Nicki Minaj Tops Twitter Tally Twice, Removes Eminem As Most Followed Emcee

Published: Monday 9th Jan 2012 by Rashad


Seems another accolade has made its way onto a growing list held by wigged wonder Nicki Minaj.  As has been making its rounds around the net, the Harajuku Barbie has indeed dethroned Hip Hop hitmaker Eminem as Twitter’s most followed rapper.

Details after the jump:

Despite the popularity of Rap royals Jay Z, Kanye West, and others, Michigan emcee Eminem still maintained a longstanding reign over the social media outlet…until last week.  When this story first broke (days ago) it appears Em fans wouldn’t take the defeat lightly and, in a matter of days, took the ‘Relapse’ rapper’s following from 8,160,476 to 8,254,664.  In response, the Barbs and Ken Barbs lifted Minaj’s Twitter tailgate (as of today) from 8,175,598 to 8,276,598.  As both tallies are growing steadily, its anybody’s guess how long Minaj will maintain this honor.

In related news, Nicki is undoubtedly hoping that her faithful fanbase will be similarly supportive of her upcoming artistic ventures as this news comes days before the reported unveiling of Minaj’s new video ‘Stupid Hoe’ – the first lifted from her forthcoming ‘Pink Friday:  Roman Reloaded’ LP.  The video is said to be one of two offerings preceding the album’s Valentine’s Day release.


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  1. Yasss January 9, 2012


  2. WIG SNATCHER January 9, 2012


  3. truth January 9, 2012

    Its not real!! Birdman bought her followers!!! Eminem go diamond on his records she barely makin double plat. She had to keep adding songs
    to pink friday and re- release it to sell copies!!

  4. ThatBoyLuke January 9, 2012

    *Follows Eminem*

  5. Jessica January 9, 2012

    Clone= Wack

  6. HaterzStayPressed January 9, 2012

    Now Birdman bought her followers? *smh*

  7. BeyoncePolice January 9, 2012

    && Beyonce has 2+ Million Followers with Zero tweets…. *Sips Honey Bey Tea*
    Follow me on twitter 🙂 @BeyoncePolice

  8. AmbeRussell January 9, 2012

    so we are now honoring ppl for having more twitter followers in such a specific category? ppl get honored for the most poinless things now a days. “u sneezed n covered ur mouth lets give u a trophy.” i mean come on. it’s getting old n corny n real accomplishments r losing their importance. n as we can see, have a billion followers means nothing ie soulja boy has how many followers n his last album sold how many copies?? just saying. lets honor ppl for actually doing something but good job for being interesting enough for all those ppl to follow u, i guess.
    amberussell on youtube

  9. Phittedphilly January 10, 2012

  10. BrownSuga (Sweet stuff) January 10, 2012

    I don’t like her music but there’s something about her that I like.

  11. F**koutaHere January 10, 2012

    She SERIOUSLY putting out a video for that wretched song? Come oooooon Nicki! I thought U were playing around. This shiii is terrible. I need to hear better than then that …

  12. RHI RHI IS QUEEN January 10, 2012


  13. RDK January 10, 2012

    well even though twitter followers don’t equal sales fact proven over and over again,it don’t hurt to have them followers up,haters and loves is getting nicki,s name around free promo i see nothing wrong with that…well i have seen this news on many blogs around the net,so there must be something to it…like i said before free promo….one more thing you know that the haters are going to try to tire down anything with nicki,s name on it no matter what.

  14. Keisha January 10, 2012

    Twitter followers don’t mean sh*t.Next.

  15. Layla January 10, 2012

    It aint like she going to sell 8 million albums.So what’s the point.

  16. Lea January 10, 2012

    She will never touch Eminem lyrical or sales wise.Twitter doesn’t mean nothing.

  17. ThatLATEJuice January 10, 2012

    So…….a bunch of teenagers, fresh off Winter break made several double accounts to follow Nicki just so she can gain a title thats about as relevant as being BGC’s Sexiest Over 30? Well…..when you put it THAT WAY, I guess this IS means to celebrate.


  18. kwame January 10, 2012


  19. SLAYFANISTANN January 10, 2012

    Sam,just NO

    This post proves once again that your head is so far up Nicki’s ass.

  20. Princess of China January 10, 2012

    Does this really matter? Sure as hell don’t make her more talented than Em or Kanye

  21. 14733 January 10, 2012

    lmao… you realy dat stupid? thinking that birdman buys her followers?

  22. MISHKA January 10, 2012

    Kim Kardashian has close to 13,000,000 followers.

    TGJ, stop losing blog space for childish sh_t like this.

  23. Malibu Barbie : Operation Eliminate The Carbon Copy January 10, 2012

    WHO actually cares about STUPID tallys like this ???? the world needs to get a grip.. who actually gives a s*** !she is not an emcee .. she is a rapper. big difference.
    her fashion sense is what saves her.. shes a talentless hack

  24. YOOSONDALOOSE January 10, 2012


  25. Army Of Queen Aaliyah January 11, 2012

    Lmfaooo TWITTER Followers Don’t =/= Sales If It Did FLOP Friday Would Have Sold 3+Million Copies And Selling SLAYAdele Numbers Which We All Know She’ll Never Have Anywho……

    P.S. She Isn’t A Emcee/Rapper

    *Follows Eminem*

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