Beyonce & Adele Score Impressive NAACP Image Award Nominations

Published: Thursday 19th Jan 2012 by David

And the nominations are in!

Sure to strike up many a heated debate, the 2012 NAACP Image Awards nominations were released today, weeks before the show itself airs February 17th on NBC.

Find out who did and didn’t make the cut below…

Outstanding New Artist
Committed (Epic)
Diggy Simmons (Atlantic Records)
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. (Columbia Records)
Mindless Behavior (Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope Records)
Wynter Gordon (Big Beat/Atlantic Records)

Outstanding Male Artist
Anthony Hamilton (RCA Records)
Bruno Mars (Elektra Records)
Cee Lo Green (Elektra Records)
Chris Brown (Jive Records)
Common (Warner Bros. Records)

Outstanding Female Artist
Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
Jennifer Hudson (Arista Records)
Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)
Ledisi (Verve Forecast)
Mary J. Blige (Geffen)

Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration
Boyz II Men (Benchmark Entertainment/MSM Music Group)
Cee Lo Green feat. Melanie Fiona (Elektra Records)
Mary J. Blige feat. Drake (Geffen)
Sounds of Blackness (Malaco Music Group)
The Roots (Island Def Jam Music Group)

Outstanding Jazz Album
“Chano y Dizzy” – Terence Blanchard and Poncho Sanchez (Concord Music Group Inc.)
“Friends” – Stanley Jordan (Mack Avenue Records)
“Guitar Man” – George Benson (Concord Jazz)
“Legacy” – Gerald Wilson (Mack Avenue Records)
“Road Show Vol. 2” – Sonny Rollins (Emarcy)

Outstanding Gospel Album – (Traditional or Contemporary)
“Becoming” – Yolanda Adams (N House Music Group)
“Church on the Moon” – Deitrick Haddon (Verity Gospel Music Group)
“Hello Fear” – Kirk Franklin (Verity Gospel Music Group)
“Something Big” – Mary Mary (Columbia Records)
“The Journey” – Andraé Crouch (RiverPhlo Entertainment)

Outstanding World Music Album
“Afrodiaspora” – Susana Baca (Luaka Bop)
“Carnival Fever” – Brother B (King Chero Records)
“Live at 2011 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival” – Boukman Eksperyans (MunckMix, Inc.)
“Sounds of Blackness” – Sounds of Blackness (Malaco Music Group)
“The First Grader” – Alex Heffes (Varese Sarabande)

Outstanding Music Video
“25/8” – Mary J. Blige (Geffen)
“Hear My Call” – Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)
“I Was Here” – Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
“Someone Like You” – Adele (Columbia Records)
“Where You At” – Jennifer Hudson (Arista Records)

Outstanding Song
“Best Thing I Never Had” – Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
“Fool for You feat. Melanie Fiona” – Cee Lo Green (Elektra Records)
“I Smile” – Kirk Franklin (Verity Gospel Music Group)
“So In Love feat. Anthony Hamilton” – Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)
“Someone Like You” – Adele (Columbia Records)

Outstanding Album
“4” – Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
“F.A.M.E” – Chris Brown (Jive Records)
“I Remember Me” – Jennifer Hudson (Arista Records)
“Lasers” – Lupe Fiasco (1st & 15th/Atlantic Records)
“The Light of the Sun” – Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)

So, what do you think?

Are these nominations fair?

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  1. KAT DELUNA FAN January 19, 2012

    congrats bruno,bey & adele !!

  2. Chase Coxxx January 19, 2012

    Adele deserved to be nominated in more categories, she repped harder for traditionally black music than most of the others who received nods.

  3. En Route January 19, 2012

    Aww hell….miguel is about to start his mess again!! smdh

  4. kingbreezy January 19, 2012


  5. geo January 19, 2012

    Can’t believe Kelly Rowland or Miguel wasn’t nominated #ThatIsAll Congrats to the other artist. These two artist had some of the hottest tracks of 2011 (These shows are turning into popularity contest )

  6. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 19, 2012

    Outstanding male ===> ARTIST <=== , CB ?! 😯

    k. 🙄

    but congrats to beyonce , adele , bruno , and wynter !!! 🙂

  7. kimberly January 19, 2012

    ummmm the queen got 4 noms. not surprised. I always respect naacp awards. but anyway congrats adele, beyonce and others…

  8. Anne January 19, 2012

    Great, good for them!

