Hot Shots: Rihanna Ditches Her Bra In NYC

Published: Monday 12th Mar 2012 by Sam

{Image Removed As Requested}

Wig? Check. Outfit? Check. Bra? At home.

Rihanna continues to show that an absence of talent needn’t hold one back.

Renown for  relying on column inches more than she does a vocal coach, the model was snapped marching around New York City sans her bra last night.

Meanwhile the 23 year old’s latest album ‘Talk That Talk’ isn’t charting that chart. For five months after release, it remains struggling to leave the 600,000 region. Something not altogether surspring when considering antics like those in the pics above, together with the embarrassments she calls performances.

For, instead of vesting time in polishing her craft and becoming a “believable” artiste, she stays putting a pretty bow on doo-doo.

Wake me when Beyonce‘s back…

More pics after the jump.

{Images Removed As Requested}

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  1. Mel March 12, 2012

    Sam stay hating gosh this incorrect shade is too much for me this morning.

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  2. kimberly March 12, 2012

    What! Is this real? Or is it just the top. If yes, This is embarrassing but who else. This is coming from someone who shows no pride. Everything looks a mess. The attire is a mess!!! #FACT #NOTHARDTONOTICE

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  3. bREEZYLIKEY March 12, 2012


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  4. Eva March 12, 2012

    She is making an idiot out of herself these days. The last album she did should have never been released. It’s so half-assed. Is it too much to ask for singers with talent who don’t act like trash?

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  5. BEEyonced March 12, 2012

    Won’t take long til her complete downfall. Britney Lohan regions.
    This is so ridiculous, she been lookin’ a twat mess for way to long. Who cares anyhows? How often we seen her makin out with girls, showing her tits, picking horrible outfits. About delivering talent we don’t have to speak.
    How long will record company invest in this dead horse? She hardly can cover the expenses. She’ll end up bad. Don’t need to be a psychic to tell.

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  6. TheTruth March 12, 2012


    Rihanna, Girl?! Billboard said you made $7 million. $7 millon?!?! Girl, where were your lawyers when you signed this contract?

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  7. KD March 12, 2012

    To the stans:

    Do not fall for the trap…

    Pause, Breath, Count to 10, and walk away from this post.


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  8. harry March 12, 2012


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  9. jhon gerardo March 12, 2012

    te ves mua m

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  10. Matt March 12, 2012

    Lol at you shading rihannas sales, it took ages for beyond to get platinum on 4closure but you state rihannas sales after minimum promo, rihanna slays with her singles and has decent album sales, begone can’t even crack top 20. You hype up beyonce on the worldwide charts but fail to mention how we found love SLAYED on that chart, stay hating TGJ!!

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  11. KD March 12, 2012


    You really think badmouthing Beyonce hurts Sam…you really can’t be that delusional can you?

    Sam is making money of you. The reason why Beyonce was mentioned is so as to rile up silly little stans that have no life outside of living vicariously through their “faves”.


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  12. kimberly March 12, 2012

    @ Matt are we comparing sales of an artist who was unable to trvael and promote to an artist who was enerywhere? what is the better promotion than coming from a worldtour and single success? also showing off her ass everywhere? Well I thought she was taking over the world . not impressive at all. since I refreshed my page I decided to address your ignorance but anyway.


    @BREEZYLIKEY ummm, well her fanbase refuse to point that out. They only use the word flop when she gets a #1 single but refuse to hear it when her performances are wack and her sales no matchng the hype. 7 milli off music….

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  13. Harvey March 12, 2012

    I’ve seen a married woman show her vajajay for years..atleast rhianna isn’t married and has a child..u can dress yodeling b up all u like but she’s just as trashy as ms thang here..#realtalk~

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  14. kimberly March 12, 2012

    @ Harvey You talking about showing her vajajay on the streets, in public?????? and with what attire. dailly or costume and also if costume what cut and make of the costume? I bet is is less revealing than miss thang in history of music. lol

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  15. Stans make me LOL March 12, 2012

    Haha….. Rihanna is a “WASTE GASH” (London slang).
    A rich Waste Gash, but a Waste Gash none the less.

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  16. Cockiness March 12, 2012

    Sam plz stop with your lies TTT has sold 726,000 copies as of last week and has sold 2.5million according to MusicCharts…

    And don’t get be started on billboards crazy charts that they do….anybody remember the “highest grossing artist list” and how Rihanna was even on it. and then it turn out that she actually grossed $90 million so F*** out of here with that.

    And this excuse for why 4 4lop is getting old beyonce did more promo for 4 than rihanna did for TTT. the LOUD tour was in Support of the LOUD ALBUM you dumb C****

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  17. RichnBlack11(Beyonce keep em MAD) March 12, 2012

    What is going on riri you look at hott ass mess

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  18. Cockiness March 12, 2012

    @kimberly b**** why don’t you go find yourself a life, you always on every rihanna post writing essays pon essays about the girl GET OFF HER D*** NOW PLZ

    how pathetic is your life that you most insist on waiting until TGJ post about rihanna and then have the nerve to refresh the page (like every 5mins) to response to all of the comments…like really

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  19. Ain’t Playing Witchu March 12, 2012

    Smh…you know its bad when Sam wears you down. She has no reason to be out like that looking like she just got off working on the corner. Come on now Riri…get it together. You do look like you’re heading for some kind of breakdown…giving me Britney Spears Tease.

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  20. mel March 12, 2012

    No boo, 4 didn’t flop……don’t try to bad mouth beyonce to take up for you trash fav. Ciara is about to take rihanna spot.

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  21. mel March 12, 2012

    her hands look funny, she’s looking kind of pale isn’t she?

