Voice: Tell me about it! The white folks didn’t come nearly as hard on Charlie Sheen’s ass (a repeat offender) as they did on a freaking 19 year old who messed up ONCE! He was in a fight with a chick who had been going upside his head for a minute, he finally snaps back and now he is labeled an abuser! GTFOH!! The more they ignore the MANY white men: Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee and Charlie Sheen, the more in CB’s corner I will be! If they can still support their own, we can support CB!

    I do agree with Trent about the fact that ‘Graffiti was a under-appreciated album. It had some hits on there. ‘Wait’ ft. Trey, ‘What I Do’, ‘Movie’, Sing Like Me’,’Pass Out’, ‘Brown Skin Girl’, ‘I Love You’ , were all extremely radio friendlysongs. It totally got over looked because of his scandal. *sigh* He really should have waited to release his album, it was too soon. He had some nice ballads on there too ‘I Need This’ , ‘Crawl’ which was a beautiful ballad, one of his best. The whole album was truly under-rated. *sigh* It pisses me off that his talent get overlooked while play this mess they play on the radio (Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Wacka Flacka, Soulja Boy) gets hearvy airtime. Ugh!

    His mixtapes are fire too! I bump those harder than ‘Graffiti’! I wish the songs on there would get airplay.

  46. Drop top girl July 8, 2010

    Lol at the the twitvid! Chris is sooooo cute I can’t stand it! You see how he was gettin it when the music was playing?? Glad to see he’s in good spirits cuz cleary the haters are miserable lol.

  47. Misty July 8, 2010

    @VA Stand Up
    Thanks for the extended info. I’m so proud of Chris for getting his grind on. He’s proven to be hardworking and responsible as well. For someone who is still serving his hours and doing his part he’s multi-tasking very well and I’m proud of his improvement

    Chris has definitely evolved from that boy that was on Larry King Live. I can’t wait to see what all of them cooked up in the studio. Chris deserves his chance and I know him and Keyshia or anyone else will be hot and I can’t wait to hear.

    The haters are just confused because thy think if they hate Chris they are being loyal to Rihanna. You don’t have to like Chris personally but don’t come on here denying his talent and downplaying his efforts. Not everyone that is successful should necessarily be, but people wanna play the popularity game.

  48. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010


    Thanks alot for that information.

  49. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    @VA Stand Up

    I really want to thank you also for the information

  50. Drop top girl July 8, 2010

    I also adore ‘Graffiti’. The songs ‘i’ll Go’ and ‘I Need This’ are incredible and ‘Movie’ is like my fav song and ‘Pass Out’ needs to be a freaking single!!!! Same with ‘What I Do’ that’s a good summertime song.

  51. smartee July 8, 2010

    WHETHER OR NOT YOU PATHETIC LOSERS, WHO BASH CHRIS BECAUSE OF A PREVIOUS PERSONAL ISSUE, LIKE IT OR NOT, HE’S STILL GETTING PAID AND IS COLLABORATING WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN MUSIC! Y’all just sound so pathetic! I can understand if y’all bashed him because you didn’t like his music, but the immaturity over something THAT WASN’T ANY OF Y’ALL BUSINESS is ridiculous. It just shows how noisy and worthless you guys are. Y’all just want attention and for people to stop liking him but in reality, it’s not gonna happen. He will still continue to make music and have fans!

  52. smartee July 8, 2010


  53. sugar July 8, 2010


    July 8, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Now if Chris’s name was mentioned the rating would have been higher.

    true. wether jay and bey are there or not, we know our boy is talented

  54. Truthfully July 8, 2010

    Thanks for posting the vid of chris….good to see his enjoying his life doing what he luvs….also thanks fred for the bet info….yes, chris has grown up so much coz of this everything….cant wait for the album and singles to come.

  55. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010


    1000% correct

  56. Keesha July 8, 2010

    VA STAND UP!!!
    July 8, 2010 at 4:33 pm
    @Dan Official: You seriously need help! They way you obsesse over CB is really ridiculous at this point. Even those damn Gucci and Ghetto Fab lames have laid off, but you are still on that BS.

    Anyway….um you would think TGJ would do a lil more research before they pst a story based on a random tweet. He was actually in the studio with Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson, Llyod, The Runners, Rico Love, K-Mac….a whole mess of people. Not just him and Keyshia specifically. There was a big studio session with a gang of artist.

