Nicki Minaj On Lil Kim: “We Went At It & The Best Woman Won. Now I’m Moving On”

Published: Wednesday 4th Apr 2012 by Sam

For any artist, a trip to Power 105.1‘s ‘Breakfast Club’ is sure to result in many a soundbite.

Hence, it’s little surprise Nicki Minaj‘s stint on the show saw her drop  serve up just that.

Hot on the promotional trail for her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ LP, the Hip-Pop eccentric talked with Charlamagne and co about the album, her Grammy performance (which she says was her “best yet”) and her feud with Lil Kim.

Flip the hood to see Minaj talk winning the “pay homage” war and more…

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  1. BEYRIHSTAN April 4, 2012

  2. Layla April 4, 2012

    I’am done with this site.

  3. ThatBoyLuke April 4, 2012


  4. KAT DELUNA FAN April 4, 2012

    Nicki aint serious 🙄

    Truth,Nicki is done with rappers,she is about to slay the pop singers so haaaaaaaard.Just wait for first week prediction sale,you’ll see *coffee*

  5. DaHotNig April 4, 2012

    Hahahahaaaaaaa Get ’em Nicki! Dat old botch face, lumpy body, no rap writing bloodclot kim is DONE and WASHED!

  6. Aiman April 4, 2012

    “The best female rapper won” – Yes, Lil’ Kim won that beef. I love and respect them both, but Lil’ Kim won.

  7. LOL April 4, 2012

    “I’am done with this site”… least TGJ recognize she is a POP TART thou…LOL

    Pink FLOPday reBLOATED!

  8. Miao April 4, 2012

    “I’m an artist…”!

    B****, pls, ur garbage, deal with that. Ur album is traaaash! Ur 5 minutes is coming to an END! Bye!

  9. toohotfortv April 4, 2012

    op! she gave that female host some serious shade. lmao… like yeah ok, b**** you not about this life. hahaha

  10. justsayin April 4, 2012

    now see ^^^^^ You a NIkki fan and she just said she don’t be talking about nobody and here you come deliver the hate, trying to keep things going. #miserable

  11. SHESDUMB ★ THE CAPS LOCK ICON April 4, 2012

    WHO SAID SHE WON??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Aiman April 4, 2012

    “The best female rapper won” – Yes, Lil’ Kim won that beef. I love and respect them both, but Lil’ Kim won.

    Also why is Nicki saying she paid homage. At the same time she making tracks saying ” I’m going to send you time machine b****** back in time” and “How you b****** in the game like 10 years strong, and ya’ll cant even write your own damn songs” … Nicki was very disrespectful to the generation before her.

  13. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    Nicki Minaj is in denial about anything that makes her feel vulnerable or threatens her sense of control.

  14. Malibu Barbie April 4, 2012

    The Fact You had to STEAL
    Lil’ Kim’s style,lyrics and flow just to have your own identity in this GAME today.
    makes kim the WINNER by default
    YOU are sat in this interview LOOKING like Lil’ Kim and you still turn to disrespect her ?
    and then you say you dont bust shots at anyone ?
    the reason the game is so f***** up today is because these fake artists sell B******* and their fans BUY the b*******. time and time again without even QUESTIONING IT.
    you dissed lil’ kim with a diss track FIRST but because media believes Kim started it and she’s the hater, you just went along with it. this is nothing short of EVIL.

  15. Malibu Barbie April 4, 2012

    In Hip-Hop the only way i can break it down is
    Nicki Minaj = Lady Gaga
    Lil’ Kim = Madonna.

    Madonna threw shade to GAGA and called her REDUCTIVE. then you go and work with Nicki Minaj the biggest copycat in female rap.
    Nicki Minaj actually dissed Lil’ Kim the Black version of Madonna.
    Gaga has never DISSED the people she steals from/looks up to.
    Music is in RUINS. unless somebody or something fixes it. im done with this site and im done with music.. i am in a generation where Disrespectful clowns with no talent RULE.

