Random Replay: Janet Jackson Performs At Super Bowl 2004

Published: Sunday 5th Feb 2012 by Sam

For many, Madonna‘s Super Bowl showing tonight is a “must-see”, as it’s the first time in years that a bonafide megastar has taken to the stage of all stages.

Indeed, recent years have seen the likes of the Black Eyed Peas bestowed the honour of headlining the ratings juggernaut. However, few acts – if any – have eclipsed the aura of “must-see” that was Janet Jackson‘s 2004 headline grabbing performance.

Sadly marred by the now infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’, the Queen of Pop staged a stellar spectacle, which boasted killer choreography, special effects, and sass aplenty – all of which reaffirmed her Pop royal status.

Can the Material Girl one-up her long-time rival? The answer awaits in a matter of hours. Pending then, peep Ms. Jackson in action.

Bonus: Check out brother Michael Jackson rock the 1993 show below…

Your thoughts?


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  1. BOOGIE BEEESH February 5, 2012



  2. king z February 5, 2012

    nearly ten years later and i still dont see the big f****** deal. that 3 seconds literally changed janet’s career and TV forever! tv shows are no longer literally live anymore they all have a 7 second delay now just for that…

    and it wasn’t that big of a deal. long live JANET! (even tho madonna is the queen of pop sam)

  3. CBrownGurl February 5, 2012

    Shame on Janet for stripping naked in front of a bunch of little kids in the audience and watching at home.

  4. Ass February 5, 2012

    Well let’s see how Madonna does. I highly doubt she can trump either of these performances, tbh.

    Break a leg Madonna. Good luck tonite.

  5. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 5, 2012

    Tits.. camera… action!

  6. Vandrea February 5, 2012

    That was no accident, she knew what she was doing.

  7. Licious February 5, 2012

    Didn’t do anything to Justin Timberlake’s career. @CBrownGurl Girl please, we were all born without clothes. OMG some kids saw a boob, they’ll be scarred for life. When actually your fave actually scarred somebody for life. Don’t even!

  8. Mariah4Life February 5, 2012

    The FCC fined the s*** outta CBS and MTV for Janet’s little stunt. IMO people should be able to sit down and watch TV during family hr w/o having to worry about being flashed. Save it for HBO.

  9. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    Correction :

    But THE Official Queen Of POP IS MADONNA ….. Check her credits and Titles 😉

    you forgot to say that U sad depressed h**.

    and if Janet was the queen , why something like that will stop her ?!

    Madonna showed all her body for an entire era and nothing stopped her , this how queens roll. not a Pseudo-queen whose career was already falling before that incident for god sake …… 😡

    and i don’t think that the incident was the ONLY reason to send janet and her career behind the sun.

    think again 😉 , and Race has nothing to do with iT. it is because she’s a Jackson !!

    @Licious :

    You are a KR fan , your fav showed her TITS for RElevancy !!! at least Janet was conscious enough and covered them , your fav didn’t , she let them hang out shamelessly !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. TheFAME February 5, 2012

    That pulling the titty stunt out at the end was totally planned idk why they said it was an accident after they caught flack for it! …

    and i agree with @♛ POP ROYALTY ♛ ( IMUSIC )
    MADONNA is the true QUEEN OF POP …Madonna would have kept it pumping and gave to f**** about her nipple being shown and still sold CDs….. OK!

  11. NaQu February 5, 2012

    Janet’s career has been dead ever since.

  12. Edgy_Timeless February 5, 2012

    Madge wont even come close to Janet’s. The FCC is watching her ass like a hawk. Janet’s performance will forever not be beaten. It’s a fact, deal with it.

  13. Avenger February 5, 2012

    All live programs are on a 45 minute delay thanks to Janet’s fake b******.

  14. Kingphoenix February 5, 2012


    LMFAO, you are crazy! Why are you so mean to Sam? Lol…I cant breathe right now!

  15. Ass February 5, 2012

    Mariah for life and how many times have we seen Mimi drunk and spilling out of her outfits on shows the kids are watching. Shut that down. If you are so concerned about the kids being safe get Mariah’s hooker sister off the streets of Long Island. Do u see how we all can through stones…

    I find it funny that @pop pressed is always in a Janet post with so much to say, if she is so irrelevant. You are rather transparent. Shouldn’t you be over @ ATRL. Didn’t you bid us ado. Make up your mind crazy.

  16. Calvin February 5, 2012

    N we all know it was a stunt by Janet, but for the 1billion x, not all was supposed to be exposed.. Just her red lace bra was suppose to be intact but somebody was just to turn on and decided to rip the whole thing off.

  17. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    and i don’t think Madonna even care to Up-do her TiTs rival. 😆 ! madonna’s last TOUR broke records your Female Jackson didn’t Touch. 😉

    that’s why she’s the queeeeeeeeeeeeen 😛

    JJ was lip-syncing and her outfit ” including that white useless tail” was Horrible. and her dancing was Average. if you call walking the stage left and right = dancing !!

    Thank God Justin Timberlake saved the day and was there to Put His own unique TOUCH 😆 😆 😆 , and what a touch 😉 😆 😥 😥 😆 :mrgreen:

    for sure madonna’s will be more exciting and FUN to watch , and most importantly : delivering a N******-FREE performance. 😉

  18. Ass February 5, 2012

    And @licious co-sign no Chris Brown stans should have s*** to say about anything as trivial as a tit showing. When they fave beat the s*** out of a woman. Really..

  19. Lily GaGa February 5, 2012

    Janet is an old UGLY…Inside out…ghetto black a***!!!

  20. Not Impressed February 5, 2012


  21. MiMi February 5, 2012

    RIP…Janet Flopson !

