Janet Jackson Visits BET’s 106 & Park

Published: Friday 29th Oct 2010 by Sam

Pop icon Janet Jackson continues the promotional push for new movie ‘For Colored Girls’, most recently stopping by BET’s 106 & Park.

Check out her hilarious chit-chat with hosts Rocsi and Terrance – the latter of whom once again could not hold back his ‘affections’ for the 44 year old star.

Video after the jump….

It’s pretty much a given that Ms. Jackson ages backwards. She literally looks about 30. Stunning.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AnnaYEAH3x October 29, 2010

    OMG she looked so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUEEN JANET !!!!

  2. TheDimplePuppet October 29, 2010

    Look Sam you be faking on the Janet Jckson updates ok honey, don’t ever be this late again, she dd this yesterday. HUH!!!! Thanks though xoxox LMAO.

  3. Sublime00 October 29, 2010

    Bout time a Janet update. All I been seeing lately is Rihanna. *Directed towards SAM, not Trent*

  4. french gyal October 29, 2010

    WHAT i dont understand is that YES JANET IS PRETTY WOMAN but she’s a star so she has to use surgery like evrybody else ! so i dont see what so spectacular when u say she’s 44 and look like she’s 30..

  5. Dax October 29, 2010

    She doesn’t look 30. She looks her age.

  6. french gyal October 29, 2010

    BUT i must admit that janet is such a sweetheart ,she hasnt got any attitude,she seems so vulnerable and shy,shes so sweet

  7. Stoney-Brie October 29, 2010


  8. Robier October 29, 2010


  9. royalkev October 29, 2010

    Janet is simply lovely! I I love her sweet nature, her purity shines from the inside on out. She’s our true Queen of POP!!!

    … JDE97, where are you hater, come in and bow down to the Queen!

  10. UGh October 29, 2010

    LOVER HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Now Control This October 29, 2010

    @DAX and @French Gyal, Janet’s face looks the same as she did when she first came out, check the When I think of you Video. She looks the same, minus the hair. Dont Hate Appreciate!!

    I dunno why people these days are so negative towards stars or throw negativity when its completely not needed

  12. ERIC October 29, 2010


  13. J Rock October 29, 2010

    Absolutely Beautiful inside and out! I don’t understand how people can hate on such a sweet woman that has not only inspired the females of today, but remains relavent today! So she may not be selling as many millions as she used to but look at the reception she gets everywhere she goes! I LOVE YOU JANET!!!!

  14. Shane October 29, 2010

    all i wanna know is whats up with that girl in the blue sitting down @ .30 SEC when janet first walked in not even clapping actin all stank..b**** u betta respect a LEGEND

  15. spam October 29, 2010

    ew she is so ugly, wtf is wrong with her nose, like seriously??? blah ill pass

  16. Mc4Life October 29, 2010

    Queen of Flop 🙁

  17. nila October 29, 2010


  18. Janet Who? October 29, 2010

    Madonna still looks better than this bithce ever will.

  19. dynamite October 29, 2010

    O.M.G she sounds so much lke michael kinda scary but in a good way. i love janet girl go her s*** 2gether she got it going on.

  20. Miss CHick Boom October 29, 2010

    @Janet Who

    Even with all that plastic surgero, madonna will never looks better than Janet Jackson.

  21. Miss CHick Boom October 29, 2010

    BTW I like her with short hair but I prefer long hair on her

  22. jmoore October 29, 2010

    Do it to em miss Jackson…flawless!

  23. just sayin October 29, 2010

    lmao @ terrence! love it!

  24. Janet4Ever October 29, 2010

    Janet looks great!!! The haters kill me taking the time out to comment. That shows even more how relevant Janet is and will always be. If you don’t like her, why comment?

    she still looks gorgeous!!!! and exactly the same from the 80s.

  25. Janet4Ever October 29, 2010

    AND for the those hating on Janet and speculating she had work done (besides her nose). You are probably mad you can’t afford to do it yourself.

  26. Spunkypoop October 29, 2010

    I love me some JANET! SHe looks better than your momma and ya papas SO STOP HATING!

  27. Benjamin October 29, 2010

    I really can’t stand Terrance’s lame ass.

