Digital “Fortune”: Chris Brown Rises To #1

Published: Sunday 25th Mar 2012 by David

Despite the obvious and ever present set backs they face, Chris Brown can always count on support from his fan base, ‘Team Breezy‘.

Backing his music by way of ‘capital’  and their online presence, they- unlike a certain Rihanna Navy- are just as supportive with their mouths as they are with their money.

Case in point? Despite the fact that he has not stepped foot in the country, his British fans have secured him a #1 single with the dance hit ‘Turn Up The Music‘.

Details below…

Now #1 on the UK iTunes charts, Brown beats Katy Perry‘s ‘Part Of Me’ and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships‘ to the top spot, two months before the release of his new LP ‘Fortune‘.

The single’s success comes days after one time collaborator Diplo labelled him an a**hole, and weeks after the release of ‘Music’s remix, which features ex girlfriend Rihanna.


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  1. kingbreezy March 25, 2012

    only a king is capable of doing this U MAD?

  2. Carmen March 25, 2012

    Lol at the shade towards GoatNavy.
    TUTM #1 let’s hope it can stay there.

  3. Ethan March 25, 2012

    And without promo 🙂

  4. Kevin March 25, 2012

    Team Breezy, have a seat. Don’t go telling people that only a “king” can get a number one off of a dance song. -_-_-_-_-

  5. badgirl March 25, 2012

    Umm, he ain’t King of ish but moving along lol

    Turn Up the Music is just a really good track. I mean the music is fire the lyrics are catchy as hell and its about to be summertime. This track is a staple on my exercise playlist and it’s fun to dance to in the club. When you have a good song like this you don’t need a lot of promo for ppl to like it. I gotta say the first time I heard it was I was like meh, but that freakin VIDEO sealed the deal. I loved the energy and vibe and it was ova. Chris was giving me my MJ fix with his lil MJ moves and since I’m such a stan for the King of Pop I fell in love with the video and song even more.

    Hopefully CB has more hits like this, can’t wait.

  6. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 25, 2012

    WFL was #1 in billboard for how many weeks again ?!! 11 WEEKS !! in BILLBOARD MAIN F*****’ chart , K ?!

    how many copies did ” TTT” sold WW in ONLY 2 months ?! surpassing sales of certain ” acts” like the destiny’s child MEMBER (s) , 😉 ?!!

    how many copies WW did ” F.A.M.E” sold again ?! compared to LOUD ?!!

    TEAMbreezy are cool , but they are NOTHING compared to the navy.

    i like CB though and i like TUTM , so XD for this era so far , but i gotta give it to the navy though when it come to stannship.

  7. RYK101 March 25, 2012

    I don’t give a f*** about Brown tbh

    The only reason I’m commenting here is to defend the RihannaNavy, while many of them are delusional and fake, the true Navy knows how to support Rihanna, why are you mad Sam? I mean you can shade her ALL you want about her talent (or lack of, according to you) but when it comes to her success, take a seat

    Loud has outsold many of the competition, if not all (i’m not saying names cause i’m just stating a fact, i don’t want to hate on other artists), TTT in the time spam compared to other albums, again outsells many of your beloved “#1” albums, and let’s please count her “promo” right? Two OFFICIAL singles, with their respective visuals, 2 performances in the US and 2 in the UK, you just sound mad, Rihanna is a capable of selling singles as selling albums, congrats to Brown and let’s hope if that team breezy can spend their money on his album and not only the song

    stay pressed

  8. Lax March 25, 2012

    Chris i support you & many others support you we do not have to wear a banner around our neck telling the world that we support you. Many have supportes i mean we was as mad as hell and was up to know goo at all. But if we don’t let the pass wear us our we will live to be stronger in everything we do as a people. I see the hurtful and slanderous things that people type and say but its all good.
    People say what ever come to mind and they tries to be a palm reader on each and everbodys life. The small things people say or not as important as how you percive the lame mind set of many.