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  22. Cockiness March 12, 2012

    so selling 2 million WW and no top ten singles….thats not floping :o…really wow

    And i will ignore that Ciara comment and direct you to TGJ interview with Wendy Williams

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  23. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Whitney Houston) March 12, 2012

    Sam plz stop with your lies TTT has sold 726,000 copies as of last week and has sold 2.5million according to MusicCharts…

    And don’t get be started on billboards crazy charts that they do….anybody remember the “highest grossing artist list” and how Rihanna was even on it. and then it turn out that she actually grossed $90 million so F*** out of here with that.


    Nevah Lyin . . . Truth teller

    You know the haters were on suicide watch when those Pollstar figures came out for LOUD tour, especially after they had creamed themselves a month earlier when Ri wasn’t on that BB top world tours list.

    For the truly pressed and ignorant, Billboard only reports what’s reported to them. that 7M US figure that BB quoted was only for like 8 of her 20 or 30 shows in North America on Loud tour, and BB even said that the 7M was based on the fraction of her US leg that was reported. Only a dullard would think that a 7M net for a third of a tour is low.

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  24. Cockiness March 12, 2012

    Ciara needs to take the remainder of her $895,253.35 she has and invest in a pension plan and high interest savings account because she will never be where ri is….#hangitup…….#flatscreen

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  25. Cockiness March 12, 2012

    oh yea and after 5 months TTT is #9 on Billboard 200….just thought i would throw that in there….does anyone RIHmember wat was 4’s position after 5months???? hmmmm

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  26. fatu sankoh March 12, 2012

    @Kimberly i love you sam you said it all this is embarrassing rir have no talente get mad at jay for sying rita tht have more talente but i dont blame riri is jay that put her above all and now is coming to bite him long live queen bey the only thing ririknows very well is being a devil trying to mess other people happness

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  27. Noel March 12, 2012


    Hypocritical much? You know if it was a bey post…you would be all up on it along w/ that person onyx and r rated. So stop getting mad…you can’t have it both ways.

    In all seriousness, this is just not a good look. I don’t care who you are.

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  28. aishaaguilerakeys March 12, 2012

    I really feel sorry for Rihanna. I seriously think she needs help, but I guess I’m the only one who feels that way.

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  29. Aishaaguilerakeys March 12, 2012

    The hell w/ that avatar?! Lol!

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  30. ThaInfo1 March 12, 2012

    Wake me up when you don’t have a post bashing her. If you don’t like her, don’t post about her. SIMPLE. I honestly love the hell out your blog but its becoming to biased. I mean I don’t mind the reviewing of tracks but everything else, I don’t really care. Because no matter how untalented you say she is…She is still selling and getting money and attention. Unlike some “real talent” who struggle and who you remain to be pressed about (I won’t name names because I love and respect them as much as Rihanna). Its getting old man.

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  31. commanderofthedancefloor March 12, 2012

    @breezylikey & @thetruth

    7 million from US only!!! she more than doubled that world wide!! the o2 arena is in europe that is part of her international money!! maybe you should do a little research before trying to talk about stuff that you obviously have no clue about! now here is your seat _/.

    these fools try to shade but they fail so miserably!

    and a h**??? im not going to lie this is a h** shirt but i like it! and please dont try to pretend like ri is the only h** then!! lets include gaga, katy perry, i will say beyonce is only a music h**! my point is in some way everyones fav is a h** so unless you are on the adele wagon you have no room to talk!!

    @KD i agree these stan wars are kind of stupid i actually like both bey and riri!!

    @sam doo-doo??? this child must be in the fifth grade! its actually kind of sad now he has gotten to the point were he has thrown every bad comment in the world at rihanna and now all he has to resort to is childish things!! atleast with the other shade it was sometimes clever! but this is just pathetic!

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  32. MISHKA March 12, 2012

    My real concern is: Where does Rihanna fit in The Carter-Knowles big family portrait?

    When i think of it, maybe Rihanna’s antics would have not bothered me if she wasn’t linked to the likes of Beyonce, Solange, Jay-Z, Kelly, Ms Tina and even Kanye. There’s a pattern of hard work and discrete nature when you look at those people. Of course they can push the enveloppe sometimes on stage but once the lights are off, they turn back to their normal selves.

    With Rihanna, the show just seems to never end, she’s taking things too far for no reason. I found it odd that she’s considered “family” by the Knowles-Carter while she doesn’t act or behave like we could assume she’s supposed to, based on the image-perfect entourage she has.

    Don’t get me wrong, Rihanna is a grown person and can do whatever she wants. But when it comes to this family portrait, there’s something really odd going on. Up to this point, it would make sense if Jay-Z releases Rihanna from her management contract. He doesn’t need her money and she’s big enough to stay on her feet. If the “Talk the Talk” video was axed because he’s mad at her for reuniting with Chris, then he should let her go. She has a life to live and he has a daughter to raise. Is Auntie Rih supposed to be a role model to Blue?