  28. french gyal October 29, 2010

    LOOOL its not about being MAD OR NOT
    its obvious JANET IS A SWEET WOMAN but why claiming that she looks like 30 when she had plastic surgery,evry celebrities looks younger as JLO ABOUT IT
    that’s it janet nose and cheeks arent natural,but she ‘s still fab and a great actress and an icon too thats it

  29. lovexangel October 29, 2010

    She looks gorgeous!!! =) nd Terrence’s lame ass was clearly looking at her ass @ 1:08. Ugh

  30. Chris October 29, 2010

    I luv when ppl hate on Janet with a passion. She must be doing something rite. The Queen always slays. N lol @ Madonna fans tryna throw shade. This aint the 90’s, get over it. I agree with the person who said that Janet’s face look just like how it did back when she first came out. No difference. Her body N shape is ridiculous. Love you Janet..

  31. Lamb4Life October 29, 2010

    F L O P

  32. nasty girl October 29, 2010

    ^^ STFU Lambs

    At lease Janet doesnt have to do abortion to sell albums like MooMoo.. 🙁

  33. support Mariah October 29, 2010

    ..she is a man! 🙁

  34. B October 29, 2010


  35. theman October 29, 2010

    Mimi’s album was gonna do good before talking about her miscarriage. What the hell are you talking about abortions for ? Who had those ? People are true idiots. Quit hating. Mimi has nothing to do with Janet, Janet does’nt even have an album out.

  36. drfenty October 29, 2010

    Love Janet
    Love her movies,
    with the exception of the last decade, i LOVE her music.

    keep hurting them haters feeling ma!

  37. Jason October 29, 2010

    @french gyal
    please get your facts straight and stop killing your brain cells at Janet Cheeks are 100% NATURAL. Janet has had those big cheeks and huge smile since she was a baby,little girl,teen,and adult.You obviously dont know what the hell your talking about.go have a seat.

  38. -Lamb – October 29, 2010

    Sad to see Janet has no sense of direction these days.

    Next stop ..mature p*** movies?

  39. Queen of R&B Janet October 29, 2010

    Lamb b****..

    Oh Santa is flopping worldwide…go spew your ignorant bitter hate to the abortion slaughter clinic. Bring your fat MooMoo along!


  40. I Look to CRACK October 29, 2010

    @ Queen of Flop & Fail Janet
    What does Mariah have to do with this TRAINWRECK??
    You wanna talk worldwide flops? Why not look at anything associated with TRANet’s career from 2002-present.

  41. I Look to CRACK October 29, 2010

    And btw without all that damn slicing and dicing, she would look EVERY BIT OF 50 YEARS OLD. She looks like a damn plastic alien.
    Madonna trumps this man looking flop anyday.

  42. lola October 29, 2010

    LOL at the STANS who say people are hating on this old hag! Janet’s face scares me. Those who say she looks great must be in denial or ugly as hell! Sam you really think she looks 30? You may wanna go get your damn eyes checked! This b**ch looks f**king 54, not 44 or 30! OMG, she ages horrible. And that nose is disgusting. It looks like she can barely breath. That short hair makes her look worse too. And Janet has has plastic surgery on her nose, botox on her face, and fake breast implants that she got years ago.

  43. Blu Majik October 29, 2010

    I’m mad one of them lil hookahs on the right didn’t clap for Janet. That heaux!

  44. Mariah4Life October 29, 2010

    Quite frankly Janet looked SCARY on that picture. Oh Santa hasn’t even impacted yet. It will surely do better than that “DISCIPLINE” album of Janet’s that didn’t even sell 100 copies. Mariah will always have an audience because of her VOICE. Janet can’t sing at all. Nobody cares about her music and very DATED dancing style anymore.

