Preview: Trey Songz’s ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’

Published: Thursday 9th Sep 2010 by Trent

Trey Songz’s ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’ album does not hit stores until September 14th but the singer’s team has provided an exclusive preview of the LP for his fans. The record features production credits from Eric Hudson, Troy Taylor and Kane Beatz among others. Give the entire album a listen below:

Trey Songz’s ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’

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  1. AKisdabest September 9, 2010

    i listened last night and i wasnt impressed on the first listen like i was on “Ready”. i liked like 5 songs from the jump.

  2. bjksolo September 9, 2010

    Sounds like a good album! Well done Trey!! #ciaraspeechless on tunes now! 😀

  3. annie September 9, 2010

    Downgrade from “READY”. I knew he hit his peak with that album. Too bad.

  4. BeyonceStan September 9, 2010

    I wont be buying this album. Every single song other than “Bottoms Up” sounds exactly the SAME. “Ready” was a great well put together R&B album, But this album i believe is too grown for Trey Songz. It’s very Boring, And I know music fans aren’t going to receive this album very well.

    Trey Songz just cant compete in an Usher World. Give It Up!!!

  5. Waddie G. September 9, 2010


  6. Alex September 9, 2010

    good r&b but tbh the songs dont really diffrentiate from ech other. I dont think it will even go gold

  7. Heaven September 9, 2010

    stop it , stop it ….I can’t be objective, I don’t like his music in the first place. lol

  8. Yours Truley September 9, 2010

    He rushed this album and didnt allow enough time between his last project to build anticipation and growth as an artist. He should have released his album spring of next yr. But hey Im sure his team/label understands Chris Brown is on a major comeback so they trying to do as much possible before Chris comes back for his spot next yr….#damnitstrue

  9. GangsterA September 9, 2010

    he will sell like 10-30k Max

  10. Coco Bea September 9, 2010

    I actually like this better than “Ready” *Shrugs* The “Ready” album was very teeny bop-ish to me, especially that LOL 🙂 song…This album is more grown & s*** which is more my speed.

  11. LuvMeDJ September 9, 2010

    Album sounds great, I’m impressed. It still the same type of formula though, slow s** songs. Nice to go to sleep to. Not ride out music tho.

  12. MISHKA September 9, 2010

    The album really sounds rushed and unfinished.

    I doubt it will hit #1 on Billboard 200 but some good tunes are in there and with the appropriate timing and marketing, TRIGGA MIGHT MAKE IT

    *LOVE FACES: definitely a hit on the Billboard R’B/Hip-Hop chart. I love the chorus.

    *MADE TO BE TOGETHER: the song will be better as a duet. A young female artist with great vocals (Kat De Luna maybe). Maybe another hit on Billboard R’n’B and even on the Hot 100.

    *BLIND / YOU JUST NEED ME: Who knew Trigga could handle Pop Music? DEFINITELY A PATH TO EXPLORE, TREY SONGZ, YOU’RE GOOD, FOR REAL. Maybe Timbaland or Will.I.Am could polish them up? I’m telling you: HITS, HITS, HITS.

    TREY SONGZ can hit #1 on the charts, he needs a better producing team. Hold on tight, Trey, it might happen!

  13. truthfully September 9, 2010

    Ok, just finished listening and all I’m going to say is…I’m glad I DIDN’T BUY IT THEN LISTEN TO IT. WORSe THAN READY…Ready was amazing…A good solid album but this…EVERYTHING SOUNDS THE SAME…OUT OF BOTTOMS UP, DOORBELL AND THE STEP UP SONG I DON’T SEE A HIT HERE. I think he will sell well on the first week because people will think it’s ready part 2 BUT IT’S RUSHED….THE SAME AND HAS NOT ONE SONG THAT’S SPECIAL.

    Maybe he should have worked on it for a year…you know gotten some time to get good producers and song-writters or went somewere to write some good songs instead of clubbing….He rushed it big time. will see though.

  14. Chris September 9, 2010

    I feel like the majority of comments here are just based on people not liking Trey at this moment. He has built a solid fanbase, so I understand why he wouldn’t change up his formula this go round and try to strike while the iron is hot.

    With that said, this album is indeed solid from start to finish. It’s not as commercial as Ready was, but if “Neighbors…” could be a hit, then he can probably find more success releasing the more blatantly sexual songs like “Alone” “Massage” or even “Red Lipstick” If not, he could fall back on Drake and release”Unusual” to get a reasonably easy hit.

  15. Lala September 9, 2010

    It comes out NEXT WEEK? Wtf where have I been. He hasnt been promoting though. I know he’s been touring but when your only doing 1k – 2k venues that wont help sell your album.

  16. Alexander September 9, 2010

    Flop Songz no doubt, album was rushed because he heard Elephant footsteps getting ready to swat his behind. Trey’s team failed to connect on this one and the song writing is terrible.

    Now R Kelly is about to make history with three albums with many grammy hits, plus Whitney houston will win an award for the song he written.

    When a woman loves will smash his whole album for sure.

    This album fails completely and once again he reaches out to 13 to 16 years old with no hair and whose fat and ugly! Baa Goat Songz

  17. royalkev September 9, 2010

    I have to atleast credit him for sounding good vocally. Here and there some of his hooks are catchy and have a decent enough flow. I am still not too impressed with Trey and I think my biggest gripe with him is that he records nothing but a bunch of disposable hits. His talent is shinning brighter on this disc, even though it appears to be few memorable moments(only Made to be together & Unusual – which have to singles). I really think I need a girl, will be the record I consider his best offering. Say aah, may still be his tightest radio – friendly song. It’s to noone’s surprise, he offer very little substance for his listeners. I give a C+ for his effort.

  18. Robier September 9, 2010

    uhhhh No. Really? a New cd Already?