    At one point before Chris came in the picture, I used to thing that Rihanna was the ‘Cousin Faith’ to Beyonce’s family. At times, I STILL think she’s ‘Cousin Faith’. She’s going to f-ck that family (up). *puts on my 3D glasses*

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  33. kimberly March 12, 2012

    @COCKINESSSSSS. Girl your fav is a ” SO CALLEDmegastar “you can’t compare sales of someone who had her name plastered everywhere to someone who has been having albums 3 yrs apart and her fans round the world has not even seen her. girl try harder but don’t come here and respond to me. when you know damn well you have not even addressed the fact that your fav look like she is on crack!!!! at 24. disgrace.
    When Bey was breastfeeding the navy called her w**** but look at the biggest w**** exposing her breast for no reason. I have to let yall have it every now and then. When you fasv not doing well on the charts yall do not want to hear the word flop. As a matter of fact yall focus on loud and forget the past flops of an album she has. I will get use to that word flop. cause when i last check the singles are FLOPPING. Not that i want to use that word but I just want to type the navy famous word and use it. FLOP. FLOP FLOP….
    I like when sam just put the queen name in every post cause he coulodn’t be bothered. He knows how to get to the navy classless teenage whores

    What will the navy use to battle the war “fashion” “#1singles” whatesles. when i last checked the fashion is wack

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  34. kimberly March 12, 2012

    @commanderofthewhat? girl you throw shade every chance you get now you tired of stan wars. blow girl blow. got outta here and don’t blame Sam. why don’t you blame other blog sites for ridiculing her also??

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  35. **YawnWaitWHAT?** March 12, 2012

    Hmmm….maybe her and Chris reuniting was not a good idea after all.

    I think Chris should stay far away from that as possible.

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  36. ecchi March 12, 2012

    i just loled that i read “ditches her brain”.

    what else?! ehh… the post. the usual “i don’t like her stuff” – daily deja vu. the pictures… yeah. nice boobs. bad choice on the outfit. doesn’t look like she wanted to get it all out. can’t help it. just happens. :/

    enjoy. and talk that talk, keeps her winning. 😉

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  37. Truth March 12, 2012

    Classless W****

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    She just finis breastfeeding Blue Ivy you c****. Beyonce WACK ASS titty milk stay making the child sick all the time.

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  39. Onyx March 12, 2012

    Remind me of Madonna back in the day she does this kind of thing Go RiRi.

    They Mad at RIHANNA game.

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  40. i’mjustsayin March 12, 2012

    You ppl kill me with the Rihanna had no promo thing. Her last month and a half or so she was performing WFL on the LOUD tour. If I am not mistaken WFL is from TTT. Not to mention she has been on all the major award shows. How is this no promo again?

    Chart position maybe higher than bey’s at the same five month point but bey’s sales were def higher. Rihanna had the aide of the global smash yet she is not at a mil yet. If 4 is a flop with no top ten singles selling over a mil then what do you call TTT having a number one single for 10 plus weeks yet way short of a mil.

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  41. nikoyuki March 12, 2012

    Oh gusie Beyonce has some of you ho’s hawt today ay. Rih Rih looks good, I love Tims on her, and the net shirt is given me Caribbean nightclub realness. Rihanna is like is like the rebel of the family, that how she fit into the fam. The hate that the navy and hive have for each other needs to stop, because rihanna is like a little sister to the Carter – Knowles family, rather you guise like it or not.

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  42. Deveal2014 March 12, 2012

    I am not a Rhianna fan at all but her album is not doing bad at all , its already gold , she’s had one of the biggest if not the biggest sinle of the year “we found love” which was number one 4 a very long long time and she made money on touring without having the best entertainment skills . if thats not winning i don’t know what is , also when she releases “Where have you been” its a rap

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  43. I’mjustsayin March 12, 2012

    But seriously Rihanna needs to slow down. This is not cute. Show yourself a Lil more respect than this. How do expect Chris and the rest of the world to respect you when you are not even respecting yourself? Learn girl before it is too late.

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  44. Lax March 12, 2012

    @Kimberly, Mishka Since we all know that Rihanna can’t do anything to please you two dirty Ass Wipes why don’t you two hating ass bytches just climb back up Bey’s
    ASS and you too,,,FATU,,,And Haters, she isn’t going any place and she is connected at the Hips to Jay and Bey. When Jay them stop supporting her we will all know it.

    Rihanna is the REBELLIOUS FLOWER In the family and they love and hate many things that she do but through it all they stand firmely with her and supporting her. And until there is a PRESS RELEASE Things will stay that way until further notice.
    So bad mouth her and try to say how she is going to do the disapperence act. She might not ever be as big as other but she is still in that giant melting pot of icons, legends and artist all vieing for that top spot and the BEAT GOES ON, FOLKS…

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  45. Lax March 12, 2012

    Rihanna stop showing you n****** because you know that make the church
    people man and upset. And don’t even mention the haters oooooh goodness
    they will definitely blow a fuse. But hey if you got it flaunt it ass and all i mean
    if you are not locked in a house with hubby in toe, but since you are foot loose and fancy free let it all hang out.

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  46. skintightjeans March 12, 2012

    I can’t wth that outfit.

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  47. remmy March 12, 2012

    No shade @ rih….but yeah wake me when beyeonce is back….not a second before…

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    Did you know that keri hilson’s pretty girl rock charted higher than 11 of beyonces solo career singles?
    here’s the songs that keri charted higher than take notes 1. listen it out 3.fighting temptation 4.get me bodied 5. greenlight last 7. ego 8.sweet dreams phone the world 11. countdown NUMBERS DONT LIE JUST LIKE RIHANNA GOT 11 NUMBER ONES AND BEYONCE ONLY GOT 4 NUMBER ONES NUMBERS DONT LIE CECK FACTS BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND BEYONCE STANS ARE F***. BEYONCE HAS ALOT OF COMPETITION OUT THERE STAY PRESSED AND DEAL.

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  49. Onyx March 12, 2012

    Oh please! how puritans the people on here, Rihanna is young there is nothing wrong in in that, if i was famous i will show my body naked, if you got it, C’mon God it seems that the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are much more modern times than 2010’s, as i have always say we are already in the future, the world is modern today but the minds of the people remind in the past.

