Snippets: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ LP

Published: Thursday 11th Nov 2010 by Sam

Nicki Minaj‘s debut album ‘Pink Friday’ easily serves as one of the year’s most anticipated. If you’re one of the few who can’t wait until the LP’s release date (November 22nd) to hear what the Young Money star will be serving up, you’re in luck. ‘Pink Friday’, in its entirety, is available to preview in snippet form.

Take a listen after the jump…

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  1. Soulful Roses November 11, 2010

    Snippets? Really? I’m not even going to press play. I promise technology is taking all the anticipation and fun out of physically buying music. There was a time where you were excited about buying music and couldnt wait until you heard every track on the cd…not anymore. Sad but true…

  2. Jonny November 11, 2010

    very true. i remember those days. sad there still not around

  3. carl November 11, 2010

    I’m not listening because I WILL be purchasing and I want some suprises from the QUEEN!!!

  4. Sasha November 11, 2010

    I know they’re just snippets but I’m not impressed….I’m The Best sounds decent but the rest is blah. Her lyrics are juvenile.

  5. C November 11, 2010

    I don’t agree, it prevents you from wasting money on bad albums

  6. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) November 11, 2010

    Nothing special really cuz was expecting something harder than Missy or Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wake Up Six November 11, 2010

    All this damn Singing…I guess I’m gonna have to wait to listen to the entire album….cause based on these snippets -____-

  8. Bee November 11, 2010

    Unless you are a huge fan of an artist or/ and know that a particular artist always produces quality work, then why the hell would you NOT want to listen to at least some of the songs on an album first before buying it (whether it’s through a friend who already bought it or w/e).

  9. jp5892 November 11, 2010


  10. queenbeyonce10 November 11, 2010

    I expected more from this album

    I will not be buying it, I was but after hearing these snippets, it didn’t impress me at all. Waste of money.

  11. chrissy November 11, 2010

    wowwwww, im smh right now, it really sounds WACK!, WTF, Lyrics..blah, beats…blah, its all over the place, thats crazy, these snippets may actually stray ppl away, NO THANKS!

  12. Heir November 11, 2010

    sounds like garbage

  13. paul November 11, 2010

    i feel this i really do people today really dont understand music i feel nicki do this will be the fourth album i bought out my entire life thats saying something is trying to tell us something bout her and im going to listen all people want is thecrazy nicki minaj but she trying to show yall she aint just another crazy person with mic she an artist so please just listen please pink friday h**

  14. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue November 11, 2010

    @ Soulful Roses:

    I get what you’re saying, but what happens when the album you were so excited for turns out to be crap? Getting to preview the album before you buy it ensures that you’re not gonna waste money on a bad album, since you obviously can’t get a refund once you buy it. Although sometimes previewing albums in snippets isn’t the best way to judge an album because some songs that don’t sound like anything special in 30-second snippets are actually quite good in their entirety.

    Of course, everything I just said applies to the days before illegal downloads became all the rage. Besides, I can play all the songs in their entirety on Grooveshark and YouTube once the album comes out.

  15. Wake Up Six November 11, 2010

    And why do all the beats shound SO CHEAP!? I know I’m not the only one who thought that upon hearing these snippets!

  16. X,Y,”and Z” November 11, 2010

    Nicki, come this 22nd (just 12-short days), will gain a-WHOLE-LOTTA FANS; and also make a-whole-lotta enemies. (*cough*Camp-Fenty, I’m looking at you*cough*)

    “…THEM B****** IS HER SONS…!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

  17. spring November 11, 2010

    This album is WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. JAMES November 11, 2010

    I want to know why Right Through Me did not go #1.

    This look like another CD that is not going to sell.

    Til this day Eve is a much better rapper than Nicki . You hear Nicki voice all over the place that it gets annoying. She on everybodies song. She is another one that I am tired of. I was listening to a song with Luda and Eve and I tell you Eve was going in

  19. miro(; November 11, 2010

    im afraid to listen, cuz there mix revieews about this album

  20. Star November 11, 2010

    WTF was this??
    I mean it isn’t THAT bad but it isn’t CLASSIC materiel. To be honest, I hit the “cancel” button and canceled my pre-ordered copy. Sorry Nicki but i aint paying money for an album i will only be listening to for at most a month.