  22. Joya February 5, 2012

    CBS got flooded with thousands of angry calls the next day by viewers (parents mostly) who weren’t amused by seeing Janet play Showgirls at the SB. I thought it was tacky too.

  23. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    @ASS :

    But i didn’t say i will leave TGJ.

    U remember 😉 ?!

    @KingPhonix :

    He tried it with that ” QUeen of pop” s*** , LMFAO !!

    and yes , i’m so mean 😉

    @THE fame :

    Yes , i’m with you , even look at JT’s face , he is like ” now the work is done , Huh ? ” !! with an opened mouth to perfect it 🙄

    her career was falling and this stunt back-fired if u thought about it. like she already was dry-humping Jt and was whoring with him. i saw that coming already !

    she tried to do as the queen MADONNA and show her Tits , but look what happened to her despite being a jackson …. 😥 😥

  24. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    February 5, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    And @licious co-sign no Chris Brown stans should have s*** to say about anything as trivial as a tit showing. When they fave beat the s*** out of a woman. Really..


    at least cB had a great comeback after all that. look how many times Your Queen tried to have just a good one and FAILED …… 😥
    queen , Huh ?! 🙄

  25. Ass February 5, 2012

    Hilarious! Janet’s dancing was average? That’s so delusional. But these same idiots think Madonna showing her mangina on a table while doing yoga is great dancing.

    Well then I guess in Madonna’s latest video all that speed walking she was doing us better than twila tharp! Lmao! The height of delusion I tell you.

  26. Stoney-Brie February 5, 2012

    the woman has gone through a lot but she shut it down with that performance! I still get goose bumps from watching it! there’s nothing more to say but she’s coming back for her throne this year.

  27. Mariah4Life February 5, 2012

    @ASS I don’t recall Mariah ever being nude on stage. In fact the public has never seen Mariah nude period………..unlike janet whose got topless and beaver shot pics of her circulating around the net. And Mariah’s sister dont got s*** to do with this, fool. If you wanna play like that then maybe we need to keep Janet’s crazy ass daddy off the street.

    Sit the f*** down before you get hurt.

  28. Ass February 5, 2012

    Poor pop

    Chicks or d****?
    Rih or Bey?
    Madge or Gaga?
    TGJ or ATRL?

    Must be hard deciding who you are and what you stand for day to day, huh?!


    I suggest lithium for all those voice in ya head.

  29. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    @ass :

    Madonna walking down a street had more buzz than Your fav’s Last Lip-syncing DEAD Tour.

    and Madonna didn’t showed her RoyalGina in front of kids , your fav did with her Tits 😡 , and look what happened ….

    and look who’s performing in SB while your Janet is no where to be seen but behind a TV to watch how the queen of pop doing it with a pen and papers in hand to take notes. 😉

  30. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    @ass :

    @sam , U MAD ?! 😉

    stay MAD h** 😆 😛 😛 😛

  31. Mariah4Life February 5, 2012

    You would think after Janitor got her ass handed to her in the SB fallout that basically ended her career she would clean up her act and stop being all ho-ish in her music but she still making slutty songs & videos. Will she EVER have a Mimi-sized comeback??? Probably not! 3 back to back flop cd’s……….and counting!

  32. Ass February 5, 2012

    P*** pot royalty try again

    Add up chris’s last two album sales
    Then Janet’s last two- see who sold more with no radio or video play—

    Your an idiot! Next time do your research I did. Janet wins! 😉

  33. Ass February 5, 2012

    Flip flop no loyalty

    Funny how you were such a Rih Stan less than a month ago, but now are defending the man who f***** up her face, with that scar you used to talk about.

    You ain’t s*** boy. LMAO! Your the same one that wa talking about how she better not get back with him, because of that scar on her lip.

    The power of Janet. You fail @ your shade, and as a stan of anyone, and as a human being in general 🙂

  34. February 5, 2012

    MIMI COMEBACK? That was 7 years ago boo. Lol stop living in 05

  35. HaterzStayPressed February 5, 2012


    Actually you know who I think would give an excellent half time show is Beyonce. She works that stage and she is the only one that can hold Michael’s loafer (performance wise).

    Madonna, you better work it because Michael set the bar many moons ago. Oh and Janet is no queen of pop. Sorry… I love Miss Janet but that titty thang was planned from jump. Gil and Brian Friedman knows this s***. It backfired. 😆 Justin ripped of the protective material that was on her boob as well. There was always gonna be a titty exposure one way or another.

  36. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    @ASS :

    DEAR flopped stan for Tits Jackson :

    you are comparing CB with Janet ?! 😆

    how stupid ?!

    she’s OLDER than him and had a bigger career behind her tits !! but despite all that , she didn’t manage to have a great comeback like a younger blacklisted artist like him ” with no radio plays or even having his CDS in stores”. better than the supposedly queen of pop. 😆

    who’s struggling to have a comeback since that SB ?! it’s jANET !!

    who’s in Billboard top artists in 2011 ” despite all the BS in 2009 & 2010″ ?!! it’s CB !

    LMFAO. this even prove he is stronger than her despite being YOUNGER than her 😆 😆 😆 , b**** you are stupid !! hang it up.

  37. Lucas February 5, 2012

    Madonna could never. GaGa, couldn’t, either. JANET QUEEN OF POP JACKSON CAN PULL A MOTHERFUCKIN SHOW.

  38. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    @ass :

    as long as what i say is real. the person who i stan for should be NOT a problem to u.

    and Nice try to have rihanna and chris involved in all of this 😉 .

    keep it all about your jANET and handle the truth. 😉

  39. Ass February 5, 2012

    Poop brains you are the one that compaired cb’s “comeback” to Janet. I just called your bluff. Take ur meds.

