#1s from New Katy Perry LP Will Not Count Towards Billboard Record

Published: Saturday 11th Feb 2012 by David

Back in January, the special edition of Katy Perry‘s ‘Teenage Dream’ was confirmed for a March release, in a bid to further capitalize on the LP’s success on a singles front.

However, in what will be sure to put a spanner in Perry’s works, Billboard have announced that any #1 singles released by the new LP will not count towards the record she currently holds with Michael Jackson,for having the most #1 singles released from the same album.

Details below…

Billboard explain:

Perry and Jackson will remain tied for the most Hot 100 toppers from any album regardless of the performance of any singles from Confection. Should any song released from Confection reach No. 1, it would count as a Hot 100 No. 1 from Confection and not Dream.

This means that the only way Perry can beat Michael’s record is if a cut already on ‘Dream’ goes to #1, which makes no sense to us- especially if  sales from ‘Confection‘ are going to be added to the sales of ‘Dream’.

But what do you think?

Do you agree with this decision?

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  1. number1k9 February 11, 2012

    Yeah. Billboard reported this along with the initial report about the re-release.

    The real question is when did this Billboard change about re-releases go into affect?

  2. Meeeeeuuuuuu February 11, 2012

  3. Royalkev February 11, 2012

    There is justice in the world! I simply can’t with these new acts breaking records left, right and center and cheating their way through them. Albums should be 9.99 for atleast 6 months, singles should be $1.29 for the same length of time and features on another artist’s single should not count in the accumulation of #1 totals for the sidekick (this is a tricky 1, but it’s really being abused). I just hate all of today’s “scam artists”. Katy was a little desperate and she was reaching on this one. Just give us a new era and let “Dream” go. Even if she sees a decline, she should try evolving musically into a new stage in her career and be proud of that.


  4. Kingphoenix February 11, 2012

    Billboard is trying to rectify the shadiness of 2011 Billboard Charts….That’s right Billboard get your house in order!

  5. MISHKA February 11, 2012

    “Do you agree with this decision?”

    What decision, TGJ? This is just common sense!

    What would you say if Rihanna decides to re-release ‘Talk To Talk” and tries to get her old song “Fading” to #1 for the sole purpose of beating Mariah Carey’s record?

    Katy Perry and Capitol are hitting an all-time low with their greediness. Her album cover is a complete miss, she doesn’t even sport that hairdo anymore. Clearly this is all marketing & politics. She can have a whole bench \________________________/ and lay all the way down. She’s a disgrace to music.

  6. Yessssssssssss February 11, 2012

    Im glad she won’t beat Michael but if that is so then Billboard should strip all artists that have re-released albums like Rihanna with Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded, they should not add those #1’s to the original GGGB Album count.

    If they are going to deny Katy, then they should STRIP the others of that prviledge too!

  7. MIXKULA February 11, 2012

    ” #1s from New Katy Perry Will LP Will Not Count Towards Billboard Record”

    learn to type b****

  8. The One and Only Miss Perrylicious February 11, 2012

    She better release Pearl and break that MJ’s record!
    Come on… 😀

  9. The One and Only Miss Perrylicious February 11, 2012

    It’s not a big deal.
    She’ll slay your stupid favs.
    Katy Perry rules!

  10. Lax February 11, 2012

    Billboard and others keep changing the record’s as they go
    now don’t they.
    I along with many of Rihanna;s Fans are convinved that many
    of you Low Life Butches just can’t seem to keep RIHANNA’S
    FUKKKKKKKKIN NAME Out of YO …..Lying Mouths………………..

    If they are talking Bout Beyonce’s Baby there RIHANNA’S Name is,
    If they are talking about whO SOLD WHAT AND HOW MUCH rihanna’s
    Name is all up in the Mix,,,,If would be fair to say that RIHANNA Control
    Many a weak minded, narrowed minded Bunch of BUMB BITCHIES, AIR
    BRAINS,,,,,REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lax February 11, 2012

    And to those of you who harps on the talk about how Beyonce did it
    right by getting married first and then having her baby wellllllll that is the
    way you are supposed to do things, true. When you think about the many
    young gir/women who had babies First and are still Single, i suppose
    that Comment is a blow below the belt line for those women who have
    childrens and are still yet not married.

    And the fukkkkked up comment about RIHANNA Not being Happy well
    that is your own shitty way of looking at things. We are happy for those who
    was lucky enough and getting married and all, but there are many people
    all over the place who have children and those who don’t have children and
    they are enjoying the hell out of themselves living single, Bytches.
    Katy isn’t going to lose any sleep over what Billboard do about her music, it is what it is. Just like the award shiw’s changed a lot of things that is them and there’s not a dam thing any of us can do about it but throw a bytch party.
    Katy is unborthered by your trying to be sli ck ass shitty comments!!!!!!!!!!
    Artists like Katy and Company AKA RIHANNA Could care less about Bumb
    Bytches who complains their asses off day in and day out. When you can pull in 44Million like Katy did , do you think Katy is worried about what some internet Rats are yapping about that is negative about her. Katy got more singles of her one album then three artist got off of THREE ALBUMS, She got more singles off One Then Beyonce, Chris b, Maryj and Kelly Rowland got all together Bytches.

