Madonna on Whitney Houston: ‘I Wish I Could Sing Like That’

Published: Monday 12th Mar 2012 by Rashad

As one of few reigning pop monarchs left, many have been keen on Queen of Pop Madonna‘s thoughts on the passing of pop icon Whitney Houston.

While for years the two were touted as rivals as they dominated 80s and 90s charts with few comparison, Madge took to UK paper The Sun to remember the ‘I Will Always Love You’ singer and also share her thoughts on late “blue eyed soulstress” Amy Winehouse.

Get into the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ wailer’s words below:

Madonna, via ‘The Sun’:

“I, probably like everybody else, was hit by this shocking sense of disbelief – especially with Whitney Houston. It had not been a secret, the struggles Amy had been through — both brilliant, brilliant artists and obviously both huge losses.

“But when these things happen, I’m always shocked by the first thing you say — ‘It’s such a loss’ — which doesn’t quite cover it. Then you reflect and you think, ‘How did it happen? How did the people around them allow it to happen?’ We’ve lost so many great artists that way when you think about it. So history just kind of repeats itself over and over.

“One thing I was struck by with Whitney Houston is I remember she sort of came out as a singer around the same time I did.  I remember looking at her singing and hearing people talk about her, and just thinking, ‘Oh my God. She’s such a beautiful woman and my God, what an incredible voice. I wish I could sing like that.’

I just remember being extremely envious of her and also touched by her innocence.

 “I was watching a documentary about Serge Gainsbourg, the French songwriter, and there’s a famous talk show he did that happened a while back when Whitney was just starting. It was funny, because I’d just watched it the week before she died, where he was making a kind of play for her on national television and he was basically saying in French that he wanted to ‘f’ her — and the look of shock on her face…

I mean, she was so innocent and so young, and so cute, and really she blushed. And I was thinking, ‘We are all innocent at one stage in our life. It’s just interesting, the paths our lives take. I was struck by that — how well she started and where she ended up and the tragedy of it.”


Here’s the clip Madge was speaking of.  Start at the 1:35 nark

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  1. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    l wish l wish l wish a b**** wouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuld

  2. chocolatebox777 March 12, 2012

    Very nice of her to acknowledge Whitney in this way

  3. The G-List Society March 12, 2012

    Interesting how nice Madonna is towards the divas in the past couple weeks. She recently praised Adele and Whitney. What about the shade towards Gaga, Janet and Mariah??? It seems that the impending flop on her new album is making her play nice. Old b*tch bye!

  4. White girl mob March 12, 2012





    • gabrielle August 29, 2017

      KREAYSHAWN??? Watchout??? I had to copy and paste her name, as I couldn’t get the spelling right. Maybe that was Mistake # 1 when career planning. I’m responding, how many years later, and I, to this day, have never heard of her. I’m only guessing this person is a female, but since you referred to her as a “diva” I’ll stick with that assumption. Perhaps you should remain humble until your album sales exceed those of other “divas” as you refer to these other ladies. *Out of curiousity, I googled KRAY KRAY. Wow, my brain feels like mush. I just read an interview with the most unintelligent person in the planet.

  5. TruTh March 12, 2012

    Where she ended up??? I kno Madonna not about to judge!!!!!!! Madonna will never be on Whitney’s level. I’m tired of her shading people with more talent than her.

  6. FAME KILLS March 12, 2012

    I wish Madonna could too..

  7. White girl mob March 12, 2012





    • gabrielle August 29, 2017

      The album set the record for lowest first-week sales by an artist on a major label, selling just 3,900 copies.

  8. Mafalo March 12, 2012

    The G-List Society, your mom is an old b****. Sit your dumbass down before the Internet connection attached to your cheap ass computer goes out. Bye.

  9. MaZ March 12, 2012

    She can only wish!

  10. Meeeeeuuuuuu March 12, 2012


  11. Cee March 12, 2012

    OMG the video is hilarious!! Whitney’s face was priceless.

  12. The G-List Society March 12, 2012

    I love internet sissies who are wannabe bullies like Mafalo, be he/she/it wouldn’t dare tell me that cunty comment that it made towards me. Have a seat on top of a cactus in Arizona.