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  50. Bey Fan… March 12, 2012

    Not here to argue sells….or charts position…..Im more concerned with this outfit… is this really ok???

    I like Rihanna, but come on….this screams, “Look at me”….. anywho.

    Rihanna pushes her fashion….sometimes it works…and sometimes it fails….. this was a fail

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  51. Bey Fan… March 12, 2012

    Did you know that keri hilson’s pretty girl rock charted higher than 11 of beyonces solo career singles?

    lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… this all you got???

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  52. tee March 12, 2012

    i always knew rihanna would be a great pop star like madonna or britney spears when she came out in 2005 her haters became her fans and in almost 7 yrs she has made it to the top .beyonce never breaks for long and expect beyonce to be selling more s** and making more stupid songs when she returns .shes on youtube looking for a new video idea inspiration or copy?

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  53. Onyx March 12, 2012

    Another B stan pretending that he is as puritan as her don’t you pic say “Look at me…..anywho.

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  54. tee March 12, 2012

    @bey fan keep wishing that keri will fail but she is coming for ya b**** again very soon.

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  55. Onyx March 12, 2012

    March 12, 2012 at 12:51 pm
    expect beyonce to be selling more s** and making more stupid songs when she returns .shes on youtube looking for a new video idea inspiration or copy?


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  56. Lax March 12, 2012

    She keeps Killing the game and the loosers are running around
    like a chicken with their head cut off trying how to explain to her
    and her Massive Navy how she’s not Worthy to be Praised. She is
    often compared to the so called big girls in the industry which is
    a sure fire way of knowing that she is doing the dam thing. Who
    cares about the idle s*** talk by those who hate her the most. The
    haters are well bread and can speak english and type very good
    letting the masses know that the are full blooded American’s that
    is hating on rihanna so harshly and they do it each post without
    Fail letting us know that Rihanna Persents something within her
    that keep them very on edge and Unseasy and that is the truth &
    Fact that Rih Persents A Clear & Persent Danger to their Favorite.

    After all of these years of trying their Level Best to talk her down from
    her Career Climd their Asses are still Dragging on the Bottom because
    the more they seem to Talk That Talk she is still doing her dam thing.
    #Stay Bitter Bytches & keep trying to Explain your Stank ass Case aganist
    The International Mega Super Star.

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  57. Lax March 12, 2012

    Keep pitting the Hulk aganist Rihanna and see how she deals with that b/s.

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  58. Lax March 12, 2012

    She is showing her n****** because this is Nipple Gate, on Lock.

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  59. BEYONCE #CLAPBACK A*** WARTS March 12, 2012

    Pic didn’t show Blue Ivy in the backseat of the car you dumb c****! Rihanna was breastfeeding cause Beyonce milk be dry, tasteless and NASTY!! The Baby needed some REAL breast milk!

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  60. tee March 12, 2012

    for one beyonce is a terrible songwriter even rihanna writes better than her such a f****** shame how rihanna surpassed beyonces number one singles and bey been out since 2003 solo and her career is fading only her stans are still thinking that shes on top explain adele selling more albums than beyonce? adele sat her fat ass in a recliner chair on stage singing efortless making beyonce look stupid for singing without soul screaming rolling on the floor when her fans are blowing her lacefronts on stage and poppin dat fake ass yall think is real ..weaves lacefronts etc beyonce is just a worldwide gimmick with alot of threats now say something!

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  61. Lax March 12, 2012

    Rihanna if memory serves me right, Matt Kemp signed a 160 Million
    Deal which is one of the biggest deals in the Club History now i need
    for you to send him a Love Letter, Twett, or something S*** let him know
    that you are foot loose and Fancy free and play Tyrese Gibson’s Song
    “Stay” For him to listen too and have some late night drinks and dancing
    with him but hide from the “PAPS because you or both High Profile People.

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  62. nikoyuki March 12, 2012

    Beyonce will forever have some of you ho’s stuck on stupid, some of you need to get over it and remember she is the Queen for a reason. My b**** never need bad press to sell, or dissing other body of work to show that she rings supreme.

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  63. RICK March 12, 2012


    0 0
  64. tee March 12, 2012

    gotta go to work guys and rihanna is slaying beyonce lol bye yall

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  65. Lax March 12, 2012

    Rihanna i figure that since forbes have your net worth listed at a staggering
    60 Million and you made #5 on that highest singer’s list last year with 29 million and then for this year coming up you have 90 million from touring in Europe and 7 million for here in the states not to mention you Endorsements, Ads and Music Sales girl you and Matt Kemp need to hook up and live happily ever after and make many beautiful little Matt & Rihanna’s.

    0 0

    Why u c**** think Blue Ivy always wrap up!!! Cuz Beyonce NASTY POISON MILK got the baby discolored wid sickness so the c*** hiding her!!! Rihanna giving the baby REAL breast milk!!!

    0 0
  67. Onyx March 12, 2012


    March 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Why u c**** think Blue Ivy always wrap up!!! Cuz Beyonce NASTY POISON MILK got the baby discolored wid sickness so the c*** hiding her!!! Rihanna giving the baby REAL breast milk!!!

    OMG! so mean but so funny LMAO!

    0 0
  68. commanderofthedancefloor March 12, 2012


    Hunny i have thrown loads of shade!! Never said i didnt! I said i think its stupid now and im tired of it! Who are you to dictate me about changing my mind?? You are just looking to pick fights!! And so i bashed tgj whose to say i havent bashed other sites?? Oh i forgot you must follow me on the internet to know i dont say anything about any other websites!! Girl you need to have a seat!

