Watch: Janet Jackson On ‘Anderson’ Show (Full)

Published: Tuesday 21st Feb 2012 by Sam

Pop icon Janet Jackson‘s visit to the Anderson show has seen her serve as the focus of many a headline. From her thoughts on Whitney Houston‘s passing, to a possible role on the X Factor USA, to her new svelte physique, Ms. Jackson has been a topic on the lips of many.

Ironic, then, is the fact that her appearance only aired in full a few hours ago. Check out it out below…

While it’s great to see Janet continuing to plug her side-hustle, we’re itching for itching for new music. It’s been 4 years already!

Your thoughts?

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  1. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 21, 2012

    Stunningly beautiful!!!!

  2. Gaga’s Army February 21, 2012

    Has- been…sit down !!!!..dont forget to put down your fake boobs under your b***…


  3. Kam February 21, 2012

    I love me some Janet but Toni Braxton would be a better judge for X-Factor USA. She’s not too shy to speak her mind and she has a more relatable personality. Janet would need a script and sorry to say this but she is boring off stage.

  4. pat February 21, 2012

    janet’s a bigger star so she’ll pull extra viewers in…i love toni…but i can’t see people setting there dvr’s just cause she’s the new many toni stans are there? like 100?

  5. Kam February 21, 2012

    @PAT It’s not about who’s a bigger star in the long run. Paula Abdul was not a big star when American Idol began. It is, however, about personality and appeal to viewers which Janet does not have. Toni has shown on BFV and in interviews that she can be caring, funny, a diva, and at times mean and vicious. Janet and Latoya speak like an innocent, soft spoken child which comes off as contrived and is a major bore. Janet may pull in viewers initially but I doubt many will stick around to hear her baby talk and since she’s a “bigger star” like you say maybe she doesn’t have the time to commit to the contestants. Besides Toni is a pianist and has an educational background in music from Bowie State. My comment was and is not from a place of “stanning” because I don’t “stan” for any artist but I do support talented artists like Janet and Toni. I want to see both be successful but I think that X-Factor judging is better suited for Toni’s career.

  6. Bey Fan February 21, 2012

    love me some Damita Jo…… janet is awesome

  7. pat February 21, 2012

    @kam, but paula abdul was not the reason people tuned in…American Idol was a hit out of the gate and the chemistry between all judges just added fuel to the fire and made it even bigger…..X-FACTOR is looking for an initial ratings boost with hopeful chemistry that will do the same as American Idol…toni’s star factor is not enough to give the show the initial boost that it needs….it will open with the same or less viewership (now that paula who has become a household name) is gone…….janet may not have this huge personality that people are claiming that toni has (i’ve never really seen),

    I’m sure Janet’s influenced way more of the people who will be auditioning than toni so, the fans reactions to meeting Janet…her stories of growing up in the Jackson household musicall, that i’m sure she will share, and advice will mean so much more to the contestants….I don’t see an asset that Toni brings over anyone really , let alone Janet.

  8. Gaga’s Army February 21, 2012

    FAKE DIVA….with squeeky voice like mouse


  9. Onyx February 21, 2012

    Lov Janet, Anderson Cooper is so Cool.

  10. RealTalkBsWalk February 21, 2012

    i love janet she was absolutely beautiful on that show I have never tuned into Anderson until he had my number 1 icon on there yeah Im a long time Janet fan in my book no one I mean no one can top her!! She is not a “Diva” she is not Queen of pop Janet is just QUEEN of everything, Janet is just to big to even be labeled.

  11. Edgy_Timless February 21, 2012

    Ppl may not like the idea of Janet becoming a Judge on X-Factor because she’s to queit but the facts is XFactor is a sinking ship and Simon needs simebody fast and gigantic to help his show. Janet equals ratings, plain and simple. Others may have the strong personality but not the viewership. Who else that is that big to take a seat at the panel.

  12. B Lamont February 21, 2012

    Always gorgeous always classy!!! Love her!!!!

