Billboard Music Awards: Red Carpet

Published: Sunday 22nd May 2011 by Sam

The stars have begun to arrive at the MGM Grand Arena for the Billboard Music Awards 2011. Check out red carpet pics after the jump…

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  1. kevin May 22, 2011

    Fergie lloked a hot mess. Lawd.

  2. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN May 22, 2011

    Not looking her best, that dress is awful.

  3. Auntie Jackie May 22, 2011

    Fergie looks interesting. Not my fav look on her, but I liker her and that she takes risks.

  4. GagaStan May 22, 2011

    LMFAO is Fergie suppose to look like a raccoon?

  5. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011


  6. -____- May 22, 2011

    Fergie gwarl….but Sam, Staples Centre tho? Isn’t it taking place in VEGAS at the MGM?

  7. KYLE May 22, 2011



  8. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    WtTF why is Nas there????

  9. True Blue May 22, 2011

    No. And Mary J. Blige looks tacky, too.

  10. -____- May 22, 2011

    Oh good you corrected it

  11. Auntie Jackie May 22, 2011

    @ Speaks Truth

    Because he’s one of the best-selling and best rappers of all time….

  12. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    @Aunt Jackie, lmao how much did his last couple albums sold????? I wait

    *push play on his last hit “One Mic* lol

    Sike naw he has a lot of talent I like Nas I wish he could get acknowledge more then he does tho!!! Hes very good with poetry and actually making sense with his lyrics!!!! He’s also very versatile when it comes to subjects to speak on!!

  13. GagaStan May 22, 2011

    Till The End Of Time full song without any tags

    Bey is back. if you thought your fave was struggling now wait till Bey unleashes this 😉

  14. ICON May 22, 2011

    OMG Fergie looks awful. The extreme black make up, the tacky dress. Does this woman ever look good? Taboo is just weird. And why is Nas there when was his last hit?

  15. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN May 22, 2011


    & Why Is Ne-Yo There Again??


  16. ICON May 22, 2011


    I hate leaks but that song is so amazing. It’s my favourite song of 2011 so far. Everything is just perfect on it. Her label needs to announce it as the next single and release it digitally. Everyone is over RTW.

  17. GagaStan May 22, 2011


    I love the RTW video but they need to just let that song go!!! this song is CLEARLY better.

    I hate leaks too but I needed something to reassure me that Bey was back after that disaster known as Run The World.

  18. GagaStan May 22, 2011

    Kelly’s body is on point!

    and from what I here Michelle is also there

    DC performance would slay the industry!

  19. SOBEBOI May 22, 2011


  20. RihannaNAVY May 22, 2011


  21. Auntie Jackie May 22, 2011


  22. the kiddz May 22, 2011


    Somebody altered this version. You can still hear the tag, but barely.

  23. lol May 22, 2011

    Kelly has the body Bey always wishes she had.

  24. ashley May 22, 2011

    Ooooh Kelly just shitted on them h***! Yaaassss!

  25. ICON May 22, 2011

    Kelly Rowland looks so pretty. I want that dress *-* I’m glad she’s supporting Beyonce. True friends.

    Mary J Blige looks terrible.


    I actually like RTW. I love the aggressiveness of it and how lively it is as well. But her new song just blew me away. It’s so fresh and different to what is out now.

  26. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) May 22, 2011

    ms kelly looks a mazing !! dammmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  27. chrisj May 22, 2011

    i love kelly’s little cakes lol

  28. Mollie May 22, 2011

    Look at Kelly F****** Rowland!!!! She a bad b****! I wisj my legs looked like that. #MOTIVATION

  29. kerron May 22, 2011

    @kyle f****** kill me lol

  30. bryanric May 22, 2011

    kelly looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fergie…meh, mary j…..*side eye*

  31. chrisj May 22, 2011

    smh @ne-yo

  32. mobwife May 22, 2011

    I love MJB but what in the world is she wearing?? Kelly Rowland looks amazing!! Go Kelly!!
    Come on Chris, I expect you to walk the red carpet looking cute!!

  33. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    Shittttt Kelly looks f****** gorgeous!!!!! Got damnnnnn!!!

  34. UGh May 22, 2011

    Kelly looks good from the waist up

  35. GREG May 22, 2011

    that damn Kelly Rowland is killin me…im goin to marry her ass….lol

  36. mobwife May 22, 2011

    Who is the guy in the 1st pic with his leg lifted? She-Yo looks suspect as usual and WTH is Fergie wearing? She use to be so cute and dress so well!!