    U will always be the biggest flop on here I swear. Wow

  40. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    being a Flop in a blog better than being a flop in real Life and stanning for a flopped has-been who flashed her Tits in front of Kids and their offended parents !!!
    and having a name like @ass , so what do u think is coming out from an @ass , it is B******* !! HAHA 😆 😛

  41. WHUT February 5, 2012





  42. Ass February 5, 2012

    Umm poop no loyalty

    Seek help for your mental retardation.
    Also see if you wrangle some d*** in the back allies of Egypt. It’s clear you need some mud b***.

    Done with u.

  43. Ryan February 5, 2012

    ♛ POP ROYALTY ♛ ( IMUSIC ) sit your ass all the way down and then stay sat okay hunny.
    Janet is incomparable to any artist you wanna bring up; CB may have made the Billboard top artist list but his career is DEAD, Janet was ruling the world when she was his age. And don’t even try with him being blacklisted from the radio and not being sold in stores, that’s a damn lie, he wasn’t blocked by radio that much, he was still getting airplay unlike Janet, and his CD’s were being sold in all stores so again sit little monster. Even despite her being blacklisted by the radio she achieved a PLATINUM single (I Want You, look it up) did Chris?? Let me see…..NO, he collaborated with everyone who was popular in an attempt to get a number one, did it happen?? NO. Janet’s Damita Jo has outsold all of CB’s releases since he beat up that poor woman. When he can be named one of the best selling artists of all time come back hunny.

    As for Madonna she WILL NOT put on a halftime show anywhere near as good as Janet’s because she can’t dance, she can’t sing, she’s all production, call Janet’s last tour a flop?? What other small scale tour do you know of that made the top 40 world tours?? Janet was grossing and selling more than Rihanna on some dates so again have an arenas worth of seats. Madges tour may have been bigger, but I would LOVE to see her even attempt a show like the Up Close And Personal Tour where she couldn’t hide behind her production, that counts for Gaga too. These talentless b****** will never have the talent Janet possesses to put on a show like that……..NEXT!!

  44. WHUT February 5, 2012

    On topic Janet’s performance slayed. Pfft at the nipple slip it wasn’t that big a deal. I’m excited to see Madonnas today with all this talk she better bring it.

  45. Ass February 5, 2012

    Idiots sitting in mud huts in Africa wanna call a multiple millionaire who’s sold more records than live in your biggest city a flop. Like I said someone needs meds stat!

    The dude is a lady. Must be that time of the month! LMAO!!

  46. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    huh ?! 😉

    Ha !

    look at that ass-licker !! i don’t wear Wigs like u wet Bottom !! 😉

  47. Montu February 5, 2012

    Have to laugh at pathetic Mandonna stans. Sales or no sales, Janet Jackson would destroy Mandonna on stage. Fact. Mandonna cannot sing, cannot dance, cannot act, is not pretty, is not s***, has no charisma, no class, basically she is an embarrasment to watch. A fifty year old still trying to be “down” with the kids. Sticking her tounge down Britney and Christinas throats. Her whole career is built on cheap publicity stunts so to shade Janet for the tit thing is so hypocritical. Respect to M’s success though. Jacksons have talent in their dna.

  48. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    i’m done with this post. now i hope i left enough food for you GAY cockroaches.

  49. Ryan February 5, 2012

    @♛ POP ROYALTY ♛ ( IMUSIC ) Aww did you get served hunny, nothing else to say now?? and ‘Gay’ Momma monster would not be happy, now run along.

  50. Ass February 5, 2012

    Mariah for life

    1) find me a Mariah video where the b**** has her clothes on!
    2) look at Mariah last 3 cd Christmas album flop! Moaipa or whatever flop and finally angels advocate big ass belly flop- pulled by her record company after it wa done! LMAO!
    3) that b**** stay drunk and slurring, I can pull the vids of her accepting that award a couple of years ago if you like! Kids were watch that at prime time.
    4) I’ll bring up her w**** sister and her way through every celeb male for years if I want and you will deal. Call mine out. I’ll call urs out.

  51. WHUT February 5, 2012

    You don’t wear wigs…ANYMORE bum. It just got TORE THE F*** UP in this b**** and I am LOLing for dear LIFE!!!

    Interesting term ass-licker when you have now latched your worthless tentacles onto artist numer 12553636131313 in the space of ONE MONTH!! LOLOL!!! This clown ass b**** has NOT AN OUNCE of shame!! I have never come across such a muppet of this magnitude. You my friend are a muppet ELITE!

  52. WHUT February 5, 2012

    So your done? I guess you have something in common with your “integrity” now. LMFAO!! Poor thang placing bets on her combing the ass hairs of another artist in 5…4…3…2..

  53. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    LMFAO at b****** who came from no where and think i will respond to their asses.

    and he still compare janet to younger artists to make the Truth taste less-bitter , good luck with that. you know you are a liar.

    and madonna doesn’t need to exert much effort to be better than janet , why dancing or singing while u can slay POOR JJ effortlessly 😉 😆 😆

    it is the official QUEEN OF pop B****** 😆
    check her achievements h** before u Reach…..

    and half those JJ’s albums you mentioned are well-KNOWN chart disasters and FLOPPPPPPS …

    damita Jo ?! LMFAO !! 😆

    the nerve …
    @ass :

    U stupid C*** , if janet is richer than me , of course she’s richer than u too. she’s richer than all of us , that’s for sure , but this point is irrelevant.

    will that change anything in reality ?
    No ?!

    then this point is irrelevant. 🙄
    No , she still Flopping since that SB s***. DEAL !

    @MONTU :

    even when the queen is being a “w****” , she is doing it better and ppl will Love her doing that better than JJ. queen of pop i’m telling you 😆

    and the audience in SB ” including kids and their parents” >> the audience in VMAs ” mainly artists”

    so comparing both situations was stupid. :mrgreen:

  54. PYTFROMAL February 5, 2012

    [email protected] Royalty getting dragged. Everytime I decide to drop in this moron is getting dragged. He/she never learns his/her lesson.

