Jessie J Performs On Jools Holland

Published: Wednesday 10th Nov 2010 by Sam

Burgeoning star Jessie J made her television debut last night on the Later With Jools Holland show, taking centre-stage to perform an acoustic version of ‘Price Tag’.

Wonder what all the hype is about? Check out J’s showing after the jump…

True, raw, and pure talent at its finest! As an advocate for all three of those traits, it’s awesome to see an artist who encapsulates such qualities climbing the ranks and garnering the recognition they deserve in the process. Go Jessie J!

J’s debut LP ‘Who You Are’ hits stores next year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Persia November 10, 2010

    F***ING AMAZING! One listen and i’m already singing it!

  2. KD November 10, 2010

    She is extremely talented, but I see another Amy Winehouse i.e. drug abuser that will probably end up in the media for all the wrong reasons. I hope that I am wrong though, we need such artists to bring death to all the Kesha’s and her ilk.

  3. Benny November 10, 2010

    Jessie J is NOT another Amy Winehouse

    She doesn’t even Drink or Smoke.

  4. KD November 10, 2010

    @BENNY: That is good to know.

  5. SparkD November 10, 2010

    I like the fact that she thinks about her lyrics, but she must have written songs from EVERYBODY because the vibe of that song is soooooo familiar.

    I like her style.

  6. KATYPERRY November 10, 2010


  7. tommy November 10, 2010

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  8. taylor Pena November 10, 2010

    dam some people are so freekn negative in this world saying she’s gonna be a drug addict like amy whinehouse !!! come on reeeally !!!! JESSIE J IS AMAZING SHE SENDS SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE EVERY TIME CANT WAIT TILL SHE COMES TO LA !!!!!

  9. TTB November 10, 2010


  10. Truth Seeker November 10, 2010

    Typical sound of todays singers. Nothing outstanding vocally but better than all the talk singers and lip syncers we have now. Look/feel is like the pop version of Nicki Minaj. Jessie does the weird accents and s*** too. Not impressed yet but have to wait for more material.

  11. Coofie November 10, 2010

    Her singing style is off the hook. She has a lot of control and spunk! I love it!

  12. antertain November 10, 2010

    Love her versatile singin ability.

  13. Aida November 10, 2010


  14. Robier November 10, 2010


  15. nICOLe November 10, 2010

    Can we say superstar? The girl has a gift? Love it…this is real singing

  16. Jermany November 10, 2010

    she reminds me so much of pink/natasha bedingfield..except wit more vocal diversity..buh she is her already..she seems so down to earth

  17. o_90 November 10, 2010

    She’s amazing, I’ve heard her name all over the place, and even had the pleasure of seeing her live, there’s just something so raw about her, I feel as if she’s still scratching the surface, almost like a Gaga in that the vision is bigger but can’t drop it all now or we’ll think she’s crazy type of thing, if you you get my drift? Anyways she’s great, watch the fraud Cher Lloyd try and copy this.

  18. vegasgirl November 10, 2010

    She is fantastic, she actually does have a unique sound and vocal style and with that coming in her “packaging” may be a hit. I hope she does really well in the states, i’ll be supporting! She has soooo much confidence in her voice that she can just change it up anytime and still sound good, a quality in a great singer.

  19. lee November 10, 2010

    i thought she was brilliant i thought the guitarist was brilliant too definitely will be buying the album

  20. Soulful Roses November 10, 2010

    This was great. Wish her lots of success 🙂

  21. harvey November 11, 2010

    I love jessie j she has hella amazing talent its stupid I can tell her team is looking forward to her album cause it sounds so god dame dope.

  22. ROXY November 11, 2010

    WOW Hope this version is on the album. Love an accustic guitar and a strong voice with great lyrics. absolute brilliant performance.

  23. Ouch November 11, 2010

    All the best for her.


  24. mattyjames 71 November 14, 2010

    wot a talent, catchy tune. Wos singing it all saturday !!

  25. Jessie November 16, 2010

    I love her shes great, I like her singing her dancing and her lyrics…Great girl and i my names jessie too!!!!!! hope i can meet her someday.

  26. kacey November 18, 2010


  27. PJ December 9, 2010

    Just so fcking!!! wicked!! TALENT AT ITS BEST!!

  28. Keith B February 8, 2011

    At last something completely original. I know what I like and I like this. Brings tears to my eyes cos it’s just sooooooo good!

  29. Barry January 11, 2012

    who played the guitar with Jessie J on Jools holland,,, hes amazing

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