    There was even a twitvid and they played a sample of a song.

    CB didn’t mention any of the others on his twittter or post the video, but you could see in the video there was a mess of people in the room. I’m not saying that him and Keyshia aren’t gonna do anything together for his or her upcoming albums, but it’s not like TGJ is making it out to be. I love both CB and Keyshia though so a collab from them wouldn’t be so bad.
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  57. Keesha July 8, 2010

    Oops! Skip to 2:07 to see what he says about Chris.

  58. Andrew July 8, 2010

    I’m excited! Two of my favorite artists :]
    I kind of hope that Chris will bring more of a ‘techno’ feel to the song 😀

    Love Rihanna, hate her fans.
    So annoying

  59. VA STAND UP!!! July 8, 2010

    @Um…..basically everyone: You’re welcome! Always happy to give ya’ll info on my boy!

    @Fred: PREACH! The ratings were low because the show was so bad last year! People were sick of being lured in and then disappointed time and time again by EBT awards, so they said to hell with it! CB was a surprised guest and no one knew he was gonna be there doing his long over due tribute. Trust, if people knew that CB was gonna be there to do the tribute, the ratinfs would have been higher! But clearly it didn’t matter cause he totally stole the show and was the most talked about performer of the night!!

    @Kesha: I saw that too this morning! We are true CB fans, we get all the info before posting! Wanna do CB as much justice as possible. Yaayyy us! Lol!

    TI is a true friend and I love the way he spoke about Chris! He actually knows Chris so his words a true! TI has had his ups and downs in his life and career, and has screwed up many times. He can’t pass judgement on Chris cause he knows all the wrong he did in his life. TI was able to overcome all the adversity in his life and you can tell by the way he speaks that TI has faith that CB will as well! As long as he had dedicated fans like myself, and that GOd given talent, HE WILL PREVAIL!!!

    Can’t wait for their movie in August! I been anticipating this all summer, it was the only movie I was really lookign forward to seeing(and the Karate Kid *he he*)!
    Don’t forget CB fans that Chris is an co-excutive producer on the film, so when you go to see it, you will also be supporting your boy financially too!

  60. piat July 8, 2010

    All in due time Chris. I am so happy for this momentous change in Chris’ career. T.I. recently did an interview that really encompasses his reflection and support of Chris >>>

    @VA Stand Up…Don’t get me to talking about Graffiti..I loved practically every song except four. Graffiti on a musical level was Chris’ greatest masterpiece that include all genres of music (reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Europop). I’ll Go, Movie, Pass Out, Sing Like Me, Famous Girl are some of my favs. Since his BET performance I have seen a few tweets from people who have now forgiven Chris and they purchased Graffiti and many have said they were impressed with the album. Graffiti was a victim of timeliness. If Graffiti was re-packaged and include songs like Deuces, No BS… it would’ve done musch better. I tweet his tour manager to encourage Chris to do a sitdown acoustic set where he sings I’ll Go, Movie, and I Love U the next time he does a stateside tour (hopefully in the fall).

    Chris’ vocals have developed since his previous two albums …check out an acapella version of Sing Like Me’s chorus>>>

  61. Truthfully July 8, 2010

    Good on t.i for not turning his back against chris and saying those things.

  62. EXPOSED July 8, 2010


  63. i wish i would July 8, 2010

    MAN DOWN CODE TEN**************** Keisha must be desperate.

    Ti is a felon b****. what else is he going to say about Chris Brown. Negro Please. he should be glad he can make a living, but he keep runnin his mouth and we’ll see where he finds himself and his career, with his h** a**
    What is he an authority on JAIL

  64. S*** July 8, 2010

    This is obviously the case of producers having new interest in Chris Brown, Its a start of a comeback.

  65. S*** July 8, 2010

    Trey Songz >>>

  66. Myway July 8, 2010

    Why do these ppl who CLAIM to HATE CHRIS BROWN always log on to a CB story to post FOOLISHNESS? I love CHRIS BROWN & Keyshia Cole. They are 2 ppl who actually have vocal range and ability! You mentioned that perfect song with Tank…OMG WHAT A SONG! I look forward to hearing how these 2 gifted artsts harmonize. Finally good music and GREAT ARTISTS are about to make a resurgence! No more bubble gum pop non-sing, non-rapping, and non-dancing so-called artists!

  67. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 8, 2010

    I think Danbofficial fancies CB and finding it hard to admit it…lol!