    We have to take the bitter with the sweet nd just like the “Grape” write their colums and articles to reflex what and how they see each artist and that is there job. I might say somthing back that is negative it don’t really matter because they or a blog doing their job and i am a half ass blogger having fun. But at the end of thr day young man it matters a dam about what they or saying negative about me, you and/or RIHANNAS Navy it dont matter one snap. I have dragged your ass to kindom come and back but to tell you that trugh i like and respect your HUSTLE
    & i am in like flint and on your side now. Keep doing your thing and as hard as it might seem and do remember that slicent is gold. They talked about JESUS and they stoned and kicked him in the ass and he was JESUS So the small talk that feed into this public perception that you or the BOOGGIE MAN IS BULL S***. And i love it when they swear up and down that she used the beat down to get the speed to go where others has dared to go. Now remember she used her beat down to get to where she is and to be the most popular artist on the net and around the universe. Keep that in mind young man because if that hold any lick
    of truth in it then it would be sage to say that Eatc and Every bish walking with their asses pointing to the ground need ro use their SITUATION IN LIF tO TRY AND DO THE SAME THING.

    And if they are not using the incident to try and beat her wheels off with they then have got the nerves to say that she sucked her way to the top so as you can see
    RIHANNA SUCKING her war to where she is right now could APPLY TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN WHO ACHIEVE. So is it safe to say that fill in the blank
    ________Is as rich as he/she is because they sucked their way to the top,,,SO SEE Just how FUKKKKKK Up in the heads many or who want to keep burning the candle on both sides, keep up the great work and keep REACHING FOR THE STARS YOUNG MAN,,,,,ONE OF RIHANNAS SENIOR OFFICERS AND HER NAVY AND NOW A FIVE STAR GENERAL, TAKE CARE…..THE BEST THING AT THIS POINT IS TO BURY YESTERDAY LIKE YOU DID MAKE THE PLAYING GROUNDS EVEN AND RUN THAT DAM BALL TILL THE WHEELS FALL OF THAT SUCKER….

  9. Lax March 25, 2012


  10. hunni2nice March 25, 2012

    no tv promos and shot straight up to number 1 (lets hope it stays there)…the suns out in the uk and what a summer song to go with it

  11. mobwife March 25, 2012

    Not really sure why you felt compeled to mention Di-BLOW (Chris anyday) but whatever? 0_O

    YEAH 3X HATERS & A WARM SHOUT OUT TO TEAMBREEZY UK! Well damn that’s what I’m talking about…LOL! The boy has done NO PROMOTIONALS WHAT-SO-EVER in any country and has not been in the UK for many moons yet he still SLAYS! 🙂

    DAMN all hail the YOUNG PRINCE!

  12. mobwife March 25, 2012


    Why because it’s TRUE?

    R&B, POP, DANCE, JAZZ, COUNTRY, I mean what are you trying to say? A #1 is only valid if its on a POP Chart? Are we back to that BS? SMDH at the continued foolishness.

  13. Lax March 25, 2012

    This is indeed good for him i hope it reaches the top in all aspects when
    it drops and good for him. I don’t worry a lot about the idle talk about how poorly RIHANNAS ALBUM Is doing because right now even though there has been albums
    many of them that went to #1 but then died after they made it through the gate. Rihanna album “TTT” can be put up aganist over a dozen albums before and after her album and with her single “WFL” tHERE IS NONE OF THEM THAT CAN MATCHE HERS TOE TO TOE, PERIOD I RESPECT HIS HUSTLE, THOUGH..

  14. Diana March 25, 2012

    They are just trying to start some sh*t between the navy and TB. Don’t fall for it guys.

  15. mobwife March 25, 2012


    Who cares how many WW copies FAME sold as he did not conduct a WW tour! He toured Australia, TDot, CAN and the US. He didn’t even go to SA, so what exactly is your point? Rihanna embarked on 2 World Tours so whatever she sold worldwide is to be expected isn’t it?


    I’ve been trying to be kind but since you want to go there “I and many others, don’t really give a f*** about “Raggedy Ann” tbh”! You claim not to want ot knock others but you seem to have no problem administering backhanded compliments. Now I understand its the nature of the blogs to stir up confusion but settle down! I’m trying to cut Rihanna some slack as the world seems to be trying to destroy her and Chris for making music together like its some “GREAT EVIL” so settle down what that!


