New Song: Tank – ‘Foreplay (Ft. Chris Brown)’

Published: Thursday 9th Sep 2010 by Trent

Here is a new song from Tank and Chris Brown entitled ‘Foreplay’. There is no word as whether this track will be included on Tank’s upcoming ‘Now or Never’ album but it will be available on Tapemasters Inc.’s latest mixtape, ‘The Future of R&B 36’. Give ‘Foreplay’ a listen below:

Tank and Brown definitely have a certain chemistry with their vocals. With the former using a more subtle approach in the lower register and the latter delivering powerful belts, the duo take the listener on a ride.  All in all, this is a solid R&B track and it is even more enjoyable than their last collaboration, ‘Take My Time’. Good stuff.

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  1. ~TeAM WeeZY~ September 9, 2010

    Don’t like it. This is very BLAH!

    And, to me, this is NOT ‘more enjoyable’ than Take My Time.

  2. piat September 9, 2010

    Hearing it for a second time, it’s pretty decent. Tank and CB have a good chemistry for the “bone” songs but I want Chris to not get too much into this genre of R&B. Songs like I’ll Go and Falling Down make me believe he can do a song with more lyrical depth.

  3. Truthfully September 9, 2010

    Its alright but its like i have heard it before….take my time was deffo better.
    Still good though and im surprised you guys didnt post twisa-make a movie video on here featuring chris brown.

  4. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 9, 2010

    It’s nice for his mixtape

  5. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 9, 2010


    Now I really like Make A Movie Twista Ft. Chris Brown

  6. beYONCES4THalbumwillslayurfave September 9, 2010

    song sucks ass

  7. Robier September 9, 2010

    Not bad but if these kids can’t shake they stanking ass to it…. they won’t like it and will not buy.

  8. Imanni September 9, 2010

    I agree with @Team Weezy its good but not better than Take My Time.

    @plain and simple @TRUTHFULLY

    Yea I was wondering why they didnt put that video up too. I like that song better than this one.

  9. spring September 9, 2010


  10. Devante September 9, 2010

    This R&B song by Tank and Chris Brown is hot. Definitely a cool delicious slow jam. I cannot wait to see the hot R&B music video for this cool R&B song. Chris Browns music videos are hot anyway and im sure having Tank in there too will add some extra spice. Definitely a cool song though and im sure the R&B music video will be equally as good.

  11. Soulful Roses September 9, 2010

    Its just alright. But “Take My Time” was 200% better in my opinion….

  12. kody September 10, 2010


  13. Chile Please!! September 10, 2010

    OMG! Chris WTF was that with all that screaming??? He was doing waaaaaaaaaaaay too much!! Tank!! I love you man…your the best! Work!

  14. chrisbrownfrancce September 10, 2010

    Take my time was good aswell

  15. yeahUknow September 10, 2010

    i really like it, their voices together have chemistry, chris sounds so great, nice vocals but i do like Take My Time better

  16. MyWay September 10, 2010

    Very few duets can touch “TAKE MY TIME”! That song was perfect from start to finish! This is a good effort. I would have to hear it a few times to truly apprciate it.

    I love Chris and Tank! I wish Chris or his ppl would go on ahead and release “TAKE MY TIME” with an accompanying video.

  17. MyWay September 10, 2010

    @Plain and Simple,

    Now you are talking! I love “MAKE A MOVIE” Twista ft. Chris Brown. Have you seen the video? Chris just looked …what can I say the boy is simply gorgeous! Twista reminded me of Timberland for some reason. 🙂

  18. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 10, 2010


    Yes I love Make A Movie and the video . Chris is so damn s*** OMG and Twista he does reminds me of Timberland but his rap is better

  19. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS September 10, 2010

    Its ok but I like Take My Time better

  20. Paige Phillips September 10, 2010

    it’s a nice song but yea i like take my time better!!!

  21. Lady September 10, 2010

    Its alright! I actually like it. But what I want from Chris is more songs with meaning (maybe another Crawl or With You…) or something to dance to. Chris doesn’t overdo the s** songs but a certain R&B dude does so I’m tired of s** songs. So on his next album Chris shouldnt do too many s** songs.

    I agree Take My Time was better but this song doesnt suck.

    And Make A Movie was good but not great…nothing special…I’m still waiting on Matrix that is supposed to be released soon…where is that Christopher?

  22. Bluekid September 10, 2010




  23. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 10, 2010

    Well Chris said ask on his twitter what kind of music would we like. I think we need to tell him this is a no no. NO MORE S** MUSIC

  24. I and I (yardie style) September 10, 2010

    this will have to grow on me just like “take my time”.
    The “make a movie” song is ok, nutten special, but Chris is friggin gorgeous in the video

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