Rihanna Readies ‘We Found Love’ Video

Published: Friday 23rd Sep 2011 by Sam

‘Wack’,’Generic’, ‘Basic’. Just a few of the words you, the That Grape Juice faithful, used to describe Rihanna‘s latest creation ‘We Found Love’.

Undeterred by the sour reaction (much of which came from her own fans), the model and her team are heading across the pond to shoot the single’s accompanying video. Much sooner than you’d think too.

Full story below…

According to the French arm of her label, Label Barclay, the 23 year old is set to shoot the clip’s visual here in London town – next week.

Director details are set to follow.


And to think this is the same ‘artist’ who, as of two weeks ago, was gearing up for a re-release of her 10-month old ‘Loud’ LP. 10 days later and…BAM…new look, new single, new videos.

Then again, this is someone whose career is comparable to a microwaveable dinner. It may delight you for now, yet never truly fills nor satisfies.

Your thoughts?

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  1. WHITNEY BISHES! September 23, 2011

    Lmao….Preach Sam! I bet she will b flashing that rotten c****** of hers up and down n We Found Flop..Lmao…Too bad nobody will eva take her serious. I hope she finally pass 10million albums sold n the USA….seeing how she has released 5 and still havent pass 8milion…can u say a Single Artist and FLOPPPPPPPPP..lmao

  2. trucie September 23, 2011

    Go RiRi. Sam is a secret stan folks. don’t believe the hype about giving the readers what they want. A Beyonce stan wouldn’t miss seeing Rihanna posts. So it begs the questions why TGJ are always to the first to post anything and everything about her. Bey and Rhi are the two most posted celebs on this blog. Can’t no one tell me that Sam is not a secret Rhi Stan. You guys and should do some kind of callaboration. She can b**** about Beyonce and you guys can b**** about Rihanna! How about you guys just keep the downloads coming. it’s all about the free music!

  3. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 23, 2011

    I’ve said it numerous times, but this “era” is giving me a headache.It’s all SO fast!Some days ago, ‘Cheers’ got in the top 10, the video was released, the radio was eating it up and she was talking about a re-release and then ALL of a sudden, there’s a new single title, a cover, a radio premiere, an iTunes release and now a video!I feel like she will perform it in 5 minutes or something.All the things that other artists do in 3-4 weeks, she’s done it in 2 days!!That’s not called hard work and dedication, this is called miliking out and not caring about longetivity.I don’t hate her AT ALL, in fact I’m still checking for her, but what she’s doing is unhealthy for her to pull off and uncomfortable for me to watch.She’s moving so fast that not even some of her fans can catch up with her career…Sorry…

  4. KD September 23, 2011

    Let’s hope that this one does not get banned.

  5. KAT DELUNA FAN September 23, 2011

    l dont think the song is that bad,it sound like the s*** her old s*** to me;same crap,different day.but the song is cute..LEAVE GENE-RIH-C ALONE TGJ !!!!

    not her fault,the record deal said 6 albums and rihanna is not strong enough to go on break for 1 or 2 years cause a katy or adele can blow up anytime

  6. KD September 23, 2011

    Just a question…how much did her recent tour gross? Is she done with it? Do people even care?

  7. tyra September 23, 2011


  8. @TEAMFOXYDONDIVA September 23, 2011

    Yes thatgrapejuice yall know the truth about this pop lock and drop gimmick ..shes no icon

  9. @TEAMFOXYDONDIVA September 23, 2011

    They said it right!!!

    Then again, this is someone whose career is comparable to a microwaveable dinner. It may delight you for now, yet never truly fills nor satisfies

  10. nice_gurl September 23, 2011

    Why is she rushing to release everything? I don’t like the song at all. It’s very boring with extremely simple lyrics. She hasn’t even finished the Loud tour yet and Cheers was just released. I just don’t understand what she is doing.