  16. queenofthenavy March 25, 2012

    f*** you tgj!
    Rihanna’s Umbrella had sold more copies worldwide than all of chris’ number ones combined.
    I wonder how the whole phone snatching case is coming alone. Because as everyone knows when something goes right for chris something bad happens soon after,
    (sits and blasts We Found Love while waiting)

  17. Kerry Johnson March 25, 2012

    Rihanna is the Goddess of pop music

  18. Tbozfan10 March 25, 2012

    You guys ride Chris so hard. I mean he’s alright. But every time he has some kind of success anywhere on any chart you blow it up like its some sort of new record. I keep pointing out that “F.A.M.E.”, the big comeback CD, did only sell 720,000 so far. It’s not bad but it isnt earth-shattering numbers or anything,

  19. mobwife March 25, 2012

    *with that* but you get the point!

    @Diana you are right! So I’m done arguing! I happy Chris is doing well. He is like the Energizer Bunny or a Timex watch…..”takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ “..LOL 😉

  20. CBE March 25, 2012

    OK I was going to comment on chris!(congrats by the way) but that b**** at @Pop royalty had to drag Teambreezy like NAVY IS BETTER THAN TB? seriously?

    just because rihanna has more tweeter followers does not equal to huge record sales and yeah WFL went to number 1 but lets wait for Fortune to come out before comparing to TTT(dont compare F.A.M.E to TTT) even though its doing better than TTT in the US. How many albums does Rihanna have?6 chasing 7 and chris is releasing his 5th so dont start s***.

  21. queenofthenavy March 25, 2012

    Mobwife, your argument is stupid even by your standards.
    An artist doesnt have to tour in a country to do well there, Drake is not a household name in the UK but has numerous top fives here, I think he may even have a number one there.
    FAME flopped because people saw chris for who he was, an arrogant bully whose stupidity became impossible ti ignore.
    Trashing ABC, mocking child s** abuse victims, lashing out on Twitter. And let me tell you this- this is not a race thing.
    Fact of the matter is, because chris isnt a huge megastar with strong industry relationships it became easy for the media to shine a light on his flaws and he being the glorified mamas boy that he is fell for it.

  22. CBE March 25, 2012


    Correction F.A.M.E has sold over 800-000 copies now and yes its not platinum.
    people forget chris was coming back to being popular so why are you expecting huge numbers from that album,Fortune is were we will get a clearer picture of progress,he has gained quite alot more fans since than.

  23. mobwife March 25, 2012


    His successes are highlighted as is everyone elses. The difference is that no one else has the racist amerikan media constantly try to tear them down while they prop up obscure individuals ……is that a nicki minaj avatar? Again, he sold well for a R&B CD in amerika. R&B never receives the promotion and support it deserves be it Kelly Rowland, Jill Scott or even Beyonce!

  24. CBE March 25, 2012


    Aaawww are you pressed honey? F.A.M.E is a flop? LOL…a number 1 album and were did the queen’s album debut? number 3 so you want to keep hating on chris and while rihanna acts like britney spears but its ok I am not mad I can admit my fave has flaws and is immature but hey his winning!!!

  25. QH21 March 25, 2012

    Congrats are in order for him. But lets NOTTTTT bring rihanna in to this, because if i can recall, WFL spent MANYYYYY weeks at #1 in the U.S. without the b**** stepping one foot in the U.S. while she embarked on the European leg of her loud tour.

  26. queenofthenavy March 25, 2012

    cbee, you stupid b****.
    Between Fame and Talk That Talk- mind you- between Fame AND ANY OF RIRIS album, which sold more.
    who cares which went to #1 if talk that talk ended up selling more in the US anyway.
    thats like saying:

    “album 1 has old 200,000 units in the US and album 2 sold 4 million in the US but album 2 is a flop because it didnt get to number 1 but album 1 one did.”

    that argument is foolish.

  27. xoxo March 25, 2012

    ugh im so over him. he is a sellout, turn up the music is just another generic ass song that will be forgotten about by may.

  28. D.Strock March 25, 2012

    Oh really, you’re throwing shade at Rihanna when Chris lands a top single in iTunes? In the UK of all places! If it were US, that’s be different, but we all know Rihanna practically runs the UK.

