Hot Shots: Whitney, Beyonce, Alicia, Jennifer Hudson, & More At ‘Keep A Child Alive’ Ball’

Published: Friday 1st Oct 2010 by Sam

Music’s A-List was out in full force last night at the 2010 Keep A Child Alive Black Ball. Beyonce, Jay Z Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, and Janelle Monae, were just a few of the names who came to celebrate the charitable cause with host Alicia Keys at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

Gallery below…

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  1. ME October 1, 2010

    Wow Whitney is looking amazing these days. She looks like she can be JHud and Alicia’s sisters. Sade looks beautiful too…the rest…ehh!!

  2. veebz October 1, 2010

    AK looks so Beautiful pregnant glowing from inside our, that baby might just walk out…. AK and Swizz look SOOO in luv, Its a journey too get were u wanna be….. Whitney is giving the camera The DIVA Has ARIVED!… Sade looks stunning! Black don’t crack baby! …Jhud is lookin like she’s got a new lease of energy Stunning..Beyone BLACK Ball! Lol .. I hope they raise a lot of money for a well deserved cause, every1 came out too support KCA

  3. GangsterA October 1, 2010

    are you pepole kidding me beyonce looks amazing shes workin that dress and i like her make up simple and beautiful and did she lose weight her breast look smaller and i like the curly hair alicia keys looks great shes glowing really cute now sade looks bangin she looks like shes at rihannas age jh look great too i like that lipstick tone on her whitney looks cute and kinda younger the guys looks great too esp usher and janelle lol i hope usher and beyonce work togther again they didn’t do an offical song they just did rimexes

  4. James October 1, 2010

    Werk Bish! Whitney Houston is serving it. She showing the model in her and taking names and numbers. Gosh she looks so young and vibrant. Love her much!

    Jhud and alicia clearly love her, they ALWAYS give and show her love and respect and I admire that.

    like Beyonce’s dress, not feeling the crimpy weave
    sade looks classic
    janelle monae , lol
    Jennifer looks nice but she’s lost too much weigh, looks unnatural
    alicia is wearing her pregnancy well

    I’m still flabergasted by how Ms. Houston looks!

  5. wow October 1, 2010

    Loving Whitney’s gorgeous body!!!! And that last pic!!! Eat your heart out Tina Turner (her LEGS!!!!)

  6. Truth October 1, 2010

    Jhud looks weird ass! What a wacked face from the weight loss. Totally unnatural look like an alien or something. Never a stunner or a looker for that matter whether she was big or small. SMH.

    Whitney looks her age. It’s starting to show. That dress design is hiding her fat belly very well. She had the same design in her clothes for NBL tour. Must be same designer! Still could lose another dozen pounds or so.

    Sade always kept her body fit. Her age shows when you get close up shots. Yikes!!!! Definitely 51. Dont use a zoom on her face! LOLs.

    Byaaawnce starting to get the chunky look esp. the arms and hips! Takes after her mother. Yep, she’s getting older and body aint as tight as it used to be. Sagging boobies already, ha ha!

  7. *TheENERGYtoRETURNtheFAVOR* October 1, 2010

    ……Whitney looks GREAT……

    Alicia….is FAB as she always is…She looks STUNNING….Im LOVING her fore-head jewerly 🙂

    …Im still waiting to see Sade AGE…LOL…She is flawless…Kinda of how Aaliyah would look at 50 years old….

    JHud…She has really been doing it…I love her look…..

    Beyonce’…..No…That dress is TOO LOUD…And that hair is a Hot mess…Her little make up looks good though….

    Ms.Monae has her own swag…Loves it….

    Usher…My my my LOL…DAYUUUM LOL ! !

  8. Trent Is The R***** October 1, 2010


  9. jace October 1, 2010

    WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. *TheENERGYtoRETURNtheFAVOR* October 1, 2010

    @ TRUTH….Your just a Bitter ass hater….Lets see what you look like talking s*** behind a Screen and a Keyboard….Do yourself a favor and avoid further embuuuursment and change your name to “LIES” 🙂

  11. Truth October 1, 2010


    Truth hurts!!!!!!