    Btw, the Queen and King slayed.

  55. Dejae February 5, 2012

    I gotta laugh at Janet fans trying to brag about this terrible performance that basically ended her career. It was her same ol predictable robotic performance where she lip synced for dear life. The whole thing was a snoozer until JT came out and stole the show from her with RYB. Then she got naked on stage, after that…her career went up and smoke.

    That “Up Close & Personal” tour wasn’t scaled down because Janet was looking to do an intimate show, it was because she couldn’t find a backer for another stadium tour, after her ROCK WIT’CHU tour had to be cancelled because she couldn’t sell tickets. Her last album flopped so hard that it left her without a record deal. What kind of “Queen” is unsigned and touring theaters? That’s pathetic.

    Face it, Janet is a plastic, washed up has-been who hasn’t been relevant or had a hit song in a decade. It took Michael dying to get her back on TV for 5 minutes. The public isn’t interested in her anymore. Get it? She may as well hook up with her brothers and do a cheap Jackson’s family revue in Atlantic City.

  56. Ass February 5, 2012

    Damn @Whut

    Gurl u are killing me right now, with the shots fired! Leggo!! Ahhhaa!

    Telling us his tricks 1) wet bottom – check
    2) wig glued on -check

    Lol! I can’t!

  57. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    honey who’s mad at me changing my gravatars , wait till i see if i can give a f*** about you …. 😡
    till then , go play in the nursery with your D**** 😆

    U r dismissed !!!

  58. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 5, 2012

    Did someone forget to turn janets mike on? She mimed the whole thing. Terrible. I hope madonna atleast sings some of it live… It looks silly otherwise.

  59. Anne February 5, 2012

    Whatever else she did, it doesn’t matter. All people remember is the wardrobe malfunction. By the way SAM, no one of significance considers Janet Jackson the Queen of Pop. Her music was very R&B and she never reached the peak level of success as THE REAL QUEEN OF POP- MADONNA!

  60. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    i never get dragged u cockroaches, keep dreaming ……….

    and u think i will get dragged in a janet post , HA ha ! i gotta love your ambition though !!!

    @Dejae :

    finally someone with a brain who’s not an ass-kissing !!

    thank god !

  61. Mariah4Life February 5, 2012

    [email protected] Mariah is dressed in ALL of her videos. You fail.

    Janitor Waxson is a friggin HAS BEEN. She can’t sing at all. Her tired dance moves were stolen from MJ. And her titty frankly looked nasty. 2001 was the last time she had a top 10 song. The year is now 2012. LMAO!!!! WTF????

    Flop star.

  62. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    February 5, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    Whatever else she did, it doesn’t matter. All people remember is the wardrobe malfunction. By the way SAM, no one of significance considers Janet Jackson the Queen of Pop. Her music was very R&B and she never reached the peak level of success as THE REAL QUEEN OF POP- MADONNA!



  63. bre February 5, 2012

    Madonna is the QUEEN of RiP-OFFS and Yoga moves.

  64. Anne February 5, 2012

    @TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN– THANK YOU! With all that lip synching what is there really to brag about. If Madonna does that I will not be praising her show. Some people act as if singing is more like an afterthought when it’s supposed to be the main attraction. Prince did not do any lip synching and his show is considered one of the best ever. As far as I’m concerned the WM is not the only thing that disqualifies Janet’s show from such consideration as one of the best, it’s also disqualified because she lip synched the whole time.

  65. MsThing485 February 5, 2012

    Sorry but Janet’s Super Bowl performance was not all that. It was basically the same thing she always does. Same moves. Same thrash. Same non-singing to pre-recorded vocal. The only thing interesting about it was her breast popping out at the end. Take away those 3 seconds and the whole thing really becomes unremarkable and pedestrian.

  66. Ass February 5, 2012

    Poop pants

    Your back to write more essays with girlie smileyfaces about nothing. You show Janet is relevant by all the time your in here talking your s***. Dumbass this is the web not reality!
    The bank in Janet’s account, all her awards(honestly earned) are the reality.

    Stay mad flea. I’m not the one calling Madonna a flop even though her movies tank. Including this last one WE.

    Know why? cause she’s at least doing something. I’m not the hater here hun you are. Your hate is about you ,not Janet.

    When you find the right pin for your cushion, you won’t be so angry boo! 😉

  67. Qazzo February 5, 2012

    Justin should have been the headlining performer that night instead of Janet. He was better on stage than she was.

  68. AmbeRussell February 5, 2012

    out side of the blog world, sports fans ARE NOT checking for madonna. did any1 hear or see the negative feedback when they announced that she was performing? and u can say whatever u want about janet, but u still heard them crowds cheering 4 her with her same ol same choreography. n u saw mj just standing there for almost 2 mins n the crowd cherring the whole time. and for any1 saying janet used mj, then why did her 1st 2 albums not catch on even when mj was doing fine? why did the jackson group together or any other jackson sibling not sell like janet or mj? why did girls try to get their hair jet black like her’s? if u wasnt buying music in the 80s, dont comment on what was going on in the 80s with those singers like janet or madonna. but again, no 1 is checking for madonna’s performance. i wouldnt be surprised the ratings go down bc sports fans dont want to see madonna on stage for halftime
    amberussell on youtube

  69. Ass February 5, 2012

    Ok once again Mariah 4

    If ijanet is a has been flop your Mimi is dead and buried under water with concrete boots on:

    1) Janet sold out theatre tour> Mimi’s flop angels theatre tour
    2) mimi hawking her Christmas cd on hsn when it came out and it still flopped so bad she is “reloading” it for rerelease next Christmas after what 3 years! Lmao!
    3) Janet didn’t feel the need to rerecord any of her “flop” albums with today’s “hottest” stars to stay relevant, the singles flop, an her record company PULL DA PLUG, cause no one cared.
    4) Janet losing weight and getting fit before her weight loss commercial>> Mariah still fat in hers.