  37. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    @Greg, right she got me sweating lol

    WTF Rihanna are you BLACK?????

  38. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    @Mobwife, Neyo agitate the s*** out of me!!! Why is he performing Chris brown or somebody other then him should have had his place!!! Smh

  39. bryanric May 22, 2011

    damn…white rihanna turnt up to the party

  40. ICON May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks cute. I like the hair very 70’s inspired look today.

  41. Auntie Jackie May 22, 2011

    Rihanna’s outfit is a snoozer….

  42. S*** May 22, 2011

    Glad Kelly is there to support Bey.

    RTW Video btw has more views than Motivation in just 3 Days. 🙂

    & Rihanna, Why does she look like shes pushing 40??

  43. jeremy May 22, 2011

    you guys r crazy rihanna doesnt look white..she actuially looks darker here..she looks carmel…and her look is killin me..she looks like whitney houston for sum reason!! ugh!!!!!!

  44. bryanric May 22, 2011

    “whys your hair so nappy?”…….”cuz im BLACK b****!!!”…..
    hmmmm really?!?…smh

  45. chrisj May 22, 2011

    rihanna wtf!!! you cant sing for s*** but atleast i knew you could dress…this is so boring

  46. S*** May 22, 2011


    May 22, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Till The End Of Time full song without any tags

    Bey is back. if you thought your fave was struggling now wait till Bey unleashes this 😉

    THIS! ^^^

    The Favs could NEVER!!

  47. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    @Jeremy, she looks white let’s be honest and 5…..4…..3…..2…….1…… Rihana & Brittney ayers stripping on stage and everyone ears start bleeding & and they stand in one spot and still can’t hit a not CTFU

  48. theman May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks like a sales consultant for the QVC channel.

    Kelly looks amazing

    Good grief @ Mary, she looks like a human Leopard

    With just a glance Fergie favored Beyonce

  49. chrisj May 22, 2011

    lmmfao @ke$sha this is just offensive in so many ways lmao i cant

  50. S*** May 22, 2011

    Why does Rihanna look like shes pushing 40??

    She should STOP trying to look CLASSY on the Red Carpet 🙁

    It always result in a FAIL

  51. GREG May 22, 2011

    @s***, see why you tryin to start somethin…lol…Kelly is there cause she has a HIT on her hands dude….keep it real

  52. theman May 22, 2011

    Fergie looks good to me, her attire is different, but she looks good though.

    Ms.Kelly looks purely stunning !!!

  53. Nicole May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks pretty!

  54. bryanric May 22, 2011


  55. ICON May 22, 2011

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW TRA$HA. I can’t with this girl. She makes Fergie look great in comparison. Tra$ha should over that hideous face and knees. What a fail.

  56. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    Keisha ewwwwwwww she looks pregnant and mean!!!!

  57. mobwife May 22, 2011

    @Speaks Truth,

    May 22, 2011 at 10:54 pm
    @Mobwife, Neyo agitate the s*** out of me!!! Why is he performing Chris brown or somebody other then him should have had his place!!! Smh

    I’m hot about that sh*t! Why is Chris Brown who has current songs on multiple BILLBOARD charts: R&B, POP, DIGITAL, RINGTONE, RAP not performing? Hell he currently has #1 RAP song and held #1 R&B song for 8 weeks! He currently has 3 songs in the top 10 on the R&B chart! LAMN has been in the top 10 on the HOT 100 2 months! THIS IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULSH*T DOT THE F*CK COM!!

  58. GREG May 22, 2011

    @s***….Beyonce’s video was premiered before 20 million people on american idol… her video better have more views than everybody! just like Jennifer Lopez…she couldnt buy a hit before the exposure of american idol, now her s*** is selling like hotcakes…..if any artist has that exposure they are going to selll… stop with all the shade

  59. ICON May 22, 2011


  60. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    Looks at Rihanna on stage y’all s*** as f*** but non- talented LMAO

  61. ICON May 22, 2011



    Yer I wish Chris was performing. That would be quite a show. He needs to do some promo for his new single She Ain’t You.

  62. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    @Mobwife, Amen that’s what the f*** I’m talking bout!!! I’m pissed!!!!