    Suck the big one. Kiss ma ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. drfenty October 1, 2010

    Jhud looks OK, but the lipstick is a no no
    Whitney looks a mess and needs to switch up that damn wig, its been 25 years..
    Alicia looks ok but the pregnant glow or whatever they call it doesnt suite her
    Beyonce looks ok without a lot of make up, the dress is questionable and the noodle hair is a NO.

    sigh….i miss the ’03-’05 days when B was heading fasion for the RnB chicks.

  13. Chile Please!! October 1, 2010

    All I have to say is SADE OMG! You are the bomb………she looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! She’s in her 50’s & shitting on a lot of young girls! JANELLE!!!! I’m sooooooooo over your WO-MAN look!!! You is killing me softly with that burnt nappy ass poof in the front of that head. I hope I see her at a concert so I can run up on stage and Hedge Clip that loaf off the top of that head! LOL!

  14. pist October 1, 2010

    when is the video for put it ina lovesong going to be released

  15. Jaleesa October 1, 2010


  16. KAT DELUNA FAN October 1, 2010

    @PIST ..Never !

    Great ,love B,whit ,jen dresses .Usher and Alicia ‘s outfit are wack

  17. ADE October 1, 2010

    Sade>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The rest of them! She looks amazing man!
    Jennifer Hudson looks a bit weird, and Janelle Monae?…B**** is annoying as hell with that tired tuxedo. Everyone else looks good.

  18. KELENDRIA ROWLAND October 1, 2010

    CRACKney looks FAT!

  19. Andre Le Dale October 1, 2010

    I need to know Sade’s secret she is #DROPDEAD!

  20. Leo October 1, 2010

    1. Sade
    2. Whitney
    3. see 1

  21. Diane October 1, 2010

    Whitney’s beauty is giving those young girls a run for their money. HA!

  22. LEO October 1, 2010

    @Kelendria Rowland

    You an epic fail because Kelly is the #1 stan for Whtiney and constantly cites her as an influence and is ALWAYS shouting and bigging her up as does Alicia and J-Hud. They love and respect her and it shows,.

    That picture above is amazing and shows how youthful and radiant Whitney looks sitting between Jennifer and Alicia with bare, nude make up on. Her beauty is timeless that is why she remains an enigma and set off tags and flashbulbs popping becaue she’s NOT a media w**** and rarely goes out.

    Happy Birthyday to one of the greatest gospel signers ever, Ms. Cissy Houston! Her birthday was last night and Whtiney took her out.


  23. Cedric October 1, 2010

    Sade looks great until I clicked on her pics. She’s old in the face. A Keys, can’t hate on a pregnant woman, she looks good. Bey ok but not feeling the weave. J-Hud, hmm too much makeup and too skinny. Whitney looks the most natural. Looking good ma, keep it up

  24. latoya October 1, 2010

    oh ders a pic of j hud n beyonce having a convo i guess dat squashes da beef rumours
    any way dey all luk gud
    sade,whitney,alicia luks gud preggo,janelle,j hud n bey,just dat bey could do without da noodle hair,she luks gud with minimal make up
    am i da only one hu thinks bey luks chunky here

  25. Simply Phillip Brown October 1, 2010

    My lord! Sade………looks amazing!

  26. royalkev October 1, 2010

    The Voice!
    The Voice!
    The Voice!
    The Voice!
    The Voice!… Ms. Houston is simply divine and regal.

    I’m losing my mind 3 of my favs together at one fuction. Whitney, absolutely beautiful. Alicia, stunning! Beyonce, gorgeous! Also I must say Sade is breath taken! The Queens are in the building!