  11. WHITNEY BISHES! September 23, 2011

    @KD 4?????I think nobody cares…I mean..who the hell wants to see somebody on stage sounding like a wounded moose and flashing her nasty c****** all the time lmao Rofl This Bish…knows she is done…if she releases a album outside of the holidays or take a year or two off. And she will never make Forbes…i dont see no R****** fans bragging about ticket sells….that s*** must b Floppping LMAO

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 23, 2011

    @KAT DELUNA FAN I partly agree, but Rihanna could have definetely waited until March/April to finish her tour, let ‘Cheers’ peak, take a short break and then release the new single.She rushed TOO much and I DO blame her for accepting to be milked out and bossed around by Def Jam.And it’s not only the gap between ‘Cheers’ and WFL (there is no gap tbh), it’s also the gap between the different announcements for WFL.For the last 2 days, she is announcing 2-3 things a day.General announcement, title, lyrics, release date, single cover, radio premiere, new interview, info about the video, iTunes release all in 2,5 days.It’s too much!! 😕

    (I’m not bashing her, I’m just kind of confused about this “era”.It’s all a blur…)

  13. THAT STINK JUICE September 23, 2011

    She is heading across the pond to continue her world tour, continuing in Ireland fool. At some point she will do the video. While keeping her tight tour schedule in England, it leaves her to best do the video from there. Do ur research when writing articles. U should know this. Act like ya know.

  14. HALF AMAZIN September 23, 2011

    You hateful ass, download a bootleg mp3, got SO much to say right now but dont know s*** about s*** people really blow me!!!! When has Rihanna ever been an R&B artist? Oh, I guess cuz she’s black that’s her only option. If you r&b “fans” were on your jobs it wouldn’t be a dying genre and ALLLLLLLLL your faves wouldn’t be, or have attempted to “crossover”. When have the lyrics to house/trance music ever NOT been repetitive? Rihanna and her handlers know who complain and they know who pay her. This song is a brilliant track but I personally dont like this genre AT ALL and never have not just mindless complaining. Clearly the 2nd single will be “urban”. Sam, your blog exsists for hateful Rihanna posts. Read what the more relevant blogs are saying about the same s*** that you post (and LATE at that)

  15. THAT STINK JUICE September 23, 2011

    All of u assinines crying foul about rushing and waiting, I got a smart idea for ya. GO ASK HER AND HER TEAM AND DEF JAM WHY SHE IS RUSHING. GO, GO QUICKLY, PRONTO! I AM SURE SHE WILL TELL YA. GO AND DO NOT GO SLOW. SCRAM!

  16. Justin September 23, 2011

    I’m curious…why does That Grape Juice hate Rihanna so much. obviously, Your quite obsessed with her bcuz you post every 5 mins about her…but you praise talentless h*** like The Saturdays…really? And nobody has been checkin for Sugababes since the early 2000’s, but ya’ll still holdin on like step children. Rihanna has been breakin records, selling millions, and lookin damn good while doing it. I think she loves blogs like you who talk trash…cuz in reality you’re paying her water bill 🙂 Oh…and no one is fooled by these”polls” you take…cuz they are obviously bullsh*t like your credibility.

    Cheers! 🙂

  17. KAT DELUNA FAN September 23, 2011

    l leaved the blogs for few days,l am back and homegirl is releasing a new LP.Didnt the fly video came out 3 weeks ago? then the cheers video? l don get it
    l think defjam spent too much money for rated r,loud was supposed to pay back the label but 5 millions and many manipulative strategies later for the singles,things are just not that good.l mean the same thing is happening to gaga right now.

    The book,the perfume,the tour,the endorsement deals aint cuttin it.The label spend way too much money on her.l am not surprised by the strategy cause the tour is not doing good neither.

    Poor Josianna Derulo !!!

  18. THAT STINK JUICE September 23, 2011


    Sam is an assinine. He’s one of them, he drinks lots of that type of tea and everything comes up smelling #%*(()& with him. They drink that tea hot and cold. Trust me, if u swallow that shyt by accident, puke it out. I think its hopeless but keep PREACHING. They will learn to stop drinking that tea.