  68. piat July 8, 2010

    Rihanna’s Indianapolis concert on August 3rd has also been cancelled according to a local Indy radio station >>>

    Although I am a bigger fan of Breezy, I never wanted Rihanna to fail in her musical career. From her last album I liked Cold Case Love and Wait is Over and Rude Boy grew on me. I always felt she deserved whatever doors her talent opened for her but now some of her hateful stans need to watch what they say. God says “Vengence is mine” so in other words the snare/trap some of her fans/stans wished on Chris’ career may be coming home to roost. You can hate the sin (his assault on her) but you can still show the love and mercy of God towards the sinner. God doesn’t turn his back on us when we do wrong…God is not like man.

  69. X,Y,”and Z” July 8, 2010

    @Secret Voice/Blue Kid/Stand up VA —

    I had post this before, but just-in-case you missed it

    Apparently, not-only, did “Mel ‘Lethal Weapon’ Gibson” “knock-out the teeth out-of his wife’s mouth” – WHILE SHE HELD THEIR INFANT CHILD! But this wasn’t “the first time”, he punched her before, with-such-force, he knocked her-out-COLD, giving her a concussion! This was back on Jan 7th – to be exact! Oh, and this ‘last instance’, where he knocked-out her teeth, he-can-be-heard, admitting it, ON TAPE …!!!!

    And Mr. Gibson was the producer/director of “The Passion of the Chris” ….!!

    … Gee, I wonder, after the DOCUMENTED racist rants, what does Danny Glover think ’bout ‘Ol Mel?

    How long was “Feb 8th-09 Chrianna” in-the-news, again? “Lethal Mel’s ….”Domestic Rumble” didn’t-EVEN-stay in-the-news for a week!!

    X,Y, “and Z” — OUT ….!!!!

  70. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010


    So what does this make 6 now cancelled concerts. Well like you said the roost has come home to hatch. Well I see that they hatch because KARMA has already started

  71. piat July 8, 2010

    @ X, Y, and Z Somebody on twitter said the media talked about Mel Gibson’s DV issues for one week while Chris has been raked through the coals for a whole year. The media is a powerful entity because they can paint you in almost any light they choose and for those who are too lazy to do their own research, they will have them thinking only the thoughts they want you to think. Thank God for the critical and inquistive mind God gave me and many others.

  72. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @VA Stand-Up! Thank you,I am so sick of the hypocrisy!That’s right if Whites can support their own when they do wrong,I don’t see why Blacks can’t especially when the initial report stated she was the aggressor!

  73. florida_girl July 8, 2010

    @Piat…My heart dropped when I read she was holding their infant baby when he hit her and for this asshole to say she deserved this is just sad but this goes so show folks how f***** up America really is and the racism that is in full effect here. Mel is a older man who knows better yet this will be brushed under the rug. I wonder have he ever jumped on his first wife.

  74. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    I wish all artists well but the key word is ARTISTS! I can’t even pretend to support someone with NO TALENT that undercuts REAL artists and she does so by sleeping and sucking off anyone that can push her so called career along while other deserving get no shine because they refuse to sell themselves out.

  75. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @ Piat,Let me tell you something….When I go on quote unquote “mainstream blogs'”.I always bring up Charlie Sheen and Rihanna hitting brother in the head with a glass bottle.I bring them up because I know the white media don’t.I also know there are many who are against Chris who WILL never bring it up because those that make excuses for Sheen and Rihanna don’t give a damn about the truth,they just want to smear a young black male!

    I bring it up for the few fair minded people that may be on the blogs who hadn’t thought of how the white media manipulates them or for those who just truly didn’t know the facts!

  76. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    @Sercet Voice

    1000% right.

  77. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    @Secet Voice

    1000% right Sorry my hand hit one of the keys in my E-mail address. Love my boots

  78. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    Thank You @ Plian and Simple.Look like that thang called Karma is in effect!

  79. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    I meant Plain,LOL

  80. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    I love all Chris fans. We are one

  81. sugar July 8, 2010

    Go chris go

  82. sugar July 8, 2010

    i believe that Jayz has something to do with the chrianna incidence, I wonder what he wil say now……. rihanna was laughing at him and now lets see, she may end up breaking up with her soon to be out of work b/f matt

  83. geronimo deuces July 8, 2010

    WoW i love you CB i hope this is true……………… f*** oprah, jayz, beyonce (you lost me as your fan), rihanna (you dont have talent anyways, and tyra (thank god we wont be seeing you anymore on TV)

    chris do you.