  16. kingphoenix9 April 4, 2012

    Girl, it wont a fair fight to begin with…but glad you are moving on. Your starting to get some real competition in the rap arena (cause Azealia Banks is coming to slay, and Iggy has a good following too…will not got on her actually rapping but thats neither here nor there), and as far as you being a pop star, i think the trend of the weak voiced dance pop chicks is dying….With Beyonce coming back, Adele doing a little this and a little that, Gaga focused on solidifying her reign, Rita Ora trying to making an name, and so on and so forth….I’m not sure how you will far in the Pop arena in the coming months, besides from another Dance Pop hit or too…Good Luck!

  17. DaHotNig April 4, 2012

    The Billboard charts and this WORLD TOUR said she won. Also it is a known fact that kim does NOT write her rhymes so you c**** need to hang it up! As Nicki said all you saying lil kim won why aren’t you supporting her music? If she’s the hottest female MC why can’t she write a hot song? SIT DOWN IN SEVERAL ROCKING CHAIRS!

  18. @LilSean April 4, 2012

    SMFH how this girl stole kims look and then gonna diss her in the interview looking just like kim please i see through the fakeness wack ass bIIICTHC

  19. BeyIsKING April 4, 2012

    Um, breaking down the beef…

    Lil’ Kim won.

    For the simple facts..

    A.) Her diss tracks were better lyrically. (“Black Friday”, “I’m Not The One”, “Warning”, etc.)

    B.) For Nicki to call Kim “washed”, a “has-been” or to even say she (Nicki) is “winning”… Then why would you devote most of your music to Kim??? Taking shots in most of your material. (Songs & features)

    This is the one (B), I mainly don’t understand. Nicki went off on “Roman’s Revenge” (her best diss aimed at Kim), and she should have stopped there. Let your “winning” speak for itself. Yet instead, she kept throwing shots at Kim, some of which was completely horrific (“Stupid H**”, “Roman In Moscow”, etc). That showed that Nicki was pressed. I guess that “Black Friday” diss got to her.

    C.) Album quality. “Hard Core” is better than “Pink Friday”. “Notorious K.I.M” is better than “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”.

    With those 3 reasons show that Kim won. Especially B…. & A.






  21. Mike April 4, 2012

    At the end of the day nicki is the one with the radio singles videos coming out for starships and beez in the trap.

    Lil Kim has nothing coming out really relevant.

    So please everybody shut

  22. KAT DELUNA FAN April 4, 2012

    I understand Gaga but Azelia?Beyonce?Iggy?Rita?………… Those aint threats 😆 😆

    Adele is not a popstar,Just watch Nicki gets a bigger first week sale than your fave colored wig wearing fave

  23. kingphoenix9 April 4, 2012

    @Kat Deluna

    None of my “faves” wear colored wigs, well Beyonce did wear on in “Check Up on It” but that ways way before it became a trend for pop tarts….

    Azealia is a lyrical beast and she has the support of Lagerfeld and Kanye! Iggy has a lot of bloggers and tumblrs tutting her horn, and is getting a lot of hot beats and and is feeling avoid that Nicki has left behind…as well she is white, and and when whites foray into black culture they have the chance to become wildly succefful. Beyonce has an established career and is only 30 with a lot more too come (girl dont try it you know Nicki cannot compete with Beyonce), Rita is about to get the
    full force Roc Nation treatment, girl got the golden ticket. Adele is Pop/soul and is help changing the Pop world sound…(see: Lana Del Ray).

    And yes Nicki does have the potential to get a great first week, but look at what happened with “Born This Way” overall sales, and the way it has still been critized to day….

  24. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    She’s the Teen Queen of bubble gum rap. Teens buy more songs than adults do, it doesn’t make her better.