  21. TJ November 11, 2010

    WOW… The best songs based on the snippets are the tracks that she did with someone else. Not a good look Niki. mmm I’m not picking this one up. Thats the problem when a person gets hyped up so much…. its hard to meet the expectation.

  22. cris November 11, 2010

    proud of nicki pretty good , its def not for everyone, thats what makes her special to me, her art cant b liked by everyone or kanye or jay z or kim. its her own i’m copping some sound very promising go nicki

  23. So Fly November 11, 2010

    I can’t believe she didn’t bring the heat! I’m mad. I can’t go out and buy it. I’ll download like 3 tracks.

  24. g3 November 11, 2010

    i dont kno about this

  25. Dave November 11, 2010

    I don’t even really like her, but this sounds pretty good to me. It’s not horrible, so…… yeah. Will I be buying it thou, nope. But, I don’t really see anything wrong with the material on it either. It’s personally what I expect from her. Nothing much, nothing more.

  26. JAMES November 11, 2010

    Well I won’t be buying this one either that makes 2 no buy. Like I said before Nicki is all over the place on everybodies song and her own CD is not going to sell that well also. I mean every other song played on the radio she is on it.

  27. [email protected] November 11, 2010

    Im feelin it remind me of some mixtape vibe music straight hood!!!!IM BUYING IT I dont know what yall hearing sounds like yall are newly fans!!!!

  28. rexy November 11, 2010

    LMAO, Is this girl serious all the hype and this lmao, I’m just gonna wait for the first week sales, according to her fans it will be over 400k

  29. rexy November 11, 2010

    None of Nicki songs went to top ten on the BB, your love was not that successfull, massive attack, right through me and RR flopped. Nicki is just not good as a solo artist, she is better on features. These snippets did not blow me away at all, the lyrics are just BLAHHH, no fire nothing.

  30. Team Minaj California November 11, 2010

    Well it sounds like she is giving a lot of substance on this album like most of you said she was lacking. But I get it you’d rather have a whole album about s** and and hearing how good she can suck a d***.

    Plus she did say this album would be PERSONAL so…

  31. JAYLA November 11, 2010


  32. KAT DELUNA FAN November 11, 2010


  33. JAYLA November 11, 2010


  34. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue November 11, 2010

    @ Kat Deluna Fan:

    I spat out my drink when I read your comment, that was funny!

  35. Star November 11, 2010

    Nicki will do good #’s (i think) but her reviews will be funny as hell LOL cause THIS??? Chile…

  36. Jamie November 11, 2010

    This album is gonna be fiyah, and I can tell judging from these snippets. Every beat goes hard, and if anybody’s saying any different, then you’re seriously a hater, and this is coming from a Non-Nicki Fan.

  37. Lomax November 11, 2010

    There have been several albums that I’ve been mislead by snippets on. You get no real sense of the songs. I think its to premature to make decisions on an album without hearing things in their entirety. But I’m feeling the Dear Old Nicki track , Save Me, and Roman’s Revenge. I hope she doesn’t sing whole tracks. Lawd I call on thee.

  38. RiRiLOUD November 11, 2010

    This is great. 11.22

  39. S*** November 11, 2010

    Sounds OKay, Better than i expected from her, With a cover that gorgeous this could really be a big album seller. Her Urban Fanbase is strong & shes the perfect mix B/W Hardcore & Silly like the new & Improved Female Em & lil Wayne. BTW the only album I would ever buy without hearing a single song 1st is one from Beyonce, to me Quality-Album-Wise noone can tough her especially not in Quantity of Quality(Great) Songs.

  40. Mr. T November 11, 2010

    Wasn’t blown away, but it was decent. I try not to go by snippets tho.

    I love Did It On Em

  41. Diane November 11, 2010

    I love it. She’s giving me everything I want. I can’t wait to hear the deluxe version. Great job Nicki.

  42. Wire November 11, 2010

    I just pre-ordered Pink Friday from!

    Where is Massive Attack? That’s the only song of his I liked.

    Loud will be available Tuesday, November 16th! You Africans better support your God!

    I will watch the Yeah 3X video once y’all show me proof of purchase. Lets help Fist reach a million views!