  84. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    @G Dueces hi

    Where have you been?

  85. Terri July 8, 2010

    Concerts being canceled… I guess the milking of the incident has finally been drain! Chris Brown has talent and will climb back, for one he NEVER talked bad about Rihanna and we all know that she has issue’s too… She’s still talking about the incident in the next month Seventeen Magazine… I remember some people talking about Breezy singing to the 10,000 people in Brazil in May, a couple of the dates were 4000- 6000… and saying how he was used to playing to larger arena’s well. Now look two months later and not a sellout yet, no… Canada didn’t sell out .Maybe Ri should have picked smaller venues… oh, that’s right a couple of the venues have been downsized…. I’m waiting to hear what the reason for these cancellations… Justin Beaver, show is still on for Indianapolis!

  86. geronimo deuces July 8, 2010

    i am so excited….. good for you chris

  87. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @ Geronimo Deuces…..Chile I am with you about Bey.I bought her music at one time but never again will I because she is just too damn weak.You better believe I was a hella stan for Bey at one point but damn if some of the stuff her detractors said about her was true and I defended her until the end.LMAO!

    I am just too done with how weak she is with that camel face hubby of hers and she is turning a blind eye to the fact that her hubby has a thang for his ‘protege’,protege my a**!

  88. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. July 8, 2010

    what happened with Beyonce? What did she do/say?

  89. florida_girl July 8, 2010

    @Terri…I was going to comment about the same thing just didn’t want to bring her name in a Chris post but its funny how her stans were trying to do all they could writing letters spamming twitter with everything Chris was doing but they thought her tour dates were selling left and right and it was only smoke and mirrors. Now they say they will ban TGJ but the truth is they don’t want folks throwing all that s*** talking they did against other artist not just CB. One way or another that Karma always come back and this is only the beginning.

  90. florida_girl July 8, 2010

    @secret…Bey is smarter than alot of folks give her credit, I can see this in her eyes folks like to make it seem like she’s slow and don’t have a clue but she’s aware of things around her she’s just smart enough to keep her mouth shut until its time to strike.

  91. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @Hear My Heart Beat….You know I just can’t stand her hubby and I mean I have an equal dislike for he and Rihanna!

    I have looked at Bey sidewayz since last year after Jay Z used her dumb a** and himself as leverage to get Chris kicked off the tribute for Michael last year and she just sat by like a dummy and has said nothing.I understand that she made a choice to support her hubby and I have made a choice not to support her because I can’t stand her hubby nor will I support a weak woman like her!

  92. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @ Florida Girl…I used to believe she was smarter than she appears and I really want to still believe it but that belief is diminishing! I hope like hell you are right about Bey because like I said I use to defend her until the end on certain sites,LMAO!

  93. Heaven July 8, 2010

    Chris will make it. The road is long and winding but he’ll get there.

    Looks like her fans need to stay off these blogs screwing with Chris’ fans and go buy up those tickets. Bet Chicago and Detroit will get cancelled too. The only one she got left is MSG, lmao.

  94. Frannie @fjSTEEZ_teamcb July 8, 2010

    Very nice!!!!! Itll be beautiful music! And SOME fans need to learn how to act. hahahaaha They love Chris so much they keep reading about him. Im still speechless at the MJ tribute. It was so raw and real. No one can to a n MJ tribute like Chris Brown…NO ONE can do the moonwalk like him either unlike other failed attempts

  95. Frannie @fjSTEEZ_teamcb July 8, 2010

    forgot to mention this…good to see that ALL of Chris Brown’s venues for his latest tours were sould out and not cancelled due to lack of sale :O GO CHRIS! …keep hatin 🙂

  96. florida_girl July 8, 2010

    @Secret…Bey knows what time it is, I think ppl take folks niceness for their weakness and I see this in Bey case but she strikes me as a figther and want all the facts before making her move which make her a smart young lady.

  97. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. July 8, 2010

    I’m going to avoid being negative towards Rihanna and continue being positive towards Chris…we CB stans have to remain humble still, we ain’t out the storm yet

    @Secret …oh okay, but wasn’t that just a rumor? And i heard from a few Bey stans that they know for a fact Beyonce bought Graffiti to support Chris. I love Bey and I always thought that she secretly supports Chris, but you know she is very protective of her image….