    Janet – Queen of pop
    Madonna – The Queen
    Whitney – The Voice
    Mariah – Queen of hits
    Beyonce – Queen of pop/ for her generation
    Brandy – The Vocal Bible
    Xtina – The Voice/ of her generation
    Gaga – Princess of Dance
    Britney – Pop Icon
    Rihanna – The Pop Princess
    Ciara – The Princess of R&B
    Alicia – Queen of R&B
    Mary J Blige – Queen of hip hop/ soul
    Aaliyah – The Angel

    I had to add legends for a complete list:

    Tina Turner – Queen of Rock
    Sade – Goddess of silky soul
    Aretha – Queen of soul
    Queen of Rap – Lauryn Hill

    I think that’s all of them now!

  27. annieee! October 1, 2010

    awww everyone looks beautiful <3 im like IN LOVE with Bey's dress… its gorgeous! that color is sooooo pretty.

  28. geishagirl October 1, 2010

    Jennifer Hudson looks great.
    Its good to see all these black musical artists get together for such a great cause.

  29. Leo October 1, 2010

    SADE is cool.





  31. LOL October 1, 2010

    I think the Devil that Jay z and Beyonce serve is beginning to suck the life out of her…..The world will find out on day how deep they’ve gone into satanism…its a pity a whole lot don’t know about it yet.

  32. TRUTHTELLER:-) October 1, 2010



  33. Wake Up Six October 1, 2010

    They all look BEAUTIFUL and it was for a worthy cause!

  34. True Diva October 1, 2010

    Beyonce & Alicia look like they just woke up outta bed! They look okay…. Jennifer looks stunning! She has lost alot of weight! Congrats ma!

  35. quanberg October 1, 2010

    OK Whitney my absolute favorite – Gorgeous
    Alicia Keys – Gorgeous
    Beyonce – The Hair looks a absolute mess – her looks are going down the drain.
    J-Hud – Alright I guess


  36. Erous October 1, 2010

    SADE and WHITNEY should be photographed TOGETHER! this would be EPIC. <3

  37. *TheENERGYtoRETURNtheFAVOR* October 1, 2010

    Janet – Queen of pop
    Madonna – The Queen
    Whitney – The Voice
    Mariah – Queen of hits
    Beyonce – Queen of pop/ for her generation
    Brandy – The Vocal Bible
    Xtina – The Voice/ of her generation
    Gaga – Princess of Dance
    Britney – Pop Icon
    Rihanna – The Pop Princess
    Ciara – The Princess of R&B
    Alicia – Queen of R&B
    Mary J Blige – Queen of hip hop/ soul
    Aaliyah – The Angel
    I had to add legends for a complete list:
    Tina Turner – Queen of Rock
    Sade – Goddess of silky soul
    Aretha – Queen of soul
    Queen of Rap – Lauryn Hill
    I think that’s all of them now!

    …Minus Ciara…That title belongs to Ashanti….First Female in Music History to have 3 Songs in the Top 5 :)…At the same time 🙂

  38. royalkev October 1, 2010

    @ *The energy toreturn the favor* – You know, in all fairness Ashanti has done a tiny bit more than Cici, single wise and album wise. I would never have thought it. I really want Cici in that spot though. Let’s see what Cici’s B.I. does and it’ll be official. I’m cheating…

  39. Kapyophi October 1, 2010

    Whitney, Whitney, Whitney!!! She looks sooooooooooooo great!
    I hear there is a big announcement coming as soon as next week!
    lets go #teamwhitney

  40. Blasian October 1, 2010

    Beyonce looks BEAUTIFUL! She really don’t have on any make-up and Still look BEAUTIFUL and fresh!!!! Can’t Wait for NEW music!

  41. elaine12qw October 1, 2010

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  42. TheMan October 1, 2010

    MAN, to see A keys, j-hud and Whitney in a pic together, WOW all that was missing was Bey. the baddest chicks in music. Whitney is such a Diva and Legend and its so clear how much this generation was inspired by her

  43. English Babe* October 1, 2010

    i love that ALL these women are BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED.

    They all look good…………… hate.

    Beautiful women of ALL SHADES.

