New Video: Beyonce – ‘Countdown’ (Alternate Version)

Published: Sunday 27th Nov 2011 by Sam

With Beyonce‘s ‘Elements of 4’ DVD but a few days away from release, more from the action-packed set has surfaced. This time its an alternate version of her well-received ‘Countdown’ music video.

Check it out after the jump…

Via Def Pen Radio:

Subtle changes to an already solid video. We like…do you?

Your thoughts?


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  1. BeySTan4Life November 27, 2011

    dunno wich one i love more 🙂

  2. BC November 27, 2011

    the original is better but i still luv this one.

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE November 27, 2011

    I really like it, subtle but good changes, works very well.
    Just as good as the original IMO.

  4. MrsLautner November 27, 2011


  5. Kerry Johnson November 27, 2011

    UUMMMM idk they both kindda suck
    I really wish she had made a better video for End of Time 🙁

  6. HaterzStayPressed November 27, 2011

    Well, well, well…. it was honorable for Beyonce to edit out the sections of the video that were blatantly stolen from Belgian Choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaker. Good move.

  7. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 27, 2011

    alternate version >>> the original version !

    i loved the way she said “stop it” ! replayed it like 5 times or something !

    i do not know why it is released now ! it is kind of late tbh , but it is good (^_____^)

  8. Oceanmate November 27, 2011

    Love YA, Bey!

  9. Kerry Johnson November 27, 2011

    Touch my sweet soft penis 🙂

  10. booty bandit November 27, 2011

    this is orginal n creative
    the s*** 2x’s

  11. BC November 27, 2011

    @Kerry i dont think that was the real EOT video

  12. Kerry Johnson November 27, 2011


    I hope it wasnt, i can see the video now her dancing out in some field in Africa killing it 🙂

  13. JER November 27, 2011

    You failed to mention they were legally required to edit a new version of the video. You’ll notice the controversial scenes where she stole choreography were removed

  14. ThéLourson November 27, 2011

    Hahaha!!! USELESS!!! How long is she going to try to save this album?…

    “Subtle changes to an already solid video. We like…do you?”
    Subtle changes means almost nothing
    solid video : hrm hrm… no comment on this one
    we like : ie we’re stan and cant criticize Bey…

    TGF stans beyoncé so much thats sad…

  15. Kerry Johnson November 27, 2011


    LOL 🙂

  16. Kerry Johnson November 27, 2011

    IM HORNY 24/7 🙂

  17. bey’knight November 27, 2011

    ugh no im not gonna watch it , yall wont ruin my dvd no maam

    November 27, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    You failed to mention they were legally required to edit a new version of the video. You’ll notice the controversial scenes where she stole choreography were removed


    NOT TRUE! making alternae videos was part of the strategy this era from the start. same was done with RTW, 1+1. These versions are meant for fans exclusively, ie on the dvd package, the original version is still being played on tv. I dont know who’s leaking all these but is gotta stop! Andreasa or whatever her name is made her comment; kept it cute and kept it moving. this applies to u too @POP there’s nothing late about it, its on the dvd not media outlets

  18. AYNON November 27, 2011

    its better!!!

  19. BC November 27, 2011

    lmao @ someone eon here having Matthew Knowles at there gravatar. i have seen it all

  20. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 27, 2011

    @BEY’knight :

    i’m so gonna buy her DVDS ! i always do since “live at wembley ” !! you already know why ! even my fav buy beyonce’s DVDs 😆 ! ” yes , i love to get dragged for that line too 😛 ” !!

    anyway , i do love her alternate versions more than the original ones , and i still asking some questions with no damn answers :

    1- where can i buy the vid for “LOVE ON TOP” from iTunes ?!
    2- is there any alternate version for it ?! and “party” as well ?!! and it will be more appreciated if there’s an alternate version of ” BTINH” cuz those scenes i saw in the behind the scenes vid” were cool 🙂 ! so ..
    3- what’s her next “proper” single ?!! please tell me it is either “EOT” or “SL” !
    4- is her due in dec or feb ?! cuz only god knows how i’m confused !!

  21. bey’knight November 27, 2011


    lol doesnt beyonceexclusive have those answers? anyways i dont if this is ww but LOT is the next single in UK. the only vid i bought on itunes was RTW, if there are other alternates wil find out on the dvd. her due date? i dunno tbh but i’l say btw dec – jan jus cus i hear she’s starting shoot on ASIB in Feb. we’ll see

  22. Girrrl November 27, 2011

    She needs to accept that the 4 era is over.

  23. MuzikJunkie November 27, 2011

    Omg I LOVE both versions! #KingB

  24. carolynB November 27, 2011

    Love it

  25. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE November 27, 2011

    do not need two but thanks bey

  26. dang November 27, 2011

    Bey’s videos s*** on your faves (Katy Perrry, Rihanna) and she’s pregnant!

  27. antertain November 27, 2011

    I like this version
    Subtle changes but suits it.