  25. Mickie April 4, 2012

    Can someone just point me to the mark where she says it? I don’t wanna watch 20+ minutes of BS

  26. 4RealDoe April 4, 2012

    What did she win? I have yet to hear a diss from her that beats “Black Friday”. “Stupid H**”, “Roman In Moscow”???? LMAO! Those don’t compare to the lashing Kim gave her on “Black Friday”. True enough she’s selling and making her money. Big ups to her on that. But lyrically, she has yet to really demolish Kim. But i’m glad she’s moving on and Kim has moved on too. I’m just ready for good music. Not disrespecting and dissing each other.

  27. Malibu Barbie April 4, 2012

    Nicki thinks because shes at her PEAK right now shes better than everyone and she won.
    Lil’ Kim was at her peak now she’s a legend.
    Nicki Minaj was heavily influenced by Kim and now wants to destroy her and thinks shes the BEST woman ?? that girl is SERIOUSLY confused. she thinks all the b******* shes done regarding KIM is OKAY and FINE.
    its okay to STEAL another artists swag
    its okay to DISS legends.
    its okay to PRODUCE GARBAGE music and if they dont like the song they just didnt “get it” she is very conceited and narrow-minded.
    she can make money but at the END its your MUSIC and how long you LAST in this game.

  28. DaHotNig April 4, 2012

    @malibu b**** save that whining for lil kim funeral cuz that b**** is DEAD! All these cartoon ass pix she releasing, if kim was a beast on the mic she would’ve been released something worth people buying. kim and her s*** stains (fans) need to WATCH AND LEARN! Nicki has done things in a 2 year period that kim will NEVER do cuz da b**** is OLD and GRAY!

  29. niajaweezy April 4, 2012

    am happy nicki is on kim’s neck like a vampire….i cant wait her to finish the job

  30. Bee Sting April 4, 2012

    Looks like she is still inspired by Kim! Is that a colorful mink?

  31. KAT DELUNA FAN April 4, 2012

    I wasnt talking about you for the colored wig wearing fav.It was a general statement

    BEYONCE is talented but talent doesnt matter;When figure out what works for the game,she is gonna have white hair (just check when she is starting those Tumbrl s*** 😆 pitiful)

    RITA career is on Jay’s will
    Adele is not a pop force,she is done slaying everybody in more ways than once.Her next era will be huge but she is not a POP STAR

    Those other girls?!? They aint s***

  32. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    Nicki Minaj is battling with herself, Lil Kim stopped responding to her years ago but she has continued. Now she’s moving on to other females to one up. She has the point of view, “if i put everyone down then i will be the only one remaining who is worthy.” This usually happens out of jealousy and inferiority feelings.

  33. kingphoenix9 April 4, 2012

    @Kat Deluna

    LMFAO! You are such a sour puss. You act like Bey is making the tumblr her self, is just another thing to give to fans who like to see that stuff, promote her self, and control her own image/career. Motha dont do pitiful.

    Yeah, Rita career is on Jay’s will, but maybe she will get initiatie and take the reigns of her own control….

    Adele is a huge Pop force, did she or did she not sweep the major categories of Pop at the Grammies, on top of the major awards of the grammies period? Is she not about to get a diamond album? Something that is usually done by mega pop stars…Just because she don’t dance and make music that’s what you traditionally see as pop (music for dancing) does not mean she is pop…I think you have a misconstrued meaning of what pop is…

    And the other girls are on their way, and i am sure that you will be supporting their music in the future whether it be paying for singles/albums, illegally downloading, or p**** popping to them in the club….You can try to front on me, but dont lie to yourself baby girl. Nicki is not the end all be all.

  34. haterzstaypressed April 4, 2012

    I feel so sorry for Kim fans. Might I ask, how is her new song doing on the BB100? iTunes charts? How is radio airplay? You know, the one with Jeezy… or what about the other one – the “If You Love Me” joint…. how is that working out for Kim? Y’all buying her music, right?

    Oh, that’s right. Lil’ Kim stans don’t necessarily support her musical efforts. They are usually on TGJ trying to throw shots and whining about Nicki Minaj who WON this battle a long time ago.