  98. piat July 8, 2010

    My only hope is that they call a spade a spade with these cancellations. I saw someone mention that all these dates are being cancelled because Rihanna is rushing to get back into the studio to work with some producers for her next album.

    1. If that is true, why even scheduled the dates in the first place?
    2. Artists like Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne record while on tour so they don’t need to be in studio to think of lyrics to songs, melodies, etc.

    I’m not saying her creative process as to be the same but if her PR team comes out with that as an official statement, I am calling shenanigans.

  99. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. July 8, 2010

    lol YES Frannie! We can thank God for that!
    Say what you want about the Fan Appreciation Tour, Chris never had to cancel not ONE show and it was all sold out.

    Maybe Rihanna should have done a Fan Appreciation Tour too…okay lemme stop!

  100. florida_girl July 8, 2010

    @Frankie…I was thinking the same thing, when I would come on here and her stans would be laughing when he was doing the F.A.T and did venues less than 5,000 but they were all sold-out he didn’t have to cancel any shows and the UK shows were also sold-out the paper work was submitted in time but what’s her excuse. I don’t hate Rihanna just her stans at least some of them.

  101. geronimo deuces July 8, 2010

    @ secret

    but if i were bey i could have wondered and (maybe caused a scene at home) at to why jay is blocking chris, i mean if there is nothing going on between himself and little ms no talent 🙁

  102. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    @G. Deuces

    There probably is something going on between him and Rihanna. Jay-Z blocking Chris had nothing to do with that fight. He’s mad because Rihanna hook up with Chris as a couple. And that song Take A Bow was probably for him. Jay-Z. This is my thought

  103. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    oops! this is my opinion

  104. lonerangersister July 8, 2010

    Cancelling dates because of recording, sorry I don’t believe that. Her concert for tomorrow still has main floor seats @ $90.00… sorry I’m nosey I had to checkout tickemaster and Live Nation, so let’s take a look at this, her date for( 7/15 is cancelled), she performs July 17, 21 ( cancelled, July 22, 24…. )perform, July 25, (cancelled July 28,) perform, July 30,31 (cancelled August 3), perform all the dates after that. So let me understand, she’ll be in studio on the cancelled in between dates, now I know somebody can tell a better lie than that. First date that was cancelled was said because of Production, July 2, Atlanta news and everyone else stated poor ticket sales. I will go with poor ticket sales. I’m sure there will be more cancelled dates. I’m not gloating behind the cancelled dates but, I have said from day one to the Rihanna fans, who have talked about Chris Brown’s fans from the beginning of the incident. Be careful of how you treat or talk about someone, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring!

  105. Lioness July 8, 2010

    yuk,,,keyshia cole

  106. breezybaby July 8, 2010

    chris browns album was 100 times better than rihannas. its a shame his album was not as recognised…

  107. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @Hear My Heart Beat….Oh no that was not a rumor,just like it’s no coincidence they were here this year but that’s cool because they were not missed….

    Bey may have bought his cd,if she did she has more nerve than I gave her credit for.I luv Bey’s music but I could not understand why she married that ugly a** womanizer but hey that was her choice….Let me be real,I know at one point Chris did have a crush on Bey and he’d even asked Jay-Z could he take her out,now this was before they got married.So besides Jay Z hate for Chris because of Rihanna,it may also have to do with Chris at one point wanting to ask Bey out.

  108. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @ Piat…As usual Rihanna Stans are straight lying .If you look at the link that a friend of mine sent me that lives in Atlanta,it said her concert was canceled there due to poor sales.If the criteria in Europe was the same in America,she would have had dates there cancelled instead of venues just being downsized!

  109. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @Geronimo Deuces….Exactly any woman with common sense would wonder why is he so pressed over his ‘protege’! See to me Bey looks like a damn fool and there is no reason for her to accept the bullshyt!It makes her look hella weak to me….

  110. Keesha July 8, 2010

    Hear. My. Heart. Beat.
    July 8, 2010 at 10:34 pm
    I’m going to avoid being negative towards Rihanna and continue being positive towards Chris…we CB stans have to remain humble still, we ain’t out the storm yet

    @Secret …oh okay, but wasn’t that just a rumor? And i heard from a few Bey stans that they know for a fact Beyonce bought Graffiti to support Chris. I love Bey and I always thought that she secretly supports Chris, but you know she is very protective of her image….
    I agree with you. Don’t mention Chris’ ex on this post. She is no longer associated with Chris. If karma is comming back on her and her fans/stans, then let it. Don’t speak on it. Just focus on Chris and positivity.