  29. commanderofthedancefloor March 25, 2012

    haha we are comparing riri to chris now??
    ok lets
    @cbe yes chris has a #1 album but lets compare actual sales shall we!
    chris first 4 albums combined sold 8-9 million
    rihannas third album by itself sold that much!
    riris first 4 albums have sold 16-17 million double of what chris sold!

    oh and check your facts ttt has already sold more in the US than fame! fame has 720 k ttt has now over 800 k! ttt has surpassed fame world wide as well!!

    with riris fifth album loud she sold 6.5 million
    lets see fortune even do 3 million! oh and also by riris 5th album she passed the 20 million mark with albums sold chris might not even pass 10 million yet!

    now on to the singles front! 70 million singles sold world wide! i dont think chris even sold 20 million yet!!

    dont try it because no matter how you try to spin it it just aint going to work out for chris!

  30. mobwife March 25, 2012


    Wait a minute you filthy trollop, there is nothing about my position that was or is stupid. You may not appreciate my position but who really gives a f*ck?

    Chris Brown did none of those things.

    *Lie one, he never trashed anything at GMA. His entourage was accused of cracking a window in one of the dressing rooms they occupied. Robin “cancer ridden” Roberts admitted that they didn’t know when the window had actually been broken or who actually broke it so STFU!

    *Lie two, RazB was the fool who lashed out at Chris. That psychopathic nut case (we all watched his public meltdowns in horror), tweeted Chris numerous times before he eventually responded. 30 year old Raz Berry should have known better then to attack to a 21 yr old kid. I love how think its okay for a person start sh*t then hide behind their so-called (nothing has ever been confirmed), sexual abuse. He knew he was a so-called sexual assult victim before he decided to send hateful, threatening, bullsh*t tweets… f*ck him. He later crawled back trying to apologize for his stupidity. Because you are a so-called victim it does not give you the right to abuse folks who have done nothing to you. I don’t care who you are!

    *Lie three, Chris has merely responded via twitter to the host of RACIST COMMENTS HE HAS RECIEVED! Yes you grounding, it is all ABOUT RACE & AGE! I love the notion that a free person in a free country is unable to defend himrself from constant attacks but it’s okay for these animals to attack him. They are not arrogant, angry or threatening for attacking him 1st but he is for responding! LOL, got to love the tricks of the trade! These same old fools say nothing about those that resemble them who have done far worse then anything TEENAGE CHRIS BROWN DID THREE YEARS AGO or anything he has said or done since! But hey, they have you fooled so GOOD FOR THEM! Thank GOD the rest of us are awake!

  31. mobwife March 25, 2012


    Don’t worry about that press thing, that shouldn’t be in here considering the post has nothing to do with……baa!

    Yeah 3X, Fortune will be #1 as well! Good for Chris and his TeamBreezy. Damn what anyone else has to say! They crawled in here to start sh*t as you can see!

  32. DUMBFANS March 25, 2012

    chris brown is one the hottest artists right now
    the one reason rihanna has sold more because she catters the the pop crowd more than chris
    chris also had a setback and fame was just a back in the door.
    enjoy them both

  33. DUMBFANS March 25, 2012

    *step back in the door

  34. Sleazy March 25, 2012

    Its a Generic dance song and its the UK are yall surprised?

  35. CBE March 25, 2012


    Rihanna has 6 albums and more sales but chris is about to release his 5th and you forgetting that b**** benefited from chris brown’s downfall and she milked it all the way to the bank so before you write your essay’s have all your facts straight too,TTT has sold 720-000(wikipedia b****) like you said but F.A.M.E has sold over 800-000 so how has TTT sold more?

  36. LTM March 25, 2012

    “Now #1 on the UK iTunes charts” this article is about the UK iTunes charts. Not any real Billboard chart. honestly, hitting #1 on iTunes is not special when you can get replaced in hours. TGJ decieved you all into thinking it was a major #1 lol.

  37. CSquad (Fantasy Ride) March 25, 2012

    gurl bye, lmao. did you make up them numbers yourself? Rated R sold 2.2million, Good Girl Gone Bad sold 7.6million, A Girl Like Me sold 2.7million and Music of The Sun sold 1.3million. That does not equal 16-17 million world wide. Loud only sold 5.6million and Talk that Talk hasnt outsold F.A.M.E in the US yet.

