Hot Shots: Rihanna Hits Strip Club

Published: Thursday 13th Oct 2011 by David

She’s never been one to shy away from stripping off herself, so it shouldn’t come as surprise that Pop tart Rihanna paid a visit to the Stringfellow‘s strip joint in London last night.

Joined by her trusty hand-bag Melissa, the Island belle is reported to have enjoyed the company of some of the establishment’s ‘entertainment’ and enjoyed a three course meal.

The snaps of Fenty entering the club come just nights after she walked up and down the stage at the 02 Arena for sold out ‘Loud Tour‘.

More shots below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. MissImpartial October 13, 2011

    That is her inspiration for her image so I am not surprised to see her there.

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  2. beyoncititus October 13, 2011

    B**** needs to stop sucking record producers for hits and start vocal training cus my f***** ear hurts

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  3. shadentea October 13, 2011

    The strip club will be her new job
    Once the game finishes using her

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  4. Jason UK October 13, 2011


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  5. tyra October 13, 2011


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  6. tyra October 13, 2011

    so she back with matt kemp so dudley was just for publicity i guess

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  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 13, 2011

    It’s great to see her branching out to more audiences.If she wants to pursue stripping, she’s going to have a long ass career…

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  8. TruthTeller October 13, 2011


    So yall are finally admitting that Loud Tour is sold out ????


    Rihanna is The Queen! Haters will deal!

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  9. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @TGJ Staff —

    “Joined by her trusty hand-bag Melissa”


    Oh, BTW, she’s NOT back with Matt Kemp! Get that BS outta here..!!! Matt’s on the verge of winning Baseball’s Triple Crown. What makes you think he wants to fall/slide backwards? If y’all didn’t notice, he had the absolutely WORST year/season of his career while with her. Now that he’s “Rihanna Free” he’s having the absolutely best year/season he’s EVER had!

    ..As I’ve BEEN saying: “There’s just something about Rihanna!!”

    X,Y,”and Z”

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  10. noflyzone October 13, 2011

    @ tyra dudley was just the model who stared in her new vid, but if you wanna talk publicity there are peeps that are doing SAD s*** 4 it,(like your fav) wearing memory foam pillows that collaspe, fold,shift & bend , i knew she was a snake but even this is LOW DOWN 4 her 🙁
    I feel sorry 4 u 🙁

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  11. KD October 13, 2011

    “joined by her trusty hand-bag Melissa”

    *KO* *DEAD*

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  12. loumorgan October 13, 2011

    she was allegedly with matt kemp that day!!!

    check my first live performance in paris france

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  13. tyra October 13, 2011

    @noflyzone do not feel sorry for me i dnt do faves im not a nutcase i dnt care what beyonce does she dnt cut my paycheck and i was just asking if rihanna and dudley were together or was it a publicity stunt since that wat all celebs need to stay relevant i dnt live my life through celebs beyonce can stuff pillows dwn her belly all day long it wouldnt affect my life in any which way so dnt make me laugh and u r naive enough to think rihanna didnt use dudley for publicity u are a fool he stated on his twitter he was asked to dye his hair blonde and they were seen out clubbing so ppl could talk so plz

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  14. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @LOUMORGAN re: October 13, 2011 at 9:24 am —

    “She was allegedly with matt kemp that day” <– 0~o

    HA!! Matt Kemp wants NOTHING to do with Rihanna; do you hear me??? ..NOTHING..!!

    Do you think he wants to have ANOTHER 'season-long near-career-ending' slump? Do you think he's since ("post Rihanna") worked that hard to "reclaim" his name to now just throw it back into the trash?

    ..Matt Kemp wants NOTHING to do with Rihanna. She almost destroyed both he and CBreezy!
    Rihanna is the VERY definition of "Toxicity, Gimmickry" and she's a Liar, ZERO-Talent Hack!

    X,Y,"and Z"

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  15. please! October 13, 2011


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  16. tyra October 13, 2011

    anyways her and matt make a cute couple his a nice looking man so as long she happy aint no big deal

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    the same people on here hating are on every rihanna post! how about you do yourself a favor and get a life, instead of staying on the computer 24/7 talking s*** about people and situations that none of you know anything about. talking as if you know what really goes on in rihanna’s life. how about you go out and find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend and have s**, maybe then you would be less bitchy, and hateful.