  44. His_Babigurl October 1, 2010

    Beyonsatan need 2 take that burnt top ramen off her damn head n take that polyester curtain back 2 annas linens 4 a full refund hope she kept the receipt damn bargain shopper!! She looks all of 40+ nowadays and sumthing kinda like a transexual **allbad** sade looks like a glimpse of babygirl aaliyah just more mature! Damn I miss her rip aaliyah a true legend! Whitney looks great and I h8 2 say but alicia wears pregnancy well she’s glowing!! Jhud looks amazing oh and did I say beyonce looks horrible?? Can’t say it enough sheesh this he/she needs 2 go sadown sumwhur its over you’re done give it up say goodbye kick rocks go away I don’t like u choke on a chicken bone and take your lifetime supply of top ramen lacefronts witchu!!! LOL

  45. rob October 1, 2010

    beyonce looks amazing , curly hair always takes years off her

  46. Robier October 1, 2010

    Every one was beautiful…… *Side eye to Cissy Houston’s wig

  47. Salz October 1, 2010

    beyonce looks amazing!!

  48. fan October 1, 2010

    Beyonce looks amazing, just wish she wore a different hair style, maybe a flatter look.

  49. True Blue October 1, 2010

    Bey’s dress was beautiful, but her hair sucked. And I really wish Janelle would switch her look up at least ONCE in awhile, especially for events like these.

  50. ~Team Weezy~ October 1, 2010

    Sade and Alicia are tied for the best looking to me! Sade still looks like she did 10-15 years ago. Simply gorgeous. And Alicia is GLOWING! I’ve never seen her look this great (and feminine). That dress looks amazing!

    Whitney looks good.

    J-Hud doesn’t looks that good. That violet lipstick is a NO NO and that dress is uh……what is that velvet? (ode to Coming to America)

    Beyonce: I HATE that dress! It looks like an 80’s prom dress. And her hair/lacefront is atrocious! However, she does look fresh-faced! She looks SOOO much better without make-up!

    Usher looks cute! He looks like he’s Beyonce’s date to that 80’s prom himself, but he still looks good. I love the mo-hawk on him, too.

  51. MissMe October 2, 2010

    Aww Alicia looks adorable pregnancy seems to really suit her…this has got to be the most beautiful i have seen her looking.

  52. MissMe October 2, 2010

    J Huds lace front if it the Bomb!

  53. Anne October 2, 2010

    IMO, some of you are overly critical when it comes to looks (i’d much rather critique talent, material, or performances); I’d hate to have to go anywhere with some of you as judges. I thought everyone looked nice.

  54. Anne October 2, 2010

    BTW, I like ROYALKEV’s list, most choices are dead on or at least reasonable/justifiable; I only noticed ONE questionable pick but I’m not going to call it out (trying hard not to be negative–guess it’s like an early personal resolution).

  55. Bey Stan October 2, 2010

    Janet – Queen of pop
    Madonna – The Queen
    Whitney – The Voice
    Mariah – Queen of hits
    Beyonce – Queen of pop/ for her generation
    Brandy – The Vocal Bible
    Xtina – The Voice/ of her generation
    Gaga – Princess of Dance
    Britney – Pop Icon
    Rihanna – The Pop Princess
    Ciara – The Princess of R&B
    Alicia – Queen of R&B
    Mary J Blige – Queen of hip hop/ soul
    Aaliyah – The Angel
    I had to add legends for a complete list:
    Tina Turner – Queen of Rock
    Sade – Goddess of silky soul
    Aretha – Queen of soul
    Queen of Rap – Lauryn Hill
    I think that’s all of them now!


  56. WW October 2, 2010

    Sade is classy and in shape but the age is showing. No close up please!!!!!

    But Whitney’s beauty is outtathisworld !!!!! What a beauty! She’s close to 50 but has the looks and energy of someone in their 30s. No one can touch this woman.

  57. norma October 2, 2010

    This is some honesty for all you HATERS. You can say what you like about Jennifer Hudson, but truth stands alone and does not need any defense. Like her are not she is the best female vocalist in the business today hands down, and will be around for a very long time. My girl Jen is very comfortable, so I sujects the HATERS need to do the same.

  58. fan October 3, 2010

    Do Beyonce look preggor’s?

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