  13. irene46 March 12, 2012

    whitney’s voice may have changed but she still had an exceptional voice. it was husky and more sultry but still beautiful. too bad she and those around (clive davis etc) couldn’t appreciate that and work with it.

  14. My2Centz March 12, 2012

    Madonna has sold more records than any other female artist on the planet, has had more top 10 hits than God, and her very expensive to see tours break records. She can “shade” (such a ridiculous, immature word — what are you people, 12?) any lesser b**** she wants. None of them will ever top her career stats.

    When you’re in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Successful Female Artist of All Time,” have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, have sold over 370 million records, AND when your tours are the biggest grossing for a solo artist…you can as much of an ice queen as you want.

    ** stars blankly at the haters, then rolls eyes **

    But it was nice what she said about Whitney. Why was it nice? Mostly because Madonna didn’t HAVE to say it. The two were never friends, but I don’t think there was as much animosity between them as there was with some of those other lesser b****** she allegedly “shaded” (again, what a dumb word.)

    That being said…

    Let me go read some encyclopedia pages really quit to stop myself from becoming as insignificant as some of you low brow “shade”-talking fools, who aren’t intelligent enough to know that the proper words would have been “slant,” “patronize” or “condescend.” It’s okay, after you finally pass the 8th grade for the third time, you’ll discover a plethora of terms you have yet to be exposed to in your Remedial English class.

  15. Onyx March 12, 2012

    Madonna has always just nice words to Whitney is not because she is dead, even Whitney likes Madonna but hey even the better singer wish he/she could sing like Whitney.

  16. Onyx March 12, 2012

  17. Onyx March 12, 2012

  18. Onyx March 12, 2012

  19. Onyx March 12, 2012

  20. LARRY March 12, 2012

    Dumb h** can’t sing at all

  21. Always love you, Whitney (RIP) March 12, 2012

    Well who doesn’t wish they could sing like the one and only queen? Madonna got rich off of gimmicks and little talent.

  22. DUNKFAN March 12, 2012

    That old Heroin addict needs to keep her mouth shut.

  23. Mafalo March 12, 2012

    Dunkfan, your mom should have kept her legs shut and after she got dicked in the ally by your nameless john of a father. Since she didn’t, she should have taken a coat hanger and done away with you instead of letting you fester until she had to take a “dunk” and unleash your s*** covered ass to the world. Oh and “Dunk” fan, huh? Does that refer to Michael’s sister? Has Janet found a record deal yet? Last I heard she was unsigned after her last 3 (!) albums flopped and was resorting to playing her hundred year old greatest hits at state fairs and supermarket openings. I guess riding the coattails of Michael’s fame and last name finally ran out of juice.

  24. dezi March 12, 2012

    @My2Centz Madonna said she was extremely envious of whitney houston those are madonna’s words from her own mouth. So what does her accomplishments have to do with what she said about whitney? I don’t hear whitney’s fans going on about how the body-gaurd soundtrack sold over 40 millions copies. I don’t hear whitney’s fans going on about how she’s the most awarded female in the music industry. You can be the most successful person ever but that doesn’t stop you from envying someone else’s talent. Michael jackson although he’s no longer here is still by far the most successful of them all. Yet years ago there he was questioning barry gibbs (From the bee gees) About prince. He literally asked barry gibbs if prince was better than him after all that he had accomplished. So being more successful does not put a stop to envying others.

  25. dezi March 12, 2012


  26. Small_Angel March 13, 2012

    This made me Remember Britney Spears saying how SHE Loves to have a Voice like Christina Aguilera.

    I Like Madonna.. She is very Clever and entertaining.
    I Like Whitney.. She is Extremely talented!

    I Love Britney she is very sweet..
    I Love Christina she is Talented and Deep.

  27. Tbozfan10 March 13, 2012

    Madonna and Whitney ALWAYS had mutual respect for each other. And Whitney, unlike both Janet and Mariah, never came at Madonna in a negative way.

  28. There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others March 13, 2012

    @Small Angel

    You’ve spoken from my heart! 🙂

    Madonna is a fantastic person who is brave enough to say what she thinks. I really like her. Sometimes I don’t agree with her (btw does anyone of you always agree with anybody?! of course not), but I’m so proud to her and she is so inspirational to always say what’s on your mind. 🙂

  29. MISHKA March 13, 2012

    Madonna has always looked up to Whitney, like everybody else.