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  18. Yellow Gorillah October 13, 2011

    for SOLD OUT ‘Loud Tour‘.


    I say cheeres to That!! TGJ Have clocked the Tea and can’t hold the queen down

    *Sis Monkey Juice*

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  19. i&i(yardie) October 13, 2011

    Chick looks so tired! That hair is not looking good at all. I heard the Matt Kemp contract as been renewed. Do yuh thing “Riri”

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  20. i&i(yardie) October 13, 2011

    correction * has

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  21. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) October 13, 2011

    why I should CARE about this post ?!

    WHY ?!

    Will I ever see a post in TGJ saying ” rihanna visit a bathroom to take a s*** , and that s*** was smelly as Kelly ” !!!!? 😆

    You guys are OBSESSED WITH HER.

    Pics like this make me miss her red hair from the ” LOuD” era !!

    she looks good 7/10

    and Melissa looks like s*** as usual …

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  22. i&i(yardie) October 13, 2011

    See! you can learn a thing or two from your fave, she always has a backup plan. She is becoming a smart businesswoman. Dudley didn’t work out hire Matt Kemp lmao. Lies you say? The pics speak for themselves.

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  23. MhizzGucciBarbie October 13, 2011

    She is probably taking tips for her next stage performance.:coffee:

    Follow me on twitter @MhizGucciBarbie

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  24. MissImpartial October 13, 2011

    I agree with you the red hair was so bold and colourful that she looks quite bland now. Don’t like the new colour. I prefer the red hair.

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  25. Lax October 13, 2011

    Man i just don’t care
    @XYZ ,,,,Hey there my good friend i just saw a photo with matt and rihanna
    some place, oh yeah on some blog. XYZ I Love how you HATE RIHANNA With
    a passion and then turns right around and give RIH Mad Passionate Love
    Heeeeeey Thanks i am not mad at you, Keep up the good work of helping to
    promote and help me and Ri’s Cazillion of fans/stans and haters around the world
    keep that shine directed straight down oh RIHANNAS head. Hummmmm Isn’t it funny how Kempt Just happens to be in London right now. Rih Knows that she has a “Rude Boy” And she knows how and where to fine his fine s*** ass when she wants him. Rih go on and put that whip on kempt just like you know how to make him scream and moan just like you know he loves. Rih’s song “Skin” Playing softly in the Luxury King & Queen double Exclusive Suites

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  26. please! October 13, 2011

    Rihanna’s Camp/Record Label must of paid Matt plenty of money to be seen with her. Seems like the boxer did not work so here comes dumb old Matt. Matts homeboys don’t want him to even be with Rihanna but since she made that statement about Chris her Camp did not want the world to think anything was going on with Chris. So they paid Matt

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  27. Lax October 13, 2011


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  28. cheese October 13, 2011

    Drunkin w**** with her assistant hiding her face laughing because that b**** knows this is all fixed. If you go on other blogs you will see Matts expression on his face looking back at her drunkin ass

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  29. cheese October 13, 2011

    Why didn’t Rihanna drag Melissa to the strip Club? Rihanna knows that her assist is lickingher ass to keep her job.

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  30. tyra October 13, 2011

    @pop royalty melissa is not in the pic dnt u like melissa?

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  31. zania October 13, 2011

    I am not a Rihanna fan, but she needs a long vacation after her tour without the media, maybe on the islands or something peaceful.

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  32. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @Lax re: October 13, 2011 at 10:52 am —

    Being someone’s “c**-guzzling jump-off” is WAAAAYY different than being “CLAIMED” by someone — KNOW AND REMEMBER THIS..!!

    Late 2009, he was pictured on a boat, then groping Rihanna. They THEN “cleaned” that up by then-later being pictured on a boat in a more…”antiseptic/acceptable” setting. It was THOSE pictures that “formally” announced to the world that he “CLAIMED” her!