    But you stans don’t have to worry about Nicki anymore. She’s moved on and about to go on a sold-out world tour… Nicki’s fans support Nicki 100%. Kim’s fans are nothing but enablers. Makin’ kim feel better about herself but you don’t put the work in and buy her music. What sense is that?

    Ohhhh I forgot! Maybe Kim can’t properly release and chart because she’s been blacklisted.

    Pick your poison. Either you don’t support Kimmy Blanco, or you can’t because she f***** herself up by getting blacklisted. Whatever the case you know as well as I know Nicki won. Kim couldn’t win because she couldn’t be heard – no one was checkin’ for Kim and even if they were she was legally blacklisted. Oh well.

    No worries… the Roman Empire will accept poor, disaffected Kim stans. 😆

  35. DaHotNig April 4, 2012

    @black butterfly aka black pigs fly You sound as dumb as you look! kim would be even more irrelevant if Nicki didn’t kill her! Nicki is killin the rap game from a female and male perspective. There’s no one for her to put down because all the old rap chicks are fat and dead like you will soon be if you don’t slow down on the porkchops.

  36. KAT DELUNA FAN April 4, 2012

    I am not the type of person to knock a b**** hustle.Those girls may be getting shine but I am not seeing it for her.

    So adele is Pop? ok,I’ll remind you that soon enough.

    For Rita,Nicki has ”passed” this maybe stage.She aint coming for no nicki crown

    Bey is late,she wants to control what?She could control those rih comparaisons,the pregnancy rumors ..please 🙄

  37. souled_out April 4, 2012

    u cant be “winning” if ur working for everything evil and demonic..Lets pray for her yall~

  38. KAT DELUNA FAN April 4, 2012

    She could control her career,her pregnancy,her album release …F*** outta her 😆

    i like bey,but stop Nicki is on some other s***

  39. TheTruthHurts April 4, 2012

    So wait…….Its morning time…and this broad is in FULL COSTUME already?

    From the wig, to the Tarantula eyelashes, to that Funky Phantom white makeup
    all the way down to that Fruit Stripe Gum inspired coat…..

    As far as the ‘comment’, she didn’t say Kim. She was referring to ALL the female rappers that felt and still feel some kinda way. Actually, she really didn’t say anything she hasn’t already said a dozen times before. ThatMinajJuice doing the usual reach routine. Yawn.

  40. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    I am far from old or fat, you can hit up my website and see for your self. Nicki is a walking Lil Kim tribute, how dumb do you sound! Nicki stole Kim’s look and tried to steal Kim’s sound but it didn’t work for her so now she’s going pop! Nicki doesn’t know who she is and she is co-dependant. 106 & Park was here first performance where she actually showed any confidence.

  41. kingphoenix9 April 4, 2012

    girl u livin in houses built on lies, and lands made of fantasy…Remember that.

  42. Malibu Barbie April 4, 2012

    You will remain MAD. the truth is what i SERVED.
    Billboards/charts dont mean s*** at the end of the day it is about RESPECT.
    Nicki rocking a colorful Mink and a green wig.. = LIL’ KIM
    sits there and its so rude and conceited. shes not even talented shes just selling and i wish she would say some dumb s*** to the WRONG one. she will get f***** up. its easy to be GASSED when you have 3 year old fans and bodyguards.

  43. Black Madonna April 4, 2012


  44. KAT DELUNA FAN April 4, 2012

    Bey stans just dont wanna admit the fact that Roc Nation f***** up her career.They are even pushing rita better smh

    Matthew is lauguing somewhere

  45. Malibu Barbie April 4, 2012

    People need to start waking up ASAP !!
    this chicks entire career is built on deception,lies,no talent and theft
    we all know Birdman bought her albums.
    we all know your swag came from Lil’ Kim,Missy Elliott and Gwen Stefani
    we all know you are not a street chick,that is why when you do hip-hop records you are either dissing lil’ kim or bragging about how on TOP you are.
    you do pop music because you are garbage, you cannot even sing or PEFORM well on stage. why are you cocky ?? cuz you make money ?? money COMES and GOES. your music and how LONG you last is important. its sad the world continues to support this CLOWN.