  38. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 25, 2012

    i didn’t know Ciara still has fans , whatever …..

    @MOBWIFE :

    let’s keep it Clear , if we are going to compare R to CB , R will win by default.

    K ?!

    Tour or not , i don’t think a CB album can do what a R album is capable of doing if both of them were offered the same conditions. rihanna’s stardom is just enormous.

    this post is not about sales , is about CB getting a#1 in iTunes UK , not BILLBOARD , i congratulated the man and i will leave , but U will not talk about Rihanna or her navy as if Teambreezy can do better , K ?!

    when a CB song stays in the #1 position for 11 f***** consecutive weeks in BILLBOARD , NOT iTUNES , then u can feel yourself to the point u can shade ppl who can do it with minimal-to-no promo in BILLBOARD’s f***** MAIN CHART !!!

    but NOW , get XD for CB as we are and leave rihanna and her navy ALONE. don’t fall for @sam’s trap to get a stan war ” which will be translated into hits / $” between #rihannanavy and #teambreezy , both stanbases should get along by default as our favs.

    @CBE :

    a F*** is supposed to be given now ?!! 🙄

  39. James227 March 25, 2012

    FYI F.A.M.E sold 855,000 or more. You people have to much hate but Rihanna & Chris seems like they could care less. Go to Church and learn how to forgive because nobody is showing you how to forgive at home.

  40. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 25, 2012

    @LTM :

    exactly , i can see TGJ posting a new post under those titles to get some random stan war :

    ” why do u think people hate chris brown ?!! ” or ” don’t u think rihanna is satan’s daughter as we do ?!! ” 😆

    anything for hits …… 🙄



  42. Lax March 25, 2012

    Look people theres not need to compare apples to oranges they or both
    great fruits in many people book. This is a time for us all to try and heal and let by gones be by gones. Dam we know that many of the fans have a reason for feeling the way they feel. But know that no matter how you might feel that she acquired her wealth no matter if it was from getting the fukkkk beat out of her or if she won he lotter its her money , life and career. The bottom line is the fans need to stard stepping up to the plate and being accountable for what they say and do also. If we was smart and we or not we would go after the shitters who bashes the wheels of both of these young people and make them back back up off of them both instead of the usual old fights we have had since day fukkkkkkin One. I know my red ass need to grow the Fukkkkkk up too i am not saying i don’t but s*** less try and see if each of us can trrrrrrrrrrt to help these twot to heal and move on from this,,,,,And this is coming from some one who first loved them both then,,,
    hated him for beating her down,,,then i have let it go like they have and i feel so dam refreshed and renewed and do not have no left over hate going on for these two. I and many will sit back and stop spreading this old s*** messing up a new day and a try and look forward to the future and what they each has to bring to us. And speaking of sales, numbers, whos the best and whos the worst the world know that she is top digital seller in the united states, Ever do i need to say more?

  43. commanderofthedancefloor March 25, 2012

    omgggg @cbe

    wikipedia is your source?? the same site that anybody and their mother can change with the click of the mouse!! really

    anyways i checked wikipedia still and guess what?? according to your source fame sold 720,000 in the US!!! and this is YOUR source! go search with all charts mediatraffic any of them and check ttt us sales and you see riri passed 800,000 in the US!! hell ttt was at 720 k 4 weeks ago and last week she had sold 26k and before that an additional 28k together thats 54k so how the hell is riri suppose to be at 720k now?? it was reported she had passed 700k in january! girl get it together!

    @csquad girl bye i get my fcts not from blogs but from sites speacilizing in tracking album sales google the s*** girl!!

    music of the sun 1.3 million
    a girl like me 3.2 million
    good girl gone bad 8.3 million
    rated r 3.6 million
    loud 6.5 million
    ttt 2.5 million

    do some research! you must of pulled those numbers out of a hat! oh and 7.6 million for good girl gone bad?? girl that number was passed before the rerelease in 2008!! and go to all charts count up week by week the number of albums loud sold and you see the tally is at 6.5 million!! i did my homework!