    Whitney was the standard of pop music, like Michael. They were gifts from God.

  30. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 13, 2012

    everyone wished he/she could sing like whitney !!
    where is the big deal ?!

    if anything , this shows how much those 2 respected each other and never had a feud.

  31. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 13, 2012

    It´s funny how the good things Madonna or everybody else says about Whitney is: I wish I could sing like her, etc and what Whitney and everybody else say about Madonna is: she works hard and I respect that… haha Just saying (reminds me of when people think it´s enough for Beyonce or Britney to be considered greats that they work hard…)
    Jokes aside, we all know the other big divas are more talented than Madonna, we live with that and it´s ok, Madonna can have the title Queen of Pop, nobody is mad. But we know who is superior and who people love more around the world

    Another thing: Madonna always has good words when u are dead, I suppose she sees she is also getting older and ir touches her. Cos she was really affected with michael´s dead but she did trash him several times when alive. And another thing, Mariah and the others didn´t came to Mdonna in a negative way in the first place, Madonna started and they answered

    That said, respect to madonna! And yeah I wish she could sing better too, or that her last album could be better. But she has done more than enough

  32. Nika March 13, 2012

    @WGM – I just wanna know how u feel bout Iggy A. snatching that wig b4 she even had a deal….lol at yall “self promotion” on this site and still ain’t got S***!!! oh, the pain in my side from LLS so hard.

  33. Royalkev March 13, 2012

    I think everyone looks at Madonna the same (that aren’t her stans) . You throw all the big names in a hat (Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Janet and Madge) and Madonna is the odd one in the bunch. It’s no surprise that she envied Whitney. Who didn’t fear Whitney for the first 15 years of her career. She was blessed with talent. It was great for Madonna to mention her, although I see there’s a little twist at the end (…where she ended up and the tragedy of it). Madonna should really comment less on her fellow divas. I’m growing a little tired of the Madonna shade, she’s not above these well respected women. Her peers have broken records too – and theirs haven’t been inflated for the last 5 years.

  34. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 13, 2012

    i thought TGJ’s queen of pop is Janet jackson though …. why they admitted that “madonna” is queen of pop now ?! 🙄

    you are back from janet’s planet @sam ?! 😉

    @JOHN :

    everyone trashed MJ when he was alive. not only Madonna. everyone was poisoned by the media’s biased opinions.

    madonna is a b**** , she don’t hide it ! but she respect ppl who are real and not fake.
    Mariah carey is not a good person , she’s a fake shady h** , janet is an opportunistic w**** as well , Only whitney and celine are the good persons in that package of divas. so of course everyone respect them.

    and what do u mean ” loved more around the world” , you know madonna , right ?!
    she’s #1 !!! whitney was a beast in the beginning of her career , but her drug problems destroyed all that. 😥

    to me , only Celine dion , after madonna , is #2 WW ! everyone love celine , even more than whitney !! esp with immortal hits like ” my heart will go on” !!!

  35. Martyn March 13, 2012

    I can’t even with this ‘White Girl Mob’ person posting about Kreayshawn on every post. It’s hilarious and awful all at the same time.

  36. C*** March 13, 2012

    Madonna only shades people who shade her first (ie look at Janet Jackson – she deserves all the shade in the world, that flopnet), people she doesn’t respect (ie Mariah because she’s a wannabe Whitney early on), and people who rip her off (biggest is Lady TrannyCaca – who deserves all the shade she gets because of her stupid monsters). But you’ll notice she only has respect for talented divas (Whitney & Celine) and her heir apparents (Britney). Anyway, at her status now, she can shade all the b****** she want, and those b****** still can’t touch her achievements.

  37. Jason March 13, 2012

    God some of you stans are pathetic going after Madge like she started this. Janet went after Madonna first during the Janet era, Mariah did around 95. Madonna and Whitney always respected each other even though they weren’t friends.,,,the greatest female performer and singer. Madonna throws shade at GaGa bc GaGa got famous for being a Madonna 2.0 without acknowledging the Queen until people call her out. Funny Madge has never had beef with Beyonce, Christina, Britney, Celine, Mary J, Pink, Whitney or other top divas except the ones that started talking s*** first.