    S/N is Rihanna going dance or sit here and let the dancers feel her up LMAO

  63. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    Ooooo s*** look at there asses on the poles can’t Even work the pole!!!!! WTF is Ciara & BEYONCE LOL

  64. ICON May 22, 2011

    I love Nicki but I can’t with this outfit. The whole get up is awful.

  65. MaZ May 22, 2011

    Kelly Rowland = s*** siren

  66. bryanric May 22, 2011

    @SPEAKS TRUTH…..that just gave me life!

  67. chrisj May 22, 2011

    smh britney stiff as a board

  68. MaZ May 22, 2011

    Why Nicki is always wearing ugly wigs??

  69. Stop It! May 22, 2011

    Nas is FLY…s***! He is so HUMBLE as an artist!

  70. ole skool May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks amazing on and off stage…. TGJ is so pressed

  71. S*** May 22, 2011

    METHney & Rihanna’s performance was CUTE…

    Rih has REALLY IMPROVED Vocally!!

    Lol at Rihanna being in her VOCAL PRIME

    She used to be FAR WORSE. Kuddos to her.

  72. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    Look the f****** QUEEN OF RAP Nicki Minaj!!!!!!

  73. KAT DELUNA FAN May 22, 2011

    Rihanna too damn make up on …….sute

    Kelly body is amazing

    nicki and this horrible wig -_-
    but she looks amazing on TV

  74. imgunnacheckuboo May 22, 2011

    Ke$ha and Fergie looked a hot steaming mess!!!!

  75. S*** May 22, 2011

    @ KYLE

    Thats All STIFFney will EVER be at AWARD SHOWS…


  76. you mad! May 22, 2011

    @Speaks Truth
    Nas is one of the dopest lyricist of all times….Emmy Award winning artist. He can be were ever the hell he wants.

  77. dee May 22, 2011

    keeelllly is s*** as f*** beautiful

  78. Speaks Truth May 22, 2011

    @You Mad, I didn’t say anything negative about Nas please fall back I actually complemented him!!!! Don’t make me grab Sean Carter let’s not!!!

  79. WTF May 22, 2011

    This should be a real treat for the Obamas, Rihanna & Britney looking like hookers and pole dancing. WTF. Now I know there going to be some feed back about the song & the way the dressed. I wonder what Michelle Obama who goes by they book think about their performance

  80. YUPPITSME May 22, 2011

    Kelly looks gorgeous!! Rihanna looks nice too but Kelly damn lady in pink i love it think she couldve had better shoes on but its still good

  81. mobwife May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks awful as usual!

    Nicki Minaj looks like a clown as usual!

  82. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ May 22, 2011

    Kelly is Shitting with that body! Hate the wig though!

    Disappointed in Rihanna’s look. Cute, but disappointing.

    That performance? Meh.

  83. mobwife May 22, 2011

    May 22, 2011 at 11:16 pm
    This should be a real treat for the Obamas, Rihanna & Britney looking like hookers and pole dancing. WTF


    What a treat that must have been for the First Lady!! IT WAS AS DISGUSTING AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!!

  84. Come The Fu*k ON May 22, 2011

    Rihanna & Britney Lip-synch for your LIFE!!!!!!!!! lol. gurls, wheres GAGA?

  85. chrisj May 22, 2011

    idnt understand how u can be the princess of pop with 10 years+ in the game and you perform like that smh so sad

  86. Harvey May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks so flawless & Beautiful …Kelly Rowland hands down she drop died gorgeous I’ll bang her in a quick second 🙂

  87. bryanric May 22, 2011

    LMAO!!! Opening performance..damn right, nothing on that stage was closed. Damn all dat infront of the first lady aswell…

    p.s # STIFFNEY

  88. WTF May 22, 2011


    Yea and them singing S** In the air and I love the smell of it. LMAO

  89. WTF May 22, 2011

    Mary need to find that cat and give back their skin. That dress is awful. Now some poor cat walking around without their coat. SMH

  90. uhh May 22, 2011

    If michele obama was so bothered by s**, she wouldn’t have agreed to honor the Queen of sexing it up and p**** popping. Beyonce herself the leader of leotard wearing and leg spreading on stage. After all rihanna had to get it from somewhere.

  91. GLYNNTALE May 22, 2011



  92. mobwife May 22, 2011


    All I can do is shake my head in disgust! So where are the performers? Who is going to dance? Usher and She-Yo (when was the last time h had a song that charted on the Billboard charts?) This show is complete bullsh**! If it wasn’t fo Bey getting this award I swear I’d go to be!