  111. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010

    @Sercet Voice

    Bey looks weak no she is weak. Jay-Z was jealous because Chris looks 1000 times better than him. So for Chris to ask him can he take Bey out then Chris started dating Rihanna probably made Jay Z mad because I think he was seeing Rihanna also.

  112. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @ Keesha…No offense,but this is not Uchris or Twitter and I refuse to let you or any other quiet Chris Stans stmy my thought process.I am a “tell it like it is type of person and baby I ain’t about to change from that” Deal with it or Don’t.

  113. Secret Voice July 8, 2010


  114. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 8, 2010


    co-sign that 1000%

  115. Secret Voice July 8, 2010

    @ Plain and Simple..Chile that is exactly what happened too.If I’m not mistake,Chris was already dating Rihanna or he just about to move in on Jay Z’s territory.Chile I remember seeing a photo of Rih-Ho and Jay-Z around 2007 at some after party and when I tell you that Rih-Ho looked at him like ‘Oh you trying to act like you don’t know me now”,she did! That’s when I knew something was going on between those fools! I heard that Bey did put her foot down and Jay-Z had to turn away from Rih-Ho cold.At that time she started to date Chris and eventually fell for Chris hard!!!! The bytch fell for him so hard that she started to crowd him and that’s when Chris started wanting other girls because hell he was just too young to be that deep with someone and on top of that she became obsessed with Chris Breezy!

  116. Secret Voice July 8, 2010


  117. X,Y,”and Z” July 9, 2010

    … As-far-as “Chris not being allowed to perform at/on the initial BET Award/MJ Tribute(?)” … when y’all get a chance, go and listen to Tim Westwood’s interview with Jay Z. Mr. Westwood asked him, if he had “any involvement,” in-said-matter; it was not-till-after ‘said Jay Z reply’ did I finally-realize that it WAS, Jay Z himself, who didn’t allow CBreezy to perform. The-fact-that He, Beyonce nor Rihanna were at THIS year’s award … SPEAKS VOLUMES …!!!!

    Jay Z, in-my-most-humble-opinion, is a slimy-slithery serpent-in-the-grass! It-was-just, “in-the-same way,” that he got Charlamaignthagod fired from his Philly DJ-gig, after Charlamaign had Beenie Siegel on HIS show; at-which-time, he put Jay Z “on proper-maximum blast” for turning his back on him! But now, Jay Z has “no rock to-run-to” (pun intended)! … “There’s talk,” bout Jay Z, have difficulties selling tickets. I’m glad “The White Rapper” sold more than him! … I hope, when “Wayne comes-home,” he’ll out-sell

    And-let-me-close by saying: If Jay Z were to call Rihanna and tell her to “throw Matt Kemp head-first under-the-bus(?),” she’d not hesitate; not-for-a-second! Given Matt K’s “history”, i.e., talk ’bout “stalking, abuse and r***,” who’ll-believe-him? I mean, Matt Kemp has to be the BIGGEST-FOOL that-ever-passed, through-a-womb!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

  118. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    @Sercet Voice

    See I thought it was something like that. Another thing probably alot of Jay’s side women like Chris also who knows. But this 40 something year old man is jealous.

  119. UGh July 9, 2010

    Chris is talented whether or not he beat up, you , your mama or Rihanna.
    He is talented and if it wasn’t for that talent he would not ever get through in life. I am looking forward to whatever he is working on with Keyshia. He helped make Disturbia by Rihanna
    a no. 1 hit let’s see what he can do for Keyshia because i like her and we need to bring back R&B

  120. X,Y,”and Z” July 9, 2010

    … In any case, ‘Takers’ is ’bout to be released, I’ll, as-I-did ‘Graffiti’ fully-support it! I’ll treat my family, and take EVERY-LAST ONE-OF-‘EM to see it! … It’ll be MY treat and money well-spent! Oh, and just-for-the-record, I bought ‘Graffiti’ some 20X – NO LIE! <– Actual CDs, not D/L music! I bought 'ICTY' OVER 100Xs, Ciara's CD, Monica's CD and Chrisette Michelle's CD cause they showed courage/love for Breezy; 'in short', "I-do" just-like the-white-folk-do: 'I SUPPORT O-U-R ARTISTS!!'