    Rihanna is “toxic”! Do you think I’m saying this about her? Do you think I’m hating? Well, have a read and see what a popular sports-entertainment blog had/is saying:

    “We all know Kemp put up MVP type numbers without her in his life”
    But this was recent too: terezowens(dotcom)/matt-kemp-spotted-with-new-girlfriend/

    Also.. Do you think that baseball rain delay, pushing-back X-Factor, is “Ominous and Foretelling”. I mean, it’s Rihanna’s “big TV debut” : digitalspy(dotcom)/tv/s141/the-x-factor-us/news/a345327/the-x-factor-usa-rescheduled-due-to-baseball-rain-delay.html

    Lax, Rihanna’s history/record speaks “LOUD”(ly) and for itself – Matt Kemp WITH Rihanna as PUBLIC consort SUFFERED T-H-E ABSOLUTELY WORST YEAR/SEASON OF HIS LIFE!
    WITHOUT Rihanna he managed to “turn it around” and is now in the running to be Baseball’s Triple Crown Winner. Chris Brown WITH Rihanna suffered a similar fate as he was ALMOST ruined beyond repair! ..As you “Fentyites” like to say: “Men lie, Women like, but numbers don’t”.

    Now, let’s see “The Rihanna Factor” in full-effect..

    1.) Let’s see the ratings for tonights and Friday’s X-Factor Rihanna-as-judge/mentor show.
    2.) Let’s see if NOW, that Matt Kemp’s pictured (though not yet claiming) with Rihanna, if it’ll affect the final tally of/for Baseball’s Triple Crown Award! Will she..”JINX” him, as she did over the 2010 season/year?

    ..Stay Tuned, the plot thickens..

    X,Y, “and Z”
    P.S. – Don’t “TRY IT”: You can never “fade me”. Try as you will; as much as you’d like to; you’re that proverbial 90LB weakling and that you’ll always remain!

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  33. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011


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  34. X,Y, “and Z” October 13, 2011

    *tapping fingers impatiently*

    X,Y,”and Z”

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  35. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    (Peaks inside Rihanna’s head)


    (Echo) HELLO.. Hello.. Hello.. hello.. hello……… hello………….. hello…………………… hello..

    (Meh.. No-one home.. These abandoned buildings are ‘the worst’!)

    X,Y,”and Z”

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  36. SCARECROW – I AM A 99%er October 13, 2011

    Well apparently the sold out crowd love Rihanna’s stage trots. ITS SOLD OUT BABY! DUH! . . . EH!

    And thats not Melissa, thats one of her handlers and other bff. Dont remember her name.

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  37. SCARECROW – I AM A 99%er October 13, 2011

    Love that au natural hair look Rihanna rocking. Nothing fake there. *gone back to her roots*

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  38. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @Scaredcrow re:12:17 pm —

    “Sold out” isn’t selling your tickets 2-for-1, $0.99, or even giving them away — FOR FREE – the closer you get to ‘show time’ — that’s cheating (something Rihanna has a close and long-standing relationship with)..!!

    (Back to Matt Kemp..) What, no-one wants to debate those easily, yet hard-to-accept “Sans Rihanna = Success” facts? (Again.. As the “Fenty-ites like to say..) “Men lie, Women like, but numbers don’t like!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — “BAD M***********!!”

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  39. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) October 13, 2011

    Yawn . . . XYZ is used to blaming Rihanna for her exes’ shortcomings.

    “1.) Let’s see the ratings for tonights and Friday’s X-Factor Rihanna-as-judge/mentor show.”

    Yawns again . . .

    Who the hell cares about the ratings for X-factor? I would think a staunch CB stan such as yourself would know that talent show tv ratings don’t translate into album sales, what with that 68% sales drop following his performance on Dancing With the Stars where 19M people tuned in.

    F*** LOUD, “Talk that Talk” is gonna go platinum before F.A.M.E.

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  40. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    Helloooooooooo “LAX”..!!! (Show yourself.. If you let me chase you, when I finally catch you, I’m gonna be really mad, and it’s really, really gonna hurt!!)