    Beyonce ready to join club MILF

  28. commanderofthedancefloor November 27, 2011

    i love the original, this version doesn’t really do anything for me but its not bad. i am just waiting for the real video for end of time.

  29. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 27, 2011

    @BEY’knight :

    he told me ” my friend , the owner of this tumblr page ” about the ” alternate version’ of CD yesterday ” cuz there was a 30 seconds being posted in my profile like a virus” , i just waited till sam’s late as f*** ass post it here ! he also told me what u just said about “LOT’ !

    i bought RTW , party , CD , 1+1 and i just bought BTINH yesterday ! man , iTunes need to make the “deluxe” edition available ! i want it badly !

    anyway , FUCKYEAHBEYONCEKNOWLES.TUMBLR.COM is another great site for bey stans !!

    and so is 😉

    but i do not get tumblr that much tbh !!! but those are them sites b stans love !!

    and i will let bey have her time till she give birth to that already-superstar !! i was talking about it this morning and i said that bey need to tape the whole thing ” giving birth to the baby” as a “f*** you” message to her haters and that b**** who made an episode about beyonce faking he pregnancy ” i already forgot her name this h** with a drag queen face ” 😆

    but that will be priceless to see 😉 ! and i’m XD for ASIB cuz i didn’t watch the original one , but i will after i see b’s version cuz i don’t wanna ruin it for me 😉

  30. fatu sankoh November 27, 2011

    i love both but the orignal one get me more i love it you go bey the one and only you always give your all god bless you the baby and your family for life

  31. mobwife November 27, 2011

    I love this song and WHY IN THE HELL DON’T SHE JUST RELEASE THIS VERSION OF THE VIDEO? I mean really, why did she have to go through that controversy? A popular artist in this age of instant media you know someone is going to compare, comment, and complain if something seems off in the slightest! #i’mjustsaying

  32. Sad November 27, 2011

    Something changed ?

  33. G.dee November 27, 2011

    i prefer this one. It does show her pregnancy and I would think it would shut the hell out of so many people. It proves that beyonce can still do it pregnant

  34. shani November 27, 2011

    i luv both luv bey king b u get me everytime its emosh

  35. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE November 27, 2011

    All that gossipping 10 years ……………………HATERS

  36. jamir21 November 27, 2011

    Its okay !

    Original >>>> this version

  37. Woo Woo November 27, 2011

    she still tryna hang on by her last claw

  38. FanCritic November 27, 2011

    why wasn’t this the first version? She needs to realize that she doesn’t need to steal!
    If this was the video, she would’ve had much more support behind her.
    Instead she decided to steal….so glad it was fixed….let’s just hope she says something to clean up her act….she’s too talented to be so low…
    If she allowed herself to really be original, she’d be unstoppable!
    Here’s to hoping….

  39. Media Player November 27, 2011

    While the vocal is top notch, I really do not think the actual video clip does her justice.

  40. SugarRushPOP November 28, 2011

    It’s kind of funny because the parts the she was accused of “STEALING” were taken out. Anyone else notice?

  41. Those That Cannot Do, Stan November 28, 2011

    Beyonce doesn’t need to steal, this was really cute and creative. I wish the images were a bit more cohesive since I do get a bit of a ‘dance scenes in different costumes slapped together’ vibe but overall it fit her style a little better. One of the best songs she released for a single.

    …and yeah….the alternate vid had all the scenes she was accused of copying removed, coughs, I think everyone noticed that.

  42. SWAGGAKIDDS4S November 28, 2011



  43. lucky November 28, 2011

    i cannot stand beyonce with her fake ass ! she is a copycat a fraud b**** with no originality no diamond albums . she has a common voice but her stans and fanbase put her up there with mj like she has donr something in her tired career . she is a jealous cocky w**** who sells s** and pops her p**** on stage , shes a bad role model. her stans /fanbase hates on other artist like mary j blige , mariah carey , michael jackson, ciara , keri hilson , ashanti , jlo , briney spears and she hasnt sold 1 million copies of 4 yet . she copies people of of youtube and does publicity stunts to stay relevant . she only holds 5 number 1 hits in her whole career . compare her wikipedia to michael jackson and you will see that this b**** has donre nothing in her career but pop her ass pose naked for playboy and steal steal steal steal for a living . i think her fans stans are jealous of other artist, just like her they hate on other artist ,saying they will never be beyonce, but beyonce is a copycat fraud with no soul in her voice.

  44. kimmy November 28, 2011



    beyonce needs to give it up her 4 album is dead she released all the videos because she can’t get a top ten hit in the us . nobody is buying this b******* . the b**** is played out and her fans need to stfu hating on other singers because beyonce is not the best singer she lacks soul in emotion and screams to much growling is not soul b**** . beyonces voice is not great enough to sell a million in the first week . he needs to retire.

  46. honeydip November 28, 2011


  47. Da Don November 28, 2011

    this s*** sucks we need the original version

  48. Big Ro November 29, 2011



    Seems like most people also feel she is self-obsesses and egotistical. Just look at her facial expression on the pic above! WHO THE HELL does that s***?????