    The BEP just gave another awful performance! 1st ITney and Raggedy now these fools! This is what the american awrds shows have become?? REALLY??

  93. uhh May 22, 2011

    @ Harvey I agree rihanna looks gorgeous.

  94. noodles May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks pretty. Fergie looks ugly. And I don’t even wanna see what Ke$ha looks liek I just…ewww. Kelly is beautiful.

    Hey @Icon and @Mobwife
    I wish Chris was there. The boy never shows up anywhere anymore 🙁 and I wish someone would say it’s because he is a flop but yet I saw Taio Cruz there *rolls eyes* these people with one or two hits you won’t remeber in 2 years need to go. I hope he wins the fan favorite award but I doubt it he has alot of competition and it seemed to me TB slacked while voting for it was open.

    Did I miss Rihanna and Britney? Did the Ke$ha and Nicki and Britney performance come on? I wanted to see them perform the remix to Til The World ends I like that. I think the S&M remix is blah though. I just wanna see how they delierved but to me Britney seems like she would bring the performance down. *goes to the TV and turns it to Billboard awards*

  95. kerron May 22, 2011

    rihanna didnt lip-synch so STOP HATIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. mobwife May 22, 2011

    “After all rihanna had to get it from somewhere.’

    WHAT? She got her pu**y poppin from her mama! Don’t blame Bey for that mess I just saw!

  97. lawayne May 22, 2011


  98. bryanric May 22, 2011


  99. mobwife May 22, 2011

    What Taio Cruz…who is he again? Oh he’s from England so they gave him the award to appear global and wordlyl! Please how the hell did that hot mess of a song beat out Cali Girl (I don’t like), OMG (I don’t like), LTWYL (I HATE WITH A PASSION) and the other songs? REALLY BB??

  100. It’s time for “4” May 22, 2011

    Mary js worst look ever. Thought it was lil Kim till I viewed closer. And god, I’ve seen fergie look much much worse least her face looks normal here.

  101. jenn May 22, 2011





  102. Aaron May 22, 2011

    Get a better wig Kelly!

  103. BlazianBarbie May 22, 2011


  104. mobwife May 22, 2011

    Wait, I’m confused what did Bieber just win an award for? If he has so many digital viewers on youtube why has he not had a #1 selling CD? Something is a little fishy with that!!

  105. mobwife May 22, 2011

    WAIT NOT TIM “the tool man” ALLEN the 3 time yes ppl three time convicted DRUG FELON! God bless America! What an interesting country!!

  106. uhh May 22, 2011

    After all rihanna had to get it from somewhere.’

    WHAT? She got her pu**y poppin from her mama! Don’t blame Bey for that mess I just saw

    Remember she wasn’t dancing like this until people kept on pushing her to dance more, so she did the obvious, follow the leader. (BEYONCE)

  107. VA STAND UP!! May 22, 2011

    Rihanna looks good. She finally did something with that red mop on her head. Looks like she got it cut and actually combed it. Her dress and makeup look good.

    Kelly Rowland looks AMAZING! Her body is on point! Lover that dress on her!

    I loe Mary J, but that dress is sooo ugly! Leopard print can either be a hit or miss, this was definitely a miss! #FAIL

    Fergie’s dress is ugly too! She looks like a witch in it. Her makeup is cute though.

    Ke$hit looks like her typical trashy self! She doesn’t even try to clean up nice.

    Nicki looks like Nicki.

    I LOVE the yellow on Keri! Great color on her! Not loving the hair so much though.

    Blah to everybody else! *shrugs*

  108. Mizkeri-babe May 23, 2011

    I love what Kelly is wearing, but her wig not so much.

    rihanna needs to stick to a hairstyle, i’m tired of her changing her hairstyle every damn second.

    nas is one of the best rapper alive, while most rappers out there rapping aboutt h***, p**** and money, he raps about life, real events.

    keri, keri, keri, what the f*** are you wearing girl? the hair, the shoes, the makeup, the dress… I cant with this s*** today

  109. Part Of The Blanco Family May 23, 2011

    kERI no honey.. dont like it. Nicki Minaj u look like Lil Kim.. Fergie.. too much. Mary J Blige. cute. Rihanna – BREATHTAKING

  110. noodles May 23, 2011

    Justin Biber has had a #1 selling CD. His singles just don’t really top charts. Baby did. He doesn’t have a #1 sinlg ebut he has a #1 album.