    5) Janet has an uber billionaire boyfriend spoiling here>> Mariah has the reject from “drumstick” movie.

    Whateva man.

    Open your damn eyes post tommy that birch looks like a straight up hooch.

    Janet 1 time nipple>> Mariah a lifetime of hoing, priceless

  70. Ass February 5, 2012

    Ok once again Mariah 4

    If ijanet is a has been flop your Mimi is dead and buried under water with concrete boots on:

    1) Janet sold out theatre tour> Mimi’s flop angels theatre tour
    2) mimi hawking her Christmas cd on hsn when it came out and it still flopped so bad she is “reloading” it for rerelease next Christmas after what 3 years! Lmao!
    3) Janet didn’t feel the need to rerecord any of her “flop” albums with today’s “hottest” stars to stay relevant, the singles flop, an her record company PULL DA PLUG, cause no one cared.
    4) Janet losing weight and getting fit before her weight loss commercial>> Mariah still fat in hers.

    5) Janet has an uber billionaire boyfriend spoiling here>> Mariah has the reject from “drumstick” movie.

    Whateva man.

    Open your damn eyes post tommy that b**** looks like a straight up hooch.

    Janet 1 time nipple>> Mariah a lifetime of hoing, priceless

  71. Royalkev February 5, 2012

    @ Ass you are going in and I must say you speak the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Janet is a Queen a pop and that’s not up for debate. Her career have seen many highlights from the 80’s up until now. Her struggles throughout the last decade wasn’t due to her failing to produce music that meet up to her standards of her past success. We all know that SB had everything to do with that(whether you believe the exposed tit was an accident or intentional stunt). Janet received tons of neagtive press and was literally instantly banned (and it hasn’t been lifted still up until today). It’s easy to compare her to an artist that is praised for being outrageous and breaking all the rules, because it’s a different ball game when it comes down to that. Every white artists have liberties that black ones do not have. I don’t know if that’s the kind of conversation that people don’t want to hear, but it’s the truth. We can dance around that all day, but we know that if it was Madge with Justin performing that day it would all be old news by now and totally swept up under a rug.

    If people aren’t convinced that SB did Janet in and they choose to believe Janet was supposedly falling off prior to that, then explain to me how on earth did Janet manage to get a platinum plaque and first week sales north of 350K with ‘Damita Jo’ after all the bashing and non existent airplay. They’ve done a number on her career. Janet’s entire discography before SB is mainly filled with top 5 singles from every era and multi platinum albums with back to back number 1s. Nobody was gonna check her boo! So we can act that she wasn’t on the throne the whole time with Madge from the 80’s on , but that would be all kinds of delusional. She buried Madge in the 90’s. Give credit where it do and be rational in your thinking. Janet is still relevant after all the damage done to her career. How many people would survive almost 10 years of not being acknowledge on radio? …Not many, most people’s career would R.I.P after 1 year! Madge would not is invincible either, but some people want to dismiss that notion because of her Clear Channel privileges. Janet will forever share that QOP title , end of! Know your history!

  72. Mariah4Life February 5, 2012

    Mariah’s last top 10 hit was on her last album 2 yrs. ago.
    Janet’s last top 10 hit was 4 albums and 11 yrs ago.

    ROFLMAO! Mariah has sold more than 2x what Janet has in almost 2x less time.

    Janet’s career is over and has been over. It was already dying before the SB, that ugly titty was just the final nail.

  73. Ryan February 5, 2012

    @ANNE child please. Janet was WAY more successful than Madonna in the 90’s Madonna didn’t even get a number one album in the 90’s, Janet was slaying her left right and centre, releasing 2 albums and becoming the second most successful artist only releasing 2 albums. She had the most successful debut tour in history, still standing to this day. The only thing Madonna has on Janet is sales, Janet has won WAY more awards, Janet can dance WAY better, Janet has a WAY better tone to her voice, Janet is WAY better at writing, Janet is imitated WAY more by current artists, only Gaga copies Madonna and she’s just as lame as Madonna. Pop isn’t a genre Pop means popular music, Janet has been popular.

  74. Mariah4Life February 5, 2012

    BTW does Janet EVER sing live? I remember watching Idol a few years ago and she came out all baldheaded and lip syncing a friggin BALLAD! LOL!!!!!

  75. Ass February 5, 2012

    Umm @ Mariah

    And their album sales have been on par so why point out that one single?

    So let’s do this then
    Mariah 2mill sales for 1 single in the same span that>>>> Janet 3 top 3 box office smashes, a # 1 book, and # 1 tunes video of her American idol performance.

    Don’t do it honey if Janet is a dead fish Mariah is already gutted, breaded, and fried…

  76. Anne February 5, 2012

    @AMBERRUSSELL, So I guess you speak for sports fans as a whole? Are you suggesting that sports fans as a whole were checking for Janet the year she performed? Iwould assume more people are checking for Madonna because she had more hits and her career in the 80’s was at a level Janet can’t touch. I was one of those people who was buying music in the 80’s and 90’s so I know firsthand that Madonna had a bigger impact. I clearly remember watching videos like Borderline and Lucky Star when they came out and buying Madonna’s music and then later buying Janet’s music. Madonna’s success had more depth, more hits, and she touched more people, bottom line.

  77. Ass February 5, 2012

    Yeah right @mariah

    What you should be asking is Can Mimi still sing. From people I know who went to her angels tour, they said she lip-synched the show, and people were pissed and wanted their money back.