  38. ADC143 March 13, 2012

    Janet deserved all the “shade” Madonna threw at her, which wasn’t even a lot, nor was it even vicious. It was more playful and joke-y. But Janet’s fans have always been bitterly insecure over the fact that Madonna has always been the bigger, more successful and more acknowledged star, and therefore any remark Madonna levy’s toward that woman is enough to send them into insulin shock. Back in the 90’s Janet hurled a handful of unprovoked side-of-the-neck comments toward Madonna, who didn’t care and never bothered to even acknowledge her unless asked about it, and even then her responses were very casual and unaffected. Like “who? oh her. Whatever.” {shrugs} lol

    And I won’t even get into Gaga and Mariah. Go someone else with those broads. I could write a book on why neither deserves any respect from Madonna (or me.)

    Anyway, Madonna and Whitney have never been enemies. Never friends, but never enemies. They played to a different audience that propelled them to a near equal level of fame. They didn’t get in each others way, for the most part. Madonna once sent Whitney flowers after she miscarried and Whitney sent blessings to Madonna when she had Lola. Same with Celine. Madonna once cited her as her favorite singer. Madonna usually doesn’t shade people who don’t throw down the gauntlet at her first.

  39. girlygirl March 13, 2012

    FUKK DAT C***!!!!!!!

    She was as less cool with Whitney as with Michael. For own promo clinching her ass on them after they no longer can tell her off. Disgusting Jew W****.
    It’s always the wrong ones gone too soon.

    How’s her single doing no oone cares about? Her album?!?? Maybe she shouldn’t have talked ghetto on Janet to much. PPL LOVE JACKSONS AND ARTISTS WITH TALENT, for the Bieber/Rihanna/Spears/Timberlake route she’s to fukkin’ old to gain the bubblegum audience. No Botox on earth helps!

  40. Mike March 13, 2012

    30 years later Madonna still sells out stadiums, Janet sells diet food. Enough said

  41. ADC143 March 13, 2012

    @ girlygirl, you’re idiot. First of all, Madonna isn’t even Jewish, so that bigoted remark was all around stupid, and just details what a live action dunce cap you are.

    People love Janet? Ha. Could have fooled me. Janet hasn’t had a hit since 2001. What kind of pop star goes 11 years without a top 10 hit? Seems she knows a thing or two about singles no one cares about. Unlike Janet, Madonna never had to cancel a tour because no one was buying tickets. Madonna’s got a 120 million touring and music licensing contract with Live Nation. Again, Janet had to cancel her last stadium tour because “no one cared” enough to bother.

    Your whole comment was a fail. As a Janet fan, you don’t wanna go career stat by stat against Madonna. You will fall on your dumb ass, and look like a fool as I present for you stone cold — non opinion-based — facts about how much more successful Madonna is. That you would dare ask about a Madonna single that no one cares about is hilarious. I can’t get over that one. Madonna’s last top 10 was last month. How well did “Nothing,” “Make Me” or any of the Discipline, 20 Y.O. or Damita Jo singles do? LMAO! Janet can’t even get arrested these days. The Bieber/Rihanna/Spears/Timberlake audience don’t even know her name, apparently. Janet is the LEAST successful of all her peers and 1/2 of her discography has flopped.


    Just stop before you end up having to pick up more of your face.

  42. Qazzo March 13, 2012

    Janet fans talking about Botox is too much. Her face doesn’t move after all the various lifts and tucks she’s had. I have seen dime store mannequins with more flexible flesh than Janet’s. And why would Whitney tell Madonna off when just weeks before she died she was spotted out in public glued to Madonna’s Superbowl performance, chanting “Go Madge!,” and gushing about when the two of them were simultaneously ruling the charts during their prime? Look it up, it was in the papers. Don’t try and transfer your malice onto her in the aftermath of her death. Whitney and Madonna had no problem with each other.

  43. DUNKFAN March 13, 2012

    While Madonna has to sell her album with each tour tickets, because no one really cares about that no talent Heroin addict anymore, her failed singles prove that.