    Yo, I'm logging-off; getting ready for "Bron-Bron's ESPN-announcement," the suspense is killing me …!!!!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT ….!!!!!

  121. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    @ Plain

    And that song Take A Bow was probably for him. Jay-Z. This is my thought


  122. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    @G Deuces

    I’m watching BET where Chris was #1 two days best video Deuces and the third day #2 now it’s back at #1 again Way to go Chris Tyga & Kevin

  123. Secret Voice July 9, 2010

    Yes! Deuces was #1 again and my fingers are hurting from all the votes I logged to help make it #1. Chris will be at a skate party tonight 10 Pacific time in NorthRidge!

  124. Secret Voice July 9, 2010

    [email protected] X Y and Z. You are right Matt has got to beiggest damn fool let out the womb! No man should get involved with Rih-Ho while her pimp daddy is choosing to be with her.I think it’s hella good that you bought Chris cd so many times.I bought 8 copies myself for various people because that’s what they wanted for Christmas. I will be in the house for Takers,I hear that Chris really did well in the movie according to people that have seen the screening!

  125. Secret Voice July 9, 2010


  126. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    @ XYZ
    I bought ‘Graffiti’ some 20X – NO LIE! <– Actual CDs, not D/L music! I bought 'ICTY' OVER 100Xs, Ciara's CD, Monica's CD and Chrisette Michelle's CD cause they showed courage/love for Breezy; 'in short'

    me too, whoever supported CB i supported them too, kerry hilson, omarion (CB mentioned him on wendy williams show and i became a wendy fan too………… I stopped watching oprah, tyra (rolling eye and mstzzzzzz) and no more jayz, bey, or rihanna.

  127. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    @ Plain

    im so happy for him, he is bouncing now…

  128. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    @G. Deuces so am I

  129. piat July 9, 2010

    Now her show in Denver is being cancelled too…

    So her cancelled shows are the one in Washington State, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Denver, Dallas, and Phoenix. With no sarcasm, God bless her! I know Rihanna has a fanbase but it is too expensive to see her in a stadium right now.

  130. noodles July 9, 2010

    Rihanna Stans/Haters should really go sit down right about now! Stay Mad lol! Chris is such a flop but has had more success then most artist can have in a lifetime. Get your head out the past. Call him what you want but your wasting your time. He is back so please go do something productive with your lives. Obviously the hating isn’t working too well or getting you anywhere is it? Lol. And yes for Deuces! They are blasting it on the radio over here! I have some words for what Rihanna Stans should be doing but you know what….I don’t hate Rihanna and don’t wanna throw shade at her so I’ll keep it to myself lol. CB ALL DAY! Get used to it! And that collab sounds great! Can’t wait! I also heard he was in the studio with Keri Hilson! YES!

  131. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010


    I’m not sure but I think VA was cancelled

  132. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    little ms no talent will break up with matt once chris is on top again

  133. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    @ PIAT

    lady gaga, beyonce can still sell….. people are awake now, they know she doesnt have “TALENT” the least she could do was learn her craft, but too bad cause she is busy shopping/vacationing and one more thing is, the sympathy days are “OVA” even jay-z cant help her.

  134. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    @G. Deuces

    Did you read her post on the top of the page. Explaining the concert cancellation

    Lebron James going to Miami

  135. Fred July 9, 2010

    Chris is selling a song that is like 2 or 3 months old and was off of a mixtape and it still made billboard. Now who does that?

  136. ME July 9, 2010


    Graffiti (a good album I still play) has moved up to #57 (from 81). YAYYYY!

  137. Keesha July 9, 2010

    Secret Voice
    July 8, 2010 at 11:45 pm
    @ Keesha…No offense,but this is not Uchris or Twitter and I refuse to let you or any other quiet Chris Stans stmy my thought process.I am a “tell it like it is type of person and baby I ain’t about to change from that” Deal with it or Don’t.
    Okay, whatever. Do what you want. 🙂

  138. Keesha July 9, 2010

    July 9, 2010 at 3:02 am
    Chris is selling a song that is like 2 or 3 months old and was off of a mixtape and it still made billboard. Now who does that?
    Only Chris 🙂

  139. noodles July 9, 2010

    Where the Rihanna stans at now? LOL! I have no problem with Rihanna or her regular fans that focus on THEIR artist but her stans are a mess. Now if I was a mean person with no life and nothing better to do I could easily be getting on Rihanna right now to give her stans a taste of what they did to us. But I won’t do that lol I’m too good for that but I love CB and I suggest everyone just focuz on their favorite artist and stop throwing shade. And YES! Deuces on The Billboard 100 at #87! Didn’t they just release it as a single 11 days ago? Plus the song is off of a mixtape released like a couple months ago! Thats pretty good! Get it CB! I smell a start of a comeback lol!