  46. Malibu Barbie April 4, 2012

    Lil’ Kim is the BLACK MADONNA. f*** you talkin’ bout. stay repping that no talent clown COPYCAT. who cannot rap to save her LIFE ! talkin about how she can rap battle in her sleep !!

  47. Onyx April 4, 2012

    Go Nicki.

  48. hollyhood April 4, 2012

    this b**** acting so fake. her accent changed all of a sudden lmao. anyways Kim won and now the b**** nicki is moving on hahaha and damn nicki needs a nose job her nose is damn long like pinnochio yucckkk

  49. werk April 4, 2012

    Nicki is like the BLACK MADONNA. love her

  50. haterzstaypressed April 4, 2012

    Lil Kim fans stay mad. Sorry your fave was slayed. Whether you wake up to reality or not, Nicki WON. Clothing line, make up, nail polish, performances, world tour, global number one album, pepsi deal.

    And Kim?

    Just stop. Please stop! You’re embarrassing yourselves. 🙁

    I’m feeling bad for y’all. For real….

  51. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    Nicki has those opportunities because of the women that paved the way for her and she should be thankful. What kind of example is she setting for the next generation coming up after her?


    F*** LIL KIM FANS!

    you all are pressed and upset That Nicki is having all this succcess. This battle between Nicki and Lil kim is so old now. we all know who is the winner. NICKI MINAJ WINNING!

  53. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    Nicki would be winning if she were up against peers, she’s battling with a rap legend an icon that has opened doors for her. The exact thing that she said to Jay z, is what she said to Lil Kim and that’s how this beef started. Now Nicki is on a mission to prove herself right while Kim is just trying to stay true to her craft and her fans. Nicki lacks loyalty and respect and if the next generation follows suit than we all lose.

  54. haterzstaypressed April 4, 2012


    If anyone ever listened to Nicki message, she has always told young women that they can do anything they put their hearts and minds to. If there were no Nicki Minaj there would NOT be an influx of female rappers NOW. No one, and I mean NO ONE in the industry was checking for any female rappers from 2007-2010. Because of Nicki, female rap is back on the come up – period. Nicki is paving the way for the next generation. When was the last time a black woman had such endorsements like this? When was the last time a black woman had a Pepsi deal? Mariah Carey? Last time a black woman had a nail polish?

    You may not like her music. You may not like her personally… but you cannot disrespect her business acumen. You cannot disregard her hustle. So of course she’s paving the way, whether you guys wanna admit it or not. No one would be checking for Iggy Azealia or Azealia Banks right now if there were no Nicki to compare them to. If Nicki didn’t pave the way…. so yeah

  55. Malibu Barbie :Nicki Is Winning Offa What Kim/Missy/Gwen Stefani built April 4, 2012


    LIL’ KIM had her PEAK. Kim is a VETERAN she been there DONE THAT.
    so because Nicki is know reaping the rewards of what Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim worked for means she won.
    Kims issue was that Nicki kept dissing Kim and stealing her style at the same time. as evident in this photo.
    Nicki Minaj is like the Black Clown that you take your lil’ kid to see because they been good at school !



    * stands up and waves hands*



  57. Malibu Barbie : Nicki Is Winning Offa What Kim/Missy/Gwen Stefani built April 4, 2012

    It was never a CONTEST. Kim is the greatest female rapper besides Missy/Lauryn.
    aint nobody takin that away from her.
    Biggie birthed Kim.
    Wayne birthed Nicki.
    Biggie >> Wayne
    Kim >>> Nicki

    The fact is, nicki cannot handle the fact that outta all the legends she disrespected ONE actually came for her NECK while eve and the other chicks (sorry to say) just sat back and let it slide. I dont blame KIM. since Kim was nicki’s target since 2002

  58. GetChoLife April 4, 2012

    All you people that call yourself Kim fans, go buy her single! Support your girl! I am a Nicki stan & I don’t give a damn about what Lil Kim has to say about Nicki. My girl is winning with endorsement deals, performing with legends like Madonna, & about to have the #1 album in the country. That is what you Kim stans need to focus on! Making your fav win! I see more Nicki shade than Kim shade from these comments, gather up the fans & focus on Kim landing another hit! I ran out of f**** to give about what Kim or anybody has to say about Nicki.