  12. D February 11, 2012

    I think the reason is that this re-release doesnt fit within Billboard’s rules of what constitutes a re-release.

  13. Lax February 11, 2012

    Let them work and let the wheels keep right
    on rolling.

  14. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 11, 2012


  15. 80s Baby February 11, 2012

    Good!! MJ didn’t rerelease, remix, and discount his way to breaking the previous record. So no artist should be allowed to rerelease, remix, and discount their way to breaking his record. Have some pride as an artist Katie, damn!

  16. MissImpartial February 11, 2012

    Billboard should also disqualify the remixes from TD. She only has three number ones. How can she be tied to MJ if MJ never remixed his songs to get 5 number ones??? I wouldn’t have anything against her equalling the MJ tie if she did it without remixes. But I am glad that Billboard saw the light eventually.

  17. pat February 11, 2012

    Janets record of most top 5s from one album will stand as well

  18. . February 11, 2012

    I think it’s fair. MJ reached that goal with one album, Perry or anybody else shouldn’t be able to re-release the album three times to get to the same goal that only took MJ one try to gain!

  19. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 11, 2012

    on topic:
    Come-on BillBoard,let Katy get her #1’s,why ya’ll hating on her steez? jeez! (but i do think it was unruly how she got some of those #1’s! by slashing prices and making remixes) but still,this is a re-release so they should consider it as part of “Dream”
    @LAX,hon i think u’re lost,this post has NOTHING to do with Rihanna! and why u bringing up Bey and her baby?? God,just how PRESSED are u Rihtards? honestly,talking about Beyonslay is every damn post! undercover BEY STANS!

  20. Jade February 11, 2012

    Good, but as far as I’m concerned, Billboard has already screwed up so badly that I can’t take them seriously anymore. The ugly truth is they can be pressured and bought by big labels and trendy, no talent starlets.

  21. Man-TAK-eee February 11, 2012

    Basically says… no one in the next century will beat Whitney Houston’s 7 consecutive #1’s on BB hot 100. This seals the deal. B**** Perry’s team in unraveling at the seams anyway. I heard key members of her team have left that helped her make hit singles. She’s a footnote in Billboard history and wiki. No 1 Curr!!

    On a sidenote, love the new editor Bill Werde of Billboard. Dude has been doing his job right quick. Since he’s been chief editor, all these scams pulled by these new artist chart fixers have been put in check! Clean house!! Wonder if any past Billboard exec’s have been targets of payola and accepted under the table. That’s the real question… Glad Werde and the owners are putting an end to this s***!!!

  22. Ciara is a superstar February 11, 2012

    Not sure why she is trying to break this record. I mean its not like her songs are classics like MJ.

    Its not like she will go 29 x platinum in the US like Thriller.

  23. Lax February 11, 2012

    @OH BABY,,,,You are not running jack s*** but yo mouth!

  24. Lax February 11, 2012

    Because of Bytches like Katy and Rihanna
    Beyonce and others will never be able to hog
    all of the shine like she once did!

  25. mobwife February 11, 2012

    I’m only angry that Billboard’s weak a** didn’t put a stop to this foolishness before she reached 5 #1s from her current “comic book” music collection! Michael Jackson earned his #1s minus the new industry tricks (any corporation/record lable can purchase digital product)! I am very happy about this result!

    YEAH 3X! 🙂

  26. mobwife February 11, 2012



    I agree with every word you typed!! These new industry tricks and gimmicks are robbing the music industry of any form of integrity. It’s also chasing true artists out of the industry. It’s simply disgusting.

  27. mobwife February 11, 2012

    Clearly this is all marketing & politics. She can have a whole bench \________________________/ and lay all the way down. She’s a disgrace to music.

    As I pick myself up off the floor…LMBO! OMG, not a whole bench!! 🙂

  28. Jordan February 11, 2012

    I agree with this decision.

  29. Minajesty February 11, 2012

    thats what she and her pathetic team deserves. this chick simply shouts and whispers and calls it “singing”.

  30. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 11, 2012

    omfg,@LAX girl u’re a hot sizzling mess,i won’t even…I’m tired of dragging b****** that can’t even formulate proper english sentences…work on your comprehension skills babe,then holla at me 😉

  31. Girrrl February 11, 2012

    Thank goodness!

  32. Justathought (Azealia Banks is coming…) February 11, 2012

    I like Katy and all but her number one singles from TD aren’t touching MJ’s singles from Bad. But I do like some of her work

  33. dang February 11, 2012

    annoying overrated flop.

  34. ChristinasCOMING February 11, 2012

    I love billboard.

    We all know the only reason why they chose to re-release her CD is because all of their other cheap tactics to get her that 6th #1 fell through and this was their last resort.

  35. MCsavedmylife February 11, 2012

    I agree with this decision.