  43. yo November 11, 2010

    yoooooooooo say what you want but nicki is that chick right now the snippets all sound great its almost like a breath of fresh air

  44. miro(; November 11, 2010

    i heard it, its better than i expected. Theres variety. You can tell that her personal stuff, and were she is doing something diffrent is in the middle. i’ll be buying

  45. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_DA_GODDESS November 11, 2010


  46. daboss8791 November 11, 2010

    I gotta say, it’s not as bad as i expected, from what little was hear, there seems to be a few standout tracks on the album… It’s obvious that she wants to attract a wide audience, which is why she hasn’t released some of her more urban tracks as single to date, which is how she entered the game, we’ll see if this back fires! I can say I don’t like her singing voice at all, she should really pay someone to do that for her!


  47. ciara on 106 and park all week November 11, 2010

    Ciara has been looking AMAZING on 106 park All week!

  48. Order LOud Now November 11, 2010

    I will pass…. Next!

  49. oh you fancy huh? November 11, 2010

    sounds like s*** only save me sounds okay but the rest sounds like junk

  50. Keepingitreal November 11, 2010


  51. REAL TALK November 11, 2010

    This album will be a DISASTER!

  52. CiaraFan November 11, 2010

    Moment 4 Lifre and Romans Revenge and Here I Am are the only decent tracks. She will not be getting my money, Str8 download!

    I will be buying Kanye and Ne-Yo tho

  53. snatched! November 11, 2010

    yeah…this album is gonna flop. #callinitnow

  54. DION-ISH November 11, 2010

    Which one Features Rihanna? Thats all i care about!

  55. PinkFriday! November 11, 2010

    I’m LOVING what I hear so far! I can’t wait til November 22nd, man! I’m buying 2 copies cuz I LOVE NICKI! PINK FRIDAY B******!

  56. ilovextina November 11, 2010

    Yeah… uh.. i’ll just wait for the leak. The instrumental sound like rehashed Young Money beats

    I liked Roman’s Revenge, Fly & Moment 4 Life though.

  57. Brooklyn November 11, 2010

    uhhhh thats it????

  58. Brooklyn November 11, 2010

    OVER RATED at it’s finest. fan be real ya selves. this album isn’t really worth it.

  59. Anonymous November 11, 2010

    Sounds promising to me and I’m not a stan…

    Sounds like a bunch of Kim fans on here…

  60. 007 November 11, 2010

    I don’t like the chick to much have to give it to her on other people song she have some nice flow i like your love and that all don’t know why people like her so much when it other out there i was thing this is here 1st cd that she would come hard and i would lean to like her but them snippets smdh was wack she need to push that cd back and start over it no lil kim flow Lauryn hill lyrics or missy beats she try to be all of them in one and i think i even hear some bone thug on the snippets but i don’t care cause even if i like the chick she going to be like the other female rapper bring out a cd or two and be lost or forgot about

  61. 007 November 11, 2010

    I don’t like the chick to much have to give it to her on other people song she have some nice flow i like your love and that all don’t know why people like her so much when it other out there i was thinking this is her 1st cd that she would come hard and i would lean to like her but them snippets smdh was wack she need to push that cd back and start over it no lil kim flow Lauryn hill lyrics or missy beats she try to be all of them in one and i think i even hear some bone thug on the snippets but i don’t care cause even if i like the chick she going to be like the other female rapper bring out a cd or two and be lost or forgot about

  62. Landen’s Fury! November 11, 2010

    Listen, That Was By Far One Of The Best Hip Hop

    Album’s I’ve Ever Heared. Nicki Is Goin To Be Huge

    After This. Mark My Words! This Girl Is Saying Something

    With This Album. And Not In One Way. In Multiple Ways.

    The Previews Don’t Display All 3 Of Her Personalities Well.

    But They’re There! Trust Me! All I Have To Say is That It Was

    A Little Refreshing To Hear Someone Bringing Some Real

    Words And Lyrics For A Change. There Are Few Rappers Out

    That Do It, And She Can Now Be Viewed As One Of Them. That’s

    The One Thing People Need To Pay Attention To With This Debut.