    X,Y,”and Z”

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  41. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @Mari re: October 13, 2011 at 12:24 pm —

    ..You ever wonder WHY that when meteors, or asteroids hit the earth, they “hit” so hard and do so much damage? In contrast, ever wonder WHY, that when you “fall out of your basement window” you’ll never impress anyone because you’ve never had a #1 Pop Album/CD – just a bunch of singles..??

    X,Y, “and Z”

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  42. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @Mari re: October 13, 2011 at 12:24 pm —

    1.)So you think having Rihanna on ‘X-Factor’ is just a coincidence? You don’t think their ratings are flagging, and they’re now just-bordering upon panic and desperation?

    2.)re: “Exes’ Shortcomings”: But the facts ARE the facts! “With” Rihanna, as most-public consort, the THEN “men in her life” suffered BADLY – Chris Brown and most-recently, Matt Kemp!

    ..Those are facts even YOU can’t “spin your way out-of”. “With Rihanna” = FAILURE! “Without Rihanna” = Success!!

    ..Rihanna is just CURSED! She’s NOW proven to bring nothing but strife, unhappiness and bad-luck to any man whose publicly consorted with her!

    ..Just the facts: no cartilage, no bone..

    X,Y,”and Z” – “Call me..ISHMAEL”

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  43. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011


    X,Y,”and Z”

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  44. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011





    ..B****** Ovulate, and men shake (with fear)..!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

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  45. X,Y,’and Z” October 13, 2011

    Y’all M************ are BOOOORING me!! I’m OUT!!

    X,Y,”and Z” – GHOST..!!

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  46. nothing October 13, 2011


    October 13, 2011 at 11:14 am

    Rihanna’s Camp/Record Label must of paid Matt plenty of money to be seen with her. Seems like the boxer did not work so here comes dumb old Matt. Matts homeboys don’t want him to even be with Rihanna but since she made that statement about Chris her Camp did not want the world to think anything was going on with Chris. So they paid Matt

    ridiculous. they’d pay matt kemp to deny a rumor about chris brown? who’d believe the chris brown chit in the first place? fact. she’s not been with a guy lately and needed some d***. dudley didn’t want her so she called matt kemp and got it. huh?

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  47. Florida lawmaker wants to bring back firing squads October 13, 2011

    Hmm, where is trusty Melissa? I dont c her.

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  48. SCARECROW October 13, 2011

    @ X, Y, AND “inZane”,

    TALK TO THE HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  49. zania October 13, 2011

    @NOTHING, I agree and disagree, I think she did get with Matt for some s** and they are just friends, but she did say out of her mouth in a magazine that she was happy and routing for CB, that isn’t a rumor its a fact. That person who made that comment was refering to her magazine statement, not no rumor of her and CB hooking up.

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  50. Lax October 13, 2011

    @XYZ,,,,Screw yourself with “ALL OF RIHANNAS HATERS
    BROKE, S****, SLIME, & Shitty *ICKS” ASAP!!!!
    yOU OR Stump down hope to die Biggest Small Minded Idiot on the entire net
    Y preach that Vile s*** and you stupid ass clown, you and your LOONEY TUNES
    Comics or the laughting stock of the internet,,,,,You do not know how to have a civil comment and that lets every one know that you have S*** For Brains, Idiot
    you or the perfect example of why RIHANNA Keeps raining on your s*** brain ass.

    0 0
  51. Lax October 13, 2011

    NAYhhhhhhh XYZ,,,,,Talk to the dog s*** that you or
    U Mangie S*** Headed Maggot, XYZ,,,,,,,,,,It is not RIHANNA
    OR Other Artists Fault That U Was dropped on your s***
    head so many times when you was a baby,,,,RIHANNAS LIFE
    has driven you all the way nutts and beyond,,,,Why don’t U
    RELAX To a Tall Glass of STFU,,,,,,,And take a dive off the
    tallest Cliff your S**** Ass can find, DAM Why am i waisting my
    time with a Bonified Hard Turd, Flushing yo ass like Smart people
    do all s***!!!!!!!!!!