  19. THAT STINK JUICE September 23, 2011

    September 23, 2011 at 7:58 am
    Why is she rushing to release everything? I don’t like the song at all. It’s very boring with extremely simple lyrics. She hasn’t even finished the Loud tour yet and Cheers was just released. I just don’t understand what she is doing.


    She GOTTA hurry it up, GOT TO. The sooner she rap this shyt up, this next era, she can clear out all her draws @ Def Jam and go TOTALLY and I mean TOTALLY to ROCNATION baby. She soon come. So she puts in overtime right now. THATS WHY!!!

  20. NICKY September 23, 2011







  21. KD September 23, 2011

    I am surprised that none of the “Navy” members have even mentioned that this craptascular piece of junk has reached #4 on US itunes…did they all finally reach puberty?

  22. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 23, 2011

    @KAT DELUNA FAN Def Jam has indeed spent a lot of money, but they have definetely got their money back with all those endorsements.And her tours are not very expensive and neither are her performances and her videos, so the only thing that costs about her is the promo, all the other aspects of her career are relatively cheap (that didn’t sound too good 😕 ).It’s not about taking back the money that they lost, it’s all about getting as much money as they can RIGHT NOW.It’s obvious that they want to milk her, but now, after 5 albums and 1 billion singles, isn’t it after all time for her to get a little bit of contol over her career??That’s why this “new” era is so confusing to me, because it’s too fast.Her whole career since 2009 has been “blink and you’ll miss it” type… 😳

  23. Yellow Gorillah September 23, 2011


    Gurl you acting all typies of DELUSIONAL Right NOW!!

    Loud has sold 5MILLION + WW So Far on her and Gaga and Adele have achived this!
    The LOUD ERA was a BIG Sucess Everything LOST in the Rated R era was Gained BACK in the LOUD Era 3 #1 Hits a sucessfull tour. New Fans Lot’s of endorsment’s what more can you ask for

    The Plan was to Re Release Loud to OUSH The sales from 5miilion to 7-8 BUT I think That she recorded SOOO Many songs for the re release and Most of the where HIT Potential that her and he label decided at the LAST MINUTE To make the re release to the SIX Album.

    At the end of the day the only bad thing that can happen is overexsposure

    BUT I don’t think rihanna will ever be overexsposed GAGA on the other hand CAN Because she does way more promo rihanna’s promo this era was average we saw her a lot in the start of the year then she was gone by summer. Only if you read blog syou would see her.

    CHEERS is TOP 10
    WFL Is TOP 20 on itunes

  24. WHITNEY BISHES! September 23, 2011

    Lmao @ this W**** breaking records..What Records? Must b for sucking more d**** at Def Jam and get that v***** popped by half of Hollywood mens. U Riri fans kills me….like this w**** is a True Artist. Give this w**** just a mic and a stage…..she wouldnt even no what to do…she will probably start sucking and licking the the s*** she is and stripping.

  25. YOOSONDALOOSE September 23, 2011

    Eeveryone is coming London now ahahahaha!

  26. Yellow Gorillah September 23, 2011

    That whitney Fan is only MAD Because Rihanna is on her way to SNATCH Whitney’s WIG For that 11’th #1


    The NAVY’S USED to Our FAV SLAYING effortlessly she is the Singles QUEEN!

    *Sips Monkey Juice*

  27. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 23, 2011

    I’m excited !

    After hearing that ” BEYONCE is heading to studio”” after doing 72 songs to choose from to put in 4 , And 4 WAS still rushed as well ” ,I think What Rihanna do now is great ! and BEYONCE stans need to use their time machine again !

    The navy is happy ! Rihanna is happy !

  28. KD September 23, 2011

    Yellow Gorillah
    September 23, 2011 at 8:39 am


    The NAVY’S USED to Our FAV SLAYING effortlessly _________________________________________________

    That makes sense…I guess that you are also used to her missing out on the #1 spot on the albums chart too huh?