  13. Keith February 21, 2012

    Can’t say anything different about Janet that’s already been said regarding her appearance on Anderson but if she is in fact a judge on X-Factor I hope that this will allow her personality and industry wisdom to show…

  14. Cool February 21, 2012

    Janet being a judge on The X Factor would be interesting because you will see the dynamics of Janet and Simon C., which wouldn’t just be personally but he would be her boss. I’m tired of people bashing Janet about her so-called “shyness”. Janet isn’t that shy as people think. Everyone needs a grace period to open up to someone but Janet seems like she knows when she can be herself and when she can’t. Janet might be the only pop diva, that people get at and seem to ride so hard about everything. I don’t know why people mess with her because girlfriend is Super-Fierce and not an easy win. I think she might knock someone out sooner or later or just go off.
    You mess with her family and she is ready to attack and not stop. Now you mess with her and call her out and attempt to rap your head around different things concerning her and it honestly rolls off her and she doesn’t really sweat those things. I know they hurt and people say the most hurtful things about her and her incredible family but when it comes down to her, she still shows up and does what the Jackson family has been doing for years; puts on a show. Sorry boo(s) but those aren’t qualities that alleged “shy people” possess. I think Janet is a beast on stage and off and has always been but she is from the Jackson Family and those folks have learned how to keep the media and the public at bay. Janet looks amazing, sounds so alive and I couldn’t be more happier for everything good that is going on in her life. People have always hated on her and I don’t know why and I used to think it was because of the Superbowl ordeal but it was longer before that. Janet is a multi-talented like no other and is beautiful to the point that there aren’t too many women that have this allure that Janet possess. She is kind and does a great deal of charity work that is never talked about but many know. Janet is extremely sweet and is a bit reserved at times but do you blame her? I know Janet used to be a bit shy in her younger days but I have seen some interviews that you know that Janet came out of her shell. Janet is human and not perfect but she has been blessed to be a Black woman and for some reason, throughout the world, Black woman aren’t put in the same regards as other women of different nationalities and that itself is wrong but I know it’s 100% true. Where it is very noticable is in the good ole United States of America, where most people feel that Black women have an attitude and are mean. The images of Black women on Jerry Springer and Maury are accurate, for those individuals but to think that all Black women are like those women is crazy. For as long as I remember Black women were always pushed to the back of many lines and many opportunities but still managed to be more visible, more miliant than ever before. I heard it’s hard to hold a good woman down but it’s really hard to stop a Black Woman when her mind is made up and sick of being tired. Janet has been in this business of show, fighting for a long time and made a name solely for herself and with class, dignity and respect. Just recently, I heard Madonna (another Icon) was making some cheeky remarks about Janet and the Superbowl. Basically she was putting Janet out and saying all types of wild remarks and doing what Madonna does best and that is, sell people out to profit. Well, Madonna performance was ok and honestly nothing to brag about. Now the special effects were brilliant but Madonna looked like that old lady from the movie “54′” (Disco Dottie). The funny part was Janet was doing an interview promoting her Nutri-system job and someone asked her about Madonna doing the Superbowl and this was before she did it. Janet actually seemed really happy and basically was saying how Madonna was going to turn it out. Just like Janet, a class act. Now lets get to Madonna, who would take the low road and put Janet on blast and tried to mention her slip up before her own Superbowl performance. Madonna’s ace-in-the-hole for that night was her performance with Nikki M. and MIA and what happen. Madonna first almost fell and then got the middle finger. Now the blogs have been saying that Madonna’s performance killed over Janets and Honey child, Madonna would need to bring God here himself for that to be true. Janet’s performance was in 2004 and still was more exciting than Madonna’s. Janet relied on talent and skills and Madonna relied on gimmicks.
    Janet has been compared and copied over and over again but she is an original like no other. With the death of Whitney Houston (R.I.P) another great woman of color (another Black woman) and now many are coming out and claiming to have loved her so dearly but bashed her when she was down, I find it necessary to honor the Icons before they pass.

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