    Also riri dresses like a h**, and so does bey, gaga, and katy! Im not the delusional one calling one artist a h** when they all are!!! And i dare you to say spreading your legs and singing about s** like all of them do is not hoish!! Now take a seat _/

    0 0
  69. Lax March 12, 2012

    Rihanna will forever have you ho’s trying to play down others for your cake
    to rise and Rihanna is doing a super job of keeping herself lifted up. I mean how many others her age have got as much going on as she have got on the Ball. And through all of the bull s*** and crap thrown at her she is still standing tall and have her n****** showing throung oin New York and she is the talk around tha Globe as Usual. Hmmmmm face it you just can’t keep a good woman down no matter how you might try, bytches.

    And you don’t have to ever like or love Rihanna because where you weak and basic bytche drag behing there are always new people coming on board and keeping the show going because no matter what the Show Must Go On.

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  70. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) March 12, 2012

    a trap for rihanna stans and beyonce stans ?!

    No b****. i won’t fall for it. :mrgreen:

    @KD :


    0 0
  71. Lax March 12, 2012


    0 0

    Look at Rihanna face in first pic c****! Can tell the baby FOR ONCE had a good meal. Finally the baby didn’t have to drink Beyonce bleach tasting shitty ass milk!

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  73. Anne March 12, 2012

    Well ‘4’ sold a million copies in less than 6 months (had to take the bait). How long has TTT been out?

    0 0
  74. Anne March 12, 2012

    Ok, the article says 5 months, don’t think TTT will make it to 1 million by six months. Therefore ‘4’ is the bigger seller so far. Call it what you want but for an album that was far less promoted than her others and one that lacked crossover hits, ‘4’ still managed to sell well based on today’s general standards.

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  75. Onyx March 12, 2012

    Both “4” and “TTT” are great album, both different but good in their way, “4” was promoting bad let’s say the truth but is Beyonce best album today, don’t know why she doesn’t released “end of Time”, “TTT” is doing well and is a good-modern album perfect for this time, to me is like “Rated R” part 2, the album has great songs more than just hits like much people think.

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  76. Anne March 12, 2012

    @ ONYX, I agree, both albums have done well. It boils down to taste since the albums are so different, neither one is a flop.

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  77. I’mjustsayin March 12, 2012


    Your are 100% correct numbers don’t lie which is why “4” alone has outsold both “in a perfect world,” and “no boys allowed” combined! You are dismissed now. Still talking about this 1 damn flop ass single.

    It is funny how you want to jump on the navy ship when @queenofthenavy and @Lax (the other one) dragged the s*** out of Keri on the earlier post lol, poor child. And it is perfectly ok that Rihanna has more number 1’s than Bey Congrats to her. But we will not touch on the fact that she also has more albums than Bey solo. Wait why am i talking about this with you. You stand for a basic b**** who has neither a number 1 single or album lol SMH call me when this basic b**** at the very least goes plat.

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  78. Always Love you, Whitney (RIP) March 12, 2012

    That’s nasty. Leave that rachetness in the islands. We don’t wanna see u slanging yo titties around. But maybe pervs do.

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  79. grammy dammy sammy March 12, 2012


    boo, end of time will be released in uk 22nd of April which most likely means an earlier date stateside, i guess it’s not a wrap till Bey says so lol

    on topic:

    no comment . #thatisall

    am i the only Beyfan that loves reading keri’s stans comments ? lol. HILARIOUS

    0 0
  80. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) March 12, 2012

    “4” is unfortunate.
    “TTT” is a baby.

    and the Only girl in the world can do whatever she likes. as if your favs didn’t show tits and p****** already 🙄

    0 0
  81. grammy dammy sammy March 12, 2012


    u are right, there’s nothing flopish about platinum certification in the major music markets

    0 0
  82. Onyx March 12, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Uk i’m on the US i want aN AMERICAN released date.

    and the Only girl in the world can do whatever she likes. as if your favs didn’t show tits and p****** already.


    0 0
  83. Teacher March 12, 2012

    TTT has been out for almost 4 months NOT 5!!!!!!! Lyin ass b******!!!

    0 0
  84. kimberly March 12, 2012

    rihanna fans always come up with #1 singles. damn and she has like 6 albums? but whatelse can you battle with? I can go on and on on the things my fav has been fortunate to do at rihanna’s age that she will not ever be considered to do because of her lack of talent. I can leave the grammys and singles out and even tackle lots of other aspects in music rihanna has yet to touch. My fav has done what her own peers has not done and achieved only with 3-4 albums. B****** stay pressed. what bey has with 4 albums your fav can’t get it with albums. ~pow

    @ SAMMY I have been lol at keri stan comments. What is a keri? why compare keri with Bey? they are about the same age but lord, can keri ever catch up with bey? hence the reason i never reply to this

    0 0
  85. kimberly March 12, 2012

    btw my brother just said “wow her titties are saggy, maybe the lack of wearing a proper bra.” laughs at home…………..

    reply me ” her fans said that she is young and she can flaunt it, that’s no problem.

    brother.. ” wow young girls with no value, just like their master”

    0 0

    Why u c*** Beyonce fans talking bout flop albums. Talk bout a baby that for first time tasted SUCCULENT FRESH TASTY CARIBBEAN Breast milk. Why RIhanna gotta breast feed that w****’s baby RIDDLE ME THAT C****!

    0 0

    The tits are sitting and perky C***!!! This Ho in here lying cause Rihanna had to breast feed that s***’s baby!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    0 0
  88. Teacher March 12, 2012

    March 12, 2012 at 1:43 pm
    Ok, the article says 5 months, don’t think TTT will make it to 1 million by six months. Therefore ’4′ is the bigger seller so far. Call it what you want but for an album that was far less promoted than her others and one that lacked crossover hits, ’4′ still managed to sell well based on today’s general standards.

