Hot Shots: Rihanna Hits Hollywood Club Circuit

Published: Monday 6th Feb 2012 by Sam

In what’s becoming commonplace these days, Rihanna has been snapped arriving at yet another nightclub.

The hazy-eyed model, who seems to be channelling chart rival Beyonce these days, donned an a barely-there ensemble as she made a bee-line for the Greystone Manor hotspot last night.

We thought it was just her vocals, yet it seems everything from her appearance to behaviour is growing more erratic by the day.

Being the caring site we are, we’ve been angling for the Bajan to “get some rest” for a hot minute. Yet judging by her latest antics (hair, tattoos, incessant partying), perhaps the stage is the best place for her. Even if our ears and eyes feel otherwise.

More pics below…

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  1. Courtney February 6, 2012

    Rih Rih isn’t worth all the fuss the’s paid who cares what she does in her off time she’s an adult she’s gonna be 24 at the end of this month

  2. White girl mob February 6, 2012

    Rihanna needs to stop dressing like a w**** this b**** has no class what so ever.. B**** just like attention ugly ass b**** need to go sit her w**** ass down somewhere.

    F****** music is garbage her fan base is garbage her attitude is garbage!

    Her fan base stay pressed all the time on twitter like WTF they need a f****** life always in kreayshawn mentions on twitter hating cus they know she bout to blow up.

    Rihanna and her fan base is a bunch of haters man hot f****** garbage man

  3. Nahjee February 6, 2012

    @slayfanistan LMAO is that you that black kid???

    @white girl mob shut the f*** up nobody cares bout that wigger

  4. kwame February 6, 2012


  5. Songscribe February 6, 2012

    Live and let live hateful SAMonce

  6. Kingphoenix February 6, 2012

    Sam you are crazy, lol. But i like everything about this outfit except for the hair…I don’t know why her handlers would let her go blonde when that’s Beyonce’s signature and no one can pull it off like her…Are they trying to come for the Queen? I hope not, because there will be blood and not a trace of it will be drawn The Queen and The Beehive collective…Somebody better come get this sinking ship.

  7. yuppitsme February 6, 2012

    she needs to go back to black hair asap!!

  8. RYK101 February 6, 2012

    As a hardcore rihanna stan i gotta agree with Sam, what the f*** is she doing? I know she was exhausted by the tour but come one she already rest, doesn’t she have the Grammy and Brit performances? Does she even rehearse? Or she is planning to give a stiff, and mediocre performance? What the f*** with the tattoos, weed, partying everyday? And the hair? GOD someone burn that s***! And she fired her stylist? Cause everytime I look at her she looks like a prostitute.

    Come on DefJam put a stop to this girl cause the future is not picturing itself very good the way she is carrying her present

  9. rhiannatruth February 6, 2012

    From the gate Rhianna has always tried to be a younger version of Beyonce’s style/looks. Look her boss was/is pimp Jay-z which is Beyonce’s husband. If you go back to Rhianna’s first video’s you could see all the look alike in similar version of Beyonce. Now she really is challenging her looks by wearing her hair blonde. Rhianna has out wore that Beyonce clone look and now she’s going for that hard rocker/hooker staus and yes she’s looking like a stone out hooker that’s lost.

  10. rhiannatruth February 6, 2012

    Rhianna new image is she’s a hard rocker, look at all the tatts/drugs/drinking/hooker clothes. I believe Rhianna wants us her fans to believe she’s a rocker but also has that soft side too.

  11. fatu sankoh February 6, 2012

    riri is a hot mess she look sad she will never be happy for any one i cant stand her no talente

  12. Cee February 6, 2012

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks beyutiful? Seems like RiRi is showing love. I like the blonde.

  13. Bey is legend February 6, 2012

    How is she channelling Beyonce though? More like britney if u know what i mean, her carers (if she has any) need to do something with her …ASAP.

  14. MISHKA February 6, 2012

    Papa Jay-Z ain’t got time for her no mo’, he has Blue Ivy now.

  15. WHUT February 6, 2012


    The Queen is SLAYINGGGGGGGGGG here!!!!

    ALL f****** 10s!!!

    I am LOVING this look!!!

  16. WHUT February 6, 2012

    ..and I see the Fossil-yonce stans are MAD AS HELL!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    The QUEEN not only is WEARING long blonde but she’s rocking it BETTER than that cryptic hooka b**** could EVER DREAM OF!!!

    F A S H I O N L E G E N D

    She needs to rock this sweet s*** out for her possible TWO PERFORMANCES at the Grammys!