    @ least when Janet, Britney, Madonna etc do it, its because they dance!

    Who wants to watch an overweight, stationary, diva lip, while a wind machine blow her hair…

  78. Truth February 5, 2012

    What was so great about this? It was just the same ol same ol “cut & paste” performance Janet always does at every award show. I don’t think the “backlash” lasted nearly as long as Janet fans will have you believe. That’s just a convenient excuse. The truth is that Janet hasn’t made any good music in forever and the public just moved on from her. I’m not a hardcore fan of hers, but I am aware enough about what she’s done over these past few years and none of it has impressed me. When she did that song with Khia she lost her damn mind. Radio didn’t not play it because there was a ban in place it was because it was garbage.

  79. PYTFROMAL February 5, 2012

    Lmao @’Ass’ isn’t taking any prisoners today .


    As I’ve told you before, Taylor is a horrid singer and has proven so time and time again. Including her horrid off key performance at the AMAs which her people tried to blame on issues with her earpiece. Or her tone deaf version of the National anthem. I love how you always try to come for Janets singing. Little boy/girl have a seat.

    @Pop royalty yes you did get dragged boo. Ass is single handedly dragging all today. Lmao.

    Lol @ the Mariah fan talking about a comeback. That was the Emancipation era hun.

  80. AmbeRussell February 5, 2012

    u must have a damn bad memory. she sung her ballad live. then she lip synced n sung over a pre recored of nasty. stop with the bull ppl bc the hate on others is sooo sad. janet need not prove s*** to u bc been there n done that. she dont need to sell out msg 4 times with another tour, she dont nneed to drop another album or get grammy noms/wins etc. bc she already accomplished all of that. how u gonna compare janet jackson to some1 who is on the up n coming today? n the same goes with any1 who is comparing a legend/icon/vet in the game to some1 who is a newbie n only have a few yrs under their belt n a nice lil success. but how long will that success last? another 20 yrs like janet? i mean she been doing this since the 70s on goodtimes, the fame, then control etc etc etc.
    amberussell on youtube

  81. PYTFROMAL February 5, 2012

    Oops. I mean the CMAS 🙂

  82. Anne February 5, 2012

    @RYAN! DONT’ MAKE ME LAUGH! “The only thing Madonna has on Janet is sales” what you call the only thing is really the main thing. Thanks for helping me prove my point! Let’s face it this not a debate about talent, it’s about who touched the most people. Like it or not, it was Madonna.

  83. JDE97 February 5, 2012

    Janet’s career went out on a lame note because her superbowl performance was poor.

  84. Ass February 5, 2012

    :: @truth

    You mean to tell me that you think” so excited” is wise than the trash that is madonna’s new cheer leading song!!!

    I don’t even think you believe your story, if radio would play that trash everything on damita Jo is a hit. And FYI so excited was not the best single “all nite” still shuts down almost anything on the radio now!

    The music has been consistent with Janet, it’s the ban hun. I live in NYC and from the superbowl till now you don’t here even her back catalog unless it’s after 10pm and before 6am. Imagine the rest of the country.

  85. Jenny February 5, 2012

    Madge fans sty pressed. Dead at Janet getting more promo for her 8 yr old performance than madge soon to be forgotten performance. smh.

  86. Anne February 5, 2012

    @ASS! I agree Janet was banned, boo hoo. Doesn’t change the fact that by the time her career got hot in the first place, Madonna had already cemented the title of Queen of Pop and a huge fan base and Janet never quite caught up or dethroned her.

  87. Ass February 5, 2012

    Pytfromal for real though, the crack must be strong nowadays. WTH is up with some of these fools!

    The jealous they have when they see this woman and see their stale faves on a stage. I get why they mad
    And DEATH @ boy/girl!!! LMAO!!!

    Cosign @Amberrusell.

  88. Anne February 5, 2012

    Janet’s perrformance is remembered alright– but for all the wrong reasons.

  89. Truth February 5, 2012

    1st of all, I didn’t say anything about Madonna or her cheerleading song.

    2nd of all, I have Damita Jo and the album is garbage. It sounds like a collection of All For You outtakes. There isn’t a hit worthy song on it. “Just A Little While” was putrid…”I Want You” was boring and not at all suited for her voice…and “All Nite (Don’t Stop)” which features her trademark inaudible mumbling and goes no where. 20 Y.O., Discipline, “Make Me,” “Nothing”…all flushable. Many of Janet’s own fans haven’t been truly satisfied with the quality of her work since TVR and that was 15 years ago.

    Ban Shman. Radio ignores Janet because there isn’t a demand for her music. There isn’t a demand for her music because everything she’s done post “Someone to Call My Lover” has been either bad or mediocre. No one trusts that Janet’s music to be good and so when she releases new material it’s easily overlooked…and many of the people who do take a minute to investigate are usually disappointed with the results.

    Don’t blame the Superbowl for the quality of Janet’s work slumping.

  90. Ryan February 5, 2012

    @ANNE Please……If you think sales is the most important thing, you’re even stupider than I initially thought. Madonna has outsold Janet, Whitney, Aretha, Patti Labelle, Cher, Celine, etc and she is nowhere near as talented or influential as them, so again have a seat.

  91. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    Hmmm i think this post need a little bit of Jamir21 in it !!!!!

    So where do I start ????

    If I were have to go to a Janet concert or a Madonna concert

    I would pick Janet because (even though she sounds like a mouse) she still tries her best to sing live and plus she got that dancing to back her up !

    The case with Madonna is that she cant sing nor dance at all…

    She just use stage props and what not !

    Hell Rihanna is more interesting than Madonna LIVE ! 🙂

    And since everybody is soooo hyped up about Madonna`s performance I want to see if she brings it like her fans say that she would !!!!!

