Watch: ‘The Game’ (Season 5 / Episode 1) – *Fixed*

Published: Wednesday 11th Jan 2012 by Rashad

The fifth season of The Game kicked off tonight on BET.

Serving up a heavy dose of drama, comedy, and sexy, this season looks set to be its best yet!

Check out episode 1 of the smash hit sitcom below. Melanie, Derwin, Tasha, Malik, and co are back! Singer Brandy also stars.

{Video Removed As Requested}

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  1. ronnie January 11, 2012

    Loved it, great mix of drama and comedy. DRAMEDY

  2. rozay January 11, 2012

    the audio doesnt go with the video ugh the video is toooo slowww and the audio is fast can you guys fix ittt

  3. Krystle Hudson January 11, 2012

    YES please fix the audio/video linkage!

  4. carolyn January 11, 2012

    Yes luv the episode bt yall audio need fixing

  5. Gimme Dat Slow Bass Remix January 11, 2012

    WTH was that??? fix it!

    Follow Me: @KingTP_

  6. BOOGIE BEEESH January 11, 2012


  7. althea taylor January 11, 2012

    hurray for the game love all yall good luck this season deuces

  8. Criss January 11, 2012

    This is a better link. Video and audio is synched. Re-post this link TGJ.

    I enjoyed this episode. The acting was good and so was the plot. Hope it continues on this trend. Looks like the laughing track is still there unfortunately.

    And props to Bran’, she did very well.

  9. RockCity January 11, 2012

    i loved it….. cant wait for episode 2!!!

  10. Kelly January 11, 2012

    Video not found is what i get when i press the link

  11. Kelly January 11, 2012

    This link works. Thanks

  12. darealrastabwoi January 11, 2012

    I.was one of the many glued to tv all day n nite waiting… I must say slow start n lil confusing but when it got pick up … It started to get juicey n heated… Can’t wait to see nxt week lol ….can u, make sure yall chk My recaps n mo here :

    Follw me on Twitter :darealrastaBwoi
    Chk out for new video’s n subscribe

  13. BABE_OP January 11, 2012

    I thought Derwin and Meleanie got married the same day that DJ was born.

  14. Almond Joy January 11, 2012

    Brandy is a shitty actress

  15. thard January 11, 2012

    thank you for the Game link!!! and updates on BFV

  16. Todd January 11, 2012

    i thought brandy was amazing, she was just as good as anyone else on the show…i think she brings something new to the show and its a really good look for her career!!!! Good Job Rocka!!!!!

  17. Set Tings Strater January 11, 2012

    LOve brandys chararcter.. She just gettin warmed up!!!

  18. samantha January 11, 2012

    what is the soundtrack in this episode

  19. Nettie January 11, 2012

    Much better than the begining of the last season. I enjoyed it

  20. D January 11, 2012

    I was like ooh when Derwin knocked trey out

  21. kelly vincent January 12, 2012

    this was greeeet i enjoyed it looking forward for episode 2

  22. Angiebaee January 12, 2012

    @CRISS Thanks so much for the link. The audio and picture are WAYYY better.

  23. Tee January 14, 2012

    That was great loved every minute of it

  24. Resse January 17, 2012

    Thanks for fixing that audio problem. ive been trying to check out that ep. all week. kudos to Derwin for finally getting some payback. i understand he choose to make ol gurl his wife and you HAVE to love your woman, but damn she has done alot fo jank stuff.

  25. Ketra McNeil January 17, 2012

    Now that Derwin has gotten even with Trey he needs to get Janay in check. Melanie is his wife and he needs to let Janay know that she comes first, not DJ. That’s the way God said it should be.

  26. gina January 17, 2012

    it says file not found

  27. shymia hart January 18, 2012

    i love that grape juice iv been looking all over to watch this and i couldnt find it but i finaly got to watch it..great website…i enjoyed watchimg it

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