  44. Lax March 25, 2012

    Her digital sales along make hash out of the music digital
    sales which is bigger than big and it is not talked about
    like the big ass milestone it is because its Rihanna, bytches.
    Love her or hate her at the end of the day she still know how
    to take a licking and keep on ticking…

  45. CBE March 25, 2012


    Who said I went to wikipedia? I was referring to you a ” Wikipedia B****” and you have proven me right by saying that you just looking those figures up and I will tell you F.A.M.E figures have not been updated but chris mom and some fans have confirmed 800 000+ copies,so there you go!!! TTT has not reached even 800 000 rihanna is a single lady! now watch Fortune kill her whole existence.

  46. Kayla March 25, 2012

    ohkay, before i start let me say chris brown is fiiione…real talk

    now, there are a copule things that bug me about CB…one, i hate the fact that he claims hisself to be independent and a leader but he still’s go’s and follows EVRYTHING THAT IS POPULAR…u claim ur a leader but you still wear skinny jeans like evrybody..u claim ur a leader but you still wear claim your a leader but you start rapping because it’s getting popular and not to mention you were failing and need a new way to draw in your fans….second, his rapping..i can’t stand it, i can’t stand it, i can’t ducking stand it..he’s just a lil wayne mixed with Kevin McCall and his singing, OMG..that’s a baby making voice right lie..i just wish he would rap every once in a while…not every freaking other song…and he got his f****** shadow JUSTIN BIEBER doing it…but that’s for another day ;)…and third and for most…chris brown acts like he’s the f****** s*** and EVVVEERYYBODY want’s to speak up on him and PLEASE don’t let somebody tell him somethin about hisself…cus then it’s all “thnxs for the attention..” or “trying to use my name for publicity, how adorable” or “and everybody wanna talk about Chris Brown when they not doing well..smh..i stay selling out shows, how about you?” those aren’t exactly what he said but it’s’s like N**** WHAT THE F***..ain’t nobody even thinkin about yo ass until you do somethin stupid, until it’s brought up w/ rihanna or until you a rihanna got back are not the center of stop trinna act like it….ohkay, i just had 2 get that out

    But congrats to him..he ain’t even got CD out and he winnin’

  47. Girrrl March 25, 2012

    Y’all serious about this article?! Number 1 on one itunes chart? Okay. But Rihanna topping BB single charts, selling millions of albums (something CB hasn’t done since…) are dismissed. You wild. Next we’re gonna see an article about your fave topping the r&b adult singles chart.

  48. Abel Villas Boas March 25, 2012

    Sam, you are disrespecting Rihanna fans…tsc tsc stc
    Take a seat.
    From today, I’ll STOP post in Rihanna’s topics, because that’s what you want.

    Vai tomar no cú Sam!

  49. Peggy Hylton March 25, 2012

    I was the first to download it

  50. mobwife March 25, 2012


  51. mobwife March 25, 2012


    You obiously don’t know WTF you are talking about! 1)Chris has never professed to be the leader of anything but TeamBreezy! 2)So what if he wears skinny jeans, a three piece suit or a hoodie, its his damn body WTF does it have to do with you? 3) Now I know you don’t know WTF you are talking about as Chris initially wanted to become a rapper but after JIVE heard him sing and saw him dance it was a wrap! 4)Chris has not asked ppl to crticize him and there is nothing constructive about calling a person as a**hole because they refuse to use your beats on their upcoming CD. Their is nothing consructive about carrying on about one fight he had as a teenager. If you think so then that’s your mental problem not Chris’!

    Also save our fake congrats.

  52. kody3x March 25, 2012

    Chris Brown is the f****** king of music yeah I said it.

  53. kody3x March 25, 2012

    Chris Brown >all of your non talented faves

  54. kody3x March 25, 2012

    Team Breezy > all of yall lame ass teams.

  55. kody3x March 25, 2012

    TUTM Original >>>>>>>>>>TUTM remix

  56. Jayla March 25, 2012

    it seems like the more hate he gets the more success he gets lol, Happy for him, haters should keep hating lol

  57. VA STAND UP!!! March 25, 2012

    Its obvious TGJ was trying to start a stan war by mentioning her and trying to lure the R****** Navy in here to talk s***. As usual typical presses member of the Navy who stay stuck up CB’s ass are the first ones in here to talk s***!

