Hot Shots: Mariah Carey Has Wardrobe Malfunction

Published: Monday 30th Apr 2012 by Sam

Mariah Carey may be a diva, but her choice of catsuit in Austria today was anything but that.

In trying to flaunt her “sexy”, the 42 year old showed a bit more than she bargained for while performing. We’ll leave it to you to spot what it was.

Another pic after the jump..

Your thoughts?


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  1. Plural Raspberry April 30, 2012


  2. Onyx April 30, 2012

    The division, YOU CAN see her P****.

  3. DRB April 30, 2012

    It fit fine 4 months ago, that new bulging belly is the problem.

  4. fays112 April 30, 2012


  5. fays112 April 30, 2012

  6. rob April 30, 2012

    oh Mimi, them babies really stretched her out

  7. kingphoenix April 30, 2012

    She cant help it if she got a fat cat…lol

  8. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) April 30, 2012

    lol I didn´t notice in the “Shake it off” video. Photos are cruel sometimes. But who cares? That face looks so great. Go Mariah! I need music please
    And TGJ it would be good if you post some other videos, not the damm “Shake it off”

  9. Onyx April 30, 2012

    @JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great)
    Dude, is a great view.

  10. latifa April 30, 2012

    you can almost hear them lips going “om nom nom” on that catsuit

  11. PrettigurlrockD April 30, 2012

    LOL. She betta werk that camel toe like a diva.

  12. mobwife April 30, 2012

    Wow that’s one big camel toe…LOL! JayZ is that you? 🙂

  13. JAKE April 30, 2012



  14. Tru Voice April 30, 2012

    LORD…lmao But why it look so long??? Did Dem Babies do that??

  15. JoArmy April 30, 2012

    Oh lordy!!!! Pat yah p**** and call your man name….some gal cant do them shame cause you got de goody goody goody good good good!!!

  16. JoArmy April 30, 2012

    Oh lordy!!!! Pat yah p**** and call your man name….some gal cant do that them shame cause you got de goody goody goody good good good!!!

  17. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 30, 2012

    man , let me log off 😡

    *does the moonwalk while going out of this post*

  18. Jay April 30, 2012

    well at least everything else is good lmao

  19. Lax April 30, 2012

    Daaaaaaam mimi that cat is trying to claw her way
    the hell from between your rich s*** legs, girl!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lax April 30, 2012

    MIM’S fat hairy curly cat…..

  21. Lax April 30, 2012

    Who let that cat out?

  22. JoArmy April 30, 2012

    @lax Nick

  23. JoArmy April 30, 2012

    All mimi must do now is do like beyonce or rihanna and spread them and then 6:30<<<<<<<<<<<(Rihanna knows how to 6:30)…….no bashing to rihanna or beyonce. 🙂

  24. Meeeeeuuuuuu April 30, 2012

  25. JoArmy April 30, 2012

    @meeeeuuuuuu gurrlllllllllllll

  26. DIGGER BEY April 30, 2012

    Mimi is looking Divalicious! Oh la la! I just want to scoop her up on a plate and ¥#(»€™=¢¡•!

  27. TIMMI April 30, 2012


    I’m crying.


    Why? :'(

    Please people, don’t make me laugh at Mariah’s expense.

  28. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! April 30, 2012

    WHOAH!!!!!!!! : O

  29. OpD2 April 30, 2012

    mariah becareful next time with them goods,that,s one fat kitty thought alot of meat in them undies must be the black side of her,Nick Cannon is lucky can’t wrong him for putting a ring on it.

  30. DINO April 30, 2012


    MIMI u kno its not polite to sing with ur mouth full…

    still love u tho!!!

  31. JoArmy April 30, 2012

    *plays ciara’s “goddies”*

  32. kayla April 30, 2012

    omfggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg… guys have my in TEEEEEEEAARRRS!!!!

    but it might not be the lips on her face doing all the singing!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO

  33. bank$ April 30, 2012

    fack that ONE GIANT CAMEL TOE! Nick Cannon must be bangin her errrrrday! ahaha!

  34. April 30, 2012

    @latifa Lmfaooooo

  35. Twitter: @TheIndiigo April 30, 2012

    My queen is still slaying you doe . . . remain pressed, h***.

  36. mike April 30, 2012

    that is f****** hilarous and im a lamb!!!

    and guys she had a c section…..which means that p**** been fat all along!!!

  37. mr.m April 30, 2012

    I threw up!

    she’s disgusting!!! HAS-BEEN

  38. Adrian April 30, 2012

    She “HAS-BEEN” the s*** since day one! Mariah effortlessly slays your fav with just one vocal run. It’s things like this that make me realize people can’t ever say anything about her artistry (global sold out shows, 18 #1 singles, 5 octave voice, amazing songwriter,etc.) so they jump at the chance to laugh at stuff like this.

    That being said, LUCKILY she’s bad as hell and does several wardrobe changes throughout her show so she didn’t perform looking like this the whole time. She looks amazing…just not that one not so unnoticeable part lol Get it Mariah!

    MARIAH DOMINATION IN 5,4,3,2……..

    *pops in Fantasy CD SINGLE and presses play on Fantasy Def Club remix*

  39. Pocketbook Primcess April 30, 2012

    I just threw up my dinner, lunch, breakfast, and my tonsils. Wtf is that between her legs? That the biggest p**** I ever seen.

  40. MISHKA May 1, 2012

    Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera are on a league of their own…

  41. ass May 1, 2012

    Wow! That’s too damn big to be camel toe! You call that there moose nuckle. Yeesh.

  42. tina May 1, 2012

    look like she got balls in there . Or dats where she hidin’ all da FAT

  43. tina May 1, 2012

    what a fat p**** pig

  44. tony May 1, 2012

    Just a FYI that’s a wetsuit she’s wearing so it’s going to enhance anything that’s underneath it.


  45. Ugh May 1, 2012

    Her pum pum is huge !!!! *gasps* :-O

  46. MrDivaBitch May 1, 2012


    Love me some Mariah though
    No T no shade!

  47. tina May 1, 2012

    looks like you could drive a truck thru that puss

  48. carmen May 1, 2012

    wow she got a FAT CATTTTTT LMFAO …..

  49. Jelly May 2, 2012

    LMAOOOOOO, these comments are freakin funny LMAO!

  50. Aidan moffett March 18, 2016

    I don’t know how old she is but every time I see her she turns me on she’s so f****** s***

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