    0 0
  52. nothing October 13, 2011

    @zania yeh. same. I thought that thing in the mag was about his music. so there’s nothing in it at all. so she mosdef just wanted to have some fun here, get laid or not doesn’t matter. and she don’t need matt kemp for publicity reasons anymore. fact

    0 0
  53. Lax October 13, 2011

    Many young women RIH And other artists her age have children and rihanna chose the route she is going and shes supposed to have fun. Her personal life is no bodys business and if it happens to come up no one gives a Puck<<< Its her life and she is the one who has to live it. And all of that other who shot john
    the these Self Preacher comes up with like XYZ Who do not have a Heaven or a Hell to put RIHANNA IN So they can talk til there asses falls off and hit the dirt,,,It don't mean s***. Rihanna is payed and doing her dam thing plug any ones name where Rihs Name is on the net worth and see where Rihanna Ranks as compared to Others and with what she has made since that ndet worth which has been up sometime that makes her Holding it down. And with all of the action she losed during that dreadful incident she losed like nobodys business but shes gain ing and theres many miles she plan on going and the Haters and relax to that tall glass of STFU,,,,And stay tuned,,,,,LMAO
    rihanna Keep bagging them big money endorsements just like the big girls and i just read some place where your performances can make MADONNA FEEL
    LIKE A VIRGIN I laughted so hard i hurt,,,,Keep raining on certain h*** til they take
    you for the serious artist that you clearly or.

    0 0
  54. Lax October 13, 2011

    @XYZ,,,,,Heeeeey i will slow down and drop like a
    Stripper on a stripper pole for you to catch me, because
    i know how to Stop, Drop And roll better than mannnnnnnny, best believe that.
    I Would love for your mangie ass to catch up to me and i would finally be able
    to break out like the Seven year,,,Itch on your mangie ass That would be my chance to catch up with all of the vile mess you drop and the slanderous mes
    you put out,, which is all lies on many various artists

    0 0
  55. Johnathan October 13, 2011

    Matt should know better than to deal with that s*** again. All the fine ass women in Matts life he hangs around with the around the way girl. She must give good head. She is what you call anybody woman.

    0 0
  56. Johnathan October 13, 2011


    By looking at Rihanna’s face she looks drunk, high on something. But look how Matt looking at her and that dizzy white fat b****.

    0 0
  57. MISHKA October 13, 2011

    When a good girl’s going bad, she’s gone forever.

    Everything in this girl shows me she has lost her sanity.

    0 0
  58. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @LAX re 1:44, 1:52, 2:04, and 2:10 pm —

    Huh..?? Say whattttt…?!!?

    (Meh..)I don’t do “Psycho-babble”!! I just read all that you’d wrote — my blood pressure spiked and my IQ dropped 10-points!

    Listen, let’s turn down the volume, just a few notches, and hope for a better “signal-to-noise” ratio. Just the facts..

    1.) Late 2009 – Matt Kemp signs a $11-Million dollar, 2-year contract with the L.A. Dodgers.
    2.) Early 2010 – Matt Kemp is seen on a boat, in Mexico, with Rihanna. Their “romance” begins.
    3.) Baseball season 2010 – Matt Kemp THEN suffers T-H-E absolute WORST season/year of his career. The L.A. Dodger blogs are just rrrrrrife (roll the R) with talk of trading him, or yet-worse, demoting him to the minor leagues! Even Dodger management criticizes him for “not hustling” or making “the second effort”! His mentor/agent Dave Stewart strains to defend him. Incoming L.A. Dodger Don Mattingly pulls him aside and then haves a “man-to-man” talk with Matt.
    4.)Late 2010 – Matt Kemp is seen outside a L.A. club picking-up groupies. Matt and Rihanna are finished!
    5.)Baseball season 2011 begins – Matt Kemp then, to now, enjoys T-H-E absolute best season of his career.

    Do you want links, credible links, to any of the ‘five’ aforementioned? I have DO have them – at the ready!

    As of now, today Thursday, Oct 13th, 2011 4:01 pm, Rihanna has brought nothing but a “pall” of failure, misery and conflict to EVERY MAN she’s publicly seen with!!

    But you know what? You shouldn’t take my word for it. You should go to the L.A. Dodger blogs and read them. I’d wager ANYTHING that they’re about to EXPLODE and “rail against” both Matt Kemp AND Rihanna for their, now seen…”reacquaintance”!