  45. Troy October 29, 2010

    LOL @ Terrance, he was peeping all that booty Miss Jacksons got….I bet Miss Jackson would eat Terrance alive. Terrance don’t know what to do with Miss Jackson, she is all woman, beautiful, strong, passionate, shy, talented and a Legendary Iconic figure in American Pop Culture…and if she never made another film or another cd, she has already set the foundation for who she is today – A living Legend. So all these haters on here, hate on, Miss Jackson has sold over 120 Million Dollars in music as a solo performer and her net worth is much more than that. So all you beYAWNcy lovers and Rhianna Lovers, and Mariah Carey lovers, all those b****** live in the House that Miss Jackson built – Trust and Believe B******….Miss Jackson, what a beautiful soul. Good luck on the film Miss Jackson, you worked it out in Why did I get Married Too and I know that “For Colored Girls” is going to be a Oscar Nominated/Winner success. Much love to Miss Jackson and her family……

  46. CHOCOLATE_BOX October 29, 2010

    I knew I can count on U Grapevine. I been lookin for this interview. Janet is just as sweet in person as she is in her interviews. She never talks bad about anyone, Janet & Beyonce the reason why they have longevity is because the treat people like they want to be treated.

    But Janet is an Icon. There would be no Beyonce or Rhi Rhi or Ciara without her…..

  47. Laurie October 29, 2010


  48. Mariah4Life October 29, 2010


    So we have Janet to blame for “Rhi Rhi” and Ciara. If that’s the caliber of “talent” she’s inspired, then my original position that Janet is just a plastic product herself stands. Wake me when she inspires a real vocalist who can perform with their mics on and doesn’t have to rely on overproduction and dancing as distraction…unlike her.

  49. JANHOVASLOVER October 29, 2010

    Poor F****** stans mad that F****** had to abort her baby tor release her flop album.

    The Goddess would NEVER.

    DEAD at that HAGdonna stan saying that ratchet witch looks better than the Goddess. A deluded mess!

  50. arturo jessup October 29, 2010

    janet you are still hot!!!!!!!!

  51. JANHOVASLOVER October 29, 2010


    Oh FAILanta WON’T make an impact, ugly.

    F****** IS ugly and scary looking. She’s not attractive at all.

    Janet is flawless and beautiful.

    DEAD at you saying Janet didn’t impact any “real” vocalists when Christina, Deborah Cox, Mary J. Blige and many others have all cited Janet as influence.

    BAN at you being so irate yet fail to realize that F****** even has praised Janet and said she was always a fan of Janet’s work.

    Get a clue pathetic lamb chops! F****** is nothing. A product of “f****** for tracks” movement. F****** can’t even stand in sing one song without lipping to a backing track or having her background singers doing all the singing for her while she only does “Oh oh oh” or some B******* ad-libbing.

    Call me when F****** can put on a good show and leave her audience speechless.
    Call me when she can fill up to 7K seats or more.

    COMPLETED at F****** having any kind of audience. The b**** can’t sing, can’t dance nor can’t act. Janet will always be relevant in some shape or form due to her talents and many years in this business. F****** is so yester-year. So 90’s. Janet’s album Discipline did better than Memoirs and had the potential to sell much more but thanks to a trash label it didn’t.

  52. JANHOVASLOVER October 29, 2010

    The LESSOR girls will stay mad at the Goddess!

  53. I OWN YOU October 29, 2010

    Janet (Tranet) looks like a MAN in drag and those huge eyes of hers freaks me the f*** out.

    As far as influencing others go, b**** please.

    Anybody ‘influenced’ by Janet was really just influenced by Michael, considering how she built her whole career on copying his every move and riding his coattails.

  54. JANHOVASLOVER October 30, 2010

    Pressed ratchet chimp! @ I own you

    1. Janet is a Goddess and she looks better than your fave.
    2. Janet influenced your fave. DEAL WITH IT.
    3. B****, sit. I’m not here for you bitter apes bringing up other artists because they can’t defend their fave. Michael Jackson is dead. Janet built and carved out a career of her own. Your faves have been quoted saying “Janet Jackson influenced me..” deal with it. KI at Janet copying anyone. What a joke! Not when when she’s the innovator and creator of everything she does.

    You girls need to come up with better comebacks.

    The Michael Jackson copycat ones are getting tired and late.

  55. Eric October 30, 2010

    Ms. Jackson poped up with regular clothes and still slayed all yall wanna be Queens who took after her. Everthing you see 2day, Janet has done & better! She’s the baddest of them all.. Mariah stans needs to stop hating.. Yall Queen already up there so Y hate. Leave that for the amateurs of 2day.

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