  59. Deon April 4, 2012

    Nickis debut supposedly sold 465,000 in the first week. Looking at her wiki page it says 365,000. Who bought the other 100,000.. Baby & I expect.him to do the same this time.. No shade

  60. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    My point is that because of Nicki’s position, she has a huge influence on the next generation. Just like she’s trying to imitate Lil Kim, Missy………….the next female will do what she does and not what she says. Yes, she’s making money but that’s not all that it’s about, what she’s doing will affect many women.

  61. Malibu Barbie : Nicki Is Winning Offa What Kim/Missy/Gwen Stefani built April 4, 2012

    what does buying Kims singles and Nicki having a successful career have to do with ANYTHING.
    the fact of the matter is Nicki is WINNING because she stole formulas from other artists , but she mainly steals from Kim. but keeps disssing Kim in her music and in interviews, and the media seems to see Kim responding but not Nicki.
    Kim is a VET she been there done that.. i think its sad that in this day an age respected legends are now trashed because the new artists are “winning” what does that have to do with anything. where is Kim’s RESPECT ???

  62. Malibu Barbie : Operation Kill The Carbon Copy April 4, 2012

    she dont have a huge influence on no generation. shes just the latest Teen Fad..that’s all.

  63. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    My concern is the lack of respect and loyalty on display. The lies and the deceit, it’s just not a good thing to portray for such young women. Nicki never keeps it 100% but she’s making money tho. Music is supposed to be an expression of art and or emotions and when you’re doing what you love the money will follow. I feel so sorry for the next generation, I really do!

  64. PrettigurlrockD April 4, 2012

    But is lil kim winning in sales? Think about it? Uhhh no. Nicki is soo yes nicki is winning. This isn’t a rap battle. They both can rap. But in the hiphop industry it’s about who’s getting richer and more consistent. That’s all rappers rap about. Being better than other rappers, being the s***, and having a lot of money so nicki is winning. Sorry.

  65. Jwolf April 4, 2012

    LOL @ people thinking Lil Kim is better than Nicki.

    Nicki minaj is versatile and has proved herself as a rap princess. Lil Kim is a gret rapper but she can’t step out of rap. She’s boring in the end. If you hear two of Lil Kim’s songs, you’ve heard them all.

    I like both of them. I give mad respect for both of them. Lil Kim had her time, now Nicki has her time. Quit being shady towards either of them and let them do their thing.

    At the end of the day, Nicki Minaj can do everything that Lil Kim can do, except she can do it better. Lil Kim can rap like a boss, but Nicki Minaj is just way more versatile than Lil Kim……and the industry requires versatility these days.

    Overall, in the beef, Nicki “won” it. Although I don’t think anyone wins in a beef, Nicki had the best songs and lyrics. Kim represented, but Nicki was just better. I love Kim to DEATH but Nicki got the best of her.

  66. PrettigurlrockD April 4, 2012

    Oh the blindness of kim stans mad at nicki calling kim a has-been when kim is so heartless as to call the girl, naturi naughton, insulting names when naturi showed kim nothing but love after playing her in notorious BIG movie. Called her talentless, a has-been backup singer, and the worst actress ever. You mad at nicki for not respecting her elders? Well kim doesn’t seem grateful at all to her fans by not interacting with them enough nor for the ones inspired by her. Naturi said in interviews she loved lil kim and was happy to play her. I know why kim didn’t like naturi. Cuz she was dark-skinned. Self hating B****.