  9. HaterzStayPressed January 19, 2012

    I’m wondering why Miguel wasn’t nominated? He had one of the best R&B albums of the year and he was clearly one of the best R&B males of the year. Ah well, you win some you lose some but dang!

    Congrats to the nominees!

  10. WHUT January 19, 2012

    You know its been an era of HARDSHIP, STRUGGLE, and DESPAIR when they p**** popping for filth to NAACP nominations!!!!!

    Poor Samantha.


  11. Anne January 19, 2012

    @GEO, Maybe the message of Motivation, not to mention the video, is not exactly the ‘Image’ they are going for. Anyhow, I think the nominations are fair.

  12. Minajesty January 19, 2012

    well done Adele, nobody likes to admit it but you killed EVERYONE in 2011. also congrats beyonce her album was in my top 3 of 2011. also MJB, Bruno, Common and the roots

  13. Ali January 19, 2012

    These nominations are in bits this year, many of the things nominated were hardly ‘outstanding’

  14. pkay January 19, 2012

    “4” :)))))))))

  15. xoxo January 19, 2012

    Chris Brown aint r&b lol. anyway congrats to beyonce and adele, my favourite albums of last year well deserved

  16. jar145 January 19, 2012

    why is jennifer hudson nominated really? and best video mary 25/8 was not good rihanna had some great videos lets be fair people smh beyonce wasnt nominated for 1+1 though wow

  17. DC Thats Me January 19, 2012


    How Is she nominated for a NAACP Award?

  18. ANNE January 19, 2012

    @JAR145. Nitpick much? Bey has 4 nominations and she is in every possible category. So it’s all good!

  19. Why Why January 19, 2012

    Mary J. Blige killed those nominations !

  20. josh January 19, 2012

    I love Beyonce & Adele (:
    Great job everyone!!!

  21. Romeo January 19, 2012

    NAACP is f****** retarded! Their awards don’t really mean anything anyway! No offense to anyone who takes them seriously lol

  22. BC January 19, 2012

    Yay Beyonce 4

  23. Kia January 19, 2012

    @HATERZSTAYPRESSED I’am surprised you didn’t say anything about your girl Nicki not being nominated.

  24. HaterzStayPressed January 19, 2012

    @KIA Why? Nicki was nominated for the NAACP Image awards in 2011. That’s when Pink Friday was eligible.

  25. BitchPlease January 19, 2012

    NAACP Awards is a classy award represents black class, suits and elegant dresses along with it’s music.So motivation wasn’t going to be nominated.

  26. TrucieB January 19, 2012

    @Chase Coxxx


  27. Bey Fan… January 19, 2012

    Adele looks delicious in that pic…..

    Congrats to everybody…..

  28. JP January 19, 2012

    It’s sad that the NAACP awards doesn’t receive more recognition and exposure.

    This list of nominations seems very appropriate/credible and not bought (i.e. Grammy’s, Billboard).

    Some may not agree with the list because the nominations aren’t full of what’s currently popular to Joe Everyman, but it’s nice to see an organized body recognize a variety of different artists even if they are not the most popular.

    The NAACP is screwed up in a lot of way, but this is something I can’t be mad at.

  29. MISHKA January 19, 2012

    Congrats to everybody !

  30. geeeeeesssss January 19, 2012

    i heart adele but
    she is not black
    why does it take a blue eye soul to get people to remember RandB

  31. riri January 19, 2012

    well done to adele 🙂

  32. TruthTeller January 19, 2012


    The BeyH.I.V has spent the year telling us how Un4tunate got 4closed on because it was an r&b album and that Adele is successful because she is pop…

    What a joke.