    The fact of the matter is Chris hasn’t been to the UK in YEARS and hasn’t promoted himself outside of the States. ‘TUTM’ reaching No. 1 without ANY promo is an accomplishment! If a single reaches No. 1 on iTunes it will undoubtedly premiere high on the charts. ‘TUTM’ could be his first No. 1 and it would be his fourth top ten in the past two years im the UK. For someone who hasn’t been to the UK in two years but still has hits on the charts that IS an accomplishment!

    We all know Rihanna is HEAVILY marketed in the UK and promotes herself over there more than any other market. Rihanna STAYS in the UK! She might as well live there! And they kiss her ass more than they do here in the States. Rihanna performs at damn near every award show there is, goes on every talk show and morning show known to man and she has a huge label backing her that promotes her more than any other artist on that label. OF COURSE she is more successful! She is the current ‘it girl’ pop princess who relies on her looks, s** appeal and hit records (that other people write for her). It’s not hard to see why she is more successful!

    Comparing her to someone has been blackballed in the industry, had his music banned from radio and is constantly attacked by the media is pointless. Chris is primarily an r&b artist who doesn’t focus on other markets yet is still successful in those markets.

    Plus the US is the toughest market because nowhere but in the States do you have to sell 1 mill to reach platinum. It’s much tougher to be a successful artist in the US than in the UK.

  58. Kayla March 25, 2012

    @mobwife…b****, look at his twitter…notice how he protrays himself..and like i said, he thinks he’s the best f****** thing walking and it’s not nothing to knock a b**** out over..i mean, it’s my opinion..did you not see the part..THE THINGS THAT BUG ME ABOUT CB???oh no, wtf i’m clearly talkin to a blind bxtch..a b**** that’s so stuck on his d*** that keeps showing up in pics everywhere that can’t see how everytime something because modernized or whatever, chris brown is always right there..”i brought snapbacks back”WTF..get the f*** outta here n****…a d*** must’ve been in his ass deep tht day cus he was on a gooooood one….look at him in the “cat daddy video”it’s like damn, can THEY promote they song..sure they probally asked him (i know you easy guessed ass gonna say some shxt like dat) but it’s a thing called curtsy….but then again, he still struggles with anger, self control issues, and he’s a part time attention w****..wouldn’t want him to run low trying to teach him to b polite right?

  59. kody3x March 25, 2012

    @kayla shut your hating ass up what do you mean how he portrays himself on twitter i swear haters try to use anything.

  60. Kayla March 25, 2012


    OMFG, could everybody really have eaten a big ass bowl of stupidity this morning…hmm, what do i mean by the way he protrays himself…hmmm, what could it mean..what could it mean…*taps chin*OH YEAH, DUH…it means……BY THE WAY HE F****** POTRAYS HIMSELF…everytime he get into it with somebody he always talking about “I stay selling out shows” so does lady gaga…”i got money, what about you” oh oprah got’s money but she don’t brag…”i ain’t got time to talk about haters, i’m a working man..aha” No time??? So… it…that…your..d-d-doing…..right…*cough cough*… Oh ohkay? Not controling your anger, that’s what…anywas, i ain’t trinna seem like i don’t like the dude..those were just reason i didn’t like him…i like his SINGING voice, i loved fame, i love Graffiti and i’m gonna love F.A.M.E… if you take a telephone pole up your asshole because i mad an opionion, then so bee it….because i’m not known to change my words for ANYBODY unless it’s something that proves me take ur comment, shove it down your throat, choke on it..roll over…die..and watch me step over you, look down, shake my head..and keep going about my day

  61. KingBey March 25, 2012

    RihannaNavy B****** please rihanna has six albums and none off them has pass 9 million WW, she doesn’t have a Number 1 album plus she hasn’t push pass 300k first week sales WFL was Number #1 for 10 weeks it was the hottest track out at the time she was on tour at the time of her album release yet still couldn’t reach Number #1 . Lol Dead at the Rihanna fan who said TTT sold more in 2 more months than a certain Destiny child member lol b**** if u meant Beyonce which u did 4 singles didn’t do well at all but she sold over 2 million in 6 months and over 1 million in the US while others was on tour and had one of the biggest hits out and yet still sold less than an album out long and had flop singles ooops now did I say that

  62. Tbozfan10 March 25, 2012

    Hey @mobwife

    You say that Chris brown is the only artist that has to worry about the racist amerikan media tearing him down, but doesn’t every black artist have to work under the same microscope. He is not the only artist who was hated by the media. And 800,000 albums is no small matter, but I just can’t help but feel if Usher, Beyonce or even Rihanna would have sold 800,000 in a year it wouldn’t be called a “blockbuster comeback” by TGJ.