    Read this:

  67. SEXYME April 4, 2012


    April 4, 2012

    The N.Y. Times just called her the pre-eminent female rapper of all time. And while that doesn’t say much—though supporters of Lil’ Kim, MC Lyte, Foxy Brown and Missy Elliott might disagree—Nicki Minaj’s sophomore Young Money/Cash Money/ Universal Republic album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, will debut at #1 next week, with between 200-225k in sales.

    That’s based on one-day reports from our crack network of online retailers and those selling CDs from the back of their car trunks.

    Big Machine country stalwarts Rascal Flatts’ Changed is on target for sales between 100-125k The band’s last album, 2010’s Nothing Like This, racked up 160k in first-week numbers on the way to 1.1 million total.

    Verity gospel star Marvin Sapp’s I Win looks to be in the 45-50k range. His last album, 2010’s Here I Am, peaked at #2 on the sales chart.

    Universal Republic’s latest discovery, Of Monsters & Men, dubbed “the Icelandic Mumford & Sons,” will earn a very nifty 40-45k for its debut, My Head is an Animal, and its PoMo/Triple A comer, “Little Talks,” spinning at influential L.A. station KROQ, among others, with one million plays on VEVO. The band will play KROQ’s 20th annual Weenie Roast Y Fiesta at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, CA, May 5.




  68. coffee April 4, 2012

    Money is money & Minaj is making IT!!!

  69. antertain April 4, 2012

    She’s cool and relevant.
    I dont like everything she does, SHE dont like everything she does but she knows what whats and what makes her a star and she feeds into that to have a carrer that lasts a long while.

    It is what it is.
    Props go to her and the team

  70. haterzstaypressed April 4, 2012

    LOL it doesn’t factor in PRE SALES…. *smh*

  71. QueenSize April 4, 2012

    Humble yourself b****. More talented individuals aren’t making hits anymore. Be happy for the opportunity. Nicki is still a newbie to this game…someone tell me…did she freestyle?

  72. Tbozfan10 April 4, 2012

    lmao @ the fact that she think she won when clearly she still hasn’t recoveref from black friday!!! now she want to say she done, when kim been done with her ass and hasn’t responded since, interviews and music. So who’s really winning!

  73. blob April 4, 2012

    How come ALL Nicki fans are under 18, gay, obese, charcoal black or nerdy foreigners who speak English as a 2nd language? Lol seriously i am yet to see a single cute “barb”. Lol. @Sam @ThatGrapeJuice all these Nicki posts, all that a$$ licking n d**k riding n she still aint give yall an interview. Ha!

  74. kayla April 4, 2012


  75. MichaelAngelo April 4, 2012

    Nicki , Nick, Nicki…. i see u still haven’t learned.” Well u gone learn today”!

  76. Black Butterfly April 4, 2012

    Relationships are more important than money! No one on their death bed is going to ask for their bank balance. The richest man in the grave is still dead so don’t lose sight of what’s important in life!

  77. va gal 2427 April 4, 2012

    Nick is tripping to think that she has won any thing ! she can not rap at all. half the time you don’t understand what the b**** is talking about …then this b**** wants to try to sing and try to hit high notes !! please ! that s*** is played out like them ugly ass pink wigs …then b****** have the nerve to be walking around in them looking like Ronald Mcdonald…….at least when nick b**** ass throw that pink s*** on she be matching from head to toe !! i dont hate on females i speak the truth !! as fair as this b**** style she stole that from kim … and if people was as real as they say they are they would admit that she stole kims style . to bad the b**** could n’t have stole some flows from kim….punch lines need to be a little mo gutter !!! not soft . sugar coated gum drop rivers and cotton candy wigs …that b**** soft …..go kim!!