  17. D.Scott February 6, 2012

    I heard Chris Brown and Drake were at the same club as Rihanna, too

  18. Bey is legend February 6, 2012

    Drag queen, rent a life, every lil thing, ur weak mind exaggerates like this stiff stick figure found a cure to cancer. U need to find a purpose in life,ugh gettin breathless of a freaking pic, an achiever would never

  19. WHUT February 6, 2012


    Hmmmmmm VERY INTERESTING charge coming from someone deeming her fave who happens to be a fraud btw a LEGEND. LMFAO!!! @StanKnight why do you walk right into your own fist EVERYTIME hun.

  20. Kingphoenix February 6, 2012

    The sadness is unbearable….delusions of grandeurs are not only thoughts of self-deception but self destruction as well.

  21. MissImpartial February 6, 2012

    How is she channelling Beyonce look Beyonce is not the first black woman with blonde hair. And if she is wouldn’t that mean Beyonce is trashy as this is one sure trashy look. OOPS Sam didn’t think about that did you??

  22. WHUT February 6, 2012

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! These BeyH.I.V.S are so retarded.

    King…hunty…you were gushing about the outfit in this VERY thread you moron. SCROLL UP!!! LOLOLOL!!!

  23. Kingphoenix February 6, 2012

    Um, i wasn’t gushing over the outfit i said i liked it….its cute for her. And that last comment wasn’t directed toward Rihanna…*side-eye*

  24. WHUT February 6, 2012

    KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII No hun LETS NOT downplay it now. There is a diff between I like it and I like EVERYTHING about it. The latter is what sane would deem….GUSHING. and I know everythang about our supposed last comment’s purpose in print hun. I am ALWAYS ahead of you. ALWAYS know this.

  25. Kingphoenix February 6, 2012

    Um, hun, there you go with those delusions again…when i say i like everything about that outfit that means i LIKE everything about the outfit…It doesn’t mean that i’m in love with it ( which is what i attribute to gushing over something like perhaps a Beyonce performance with energetic dancing and amazing live vocals) or that i think its anything special. Our comments? Are we one person now? And do you know what the word print means, because we have a very different version of that too (too me something in print has to be on paper and not the internet)? Are you Miss Cleo, making Predictions about my every thought? And finally, are you taking tag lines and attitude from the movie bring it on? Damn you give a b**** an inch and she will take the whole damn ruler! I guess i’ll think twice before giving a comment too Rihanna Mae Bullock (formerly known as the gimmick named Rihanold McFenty-Trump) because people be reaching!

  26. Bey Fan… February 6, 2012

    Well she looks like she had a good time….. thats all i got.

  27. penny February 6, 2012

    Great promo Rihanna’s doing lol ^^^


    Seems like your beloved Rihanna don’t give a f*** what her fans & the mainstream people say about this being in the same club with Chris LMFAOOOOOOO

  28. bey is legend February 6, 2012

    the only fraud is riherpes who is milking u fools for the sliver u are worth without an ounce of talent

  29. WHUT February 6, 2012

    @King That wasn’t even good spin Forest. You had another angle to save yourself from looking like a full out clown b****. I mean it wouldn’t have worked either but at the very least I thought you had the brain power to take the right route. Oh well *Sighs*

    Dear God we aren’t the same person! HOW DARE YOU suggest I would want to be etched in all kinds of stupid. Was a typo, *your* but by not correcting served for yet another fabulous and factual read. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

    I’ll save you the embarrassment of the print bit. I mean gurl………

    The SHADE is Miss Cleo who btw is LESS OF A FRAUD than your actual fave could indeed read each and every one your thoughts with EASE. That is just how transparent and weak they ALL are. LOLOLOL!!!! This b****……..

    Have never seen the film you speak but if it has a character that is full of #WIN who stomps the s*** outta weak slow bum b****** maybe you have a point. No hun you should think twice about trying to be coy when your earlier comments gag the f*** outta your failed attempts being so.

  30. WHUT February 6, 2012

    @StanKnight have you mopped up the self induced blood from uppercutting yourself to the jaw as yet? Hop to it bum!

    [email protected] this b**** murking herself earlier!!! ELLE-OH-F******-ELLE!!!

  31. bey is legend February 6, 2012

    lol, u are really starting to lose your sanity, you must be onthe same euphoria your deranged fav is on, reality awaits u both God-forsaken bastards. say hello to those inner demons πŸ˜‰

  32. WHUT February 6, 2012

    No hun, sanity deprived is trying to claim near 20 years of hacking, stealing and overall fraud b**** downeeeeeeeeee behaviour is somehow the stuff of legends.

    Is it your teeth your typing with bae? Or is it your feet? We know the hands are locked the F*** UP in a firm ass straightjacket SO WHAT ARE YOU TYPING WITH?!! Answers we need them.