    TTT has only been out for 4 months..and even if it doesn’t reach 1 milli in 6mnths in the U.S….it’s still doing better WW…..TTT less than 4 months has sold 2.45 million WW>>>>>>>>>>>>4 in less than 9 mnths has sold 2.5 million WW

    0 0
  89. Lax March 12, 2012

    These fukkkk up haters are always grasping after straws, you do not have to ever
    be pleased with what Rihanna is doing because she don’t give a Fukkkk what you
    type, say or do. You ass wipes have been bashing her since forever and there is no letting up. And another thing keep thinking that her fans are all dumb and full of c*** you dirty bytches. When rihanna make new accomplishments it Kills your soul’s to see
    and read it. that is why you are always trying to critique each and every little thing that she does and if Rihanna was compared to many artist she is holding her own. i can name some artist and i want you dirty bytches to compare them to Rihanna:
    #1 Tiffany Evans Age 20
    #2 Foxy Brown Age 33
    #3 Solange Age 26
    #4 Kelly Age 31
    #5 Ciara Age 27
    #6 Fe Fe Age 27
    #7 Tierra Age 25
    #8 Latoya Age 31
    #9 Mischelle Age 31
    #10 Farrah Franklin 31
    #11 Latavia Age 31

    Compare these Artist and complain your asses off because they are still
    Working hard just like Rihanna is Knock them and bash them you hating ass bytches.

    These are just the tip of the Iceberg as far as the many Artists goes but i used these
    because their pass is the Norm and people can identify with these artist. This just goes to show how people in the industry can just bash one (Rihanna) and leave the others out of the eQUATION ALL TO GETHER BUT THE BIG 64, THOUSAND QUESTION Is compare these Artist to Rihanna, and see where Rihanna rate, rank and where she is as far as her wealth goes.

    0 0
  90. Teacher March 12, 2012

    March 12, 2012 at 1:56 pm
    @ ONYX, I agree, both albums have done well. It boils down to taste since the albums are so different, neither one is a flop.

    0 0
  91. Lax March 12, 2012

    Rihanna sure in the hell know how to keep the haters slobbinh at the mouth and talking about Rihanna’s fans well guess what Rihanna fans says to kiss a duck’s ass.

    0 0
  92. grammy dammy sammy March 12, 2012


    lol screw the US, yall ain ish thats why we got A Night With Beyonce in full and yall got only one performance from it 😛

    0 0
  93. grammy dammy sammy March 12, 2012


    it’s never that serious, seriously

    0 0
  94. Onyx March 12, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Are you British?

    0 0
  95. COOKIE -DIVAS- TONI B. RIHANNA March 12, 2012

    If it were Lady Gaga no one would act surprised. Double standards much? Not saying it’s the BEST outfit, but still.

    0 0
  96. geeeeeesssss March 12, 2012


    0 0
  97. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! March 12, 2012

    Sam you’re blog sucks now! All you do is post about people no one has ever heard of and hate on Rihanna. Get your blog together because at the end of the day, Rihanna is the one with all the money!

    0 0
  98. mal March 12, 2012

    She lacks class. Something that money can’t buy

    0 0
  99. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! March 12, 2012


    I’m not defending her for always being naked, I’m defending for because she gets constant hate from this blog!

    0 0
  100. Lax March 12, 2012

    @The end of the day Rihanna is still a young black chick from’the island who
    came to America and made hash out of many and she did it with love because after all remember everybody and their Granny or better than she is and it seem that a few American don’t want her to hve jack s*** but guess what Rihanna is rich and very famous and she is doing her thing with or without your blessings.
    She had a pertty good week moving 49,000 more copies of her album “ttt” so it’s fair
    to say that she is still making waves and 270,000 singles of “wfl” i mean who’s complaining. She is in no way up there with say Adele is But thne who is Right now?
    And she and Drake moved 107,000 units of ‘Take Care” Who cares if she shows her Ass or Titts??????

    0 0
  101. Lax March 12, 2012

    I Have got a good feeling that something REALLY BIG Is on the Horizon
    for Rihanna and is going to be the talk around the Globe/World for a
    very long time to come, Watch…

    0 0
  102. LAX March 12, 2012

    Stop Being so Press on BEyonce

    @Cockiness your always going to have beyonce name in your mouth how about you STFU for once and you know rihanna is dead wrong for that outfit!!!!

    and LAX stop being so work up OMG

    I love Rihanna and all but that outfit is a BIG NO NO

    I love rihanna and beyonce But we all know BEyonce is FAR on TOP

    0 0
  103. LAX March 12, 2012



    How about you Stop worrying about Beyonce Fans and worried about KEri Hilson

    Last time i check No boys allowed havn’t sell more than 350,000 albums but TTT did and 4 did so you bettter go give Keri Hilson some advice how to sell albums because that h** is FLopping

    0 0
  104. Lax March 12, 2012

    Worked up,,,,,,,what ever or you talking bout, dear i can assure you that i am not worked up in the
    least bit , even though i do hope that Rihanna and Kemp find each other again spring is getting ready to make things happen and Summer will tske it all the way.