  44. Onyx March 13, 2012

    Everyone kows that you don’t really like Madonna, she’s way more talented than Mariah, Mariah does nothing, she is just the voice that she used to have, Madonna comes for her because Mariah pay some newspaper to write bad reviews of her Tour the Girlie Show back in the 90’s, do you think Mariah is a saint, plaese, Madonna and Whitney has a good relashionship, she never say a bad word of Whitney and viceversa don’t you see the videos that i posted, Janet got what she deserve it, Gaga has what she deserve it coz she has always say i’m the biggest Madonna fan but never give credits to her when it comes to ispiration like the whole Born this Way thing, she thanks Whitney (do you heard Whitney on Born this Way song, no), so don’t give me with that, Madonna is very loved around the world by people who are honest like her, she say what she thinks, is what it is, love her or hate her, what do you think she is the best selling female musician in the world because a lots people love her, do you think her fans care if the world hate her, every masterpiece is underappreciated, Mariah is a b****, Madonna is a b**** what is your point, Mariah hates Eminem coz he say he f*** her, she is as bad as Madonna is, is just that Madonna is not ashamed and never play the card of good girl like she does.

  45. acem March 13, 2012

    Madonna’s not a heroine addict, but how about Janet…did she ever get that Hepatitis cleared up? [email protected] fans trying to claim no one cares about Madonna’s singles when Janet hasn’t been on the singles charts in forever and a damn day. Not since Bush’s first term! ROFLMAO! Awwww, still using the Superbowl to scapegoat for her constant flops or have you clowns accepted yet that she hasn’t scored a top 10 single in 11 yrs because her music is completely garbage and that people would rather use that chump change to buy a bag of chips than bother with Janitor’s wack s***. It’s what eventually happens when the only reason you were ever famous in the first place is because of your brothers last name and fame. They didn’t even let Janet on TV again until he died, and that was only to talk about him. Haha.

  46. EJ March 13, 2012

    Give it up Janet fans. NOBODY has fallen off as bad as she has. Tito sells more records than she does now.

  47. MovieAmi March 13, 2012

    Janet’s career has sunken so low she could be Madonna’s opening act.
    It’s about the only way she’d see an arena again.

  48. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 13, 2012

    Ok people relax and don´t twist things

    NO, not everyone trashed Michael when he was alive. Mariah, Whitney or Celine didn´t. Madonna did
    And when saying Whitney is more loved and respected around the world, sorry it´s true. I´m talking about LOVE, not who has the biggest sales or something, I´m talking about truly loving that person cos she touched us
    You need to watch more Mariah interviews cos she is far from being a bad person

    Nobody mentioned Gaga here
    Sorry Mariah is shady yes, but not a b**** like Madonna. Please take a look at what madonna has always done before releasing an album, just like with this last one before the Superbowl. She knows she needs it. Mariah is shady only with people who try her. Madonna did, she said she´d prefer to be dead than being Mariah, a journalist questioned Mariah about that and she answered. That was it.
    Mariah does nothing? Just a voice? It´s funny cos she is the biggest songwriter/producer of the bunch we are talking about (you know the 4 biggest women ever in music history, at leat when it comes to success)
    Still, we have talked about this before. Madonna is a b**** but you don´t care and I don´t care either. She is the queen of pop, I´m ok and it´s deserved.
    And I hate Eminem too, how coulnd´t I? Don´t like bad people, and I´m not talking about being shady or a b**** (like Madonna is in a funny way), I´m talking about being a miserable human being which Eminem clearly is, sorry. Don´t know why he gets a pass with the media while they destroy other artists reputation

    Back to the point of this post and what the comments were about: Whitney and other true greats have more real talent than madonna and that´s why we were joking about Madonna saying she wish she could sing like that. It was just fun. We know who Madonna is and that she deserves her status. But please she is not that effortlessly talented

  49. DUNKFAN March 13, 2012

    Janet ain’t going anywhere, She still sells out shows, People actually go to her movies, and even if she started performed at your local park, she would still have more talent then that heroin addict.

  50. DUNKFAN March 13, 2012

    Let Janet promote diet food, while Madonna jumps on the perfume bandwagon like every other random artist, yes you can smell like a old dirty heroin addict too for $50.