    Not Some Other B*******! I’ll Definitely Be Following Nicki Throughout

    Her Entire Career As Between All Of Her Bad Ass Collaborations And

    The Way Shines On Each And Every One, Then This, I’m Covinced,

    She’s Different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. theTruth November 11, 2010

    The album sounds GREAT i bet someone a hundred dollars she gone outsell kanye west and the rest of yall F*ck off

  64. TRUTH November 11, 2010

    this sounds horrible ughh i was expexting so much more especially hearing RR…but this?? i will not be purchasing besides she’s getting annoying anyway tired of all the split personalities

  65. Beyonce OWNS your Fav. November 11, 2010

    Blazin, Dear Old Nicki, Save Me, Last Chance, Did it On Em, and Fly all sound good.

    I already love Roman’s Revenge and Right Thru me is starting to grow on me.

    I hate Check it Out and Your Love. Those 2 songs are so WACK and GENERIC.

    I like Nicki because she is not doing the normal “ima talk about s** and sell my body” like many female rappers before her. Like someone said earlier this album sounds like it will actually have a lot of substance.

    And I belive this album will give us reason to stop comparing her to Lil Kim because they are obviously different artist music wise. This girl is no Lauryn Hill but I see her going places with this album. I like. I already Pre-Ordered it on Itunes and it seems like I won’t be disappointed.

    Also this is the first time I am legally buying an album that isn’t Beyonce, Alicia Keys, or Usher.

    So she would wanna deliver.

  66. bugaboo November 11, 2010

    not impressed.

  67. bugaboo November 11, 2010

    …idk i guess cause it sounds like a young money mixtape or some s***

  68. ken November 11, 2010


  69. RiRiLOUD November 11, 2010

    Anyone who compares Nicki to Kim is crazy. Nicki’s features and mixtapes give that impression but even these snippets show that this album will be incredibly heartfelt and personal. I love Kim but let’s be honest, she does not release personal music.

    I really love the different varieties – songs that are personal and more piano influenced like “Save Me”, “Here I Am”, “Fly”. Then there are the hard rap songs like “Did It on’em”, “Blazin'”, “Roman’s Revenge” – but the truth is that this album seems very beautiful and heartfelt. I’m glad that we get to “meet” everyone – Nicki who’s her normal rap (“Blazin'”, “Dear Old Nicki”), Roman (“Roman’s Revenge”, “Did It on’em”) and Onika (“Here I Am”, “Save Me”). It’s just really amazing that Nicki can rap but still has a heart and really is showing herself and baring all on this reocrd.

    Definitely buying this for Black, I mean Pink, Friday.

    I’m most excited to hear “Here I Am” – sounds epic.

  70. Pink Friday B**** November 11, 2010

    “love Kim but let’s be honest, she does not release personal music.”

    That h** music she does is personal. Everything she raps about applies to her trashy lifestyle.

  71. HOT_DAMN_HOE_HERE _WE_GO_AGAIN November 11, 2010


  72. KD November 11, 2010

    I do not think that this album will sell a lot, she only works when she is a featured artist (any longer than 40s then she ceases to be interesting) but then again I thought the exact same thing about Drake and he suprised me.

  73. Rihanna sucks#YeahISaidIt November 11, 2010


  74. Tavi November 11, 2010


  75. GangsterA November 11, 2010

    I Agree with @Ririloud you said everything i wanted to say this album sound great a great mix of hard hitting beats and beautiful melodies gotta love minaj

  76. Sugar&Spice November 11, 2010

    Loving Nicki is one thing. Anyone saying Kim has not made personal music is either lying or ill informed.

  77. Paulie DeStar November 11, 2010

    I really cannot believe y’all based ur opinions on a couple of 30 second segments, SERIOUSLY… what can you hope to achieve from listening to this? I am not going to listen to the preview as I am already a BIG fan… Nicki Minaj is exactly what the industry needs right now, she’s different, sassy and s*** without looking or sounding cheap….this album is gunna be the s***! I swear just wait and see! 2010 is a great year for music, with Nicki, Kanye, Jazmine and the Beyonce world tour live album! I for one am EXTREMELY EXCITED! Roll on The end of November…all my pre-orders are waiting to be delivered! 

  78. RosaRubbel November 11, 2010

    I don’t know about this one. But I like ‘Save Me’ because it sounds like a nice ballad.
    Sidenote: Rihanna will be featured on the song ‘Fly’

  79. EddyParis84 November 11, 2010

    Ok…Now….Who said “Pink Friday” should be compared to “The Notorious K.I.M” ?