  29. tyra September 23, 2011

    @ pop royalty rude boy i thoughu like beyonce

  30. Yellow Gorillah September 23, 2011


    Yes I am

    NO #1 Album 5Million Sold WW And we are LOVING IT

    While certain artist who’s album debuted at #1 CANT even sell 2million WW I wont even name names *side eye*

    *Sips Monkey Juice*

  31. jeffrey September 23, 2011

    That grape juice really does bring out the best keyboard warriors huh? all i see people do on this site is b**** and hate but what i really don’t get is it that grape juice hates Rhianna so much? yet every new piece of information that comes out, that grape juice is always one of the first if not the first to write about it, hmmmm a bit odd updating info daily on a artist who’s career you call a microwave. And another thing why is it that when people talk Rhianna, beyonce stans gotta start mentioning beyonces name and throwing shade. There two completely different artist, in terms of music, style and personality and the funniest thing is both of them are actually friends so why are their fans feuding god knows, all i know is all you people bitching and getting mad on the internet are just making her name more famous. Read it and weep h***!! 🙂

  32. TruthTeller September 23, 2011

    Sure her fans think the song is whack.
    That’s why it’s already #3 on itunes (HIGHER THAN ANY BEYONCE SONGS THIS ERA) and still gaining fast&furious.

    Go sit down b!tches

  33. KAT DELUNA FAN September 23, 2011

    i dont think so,they spend alot of money just to shoot the videos;cheers for example has a banner that even RTW get on youtube;all that cost money but you rihanna s stans are so stubborn.Believe what you want

    WFL peaked top20 on itunes the first day but when it was RTW ,you were all buzzing here smh

    l dont think they got their money back,just my opinion;l have no receipts but hey good luck to her


    best of luck to her,the song is not even dat bad

  34. TruthTeller September 23, 2011

    Kat Deluna,
    WeFoundLove hit #5 on itunes yesterday.


    Plus it is a song that came out of nowhere and still hit #3 today and still growing (higher than ANY Beyonce flops)While RTW had months & months of hype and still dropped & flopped.

    Don’t u dare ever again compare 4closed-Yonce ton SLAYANNA

  35. KD September 23, 2011

    Yellow Gorillah

    September 23, 2011 at 8:50 am


    Yes I am

    NO #1 Album 5Million Sold WW And we are LOVING IT

    While certain artist who’s album debuted at #1 CANT even sell 2million WW I wont even name names *side eye*

    Yet this ‘certain’ artist features on the FORBES list on the regular. She ain’t sweating shyte…as the saying goes money talks and b******* walks…you my dear can just keep on walking.

  36. Auntie Jackie September 23, 2011

    The song doing well just proves how stupid the new generation is. Why re-release when dumb asses might support a whole new album full of crap she didn’t write? Horrible song, #4 on itunes. Is anyone surprised?

  37. Frostybit September 23, 2011

    i hope rihanna cut yall a big check for all this promotion…sheesh…this thing might actually sell..this is crazy

    Subway giving away $100 giftcards …4 their 40th anniversary…next 24 hours only ..i been eating free all

  38. KD September 23, 2011


    I have nothing against Rihanna…in fact, I have all her albums (all downloaded from the net…but then again that is irrelevant). What I however do not like, are cocky stans that think that their “faves” success equals their own. I think that once people stop deluding themselves and realize that their “faves” successes and failures are separate from their own then I might be able to get along better with most of them.


  39. Trustatry September 23, 2011

    Could this site PLEASE do something other than bash Rihanna and PRAISE everthing Beyonce does . Y’all would probaby giving a standing ovation to her taking a s***.

    There are ALOT more names in music, if the only one I want to hear about is Beyonce I can just go to her fan page.

  40. TruthTeller September 23, 2011

    Yet that “certain artist” never made a Fobes list by their 23rd aniversary.
    Rihanna already made 2.
    She is just starting to build her empire.


  41. KD September 23, 2011


    September 23, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Yet that “certain artist” never made a Fobes list by their 23rd aniversary.
    Rihanna already made 2.
    She is just starting to build her empire.

    How much time does she need though???? 5 albums in…heading to #6…I would have thought that she would have featured more…sigh 🙁 , but I guess you would need to sell concert tix for that to happen, right?