  140. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    @ Noodles

    smell a start of a comeback

    tell me about it, jayz is angry somewhere hahaha

  141. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010


    And to think he has gotten no airplay

  142. Secret Voice July 9, 2010

    @ Keesha……Oh chile I will do what I want to do,so don’t worry about that.I just get tired of you trying to tell Chris fans how we should post.Like I said,that shyt may fly on Uchris but on TGJ we let it all hang out!

  143. Secret Voice July 9, 2010

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaat Grafitti has moved up to #57 from 81,that’s hella good!I wish like hell Jive would release PassOut.

  144. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    Yesssssssssssss Grafitti yessssssssssss

  145. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    yessssssssssssssss Griffitti yesssssssssssss

  146. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    yessssssssss you go Chris #57

  147. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    Little ms no talent is cancelling her tours everywhere…. left,right, to the center and in the middle. one thing for sure


  148. geronimo deuces July 9, 2010

    Chris please keep quite for now…. things are looking good for you, you know jay must be looking for another strategy to bring you down, be careful my boy

  149. noodles July 9, 2010

    And Graffiti a CD released like 7 months ago moved up to Number 57? You notice how the Rihanna stans with no lives done disappered now lol. I love it! Well CB has to watch his mouth now lol and be VERY careful he is on that comeback trail cuz we know some people *cough cough* somewhere are mad as hell right now lol.

  150. яəCONSTʁUCT THA ⓘNdUSTRYy;; July 9, 2010

    Im so happy to see Chris is back… But “Graffitti” was just average…. Sorry 2 say it was not bad at all though. Stilll a Riahnna fan and a Chris Brown fan im rooting for both and will buy BOTH albums. Let’s get it CB!!!

  151. яəCONSTʁUCT THA ⓘNdUSTRYy;; July 9, 2010

    He should mixtapes to market like Lil’ Wayne & Trey Songz did… SMART strategy considering he already had a GR8 fanbase….N Rihanna fans dont dog Chris, they stay out of it unlike Chris GHETTO fans

  152. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010


    You lie like carpet. Are you saying that Rihanna’s fans did not dog Chris? Well I don’t know where you been at all this time but yes they have. They went as far as saying that he and his mother should die, and tha’t someone should kill Chris and this is not the only thing they were saying. So to call us Chris fans Ghetto you need to STFU because you don’t know the real deal. Another thing to call yourself a Chris fan is probably a lie also to throw shade on Chris and his fans the way you just did.

  153. gina July 9, 2010

    Good for Chris Brown. Now all of his fans just keep supporting him and buying his music and he will make it. Also, we should focus on Chris not Rhianna fans; they only comment to get attention. Just ignore negativity. Stay positive 🙂

  154. яəCONSTʁUCT THA ⓘNdUSTRYy;; July 9, 2010

    @Plain and Simple im definitely a genuine fan… I own every album “Chris Brown”, “Exclusive”, “Exclusive:Forever Edition”, and “Graffiti: Deluxe Edition”… No shade here, i have nothig 2 lie about 2 ppl i don’t knw? Lets b for real….. However, im new to TGJ and you’re right if Rihanna fans went as far to tellin him and his mother to die??? Thats low and they shouldnt even be alllowed to comment on this site after sayin dat. Its just to far! Ur right i ddint knw Rihanna fans did dat i just only knew wat i saw…. And inmy defense ghetto is just a word i overuse… I use in the place of everything… I am a HUGE CB fan though KNOW that

  155. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010


    I’m sorry I thought you was throwing shade.

  156. ************************** July 11, 2010

    @X,Y,”AND Z”

    I agreed with everything except Chris Brown is NOT the “New King of Pop”
    SORRY, HE ISN’T. Chris is the New King of Michael Jackson IMPERSONATIONS

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