Mary J. Blige Drops By ‘The View’, Talks Whitney Houston & More

Published: Thursday 1st Mar 2012 by Rashad


Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige filled out the panel of this morning’s ‘The View’ and lent her view on a number of topics, including late friend/pop icon Whitney Houston.  Sharing fond memories of her time with the legendary songbird, the ‘Give Me You’ hitmaker also gave Barbara and co. her thoughts on Houston’s “demons” as well as her own battle with addiction.

A gripping watch indeed.  Catch a snippet below:

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Mary, as always, certainly speaks the truth.  Definitely brave of her to be so open with her own struggles while not, like so many, casting judgment on Whitney Houston for her demons.

For regardless of what many think or say, until the toxicology reports are made public, everything is speculation

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bobbie March 1, 2012

    I love Mary!

  2. LiCari March 1, 2012

    Barbara Walters will ALWAYS be annoying to me -_- She throws shade in the sneakiest ways.

    I love Mary’s honesty <3

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE March 2, 2012

    Awwwww, Mary!

  4. @antertain March 2, 2012

    Great words of expression..

    Mary is that open book where you can look and say “Ican be saved” & “I can save myself”

  5. coolg March 2, 2012

    That is wonderful!

  6. danny b March 2, 2012

    I’m not really a fan of Mary but i do respect and admire the positivity, growth and wisdom in her words concerning addiction. However, i dont know if I agree with her, and most other people saying “Whitney died and never had a chance to come back or overcome her addiction” or insinuating that notion. But I know she was close to Whitney so Im not going to judge so much on that comment, maybe I misunderstood. But As one of Whitney’s biggest fans and being obsessed with her since childhood and following her struggles and growth as much as a fan can possibly do, I can say Whitney did NOT die defeated. I’m sure she still had temptations or a few step backs, but I know for a fact she did not die as the cracked up Whitney that everyone consistently wrote about and chastised during the 90s and 00s. When Whitney passed, she was in a position of overcoming, and success. She had grown, matured spiritually and mentally and gotten pretty much over those demons. In my eyes, she definitely DID succeed and thats the travesty of her passing, that just when she overcame, she died, NOT that she died still in struggle. All in all, we, I, Mary and the rest of the world will always love you Whitney. God knew what he was doing so to Him always be the glory.

  7. love March 3, 2012

    barbara walters gets on my last damn nerves, she always throwing shade with her old ass..Glad Mary was honest and sincere. Sick of them attaching Whitney’s death with her drug battles..It is so disgusting!

  8. BJ March 15, 2012

    Why the heck couldn’t Barbara Walters just accept the fact that Mary quit drugs with the help of GOD and no one else. She just couldn’t accept that. Barbara kept forcing mary to say that she went to rehab or did something else. No! people needed to hear that you cannot quit drugs or do anything else challenging for that matter without the help of the FATHER. He is the only way and I’m so proud of Mary for making the right choice – to believe and then follow that up with the most important part – Obedience! That’s why she’s here with us today.

  9. EMH October 16, 2012

    Mary j Blige and others need too stop talking about how Whitney Houston lived and died because they don’t know a damn thing.If they did know anything they would know that Whitney never did crack or died of an overdose autopsy revealed that so people need to learn and think before they speak.Now we know Mary wasn’t Whitney’s true friend just an imposter,funny thing is even when Whitney was going through her ups and downs in life just like everybody else in the world she still managed to out shine,out sell, out sing,out perform all of her so called rivals all the way to her end even after death LOL!!!!!,she still put all those broads to shame and they were supposse to be at the top of their game LOL!!!!!!! Why don’t people talk about that the view,Mary J Blige I guess some people can’t handle the truth.

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