    Speaking of getting worked up re read me and then READ LESS SAY KIMBERLY AND TELL ME WHO NEED TO S\CHILL, She has hate and i have love for my Girl Rihanna so who’s worked up and as you know we go through this each and every Rihanna post. She always need more dancing lessons, or more voice lessons are she need some more clothes on her Ass, Right. Why do Rihanna need to improve more than ANY AND ALL OF THE ARTIST IN THE WORLD???????????
    wHY DO SHE GET critiqued more than any one else??????????????????????
    She isn’t a great Entertainer like many yet she did 6 months of tours in Europe and made 90 Million Dollars and how’s that for a Mega Star who could eaisly be set for her entire life, RIHANNA DON’T HAVE TO SING ANOTHER NOTE IF SHE DON’T WANT TOO. She could take modeling and work in Fashions from now on and do very good. Or she could be a print model and make a Killing for real if she wanted to.

    0 0
  105. Lax March 12, 2012

    Rihanna get hate from the web site right out the gate
    and from those who want her to Flop bad. If she isn’t
    your fave and you don’t like her then tell us why U R Mad?

    0 0

    Thank God for Aunty Rih to the rescue C****!!

    No Aunty Rih and Blue Ivy wud STARVE!! Aunty Rih making ALL teh money putting food on the Carter table AND then gotta breast feed Devilyonce’s baby cuz Beyonce DEMON MILK=NO BUENO!!!!!

    0 0
  107. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 12, 2012

    @onyx :

    @sam is just mad.

    and i don’t want to get messy. you b****** know me and @sam know me :

    at least rihanna is covering it , not like kelly rowland who let her TITS hang out and breath !!

    i don’t lie , huh 😛 ?!

    @grammy :

    Hi 🙂 , i see you didn’t b**** much , why is that ?! are you on a diet ?! 😆

    keep going strong 😛

    and someone need to give me that @Bird stan address , i will give IT’s face the CB luxurious TreaTmenT. 😡
    and maybe i will slap her face left and right with my d*** S&M style. 😆 , god , IT IS so annoying.

    0 0
  108. Lax March 12, 2012

    But i don’t care about the Hate from the web site, it’s all good and they are a Business and it is left up to her Fans & Navy those who want to, We defend her Honor and it is fun doing just that.

    0 0
  109. Lax March 12, 2012

    There are so many Jealous and Intimidated by her,
    Once Fierce Sista…

    0 0

    Beyonce C*** fans wanna come for the breast keeping Luciferyonce baby ALIVE!!! Not a THANK YOU Aunty Rih NOTHING!! UNGRATEFUL PIG B******!!!

    0 0
  111. Lax March 12, 2012

    @POP ….Now you know i love you in your Red Hair the Best!

    0 0
  112. grammy dammy sammy March 12, 2012


    I’m British by birth but i dont live there, i live in Ireland now.

    0 0
  113. grammy dammy sammy March 12, 2012


    lol there’s nothing to say though, we’ve seen it all

    0 0
  114. LUCIFER AND BEYONCE HAVE A S** TAPE March 12, 2012

    Blue Ivy rejecting Slutyonce milk cause it taste like baphomet P***!!! Dats why Aunty Rih gotta breast feed!!!

    0 0
  115. Onyx March 12, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy

    0 0
  116. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 12, 2012

    suddenly i miss @S***. i just miss him 😥 😥 😥

    where are @madonna lover and @s*** ?! 🙁

    0 0
  117. Lax March 12, 2012

    Yeah Aunty Rih to the Rescue, this is so Refreshing for Little Blue
    Hearing News of her On Fiyah Aunty Rih Flying into Town, Hot Dam.
    Blue no doubt heard the News of Aunty Rih Flashing the PAPS With Nipple Gate
    Right off the bat i know that the CASTLE GROUNDS OR Buzzing with the News of
    Aunty Rih in Town, Blue know it’s own now, aint nothing but a party. All of this covering Blue up and not letting her get freah sun light s*** is going to be cut all the
    way out. Aunty Rihanna is going to demand answers for this. Show the Bundle let people see the bundle of Joy we want to see her, and we want to see her now Aunty Rih… Can you talk to them.

    I read where Grampa Matty said something about if Your neice wanted to be a Doctor her Parents would figure out how to buy her a hospital or something to that effect, i can’t get the information right to save my soul. But any whoo Aunty Rih please see if you can get some of them blankets from being wrapped so tight or those Agaps those expensive pieces designed just right for Caring Blue Ivy Around in Style and Comfort.

    0 0
  118. NATALIE March 12, 2012

    Hi Pop Royalty and Grammy.

    0 0
  119. NATALIE March 12, 2012

    Hi Pop Royalty and Grammy.

    0 0
  120. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 12, 2012

    @LAX :

    I just love this pic of rihanna ” lOUD album cover” !!

    i had it as my desktop wallpaper ever since she said her next album ” back then” was going to be “LOUD”
    and i’m still having it 🙂 , can’t still get so much into TTT promo pics ! 🙁

    it gives you that sophisticated but simple look. greatest album cover ever >>>.

    anothe rgood album cover is beyonce’s “4” , that pose in the standard album cover >>>> BOSS !!!!!!

    and i love u too @lax 😳

    na na na na C’mon 😉 !!

    0 0
  121. Onyx March 12, 2012

    do you see it.

    0 0
  122. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 12, 2012

    Hi natalie 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    oh god , will my dream come true ?!

    now one of my fav ppl ever in TGJ is in here !! C’mon God , i know i deserve it 🙂

    0 0
  123. Onyx March 12, 2012

    No no the best Rihanna album cover is Rated R, is so epic and iconic.

    0 0
  124. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 12, 2012

    @grammy :

    that d*** is pink and small ! 🙄 😆

    madonna’s pic deserve a better d*** and LOAD ! :mrgreen:

    Sorry 4 that ! *kanye shrug*

    and THIS IS DISGUSTING !! C’mon , your inner b**** is ON now i see. 😉

    0 0
  125. Onyx March 12, 2012

    I agree but God some people go too far.