  33. Onyx February 6, 2012

    She looks beautiful, i like her every day i little big more.

  34. penny February 6, 2012

    Missy going all out tryin to defend Rihanna, while Rihanna don’t give 2 shits about what the Navy thinks and she’s proving it. As long as the Navy request,buy & promote this is what Rihanna love about the Navy. So her outfits,drinking, going to clubs AND going to the same clubs that CB is going to be in. If you watched the article with the video below you can see that Rihanna is fed up with the pap now. I say this is what she wanted. Let alone the whole world is now talking about this club s***.

    Tell me something, if someone beat the crap out you would you be running behind them AFTER you become a megastar? It’s ashame that someone had to post the photoshoped picture of her face saying that CB beat her that way.

  35. Teacher February 6, 2012

    bey is legend
    February 6, 2012 at 1:49 pm
    the only fraud is riherpes who is milking u fools for the sliver u are worth without an ounce of talent

    And that same ‘fraud’ u speak of got u runnin to her threads to comment on her every move….#STOP..#LuknLikeAFool…..Word of Advice….I wouldn’t dare call ne1 a fraud being that u have the Queen of Frauds for a gravatar pic…….:-D

  36. bey is legend February 6, 2012

    lol Bey is legend! why u gotta be so envious hun, dont be so agonised youre gonna hear it for the rest of your unfortunate existence but at the exponential rate of your mental deterioration, you may not have to worry about Queen’s Bey’s legendary status. frankly your biologicall lift should have swallowed a brick upon conception. the earth’s rationed resources shouldn’t be wasted on a rogue lab experiment testtube caricature

  37. bey is legend February 6, 2012

    ok second banana, do yourself a favour; shut your mouth, find where your money is and put it down there. ive no business with minions

  38. Kingphoenix February 6, 2012

    You couldnt even refute any of my points directly or correctly…But lets get into the point about print since you tried to avoid it being that i dusted you as usual…

    print (prnt)
    1. A mark or impression made in or on a surface by pressure: the print of footsteps in the sand. See Synonyms at impression.
    a. A device or implement, such as a stamp, die, or seal, used to press markings onto or into a surface.
    b. Something formed or marked by such a device.
    a. Lettering or other impressions produced in ink as from type by a printing press or from digital fonts by an electronic printer.
    b. Matter so produced; printed material.
    c. Printed state or form.
    a. A printed publication, such as a magazine or newspaper.
    b. Printed matter.
    5. A design or picture transferred from an engraved plate, wood block, lithographic stone, or other medium.
    6. A photographic image transferred to paper or a similar surface, usually from a negative.
    7. A copy of a film or movie made from a negative.
    a. A fabric or garment with a dyed pattern that has been pressed onto it, usually by engraved rollers.
    b. The pattern itself.

    Btw, are you American by chance?

  39. Yellow February 6, 2012

    Sam you needed to report that Drake and Chris Brown were at the same club that night. Apparently Chris and Rihanna’s tables were diagonal from each other, and Chris later tweeted: ”Can’t stop looking from the club” .
    All of his fans riled up on twitter after that!!!

    Kae’s (Chris’ girl) and Seiko (her best friend) were also in attendance.
    Seiko tweeted: ”Every girl in the club just got so exicted over chris brown but, his girlfriend is like FINE”.

    Yall are called ThatGrapeJuice right? Than please ad more juice instead of shade…

  40. WHUT February 6, 2012

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! She’s grasping for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Lets not discount the fact that she still hasn’t disproved her obvious GUSHING but now with this definition the b**** doesn’t even recognize that she bodied herself ONCE MORE! Muppet look VERY CLOSELY at that definition you vomited on the page. LOOK VERY CLOSELY!

    LMFAO!!! Ohhhhhhh the H.I.V are grade A morons!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Do have a functioning brain by chance? Rhetorical btw.

  41. WHUT February 6, 2012

    OH @StanKnight hunty the more you say it and plaster it in name change after name change the more I’m bowled over in ALL KINDS OF LAUGHTER!! Poor clown trying SO HARD to convince the masses that a b**** who is one of the scroll down definitions of ‘unoriginality’ is somehow legendary. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YASSSS bum YOU CAN DO IT!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  42. bey is legend February 6, 2012

    convince the masses? as in i care what a rhitard thinks of Beyonce’s status. dear, u gimme too much credit ….. like i’ve said b4, if it was up for debate, it would’ve been punctuated accordingly. your fixation with my username is rather askew. Beyonce is Legend and you will deal until the end of your time on earth. read it and weep; aint a damn thing change

  43. WHUT February 6, 2012

    ……and weep with tears of PURE LAUGHTER!!