  111. Mizkeri-babe May 23, 2011

    @If michele obama was so bothered by s**, she wouldn’t have agreed to honor the Queen of sexing it up and p**** popping. Beyonce herself the leader of leotard wearing and leg spreading on stage….

    I havent laugh so hard in my life, my sides hurts like hell…..

    last time i checked hasnt the great beyonce being selling s**, s**, s**, her whole career?

    people in glass houses should not be throwing stones

  112. Auntie Jackie May 23, 2011

    @ Speaks Truth

    Actually, I was thinking the same thing. Every album he’s every released has gone platinum or gold….which is pretty cool.

  113. tee May 23, 2011

    Rihanna is killing it in that white! K.elly looks hawt in the pink dress…poor Michelle. Love MJB but that dress is a no, no. Uh, 50 and Floyd starting to really look suspect

  114. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @Mizk!!!!!!! You’re A Ignorant Ingrate!!!!!! Goi Jump In The Nearest Garbage Disposal!!!!!!!! Big Dummy

  115. UGh May 23, 2011

    rihanna did something to her face 😐

  116. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @Miz K!!!!!! She show you how to sell something!!!!!! Maybe you will have Millions too.Instead of Hating!!!!!! Anyhoo Who Is Keri Hilson!!!!! Pulease!!!!! Nowonder You’re Hating!!!!!! GYAOH!!!!!!

  117. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    Rihanna Looks Cute and Casual!!!!!!! She’s Always Cool!!!!! Not Over The Top,Begging For Attention,until she performed!!!!! Good for her and Britney!!!!!

  118. Mab May 23, 2011

    Rihannna looks normal lol! She’s mixed of course but I do think she takes the same whitening pills as Beyonce, they r friends after all lol…am I the only one loving her suit, it’s chic lol

  119. Mizkeri-babe May 23, 2011

    @Miz K!!!!!! She show you how to sell something!!!!!! Maybe you will have Millions too.Instead of Hating!!!!!! Anyhoo Who Is Keri Hilson!!!!! Pulease!!!!! Nowonder You’re Hating!!!!!! GYAOH!!!!!!

    I hope beyonce and her peoples are paying you to ride her c*** like that boo..cause it sure as hell would be very sad and pathetic, to c*** ride somebody that doesnt even know u exist, for free.
    bringing up keri hilson suppose to do what? what point was that suppose to be? cause last time i checked keri is makin paper off ur favs..

  120. Mizkeri-babe May 23, 2011

    @You’re A Ignorant Ingrate!!!!!! Goi Jump In The Nearest Garbage Disposal!!!!!!!! Big Dummy

    if u put that much energy in buying beyonces single, maybe it wouldnt be flopping……

  121. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @Miz Who!!!!! That’s what your postname is isn’t it!!!!! Anyhoo Hater Beyonce Killed You Fools Again Tonight!!!!! I’m far from a clitrider!!!!! Just Know A Phenomenal Entertainer When I’ve Seen One in the last 15 yrs!!!!! I also know the entire Kmowles clan personally.I grew up on the same damn street that she lived on,You Big Dummy we don’t even have to pay for concerts,and I received her Heat perfume before it hit the stores! You’re So Ignorant With Your Jealous Ass! She’s Beautiful Internally as well as she is externally.F***** Hater!!!!!! She Need To Bend Over and Properly tell you Haters To Kiss Her Ass.Knowing her she wouldn’t,but I Will. So Beyotch Kiss My Ass!

  122. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @Miz FreakinHater!!!!!! I Bet You’re A Ugly Fat Pig!!!! That’s Why You’re Mad. Aren’t You? Lmao!!!!! Check Your Fact You Big Dummy!!!!!!! Her Single Is almost number 1 on Itunes!!!!! Her Cd will be Triple Platinum Too!!!!!!! Nothing she touches Flops!!!!! Ya Hating H**

  123. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @Miz Hater!!!!! You’re Dead!!!! She Has Buried The Haters Once Again!!!!!! Lmbao!!!!! Beyotches Stay Pressed,She Will Cash More and More Checks.While Her Haters Keep Their Heads Up Her Ass!!!!! I’m Done For Now,I don’t have to say anything else.You’re Dead!!!!! Big Fat Ugly Hating Broke Dummy!!!!! Lol

  124. KENDRA May 23, 2011

    – Rihanna looks good but well beyond her 23 yrs
    – Nikki no ma’am that cotton candy hair and jumpsuit is not working
    – Kelly looks great love her dress
    – Keri is ok not reakky feeling that dress

    and MJB complete FAIL. Love Mary but this whole look is tired…sorry!