    It’s about time Billboard reviews all it’s rules. The music industry is no longer the same, compared to what itwas like in previous years (without digital download) and it should really force down points such as pricing, because it’s ridiculous. Let’s take Lady Gaga’s BTW. That record initally was being sold for something ridiculous and the sales count was huge for 21st Centuray opening sales. If we could compare the sales between full priced downloads/physcial copies sold and the cheap downloads, I think it would be obvious as to which one would show the bigger sales. Billboard really do need to adjust the rules to say that only cds/downloads sold at the approiate price will count towards that albums sales. Or say that the total number of albums that will equal the appropriate price, will only count as one sale. So if 1cd costs .99p, and the appropriate price is 9.99, then 10 .99pcds would only count towards 1 sale. Did that make any sense?

  36. L21480 February 11, 2012

    Sort of defeats the whole purpose of her releasing the album. Instead of letting her #1’s come organically, her team tried to scheme and manipulate the charts to snatch the record, and it backfired on her. Good.

    I’m sick of all these current “pop stars” of today. All of them are annoying (Katy), fake (Gaga) or talentless (Rihanna.) It’s time for another movement.

  37. JohnVidal February 11, 2012

    Great! Katy and Rihanna are pathetic with these fast food singles b*******. And again bringing gaga? Actually she slod albums not like these two. Without the Amazon she still debuted with 700,000. These two girls will never do that. Plus Billboard has already changed that too I think

  38. ChristinasCOMING February 11, 2012

    @ L21480

    Like I said before we all know why her label was re-releasing this CD. All their other cheap tactics to get her 6 #1’s failed so they resorted to this. Initially the plans for a re-release were scrapped and she was going to take a break but suddenly because of her divorce, they’re trying to capitalize on all the publicity she got and release a post-divorce song and include it with the re-release

  39. Not Impressed February 11, 2012

    Like Linda Perry said:
    “Microwavable popcorn.”

    Nothing more.

  40. brian February 11, 2012

    I am so sick of this over-exposed, homophobic media w**** Katy Perry. I hope gay people don’t buy her songs.

  41. Matthew Charlery-Smith February 11, 2012

    GOOD! I’m glad they’ve sprayed and dusted this cheap and excessively cheerful way of trying to snatch #1s. The fact that I think her music is bad and she lacks proper credibility isn’t the issue, 5 #1’s are 5 #’1’s but as I’ve said a thousand times, REMIXES SHOULDN’T COUNT!

    Billboard have let me down with this sudden statement. If Re-released albums don’t count then why do re-released singles? There isn’t really any proper reason for their sudden statement except for the fact that they risked a revolt for their bad policies and a loss of respect from the music buying public. NO ONE has legitimately achieved what MJ did. If the songs aren’t ON THE ALBUM then How can they count as #1’s FROM THE ALBUM!!! Shame on Billboard and their SHODDY policies!

    To add, THAT cover is horrible!!! Can’t Universal’s creative department afford to produce a cover that leans towards the brilliance/beauty of the last? Are they going to Photoshop for Four Year Old classes?

    Double Shame on them for this rush job and a almost pointless re-release that won’t add to her “achievement”.

  42. EJ February 11, 2012

    The whole thing reeks of desperation. She’s desperate to seep up out every little bit of juice left from Teenage Dream and she’s desperate to beat MJ’s record (which she can’t do now.)

    This latest crop of female pop stars all seem desperate. They have a tendency of beating dead horses because they know that they are very easily replaced. Katy, Rihanna & Gaga are all afraid to take extended breaks because they know the moment their do, 3 more record label assembled blow up dolls will come for their spots and their high school audience will move on. But at the same time, they’re too stupid to realize that overexposure eventually results in a backlash.

    Take a year or 2 off and come back. Yeah your audience will probably be smaller, but that’s better than keeping yourself out there 24/7 and reaching that point where the same people who once were fans turn on you.

  43. NICK February 11, 2012


  44. Saetana February 12, 2012

    I’m no fan of Katy Perry but, as I understand it, her and her label were well aware any songs from the re-release would not count towards the total, she is just trying to milk the album for all its worth financially rather than for breaking records. I have to admit it seems a bit much re-releasing the album so long after it was first released, maybe Billboard have put a time limit on re-releases?

    I didn’t think features counted towards a star’s total No 1’s, that doesn’t sound right to me as its not their song – it belongs to the person who is the main artist. Nor should remixes – or any artist could just keep releasing remixes and, if they are good enough (which is rare, most remixes are crap compared to the original song), keep on upping their sales figures for the original track.

    I have no idea why people put so much store in Billboard charts anyway, their weird-ass formula which includes a large percentage of the rating being dedicated to airplay is no real indicator of the only figure that matters – SALES!

  45. Ray February 19, 2012

    It’s a good new rule.

    On the other hand, MJ didn’t really have five #1 hits from the same album. Leave Me Alone was only released on the CD and not on the LP (Bad). Back in those days most people still bought the LP, so as Leave Me Alone was only a CD bonus track it had more of a chance to go to #1. Just like Katy’s upcoming single.

  46. grant May 9, 2012

    I’m happy its fair right now cause Mj didn’t remix and released 5 #1s and Mariah carey didn’t remix as well and had 4 #1s

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