    I can see you now or your streetcorner HOLLERING at passersby



    Prolly the same corner where you’re currently filling up that cup of coins so as to bow and kneel at her feet in Houston am I right?!!!


  44. bey is legend February 6, 2012

    lmao your early onset dementia has kicked in again. Beyonce is legend and you will deal #thatisall

  45. β™› pop royalty β™› ( iMusic ) February 6, 2012

    looks like a cheap corner hooker. and still single , drunk , depressed and looking for a new d***. if it is not in a game it is in a night club. definition of a pathetic p****.

    this wig ===> give it back to MJB or keri hilson.

    where are her boobs ?!

    this b**** need to SMH. seek medical/mental help !! 😑

  46. James227 February 6, 2012

    LMAO at this whole club situation with Rihanna & Chris. Seems like the Navy was made a fool of once again.

  47. β™› pop royalty β™› ( iMusic ) February 6, 2012

    so Rihanna want her face to get the CB treatment again just cuz she miss the d*** ?!

    she has no dignity and keep stalking CB ,she should have known better !!!

    keep stalking that d*** Rihanna πŸ˜‰

  48. Latrell BaBEY Blue February 6, 2012

    Beyonce is my motha but I love Rihanna gaga n adele but I dnt shade them…that grape juice always shade Rihanna…like dont make a post about her just to shade her…sam alot of your readers are Rihanna stans, i dnt see why they even come to this site to read negative things keep it up n this site will lose readers…rih looks stunning with the hair!…n i cant wait for birthday cake…SHE SHOULD PUT BEY ON IT! Dnt even front, that would HOT seeing them two together…

  49. Real Talk February 6, 2012

    Its so funny the Bey H.I.V is so delusional. Bey is so flop she can’t even get post on blogs anymore.

  50. whyohwhy February 6, 2012

    In order to be exhausted, she would have had to do some work, lip syncing, backtracking and extending her arm out to the crowd for them to do her job is not exhausting! This girl is in some real trouble and the only thing you nuts can do is bring up Beyonce who by the way is at home with her child…

  51. Burst Yur Bubble February 6, 2012

    Britney (well she’s looking like her these days) … er I mean RiRi is headed for a meltdown.

  52. I’ma have to send her to her maker February 6, 2012

    @white girl mob did you know nobody likes kreayshawn except you? How sad…..that b**** has 2 fans. You and herself. B**** BYE.

  53. I’ma have to send her to her maker February 6, 2012

    Why the fighting? Rihanna looks good here like she always does. Beyonce and RIhanna are about the same. Only difference is Beyonce can sing and dance better.

  54. @RIHJECT February 6, 2012

    *yawns* decided to take time out of my busy schedule to check up on TGJ…i see nothin has changed kiiii…

    but i did find this quote from @Beyislegend HILARIOUS

    “Drag queen, rent a life, every lil thing, ur weak mind EXAGGERATES like this stiff stick figure found a cure to cancer. U need to find a purpose in life,ugh gettin breathless of a freaking pic, an achiever would never”

    LMAOOOO hunty if THIS aint the truth!!! kiii *points @ b****

    Carry on gworls kiiii

    p.s. RihYawna looks a dam fool with this UGLY hair! Her head is too funny shaped and her skin color is too dark, to pull this color off!

  55. Lax February 7, 2012

    Simply put this chick is one of the FASTIONISTA OF THE 2000’s
    So fashion forward and a true TRENDSETTER of this ERA,

  56. NaVY To COre February 7, 2012

    Well We Can All C Dat Beys Fans Are Quit Jealous Coz Riri Is Making Hit After Hit After Hit Check BeyoNCE’S last Number Its Lyk 5 f***** YearS ago N Riri’s Just 3 Weeks Ago N I Thnk The Outfit LoOKS great On Her Coz Shes Got A Body Of A Billion Dollar Model

  57. LANA February 8, 2012

    Grape Juice Stay Throwing Shade at this Girl, REALLY!? Talking Down on her Vocals, behavior all that is unnecessary RIHANNA is doing her it’s nothing new.

  58. Power of Zero February 9, 2012

    OMG I might turn straight for her..

  59. Power of Zero February 9, 2012


    The “U MAD” picture you’re using smells like a donkey s***..

    and honestly, she’s so far from being the “Queen”

  60. richnblack 11(just like bey) February 9, 2012

    I”m sorry she looks very trashy in these pics….Is she heading for a meltdown or something….Rihanna don’t let L.A suck you dry and be like Britney….Also whats up with your fashion lately BOO

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