  125. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @Keri Hilson Ugly Jealous Big Nose Ass!!!!! GTFOH,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @Kendra!!!!!! You Better Preach!!!!! Mary Knew Better Than That!!!!! Lol A Mess!!!!!!

  127. uhh May 23, 2011

    The person who should have gotten that millenium award and rightfully so should have been bono and U2. Now that’s a solid and respectable career right there. As I pan out into the audience and see so many artists who has been in the game longer than beyonce with stellar musical records, I have to wonder if billboard really got this award right.

  128. Tru Voice May 23, 2011

    Mary & Fergie LOOK HORRIBLE!!!! Rihanna look like Whitney here, which is a good thing. Whitney is a classic beauty with a classic style. Keri looks OK, just okay. The wig is better though.

  129. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    LMBAO!!!!!!!!!! Gotta Love It Baby!!!!!!

  130. bam bam May 23, 2011

    Lookin good Chelle….

  131. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @UHH!!!!!! Noone Cares About Em 4Real Baby!!!!!! Beyonce Earned That Award,So STFU Fool!!!!! Lmao!!!!! You’re Hilarious!!!!!! If they shouldve gotten it,Then Why Haven’t They Long Before Now!!!!!! Lmao!!!!!!

  132. Kavion May 23, 2011

    Nicki looks BEAUTIFUL. I love this style, I want her to stay in this lane! She still has that playful signature, but it doesn’t looked forced. She looks s*** as hell.

  133. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    Racist Whites Are Always Hating On The Successful Black People!!!!! Get Over It Fools!!!!!! Kill Yourselves Fools!!!!! Lol

  134. Monique 1974 May 23, 2011

    All Kelly did was present an award with Trey Songz, and she looked gorgeous! She didn’t even have to try hard and she was slaying in that dress. Rihanna just won for “Artist Of The Year” and her performance was crazy!

  135. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    I’m Happy Rihanna Won Artist Of The Year!!!!! She’s Worked Hard these last 3 years!!!!!

  136. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    Kelly Has Always Been Pretty!!!!!

  137. Mahogany May 23, 2011

    Cee-Lo’s vocals sucked ass. His voice was off tonite!!!!!!

  138. killyaselfhaters May 23, 2011

    @ Destiny Childs Should Have A Reunion!

  139. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare May 23, 2011

    Kelly Rowland….baby……*finds nearest object to hold on to* A-MA-ZING.

  140. GREG May 23, 2011

    sees Michelle Williams and looks at the screen…..looks again…….still staring blankly at screen……buys a gift card to mcdonalds to give to michelle

  141. Michelle Obama honored Beyonce during Billboard Music Awards May 23, 2011

    Nobody cares about Gaga weak new album 🙁

  142. MWFAN May 23, 2011

    GREG STFU, Michelle always been like that.

  143. aisha May 23, 2011

    they all looked good! rihanna looks great in classy outfits! kelly, mjb, keri- hot! fergie- fierce! now what was that horrible outfit on kesha? looks like she tried to wear the same outfit as fergie but it don’t suit her.

  144. GREG May 23, 2011

    @MWFAN in the beginning she was not…..its unhealthy…..*thinks to self, i wish you would tell me to STFU to my face*

  145. B4REAL02 May 23, 2011

    Kelly – S***!!
    Rihanna – HOT!!
    Michelle – LOOKING GOOD!!
    Keri – CUTE LOOK!!

  146. B4REAL02 May 23, 2011

    Oh and why is KE$HA shaped like an 85 yr old woman?! Eww………….

  147. YOOSONDALOOSE May 23, 2011

    WOW, they look great!

  148. MSBLACKROSE May 23, 2011


  149. Be BETTER not “BItter!” May 23, 2011


  150. jesse lopez May 24, 2011

    clearly kelly is the best dressed! and mjb never gets it right with her obsession with animal print.but I love her

  151. major league May 25, 2011

    Every man want to F*** Kelly. I wonder if she is happy about that. Michelle is trying. You can do it girl! You can do it!!! We are fighting for you but you gotta fight too! Dont let us down boo!

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