    21 is more souldul than anything Beyawnce has ever done.

  33. S*** (U MAD?) January 19, 2012

    4 Noms for Bey, 2 for Adele…

    The LAST & ONLY award show that MATTERS because it nominates REAL Artist/ REAL Music. Bey has ALL of these in the bag considering she SHATED on every other R&B Act this year. 🙂 4 sold 2.3-2.4 Million so far & STILL selling. 😉

  34. S*** (U MAD?) January 19, 2012


    Im still trying to figure out how adele got ANY Noms…

    She is far from R&B Shes Pop just like Beys IAM… was POP.

    She MIGHT have Soul I guess but Not anywhere near the soul on Beys DIL lol

  35. Theman January 19, 2012

    Bey ain’t shyt on nothing, keep playing lol. Adele should get best album…

  36. S*** (U MAD?) January 19, 2012

    4 had a Little SOUL though on a few song.,, (RDY, 1+1, I Care, SL etc)

    & did I mention NO RIHANNA!!! 😡

    Lmao, I wish NAACP would Nominate Her ass in an R&B category 😆

  37. Bola January 19, 2012


  38. Anne January 19, 2012

    THEMAN is just mad bc Kelly has no noms and has to pick on Bey and jump on Adele’s bandwagon to make himself feel better. I think both Bey and Adele deserve their noms. Adele is more like pop-soul and Bey is more like r&b-pop. Both made their mark in the black community.

  39. WHUT January 19, 2012

    “Lmao, I wish NAACP would Nominate Her ass in an R&B category”

    You sure you’d want that bae? Afterall the Queen has been known to SNATCH certain flops who’s stans claim they’re PURE R&B only after they flopped to hell and back. LOLOL!!!!

  40. WHUT January 19, 2012

    Also just moi? Or doesn’t Adele look much darker in that pic than the one Granny B just released selling p****/ass?!

    How DREADFUL!!!


  41. Bey Fan… January 19, 2012

    Adele is good mixture of soul…blues….and of course a little pop.

    My generation is kinda stuck in the 90’s when it comes to defining r&b. I wish ppl would look beyond the 90’s and realize r&b started long long ago…..

    I’ve always said 21 is the exception. And I dont know why, but it is. No other artist with as much soul, blues and r&b references in their music have come anywhere near the success of Adele’s success.

    But looking at the top 20 on BB100…. people’s statements about r&b music still holds true.

  42. Anne January 19, 2012

    @BEY FAN… Good point, co- sign.

  43. RICK January 19, 2012


  44. Fortyacresandamule January 19, 2012

    Sorry but adele is not black nor is she a person of color. The naacp has completly lost its way. Benjamin jealous fake ass needs to fall back. White people make me sick. Anytime black people get something going on good, their pasty asses wanna get in om it. I hate that s***. They have their own awarda shows, let us have ours. White people r the most vicious and jealous of blacks successful people and here we are nominating their pasty white asses for awards. We r the most hated race in this damn country . Cant yall see that. We need to bring back brother kwesi mfume. Watch the naacp image awards get whitewashed in ten yrs. Its a damn shame too. F*** beyonce too cuz that bytch worships satan and wears baphomet. Where is kwesi mfume when u need him. The world is coming to an end people. Watch and see. This is proof right here.

  45. King B January 19, 2012

    @ Fortyacresandamule:

    You are delusional as hell.

  46. aishaaguilerakeys January 19, 2012

    I’m suprised that Adele gets nominated here, otherwise I don’t see anything impressive about being nominated 2,4 times, or is that rare at these awards? Sam is always exagerating anyway.

  47. JohnVidal January 19, 2012

    He always exagerate. It´s getting old real fast
    What awards are these ones anyway? For the Black comunity like Bet ones?

  48. mobwife January 19, 2012

    Really now, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of COLOR PEOPLE did what? Hummm, of course they did!