    0 0
  126. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 12, 2012

    @ONYX :

    yeah , i saw it and it wasn’t nice. 😡

    and LOUD album cover >>>

    RR album cover is not cool. i wished she used another promo pic.

    but those lioness eyes >>>>

    LOUD album cover is everything BOY. the real deal to me ! some album covers are simple but “IT” , something like ” True blue” for example 😉

    0 0
  127. Bey Fan… March 12, 2012

    My avi might scream look at me….but so does rihanna walking around bra-less with a see-through top.

    She could have put a black bra on and it wouldn’t have taken anything away from the outfit….

    But anywho….

    0 0
  128. kingphoenix9 March 12, 2012


    You crazy ass flip floping heaux, why are you not in a f****** mental institutiion yet? Or did they let you out one?

    0 0
  129. Onyx March 12, 2012

    It wasn’t nice to me either, i just have to share with u, you have to feel my pain in the eyes too hahahahaha, by the way i love LOUD cover but RR is more iconic so Grace Jones.

    0 0
  130. Onyx March 12, 2012

    hahahah i have the Book you can find it in some stores.

    0 0
  131. Onyx March 12, 2012

    talk in the face honey…….anywho….

    0 0
  132. Lax March 12, 2012

    Rih goes up aganist stiff competition and it
    don’t faze her one way are the other.

    0 0
  133. RihannaNavy March 12, 2012

    rihanna took 3 fans out for dinner last night at Da Silvano in NY, please tell me has any of your favs ever done that to their fans?
    any? beyonce? No Lady Gaga? No, Katy Perry? No, Britney? No, Mariah? No, I could go on and go on!
    rihanna is not a selfish person, she is loving and caring and very generous person, and never feels like she is better then anyone else, I give her more love for doing what she did. like her or not she is a cool person.

    0 0
  134. Yc18 March 12, 2012

    Sam why r u compliaining about a girl wit no bra… Oo yea your gay

    0 0
  135. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) March 12, 2012

    what in the slutty hell is she wearing? oh God,this girl i promise you…she needs to be saved from whatever hardships she’s facing! no ma’am,you can not tell me she’s 24 looking like a 44 year old s*** like that! no! girl get it together! and put some damn clothes on!

    0 0
  136. LAX March 12, 2012


    0 0
  137. Nieka March 13, 2012

    So I know this wayyy off topic but was Rihanna pregnant by Chris once? I heard this once n wonder if this is really true

    0 0
  138. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 13, 2012

    March 12, 2012 at 5:00 pm


    You crazy ass flip floping heaux, why are you not in a f****** mental institutiion yet? Or did they let you out one?

    i see you were there too ….. missed me ?! 😉

    0 0
  139. Lax March 13, 2012

    Chris was once Rihanna Boo, they broke up to a very Public
    break up, they are both trying to deseprately trying to move
    on and leave their pass behind them wiould you let them
    Please and it’s not that Fukkkkkin Serious, for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We all have got skeltons in our closets many bigger than others
    because of our diverse life styles. Say what you may about Rihanna
    She get a PASS FOR Showing that she have got staying power in this
    mean, curel and shady world of Crime, lies, and deceit. If the President
    is doing all that he can to try and make things right for the entire Us with
    a proven TRACK RECORD And still getting the hound dog hell bashed out
    of him ,,,,What do you expect for Rihanna to get???? Though she isn’t on
    the President Level in no way other than she is a human being but her haters
    act just like a dam fool day in and day out over her MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS

    0 0
  140. Lax March 13, 2012

    The more you knock her Hustle the harder she is going to work.

    0 0
  141. Lax March 13, 2012

    Many of you who dislike her really need to sit yo basic ass down.

    0 0
  142. Lax March 13, 2012

    Shakari nor pink have #1 albums yet they like Rih are great
    Performer and entertainers. Remember different strokes for different
    Folks. And much of what you say is your own OPINIONS not Fact.

    0 0
  143. MJ King of Music March 13, 2012

    Thats what I call fashion I love her I dont give a f*** style

    0 0
  144. Yellow Gorillah March 13, 2012

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS I’m here 4 that TOP! Given me everythang

    + YALL Still fall for SAMS Traps LOOOOOOL

    Sam just feeds it to some of yall dont listen to him search the numbers yourself and don’t believe the stan HYPE!

    So over all these stan wars

    0 0
  145. Lax March 13, 2012

    @YELLOW,,,,Dang i miss yo Ass, We know what is going on with “Samantha”
    And i don’t care, Samanta has to make a living too. And beside that it really help me to collect my pay checks once a month, for sure. I am having fun and getting paid just like RIHANNA Is doing. On many of the Jobs that are 5 to 5 many of the WORKER DON’T EARN A PAY CHECK, But they still draw a pay check. Rihanna is doing her dam thing and there don’t seem to be no SLOWING HER ASS DOWN ANY TIME SOON. I SEE CHRIS GIRLFRIEND IS SAYING THAT SHE IS AFFRAID OF RIHANNA’S FANS, ,,,,OMGOODNESS NIW THAT B/S BEATS ALL. Her ass should have thought about that when she was making fun of Rih’s ass RIHANNA Turned that s*** around on her ass now she is howling wolf.

    0 0
  146. riri March 15, 2012

    Sam was talking about her single talk that talk not her album loool!

    I liked that song “talk that talk”! I am not feeeling her outfit! awful!

    0 0
  147. GeeRr March 19, 2012

    keeping it classy, as always. -_- DISGUSTING

    0 0
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