  78. trail April 4, 2012

    Shes moved on but yet she keeps taking shots…GTFOFH!! B**** is lame and her fan base is gay dudes and young kids.. This site is fullof s*** like her

  79. mobwife April 4, 2012

    I’m gonna need Nicki Garbaj to have several seats with that noise and utter nonsense! Lil Kim is QUEEN B hon period! I always love Nicki’s colored wigs but sweetie no one can wear a green wig like Lil Kim in the Crush On You video! Anyway, if she would keep Kim’s name out of her mouth I might be able to stomach her!

    And dear, that Grammy performance was horrible!

  80. bitchItzMINAJ April 4, 2012

    Damm ion even read or comment on stupity but you Lil Krim fans are MOODD Dumb. Nicki WINNING. Guess you mfss still stuck in 1920’s
    . Death!

  81. meisha April 5, 2012

    No Kim won! Her Black Friday diss set her resale of 16 year old music. She eating off her classics. In 18 months both of NICKIMINAJ albums will be cremated put to rest and we’ll Neva here of them again! *moment of silence for the garbage NICKIMINAJ calls music* um who’s NICKIMINAJ

  82. minajesty April 5, 2012

    i support nicki, but i would respect her more if she just admitted she dissed kim and stop denying it. YMCMB always run their mouths in songs but in interviews they act like nothing happened

  83. @iamcameronm April 5, 2012

    To start with I love Nicki Minaj and her music, I am not a hater but I can see what is happening in the music industry.
    Nicki Minaj was massive when she took Lil’ Kim’s style, then Kim came back and is being clever with her comeback. Lil’ Kim is an independent female rapper getting massive gigs with RapFix, Sucka Free, Rip Runway ect. Lil’ Kim is still rapping has hard as she did back before she went to prison.
    Nicki Minaj was hot it the rap game and then so that she think she won she decided to make a pop album with about 7 rap tracks on the album. For her to say that she won is shameful. She is more like the Queen of Pop now. I mean she can rap but she has become more of a pop artist and if you haven’t noticed that then you have been living under a rock.

    I got love for Nicki & I got love for Kim so what I’m saying is using facts. Kimmy won.

  84. JORDAN IS THE BEST April 5, 2012



  85. VFB April 5, 2012

    I love seeing Sista’s doing their thing but Nicki CANNOT out do LIl Kim RAPPING….NICKI IS A GOOD ENTERTAINER AT BEST:)

  86. va gal 2427 April 5, 2012

    and yo girl nick is stuck back in the 90’s where she style kim’s style b****…..while you trying to be a smart ass….go kimmy

  87. _eriicc April 7, 2012

    Even if this publicity stint – I mean ‘beef’ – between the two Rappers has deceased, it’s now up to the #TeamLilKim and #TeamMinaj to finally get along! There is WAY too much hostility between the two, and it just tarnishes both of the Rapper credibility, in a ignominious way.

    We’ve all got to put this behind us, and await the long overdue track featuring both artists. This will send the charts, industry, and cyber-world INTO A FRENZY! Woohoo, let’s hope for the best!

  88. This Chick… April 9, 2012

    Nicki’s attitude towards the girl on her left is STANK. Like what the hell??

  89. ms.ladyQB April 12, 2012


  90. Marik Sanchez July 10, 2012

    What i love about Nicki fans is they keep on bringing up numbers as if nicki won because of that. Soulja boy had high numbers does that mean he won against nas? Jay-Z had high numbers does that mean he won against nas? NO IT DOESNT! As Queen Latifah said YEARS ago to Foxy brown back when they were beefing, “Alot of wack b****** went platinum” just because nicki has high numbers and everything doesn’t mean she is talented. As far as Kim writing her own s***, Lil cease, Mobb Deep, Fendi, Jay-z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G and many others have all stated that lil kim writes all of her rhymes. Yall just need someone to hate on but its cool. If you are going to talk, talk facts. Nicki stole Kim’s Swagg, she stole the vocals of male rappers Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes as well as stole traits from female rap legend Missy Elliot. She is unoriginal, a fake, phony fraud that is having a short run of fam that will soon end. We have seen it happened before and it will happen again. Can Nicki stay in this game for 16 like lil kim? NO!

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