    Anyway, my picks:

    Outstanding New Artist
    Diggy Simmons (Atlantic Records)
    Mindless Behavior (Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope Records)

    Outstanding Male Artist
    Chris Brown (Jive Records)
    SHOULD WIN BUT will accept:
    Bruno Mars (Elektra Records)

    Outstanding Female Artist
    Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)
    Ledisi (Verve Forecast)
    it will go to Beyonce or MJB

    Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration
    *YAWN* at the selections

    Outstanding Jazz Album
    “Guitar Man” – George Benson (Concord Jazz)
    “Road Show Vol. 2″ – Sonny Rollins (Emarcy)

    Outstanding Gospel Album – (Traditional or Contemporary)
    “Becoming” – Yolanda Adams (N House Music Group)

    Outstanding World Music Album
    “Sounds of Blackness” – Sounds of Blackness (Malaco Music Group)

    Outstanding Music Video
    NONE SHOULD WIN, what a horrible selection!

    Outstanding Song
    “I Smile” – Kirk Franklin (Verity Gospel Music Group) <– I love this song but I'm sure Adele will win! *side-eye*

    Outstanding Album
    “F.A.M.E” – Chris Brown (Jive Records)
    But hey I'm sure Blue Ivy's mom will win

  49. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! January 19, 2012

    Wait where the hell is miss weed head stripper with no class? LMAO

  50. UM WHAT? January 19, 2012


    Singing “black music’ does not make you black

    N.ational A.ssociation For the A.dvancement of C.OLORED P.EOPLE

    By that token

    Justin Timberlake
    Robin Thicke
    Amy Winehouse
    Christina Aguilera

    etc. should all be winning NAACP awards.

    P.S. Most white artists could care less about that organization or its history

  51. chocolatebox January 19, 2012

    I will be attending…..Miguel and Kelly should have been nominated. But them giving Tatyana Ali best soap actress last year was laughable……So this doesn’t surprise me…..

  52. JSOUL SINGERS January 19, 2012


  53. Saetana January 20, 2012

    For those of you who appear to be somewhat intellectually challenged – these awards are for music of BLACK ORIGIN, not necessarily sung by black people, Jessie J won a MOBO last year and she is obviously white. Adele is eligible because she is a soul singer, i.e. a singer of music of black origin. Hope that clears it up for you ;o)

  54. Lax January 20, 2012

    @Hating ASS bytches The NAACP Always Over look certain
    People. Rihanna is a Black Bytch whos doing it up big and
    they know this but they can ingore her accomplishments and
    she picked Work Over Welfare Me Myself and I are going to
    see how their Black asses like it when Me Myself and I stop
    Supporting their Leave Rihanna Out Asses, Starting with Our
    Local Chapter, Bytches.

  55. Lax January 20, 2012

    And the fukkkkkin B H** can’t say jack s*** i mean after all
    their Beloved Marrid a Man who got himself together after
    Being a known Drug Dealer Who got himself together and
    made something out of himself soooooo whats their Problem
    with a hard working Young Black woman whos working her
    Black ass of instead of sitting on her ass waiting for a fukkkkin
    welfare check every dam month.

  56. mobwife January 20, 2012


    No one is concerned about the european MOBO awards. Those who live in the states understand the orgins of the NAACP. Some have never regarded the NAACP in very high esteem. Many have questioned its true motives throughout the years. No one is intellectually bereft of a thing!

    Good luck to all the nominees!

  57. Phittedphilly January 20, 2012

  58. divaonthereal January 24, 2012

    Well since Beyonce was snubbed by the grammy’s and she shouldn’t even attend it this year because she won’t win, I feel the NAACP did her justice and Adele earn her nobs but she won’t win only at the grammy’s. Beyonce deserve’s to win for Best female, Best album and best video and why didn’t Bey nominate her song I Was Here for best song or 1 +1 for a win.

  59. divaonthereal January 24, 2012

    I just want to say this Beyonce really carry her preganncy very well, I knew she was going to have a girl because it showed all in her boobies, face and b***. Beyonce was one of the most fiercest pregnant women ever. Congraduations on the nominations and I expect 3 if not 4 wins for Beyonce especially since she was snubbed by the grammys this year.

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