    And plus Janet`s career was falling before the Super Bowl incident nor wasnt it after…..!

    Who cares if Madonna`s tour grossed more than Janet`s…JANET is still the BETTER LIVE PERFORMER than STIFFdonna !!!! 🙂

    Sorry to any Madge fans…Like I give a F*** ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo

  92. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    Madonna always LIP-SINGING !

    Please don`t compare Mariah to Janet

    Because I dont want to get UGLY !

  93. Ass February 5, 2012

    Um @ann I was fully aware of who you were trying to get to with your statement about Janet and Madonna, in this post and others.

    Um congrats sweetheart, HI! feel better saying the same s*** good for you!

    FYI there was no queen of pop terminology until Michael declared himself the King of Pop, so that’s that about the 80’s.

    Any whoo opinions are like assholes, we differ, and I have no interest in taking this any further with you. It bores me when people try so hard for attention. Continue babbling like a brook..

  94. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    Sorry *wasnt falling !

  95. Ass February 5, 2012

    Um @ lies hiding in the name of truth

    What the f*** are you so lit up about!! I was just answer statement you made as open ended questions..

    But now it’s clear you just wanted to shade Janet cause almost everything youngish wrote was a lie. Believe what you must.

    Like I said if Janet was so irelevant none of you naysayers would be here to “set the record straight”

    Better tuck it fools, your hate ia showing 🙂

  96. Ass February 5, 2012

    Um @Jamir I hope that compare line was to your fellow lamb. She da one that wanted to get stupid and she got dragged.

    I like Mimi, but if you come for any of my faves neck I’m coming for yours. Who don’t like it can lump it.

  97. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    @ Ass

    I know that`s the person I directed it to !!!!!!


  98. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    is this post still alive ?!

    at least it lasted longer than janet’s career after that SB staged ” wardrobe malfunction” s*** !!

    oh and i co-sign with this :
    February 5, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    1st of all, I didn’t say anything about Madonna or her cheerleading song.

    2nd of all, I have Damita Jo and the album is garbage. It sounds like a collection of All For You outtakes. There isn’t a hit worthy song on it. “Just A Little While” was putrid…”I Want You” was boring and not at all suited for her voice…and “All Nite (Don’t Stop)” which features her trademark inaudible mumbling and goes no where. 20 Y.O., Discipline, “Make Me,” “Nothing”…all flushable. Many of Janet’s own fans haven’t been truly satisfied with the quality of her work since TVR and that was 15 years ago.

    Ban Shman. Radio ignores Janet because there isn’t a demand for her music. There isn’t a demand for her music because everything she’s done post “Someone to Call My Lover” has been either bad or mediocre. No one trusts that Janet’s music to be good and so when she releases new material it’s easily overlooked…and many of the people who do take a minute to investigate are usually disappointed with the results.

    Don’t blame the Superbowl for the quality of Janet’s work slumping.

    BRAVO !!! 🙂

  99. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    MADONNA > MARIAH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. JANitor

    deal. 😉

  100. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    Janet`s p**** juice >>>>> Madonna gross arms

  101. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    @PYT :

    i don’t agree boo.

    and stay Lickin’ your friends asshole and don’t worry about me. teaming up with random ppl and kissing their asses is not a good look.

    insecure H** !
    and please point to me where i get dragged cuz i don’t see what you are seeing.

    if u call basic b****** speaking about wigs and glue and such nonsense = dragging , then i don’t blame u ! you are simple minded C*** who can’t act right , you are only good for ass licking , go like that @ass 😆 , isn’t that what you were created for ?!

    go Lick that @ass , <don't stop till u get enough though …. !!! 😆

  102. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 5, 2012

    i meant :

    Go lick that ass , don’t stop till u get enough ……..

  103. Ass February 5, 2012

    Poopy pants

    It’s still alive because trolls like you keep coming to type essay about nothing. Once again proving the relevancy of Janet with every key stoke you make.

    Keep going if you please, you’ve already been read the rites, so all the thesis papers you keep writing, no one is reading all that mess.

    Just go to a bathhouse in town, find something else to with your hands and your mouth. Please do us a favor choke on a big one.

    Hyocrite just like your fave Janet will always be on your mind, that’s why you typing here instead of watching and weighing for madge!

    You know where the real talent lies 😉

    @Jamir , ok thanks! She just started in for no reason, they know who’s betta on a stage. That’s why they mad! I love it! 🙂

  104. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    @ Pop Royalty

    You have really changed !

    You use to be so cool now your like the “OLDER” me !

    Well i dont have time to argue with you because me and my boyfriend are watching the superbowl !!!!

    And yes I am a boy

  105. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    @ Ass


  106. Ass February 5, 2012

    Aww are you flirting with me @poop. I’m sorry can’t let you lick my ass. I’m just not into that, but if u read all the above carefully you will realize I took a big dump on your face boo! I hope that will do 😉

    Bum b****! You got more lives than a cat! How many times you “left” this post?!

    You are one dizzy b****. food luck with that…

  107. Ryan February 5, 2012

    @♛ POP ROYALTY ♛ ( IMUSIC ) Didn’t you already leave once boo?? Go and watch Madonna do yoga at the halftime, sounds like something you would enjoy. We’ll enjoy Janet actually putting on a show not dancers like Madonna depends on 😉

    FYI All For You broke radio records around the world and was a huge hit worldwide selling millions so please tell me how she had started to decline….

  108. Ass February 5, 2012

    Jamir congrats on the boyfriend! And being brave enough to be YOURSELF! Some of us are so angry cause we don’t do that. *hint-it ain’t me!! Lmao!

    Janet’s toe jam>>> Madonna’s “dancing”

  109. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    @ ass

    awww thank you…..