  51. Onyx March 13, 2012

    to me Madonna is very talented, she is a songwriter, dancer and a great performer, i’m don’t agree with you when you say Mariah just answered not she comes for everybody even 4 J.Lo she said (i preffer make a duet with a pig rather than duet with J.Lo) and looks who’s singing with her Bieber she lose her mind, the same Mariah husband interviewed J.Lo and ask her if is any rivality between her and Mariah and she say no i’m a big fan of her and i don’t have any problem with her at leats not to me, i know Madonna is not a saint but Mariah is more bitchy than her when it comes to shade people, Michael spoke badly about Madonna too so what’s your point in trying to look her like she’s the worst thing in the bussiness, she has a strong personally that it can be seen as disagreeable to some but she’s not a bad person for sure neither Mariah, as a talent, Madonna plays guitar, co-wrote most of her songs, her voice is very versatile so i don’t know what talent means to you, imagine a world with just singers like Whitney, Celine and Mariah this world would sucks, there is a lots space for everybody, as for Eminem i love him he is my favorite rapper but i don’t like he’s jokes to another people and i don’t think he i a bad person, he’s just very mental disturbed, as for the love i think Whitney and Celine are the most loved by the people but is because their personality, there is no shades in those two, but as much as i love Madonna i have to admit she is a b**** so as Mariah is too and i still think Madonna is more than a hard worker woman, people always want more from her no matter what she does, people want to see her fails, going drugs and depression but she is still here, when she does American life it was a protest an boring album, when is Madonna at her best, when she does COADF it was too disco, when she does MDNA it’s generic and they want a COADF back, please you can’t make everybody happy, those who claim are fans and don’t like the new sound even without listen to the album are fake fans and just want her to flop to say that Gaga is the new Queen, you can always listen to everybody coz nobody is the same.

  52. skintightjeans March 13, 2012

    380 bucks for Madonna tickets in Washington D.C. This bytch right here is GOING!

  53. MovieAmi March 13, 2012

    LOL! Janet doesn’t sell out shows, that’s why one of her tours was cancelled, and she had to downsize her next outing because even she knew that few are interested in her at this point. Get it straight. She never tops any “most successful” list and is never voted/ranked #1 in anything. Talent? Janet? No. Janet sounds like one of Alvin & the Chipmunks, wouldn’t even be famous if not for Michael’s last name and never had a real hit that wasn’t masterminded by Jam & Lewis. She does nothing but show up. Janet’s fame isn’t hers and her “success” was never real, which is why it imploded on it and she’s yet to get it back.

    Janet isn’t even one of Madonna’s or Whitney’s peers, when it comes down to it. How could she be when she hasn’t accomplished half of what they have. Madonna’s sold approximately 200 million more records than her, has dozens more hits, her tour grosses avalanches Janet’s, has more money (Madonna’s net worth is 650 million vs. Janet’s 150 million) and is more accredited. And what’s more, unlike Janet, Madonna still has a career. Janet has become totally irrelevant in pop culture. Nobody cares about that washed up refugee from the land of wax and weave, who hasn’t had a hit in two presidents. Janet is more in the company of Lisa Lisa, Samantha Fox, Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez. One time pop stars who had a moment that eventually went away.


    If you want to pay $300 to see some 50 y.o hump a chair that’s on your simple ass.


    If you don’t wanna pay $10 bucks to see Janitor lip sync at your local high school gym, that’s on you too. I hear they give seats to her show away and she still cant draw a crowd. :/


    Last time I check Janet ‘s Number ones tour made 25 million. Janet ain’t going no where, while Madonna has to lip sync while humping or doing yoga on stage.


    [email protected] million. Is that all? That’s a very low figure for someone who is supposed to be a “superstar” (we all she isn’t.) I heard Janet couldn’t even find a sponsor and had to front some of the cost herself. Madonna’s last tour grossed over 400 million and holds the record for highest grossing tour for a solo act. Compare that to Janet’s “25 million”. 🙂


    25 million will continue to keep Janet in the game, and with each project it will continue to be light years better then that old ass goat. Gaga didn’t gross as much as Madonna either that doesn’t mean shes less talented. It’s called Quality vers Quantity. Just ask Kylie, Gaga, and Janet.

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