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Retro Rewind: Janet Jackson – 'So Excited'

The year 2006 saw Pop Queen Janet Jackson in quite the precarious position professionally.

Still reeling from the backlash of her infamous wardrobe malfunction two years prior, the superstar attempted to solider through the drama with the release of her 9th studio album ‘20 Y.O’.

And though unfairly deemed a disappointment, the Platinum project did yield many a gem – none more so than ‘So Excited’.

Seemingly a smash in waiting, politics sunk the pulsating track at radio. A fact perhaps most sad due to its effect on the song’s accompanying video (which went largely unnoticed).

Criminally underrated, the Joseph Khan directed clip serves as one the best of Janet’s latter career. Boasting stunning cinematography, a high-octane routine, and Ms. Jackson’s trademark abs, ‘Excited’ takes a worthy seat beside its visual siblings ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop)’ and ‘Son of a Gun’.

More of this, please, Janet. That is, of course, whenever you decide to return!

*Retro Rewind sees That Grape Juice re-visit hot music videos and Pop cultural moments from yesteryear*

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