    X,Y,”and Z”

    0 0
  59. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 13, 2011

    Not surprised. Isn’t that why her song is called skin? Since she shows it a lot. She wanna see other girl’s skin now.

    0 0
  60. JERMAINE October 13, 2011



    0 0
  61. JERMAINE October 13, 2011


    Don’t even pay X,Y, and inZane lol… any attention. The trick is crazy, out of touch, and is a multi-platnium “HATER”. And It loves being that. So don’t worry we all know that RiRI is back with Matt Kemp.

    0 0
  62. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @Lax —

    You know, ‘Jermaine’ is absolutely right!

    ..Me?! I ALWAYS “play to win”, and s***, most-times, gets messy!
    But the long-n-short and the “moral to/of this story”: “Don’t start none, won’t be none..!!”

    But the irrefutable, incontrovertible, and most-sobering of facts STILL remains:

    1.) Every man Rihanna has “publicly consorted” with has suffered BADLY!
    2.) CBreezy/Matt Kemp, “since/post” Rihanna has regained their form, and reinstated their ‘good’ names!

    X,Y,”and Z”

    0 0
  63. Xyz lick my ass October 13, 2011

    Thatgrapejuice just failed, there’s additional pics that confirm that Matt Kp was there also. Xyz, get a life, your hogging up the blogosphere. No one cares for your rants.

    0 0
  64. Johnathan October 13, 2011

    It would be really nice if Rihanna would move to the UK for GOODDDDDDDDD. Over there they love that kind of behavior being a s***.

    0 0
  65. JERMAINE October 13, 2011

    @XY,and inZane








    0 0
  66. Auntie Jackie October 13, 2011

    Seeing her try so hard to bad ass is really, really wack and pathetic.

    0 0
  67. James227 October 13, 2011

    Oh Jesus!!

    0 0
  68. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 13, 2011

    @Jonathan Europe and North America are both guilty on that tip if you wanna go there.

    0 0
  69. BrealK October 13, 2011

    That’s not Melissa. That’s why that chick is covering her face. Melissa gone get her for messing with her girl.

    0 0
  70. X,Y,”and Z” October 13, 2011

    @XYZ LICK MY ASS re: October 13, 2011 at 3:36 pm (<–Rihanna, is that you??)

    ..I mean, it sounds EXACTLY like something befitting of your character (or lack thereof). Nonetheless, Riri, I'm flattered… Really, I am!

    @'Lax', 'Jermaine' in your attempts to "duck and dodge" – by use/way of personal attacks/reverse psychology – you've only managed to makes yourselves, and your "fave" look that much more guilty, menacing, yet foolish.

    'Lax, just answer the questions post to both you AND 'Jermaine':

    1.)Hadn't Matt Kemp signed, just before "getting with" Rihanna, an $11-Million 2/yr contract with the L.A. Dodgers?
    2.)Hadn't Matt Kemp had an ALMOST "Allstar season" which precipitated said 'Dodger contract'? 3.)Hadn't Matt Kemp then, after "getting WITH", Rihanna THEN suffered T-H-E absolutely WORST season/year of his career??
    4.)Hadn't since, been seen 'picking up' groupies, outside that L.A. club, which then put an "end" to "Matt-n-Riri", he's since then enjoyed a "career resurrection/rebirth"?

    All of the four aforementioned, easily verifiable facts, COULD be mere "coincidence", and chance; I agree! But, give the backdrop of "Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna" we're only left to conclude/deduce that it's been NO mere "chance"!! It's by design: Rihanna is TOXIC!! Rihanna is the "KISS OF DEATH" to anyone who dares!! The said evidence is voluminous and compelling!!

    "Me", a "hater"..?! Ha! .."I have no soul in MY eyes"..!!

    X,Y,"and Z" — "Call me..ISHMAEL"

    0 0
  71. Black October 13, 2011


    0 0
  72. Lax October 17, 2011

    Tha is a 10,358 dollar balmain leather jacket
    do you think shes worried about what the haters say.

    0 0
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