  19. royalkev September 9, 2010

    I will add that this cd as a whole is better than Ready!

  20. Kayla September 9, 2010

    I’m over Trey Songz and that cocky a** attitude. Listening to a couple of songs remind me of R.Kelly. You can tell he was inspired from R. Kelly. The album is okay. I’m sure he will do fine with sells but I’m not going to support him this time around.. Hey I was never a die hard fan. I only have his ready album. I wish Trey Songz nothing but the best but Homie seriously need to humble himself…

  21. Kayla September 9, 2010

    Another thing there’s more to sing about than s** Trey..

  22. Alexander September 9, 2010

    Album flops big time

  23. Darrius September 9, 2010

    Okay I’ve only gotten through half the album and honestly I’m bored but I’m gonna push through. The only songs I’ve liked so far are the ones he’s released. Everything else is mid-tempo/slow and boring. I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish but clearly he didn’t do it. At least not yet. I believed he rushed this. He had alot of momentum and people are expecting ready pt.2/say ahh/Neighbors know my name/Panty dropper. Not this s***. I honestly don’t know what he’s gonna do after his fans hear this. I guess Chris fine ass Brown will have to save us from this mediocre s*** Trey has given us.

  24. TJ September 9, 2010

    ugh. other than “cant be friends” , the only other song i like is “unfortunate”….& “doorbell” is tolerable. However, the album seems very, very rushed, and disappointing.

  25. Deontae September 9, 2010

    It’s okay, I like some of the songs and I am a huge Trey Songz fan! I support him though, but I do not recommend this album if you already have Ready album

  26. Chantel September 9, 2010


  27. chi09 September 9, 2010

    This album seems very rushed compared to his other 3. The whole s** sound is played out

  28. kooper September 9, 2010

    I LIKE IT BUT I WANT PURCHASE but definetly download and this is a solid and grown man to me

  29. Imanni September 9, 2010

    OKAY I just finished listening and im not gonna say its horrible but its WAY TOO SLOW(for me). I guess for an R&B album its solid but IDK. Love Faces, Cant Be Friends, Blind and Already Taken(which I thought was on the Step Up soundtrack?) are the only songs I like the rest are ok but seem like fillers. Anyways wish him the best w/this album BUT I wont be purchasing. Im pretty sure hell do alright tho.

  30. lamont September 10, 2010

    listened to the album!! i dont like it!! i think that it was completely rushed! and i wish him the best on record sales. But, i dont see this album going platinum!! its nothing compared to ready!!! Monica Still Standing thats the album to buy!!

  31. Parisian girl September 10, 2010

    Boring boring and boring!!!
    It’s always the same f****** s*** with him
    S** s** s** blablabla…
    Btw how is “bottoms stand up ” doing on the charts?

  32. CIARADABESS September 10, 2010


  33. rebirthofslick September 10, 2010

    its better than ready but that isn’t really sayinf much since ready was a horrible album. i like cant be friends alot…

  34. Misty September 10, 2010

    Well Im not really a fan of Trey’s like that. I saw him live and he was really great at involving us, had a lot of stage presence and sounded great compared to his BET performance at the awards. But his personality is what really turned me off in person and even behind the scenes. I could never bring myself to watch his shows because the commercial would show him actin’ like a diva, and I’m just not understanding why he feels he’s entitled to act like that.

    Yet on another note: People are pre-ordering his album and it was high at one point on iTunes. Maybe Trey will do well his first week. that’s if he’s smart enough to promote on other places aside from BET *look what happened to Dondria.* These artists need to realize that BET is not where the $$$ at and to use that as a stepping stone to move to other outlets.

    Trey just needs to not heavily depend on using his body, perfect his skill, eat some humble pie and he should be fine…

  35. B September 10, 2010

    It’s a solid R&B album, much more mature than Ready…which is why it won’t appeal to a younger demographic. I like it.

  36. olivia banks September 10, 2010

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mggggggggggggggg!!!!! i love him so much 🙂

  37. VanitySongz September 12, 2010

    Um first of all thats you alls problem yall expecting it 2 be another version of “Ready” an artist should never go back to a previous album…there is not a dam thing wrong with this album…”Passion Pain & Pleasure” the title speaks for itself a title like that is bound to have slowed down heart felt emotionally based tracks mostly tracks relating to Passion Pain or Pleasure so that means it wont have tracks like the tracks on “Ready”. So yu all must not be real Trey Songz fans because if yu were yud understand the jist of the album like i do!
    But Trey i stand by yu i think this is a great album keep up the good work!
    Love Vanity.Songz

  38. Ahmed Lewis September 12, 2010

    Are you guys on crack?…. this album is not a miss… i personally think this is an extremely great album. This is the first time i seen Trey tap in to other peoples emotions instead of talking about having s** with some chick. i give this LP a 8.5 out of 10. i must admit that in some song his vocals sound forced. This LP is Fireeeee

    Ahmed Lewis

  39. Kommunication September 15, 2010

    its worth every dolllar i love the damn album from begin to end

  40. Dj-Jewl-Tone September 15, 2010

    I liked it alot! his voice is so seductive! and this whole album is pretty much great! 🙂

  41. Chelly Chell September 17, 2010


  42. Chelly Chell September 17, 2010

    Okay I changed my mind after listening again….huuumm it does sound rushed and unfinished. I just like his singles from the album, Can’t be friends, already taken and bottoms up…after those its sadly downhill

  43. goodness September 18, 2010

    this album. GAVE ME LIFE. Everytime I listened to it, I found new little things to appreciate.. the artistry..the emotion.. the performance.. the attention to detail.. its not a game. I am grateful to Songz and his team for this. <3

  44. HopeAlexLuvsJB October 20, 2010


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