    This is FAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR away from being a “Classic” album (check Missy’s albums, Foxy Brown’s album…these were classics..nicki where u @?) !!! I have to be honest here !

    Nicki, with all your features & mixtapes, is it what u’r giving us ??? C’mon Nicki who r u fooling! Sorry from the snippets I just heard, I’ll give a 5/10 !

  80. Clos November 11, 2010

    I cant wait to PURCHASE this! I love it just off the snippets along! If you are a fan than you will be please because she giving you everything! Love it

  81. stop it November 11, 2010

    LOL @ these snippets being heartfelt…Nicki fans are BAT S*** CRAZY! These snippets sound horrible and LMAO @ trying to say Kim is trashy and Nicki is heartfelt. Nicki is as cheap as it gets. The cheapness of Nicki is all ASS…just like the sound of these snippets!

  82. Speaks Truth November 11, 2010

    Man o Man, I truly believe this is going be one of the biggest albums of 2010!!

    First all it’s personal & relateble. I haven’t heard any album relatable in so long and truly personal. Everyone always say she not talking about anything or she screaming and yelling bout nothing. But now that she’s actually saying something, some people still aren’t satisfy. Nicki is giving you folks real music, real experiences etc… But I guest you all were looking for her to talk about all s** & weed & drinks and every female she can think of. Smh!!

    Anywayz there’s not one song I dont like from the snippets and that’s real talk. Trust me When I predict something it always comes true and nicki minaj is going to sell close to a half million or more trust me. Also it’s going debut at number 1. Kanye to much in this news right now and we know if nicki out sell him, he going be on every news channel crying like a b**** about how everyone don’t appreciate goodmusic Smh!!!

    Anywayz it’s #pinkfridayhoe P.S Nicki going kill so many female rappers careers with this album hahahahaha. Watch the Billboards everyone

  83. CJ215 November 11, 2010

    All yall b****** gonna be gaggin when Nicki hits # 1!…Yall Cant Take Her!!!! Lol…She’s gonna be laughing all the way to the bank!

  84. CJ215 November 11, 2010

    @Speaks Truth #Cosign 100%

  85. pr3ttywild November 11, 2010


    & I’M DONE……………

  86. luvmedj November 11, 2010

    I actually like Nicki…I do. But this album….not so much. Its very “Pop”, and I’m one for pop. I’m jus not understanding the direction they’re tryna go with this. I will stay a fan, but I’m not buying the album….

  87. bobs November 11, 2010


  88. Quentin November 11, 2010

    cant wait to this album hit im happy to see a female doing her thing, and not worryed abt a hater, so keep it nicki the album sounds great, and real

  89. QueensBabii November 11, 2010

    I’m disappointed Nick. I’m convinced that you cant make a full hot album smh
    this isn’t something i can listen to for more than a week. cant waste my money on this. sorry

  90. miro(; November 11, 2010

    speaks the truth!!

  91. Kio November 11, 2010

    All I’m going to say is…………. When the next Mariah, or Whitney comes out, come see me, tried of hearing half ass albums, from half assed artist!!

  92. PINK FRIDAY NOV 22ND November 12, 2010

    Ima be getting my copy 1st day.. The haters will too trust me. Its cooler to say u dislike things these days than to say u do so backhanded compliments towards an artist or just plain hate is to be expected.. Shows she’s alot of peoples guilty pleasure

  93. LeRene November 12, 2010

    The idea that previews ruin the purchasing-the-album experience is a silly one. Record stores, for new releases, have listening posts where customers can listen to the album.

  94. Carmen November 12, 2010

    I cant really get a good feel for the album by these snippets and thats not necessarilly a bad thing. All I can go by is the beats and melody from these snippets. I do see that its going to be different from many other mainstream rap albums and that same plus. So tired of the same tired formulas.

    But judging from these snippets I think its something u can play from start to finish because of the versatility. Im getting her album and I rarely do. I’ll get kanyes too, but gotta support the females first.

  95. MisskimmyBIG November 19, 2010

    They haven’t put the 5 deluxe tracks as snippets.

    Nicki your stans are relying on you.. Kim is waiting too to see if ‘Pink Friday’ will be ‘Whack Friday’

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