  63. Happy F3eet March 25, 2012

    @ TBOZFan10 … Usher was not blackballed for domestic violence nor had his music banned because of it. So if you are going to compare have all the facts. It is a comeback for Chris because of that reason. No one has ever experience what he has experience as a young black male. Rihanna benefit from the situation. So it doesn’t matter how you spin it . You can’t compare other artist to him.

  64. DUMBFANS March 25, 2012


  65. Forever Queen Bey March 25, 2012

    Considering the things Chris was up against, this is an amazing accomplishment! Congratualtions, baby boy 😉

  66. mobwife March 25, 2012


    Wait a damn minute, did I call you out of your name? Okay then b*tch f*ck you too! Why do you give a damn what he promotes on his twitter page it’s his and since you obviousy don’t cae for him WTF are you trolling his twitter account? STALKER! Everyone should think highly of themselves! Don’t you think highly of yourself or are you one of these low-self esteem having bitter “witches”? I don’t see that Chris is anymore or less cocky then George Clooney, Bill O’Rielly, Charlie Sheen, JayZ etc. So let me get this straight, ppl can talk down to you without cause, but you can’t hold your head high and say I am great regradless of the BS said by others? You are sick in the damn head get somewhere and sit down and STFU!


  67. mobwife March 26, 2012


    Happy F3eet
    March 25, 2012 at 8:15 pm
    @ TBOZFan10 … Usher was not blackballed for domestic violence nor had his music banned because of it. So if you are going to compare have all the facts. It is a comeback for Chris because of that reason. No one has ever experience what he has experience as a young black male. Rihanna benefit from the situation. So it doesn’t matter how you spin it . You can’t compare other artist to him.


  68. TB4LIFE March 26, 2012

    we have @RYK101
    FAME went #1

  69. romeo March 26, 2012

    those people are craxy chris brown has like 6 song in the chart

  70. Tbozfan10 March 26, 2012

    Look, I agree that that the media gives Chris Brown extra backlash that will probably never because he is a black male, but my statement was that TGJ and others would not be calling 800,000 copies sold a blockbuster were it by somebody else. Yes, he receives much more scrutiny than say Usher or Trey Songz, but either something is a “blockbuster comeback” or it isn’t. There’s no “well this album is a blockbuster for selling this much while artist b sold as many and his isn’t. That’s because artist a had this and this going against him.” it doesn’t work like that. And 800,000 copies is success for one artist, then it should be considered a success across the board for other artists too.

  71. Kayla March 26, 2012

    …did i or did i not say that i didnt want it to seem like i didn’t like the kid..i love the R&B/Pop chris brown with that s*** voice..i was just saying i don’t like some of the s*** he does, like that rapping or his freaking cockiness…and yeah it’s good to fight back at the negativitive but it’s a different thing when you trinna live above your standards..which means he shouldn’t b on TWITTER braggin about s*** he ain’t do, especially with his reputation now..and imma leave it at that…

    and i called you out ya f****** name because i call it like i see it and you allllways got something to say to any and everybody…

    and i ain’t got no low self-esteem…i just don’t brag, once again, about ishh i ain’t got..i ain’t gone say i’m rockin $2,000 stilettos when i know my s*** cost $650 at Shieks…i ain’t gone say i’ll kill a b**** when i know my finger would trimble at a trigger…i just keep Life, Myself, Haterz, and My Buisness 100, scratch that, 1,000,000….

  72. Oceanmate March 27, 2012

    @Mob Wife, she’s so Ghetto and a NUTT!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  73. Oceanmate March 27, 2012

    Team Breezy Bitchesssssss

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