    Madonna`s performance hmmmmm it was okay but MJ`S SHITTED ALL OVER HER`S !!!!!

    Her dancing was ummmmm……….yeah her performance was just HORRIBLE !

    Her performance made Rihanna live performances look like MJ`s performances

  110. Marcus February 5, 2012

    Madonna (as much as I love her) will never be able to outperform Jackson period. Maybe Latoya, But Janet never!

  111. Renae February 5, 2012

    Why are we still talking about this and honestly it was no big deal, especially with the stuff that comes on tv today.

    Just watched the Madonna performance, it sucked….who picked her?

  112. JERMAINE February 5, 2012


  113. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    They should have picked Rihanna !!!!!!

  114. Ass February 5, 2012

    If anyone calls this performance anything but from poor to fair. They lasic surgery. Lol!

  115. jamir21 February 5, 2012

    You know what I take all of bad comments about Madonna`s superbowl back !

    You know what I really did enjoy it though…but still Janet is the better live performer !

  116. JERMAINE February 5, 2012


  117. JERMAINE February 5, 2012


  118. Naeem Congo February 5, 2012

    Show the nips!

  119. MadBrax February 6, 2012

    Janet performed the best halftime show? why? because she showed her tit? the mimed the whole performance and didnt dance the best she could. the only thing people mention about that halftime show is the tit, nothing else. the rest was forgettable to everyone else but her stans who still wish she had a career

  120. YesJanetNopuritans February 6, 2012

    I will never know why the Americans reacted so badly to a 1 second boob flash, yet the s*** we see these days in video clips go unnoticed, and the atrocities of war are flashed about on the front of papers and on the nightly news…besides, the nipple was covered for goodness sake. lol puritans.

  121. aisha aguilera keys February 6, 2012

    Janet’s was good, but MJ was just SPECTACULAR! I have no words to say how amazing it was!

  122. irene46 February 6, 2012

    @ yesjanetnopuritans..

    the reason why america reacted so badly over the 1 second boob breakout was because it was a black boob. not to mention she and white justin t were dry humping on stage. that caused some white americans to loose their weak narrow minds.

    it was so damned fast i doubt if any young kids even knew what happened until the media decided to make a big freakin’ deal of it.

    funny how madonna can french kiss two girls in front of the tender eyes of the kiddies and no one is up in arms over that. all of you talkin’ crazy about it being because she’s the queen of pop need to climb down quick. it’s called a ‘double standard’. anybody remember the commercial shortly after the boob debacle where the nicolette sheridan drops the towel in the football players lockerroom and practically shows her naked ass? white artists get away with what black artists will never be able to do. think chris brown and charlie sheen.

    janet may not be filing up arenas like she used to but at least she’s doing ok at the box office.

  123. B Lamont February 6, 2012

    Janet Jackson = THE TRUTH!

  124. Aaron February 6, 2012

    I still cant believe we are talking about this..for anyone that thinks the nipple was staged pay close attention to janet and justines face. IT WAS NOT PLANNED!!! DAMN FOOLS!!! either this performance killed that snooze of a performance by GraMAdonna!!!

  125. Anne February 6, 2012

    Don’t forget both have been acting practicaly their whole lives. Would be a piece of cake for them to fake a reaction.

  126. Anne February 6, 2012

    You expect people to believe that as he sang, “bet I have you necade by the end of this song” he just happen to accidentally have her partially necade by the end of the song?–

  127. MUSICOFLOVE February 6, 2012

    The best part of Janets performance were her 3 words enforced by the big BLACK SCREEN in WHITE BOLD letters with the band backing the words up. RACISM, BIGOTRY, ILLITERACY, NO!!! Janet Jackson is a women, Black, and a JACKSON! so everyone knows why she got the crticism she did. If it wasn’t Janet that changed live television through a freak accident it most likey wouldv’e been someone else at the superbowl like all others but i know the reason she is always the talk of negativity. Madonna just happened to have the chance to get an opportunity and she kissed the Asses of many people of course to sell records which is the reason Nicki Minaj appeared when Nicki herself puts things out there that are not appropriate for any decent person to hear. Everyone is all on Janet, Janet, Janet!! but NEVER! do i hear anything about Justin Timberlake and he can still do anything without people mentioning it. Madonna DIDN’T GET HELL WHEN SHE WAS PULLING OFF UNDERWEAR ON STAGE AT THE MTV AWARDS in 2003 before Janets Superbowl in 2004 so Its clear what the issue is and its very sad. Janets black and Madonna, Britney, Christina are all White but when they have messy times its just easy for people to forget and act as if its ok but when its someone their not similar to its just so appalling smh. I guess some people are fine with how others are treated being victimized not believing in expression cause their okay watching on the sideline. JANET JACKSON IS A ICON AND HER PERFORMANCE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!. How you look at her reflects your belief, so women don’t speak up for themselves and many people are discriminative so sure Janet will be called every-name INthe book by YOU!! THERE IS MUCH MORE HARMING THINGS THAN A 3 SECOND TITTY ONCE SEEN 8 YEARS AGO CAN DO TO GROWN PEOPLE AND TO A KID GROWING UP IN A MESSED UP AMERICA CLASSROOM AND DIVIDED SOCIETY. COME ON!! LOOK INTO YOUR HOME AND WORRY ABOUT YOU! JANET ALREADY IS A VICTIM OF RACISM, AND IM HAPPY SHE USED HER ARTISTRY TO SHOW AMERICA THINGS IT DOESNT WANT TO HEAR!!! LOVE U JANET!!!!!

  128. Janet4Ever February 6, 2012

    As a Janet fan, I enjoyed her performance, I think it was an accident as she had ABSOLUTELY no reason to pull a stunt. She was on top of her game when she performed at the superbowl.

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