    And lets be real…the chick does not have much of a voice (or any other discernible talents) , so by the time she hits 30 it’s all down hill from there on out…no one would care about her finding love in a hopeless place because another Rihanna would be on the scene (maybe that is why she is releasing her albums in such rapid succession?).


  42. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 23, 2011

    @TYRA :

    did I say anything bad about her in this post ?!

    No ?!

    Then I think I like her ! But I H A T E her delusional stans ! Just that ! especially when they talk about numbers and start to create Stan wars by comparing BEYONCE to other artists ! That’s why BEYONCE has a lot of haters here ! Because of her cocky delusional overzealous stans !!

  43. Psycho September 23, 2011

    Dead at microwave dinner!!! I am on the floor rolling!!!!! I live for sam’s shades

  44. tyra September 23, 2011

    nah i dnt think u like beyonce love u been shading her in ur posts alot

  45. tyra September 23, 2011

    i hate rihanna stans who seem to have had a bout of memory loss not that long ago rihanna had a flop album rated r which is yet to sell 3 million ww and a flop tour to support it u keep saying oh beyonce is a has been but she aint the first artist to flop since its alreaady happened to ur fave three times music of the sun and a girl like me flop tours with the exception of loud i think beyonce career is far from over and u can try ur best to say otherwise the only time b career will be over is if the press star writing her of as a has been which hasnt happened yet

  46. `iLoveYou` September 23, 2011

    Just by looking at this post, I can tell some of you live through Rihanna. Going apeshit, because no one agrees with your worship, and throwing shade at other artist that can sing better, and has accomplishes more than she has. Everyone needs to realize that these artist accomplishments are not your accomplishments. Then maybe we can act more civilized in these post. I like Rihanna, but the truth is the truth.

  47. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 23, 2011

    @TYRA :

    I don’t lie in my posts

    and my comments are always based on facts ! that’s not a shade !

    Like we all know Rihanna flopped a lot before , and BEYONCE flopped a lot as well !

    Was that a shade to them ?!

    No those are facts !

    Flop = failing COMMERCIALLY ! at least that what I know ! Loving my favs won’t make me deny They flopped at somepoint in their careers !

  48. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 23, 2011


    Trust me ! You are still new to TGJ !

    Thats the same s*** in every post ! u will get used to it after a while !

    U will see ppl bringing irrelevant things up , comparing artists , stats , etc …

    Get used to it !

  49. RosaRubbel September 23, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty

    Hey boo! How are you?

    I have to remind you it’s not just the Beyoncé stans…

  50. MadonnaLover September 23, 2011

    I’m not here for this. Way too rushed. Please slow down riri……

  51. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 23, 2011

    @ROSA :

    I’m fine , thx , what about you ?!

    I’m 50% agree about what u said !

    Cuz they are the only ones bring beyonce’s name to other artists posts ! In the form of comparing her to other artists !

    This reason alone will create an endless Stan war .. !
    BEYONCE is mostly hated because of her cocky fans attitude ! It’s a well known thing u know 😉 !
    I love b , not most of her stans ! They have an ugly attitude !

  52. JER September 23, 2011

    If you comparing Rihanna to food, B**** is a f****** hip ass trendy bistro where you WILL cash a check to eat dinner.. BeYAWNce is f****** Applebees basic as hell but ALL the black folks think its FANCY AS HELL. PLEASEEEE. Rihanna is killin! Coming for Adele on iTunes with no promotion and a song that’s not even 24 hours old. Where are BeYAWNce’s 7 songs she’s tried to release already? Oh wait i forgot, half of those soingle were demoted to “just promos” as they flopped or cancelled after the receipts came in 4lop from radio

  53. commanderofthedancefloor September 23, 2011


    rated r did sell 3 million!!!!
    and why is it that when an album doesn’t sell a certain amount that it is a flop, hell rihanna is one of a few artist that can even sell over a million. and IMO rated r is her best album style wise and content.

    on another note i am not feeling this song, at all i really want something else from rihanna.

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