    Read on:
    Beyonce’s “Live at Roseland” almost worth the self-worship
    By Chris Willman | Reuters – 4 hrs ago


    Singer Beyonce poses for a photo during an event to debut her newest fragrance, Beyonce …

    Blind photographer creates visionary art
    9 photos – 30 mins ago

    Dr. Conrad Murray sentenced
    92 photos – 6 hrs ago

    Britain’s ‘Fashion Oscars’
    10 photos – Mon, Nov 28, 2011
    See latest photos »
    LOS ANGELES ( – No one ever need organize a tribute concert for Beyonce, since she’s done such a good job staging her own self-homage with “Beyonce: Live at Roseland,” a concert DVD that also doubles as a self-directed episode of “This is Your Life.”
    The second half of the program, shot during a four-night stand in August, is a nearly complete run-through of her most recent album, the possibly underrated “4.” Fan reaction to the record hasn’t been as enthusiastic as it was for Beyonce’s earlier albums, which doesn’t stop her from introducing it (without any real elaboration) as “my most defining moment.”
    Preceding this is a 30-minute medley/monologue billed as “The Journey B 4,” in which the pre-2011 greatest hits of Beyonce’s and Destiny’s Child are excerpted mostly in half-minute snippets, interrupted by a self-serving stream of fact- and figure-filled historical commentary. It’s sort of like the inevitable middle act in a Diana Ross show dedicated to paying lip service to the Supremes.
    It’s all highly impressive, and almost all a little annoying, if solipsism isn’t your thing. Say this for Beyonce though: Even at her most egotistical, she’s strangely never less than utterly likable. She might actually be the world’s most good-natured megalomaniac.
    Part 1 was probably more fun to experience at Manhattan’s Roseland ballroom than it is to watch on home video — especially if you already own a copy of “I Am… Yours – An Intimate Performance in the Encore Theater,” a 2009 DVD filmed in Vegas that included a scripted Destiny’s Child mega-medley almost identical to this disc’s.
    In the intervening two years, apparently no one told her she needed a script doctor to reshape a life story that goes a little like this:
    “And the hits just kept on coming! But the success just wasn’t enough to keep Destiny’s Child together… With a lot of success comes a lot of negativity… Now it’s 2002, and I just finished co-starring in my first No. 1 movie, ‘Austin Powers’… They told me I didn’t have one hit single (on ‘Dangerously in Love’). I guess they were right. I had five!… All the hard work (portraying Etta James) paid off, since it got me my second Golden Globe nomination… ” And then this: “What do you do after 16 Grammys and millions of records sold? Whatever makes you happy!”
    Repeated triumphs over show-biz adversity aside, no one will be mistaking this for an Elaine Stritch one-woman show.
    Part 2 proves far more satisfying, even though Beyonce may be overestimating “4” as the culmination of her career to date, if only because the tunes all last more than a minute each and there is no further boasting about the accolades she has earned from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Liberated from the lousy patter to pay tribute to songs instead of herself, she is… fairly glorious. Naturally.
    Almost across the board, the live versions of the “4” material are more invigorating than the studio equivalents, with Beyonce’s’s eight-piece all-female band making everything sound like the great cross-pollination of contemporary urban and ’70s soul you’d hope for.
    (You do have to wonder what that 10-piece string section — also all-female — is doing constantly sawing away directly behind Beyonce’s, besides providing visual props, since you’d be hard-pressed to ever hear cellos and violins in the mix.)
    “End of Time” is a particular stunner, with drummer Cora Coleman-Dunham transforming an already martial beat into something like a one-woman marching band drum corps.
    And Bey is at her best on “Love on Top,” which takes what is a very tired diva stunt — repeated octave changes — so far over the top that the trick officially becomes spectacular again. It doesn’t hurt that she’s employing her mastery of multiple key changes not on some hackneyed ballad but on a fun, Motown-inspired romp.
    “4” had more balladry than we’d heard on a Beyonce’s album in a while. Three of the first four songs featured from the album fall into that category, climaxing with the memorable sight of the singer kneeling on a piano top for “1 + 1,” allowing us a chance to focus exclusively on the super-humanness of her thighs… and, sure, vocal prowess that seems almost irritatingly effortless.
    It’s all good until the closing “I Was Here,” a self-celebratory anthem that seems to be arriving a few decades earlier than any superstar’s valedictory ballad should. While Beyonce sings about the mark she’s making on the world, you get random footage of the star traveling the world, admiring a portrait of Gandhi, earning more awards, greeting Make-a-Wish kids, and hanging with Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, Obama, and Oprah.
    Oh, well. The straightforward performances were fun while they lasted, before they gave way not just to that terrible closing montage but also auteurist end credits that have Beyonce’s giving herself title cards as director, executive producer, and co-show-director/choreographer.
    It may be up to true diva devotees, of course, to rightfully determine whether all this sweet self-congratulation counts as hubris when we’re dealing with an actual goddess.

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