And The Sales Are In: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Roman Reloaded’ Sold…

Published: Tuesday 10th Apr 2012 by David

It’s the number Pop culture has been waiting for.

Yes, the first week sales of Nicki Minaj‘s new LP ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ were published by Hits Daily Double.

Why are you still reading this?! Find out what she sold below…

Chart position: #1

Total US Sales: 251, 551

Let’s be honest, for an act of Nicki’s stature this isn’t a good look.

Almost 100,000 units less than ‘Pink Friday‘s first week figures, we doubt Nicki will be too pleased with this number- especially considering the mammoth campaign she launched in its aid.

However, with the clip for ‘Starships’ set for release in coming days, the LP may remain at #1 next week and will no doubt outsell ‘Friday’ in the grand scheme of things, helped by a plethora of smash hit singles and her upcoming world tour.

We should also note that ‘Friday’s debut number was partly down to its release date, launched in the heat of the  ‘Black Friday‘ mass buying spree and further boosted by Christmas spending some weeks later.

As well as this, with the #1 spot in the UK, #5 spot in New Zealand and now the top spot in the US, Minaj can look forward to topping the United World Chart tally for the very first time this Thursday.

So, if you think about it, she’s doing much better holistically than this time than she did the last.

But what do you think?

Should she have sold more?

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  1. Teyah April 10, 2012

    That’s low for her status. People prefer the urban Nicki Minaj, not the wanna be pop star Lady Gaga copy cat!

  2. DTG April 10, 2012

    Poor…but still better than what Rihanna would have done.

  3. Onyx April 10, 2012

    Great Nicki, you have your #1 album, you will see the haters here, those are good sales no matter what the haters wil say.

  4. YASSSS April 10, 2012

    Well she did a half pop album and pulled pop ‘first week’ sales.

    Now lets see how much the thing will SELL once she starts letting out the POP HITS!

    ‘pound the alarm’

    ‘whip it’

    ‘va va voom’


    ‘beautiful sinner’ will ALL slay WORLDWIDE and each sell over 3MILLION copies in the US/.

  5. KAT DELUNA FAN April 10, 2012

    #1 Baby..second #1 album should I say.

    Nicki keepp your eyes on the price,European promo next.GO BABE

  6. kingphoenix9 April 10, 2012


  7. BEEZ IN DA TRAP April 10, 2012

    It’s all good. she don’t care about first week sell’s anyway. I think those first couple singles she dropped scared people off tho. I know I was worried about if the whole album would sound like Stupid H** and Roman In Moscow. I hate both those shits.

  8. GetChoLife April 10, 2012

    Here 2nd album & her first #1 album in the UK, Scotland, & US! So proud!

  9. Gabriella April 10, 2012

    251,551 in the US only is pretty good. Plus 47,000 in the UK, 298,000 ~ 300,000 copies sold only in the UK & the US. She probably sold a lot in Australia, New Zeeland and Ireland. Then we have Europe, Africa & Asia. So I’m expecting at least 400,000.

  10. BARBIE_BOY April 10, 2012

    I think, that Onika could have done better. You gave us Katy / Rihanna teas and you got Rihanna / Katy numbers 🙁 sorry sis.

  11. KAT DELUNA FAN April 10, 2012

    How is it Titty and Goat tea?

    This is not the holiday season,the lead single music video is not even out yet (for her supposed POP AUDIENCE SHE DECIDED TO CLING TO).
    So far she only released Urbans video (stupid h** and Beez).She is doing wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Goatssie and she sold more than Katy Teenage dream 😕

  12. QueenSize April 10, 2012

    Basically, 100,000 fans either got tired of her lies and b*******, or they grew up and no longer require similac.

  13. HEEEEEY April 10, 2012


  14. minajesty April 10, 2012

    thats good! the predictions were 200k-235k. anything over 200k isnt a flop. thats another #1 album under your belt nicki 🙂

  15. flawda April 10, 2012

    Those numbers aren’t good at all, let me put it in perspective for ya’ll. J Cole sold 217k in his first week and he was a new artist who didn’t have a hit single at the time or a 10th of the promotion of Nicki. Young Jeezy sold 233k and that’s not releasing a album in 3 years and putting out singles that weren’t that strong on the charts, his album wasn’t promoted at all by Def Jam.

    Nicki Minaj pretty much got the Lady Gaga type treatment (Today Show, 106 and Park, Night Line,etc), basically all of mainstream white America shows and put up those measly numbers. Her second week sales will take the typical 75 percent drop too.

    This chick sold out too fast, she never really cultivated a real fanbase, and it will cost her in the long run chasing pop fame. All that crazy ass outfits and what not isn’t even her, she is a Gaga wanna be.

    “the worst thing to be is successful as someone else” – Jay-z

  16. mr.m April 10, 2012


    • Matheus January 3, 2013

      FLOOP?! floops doesn’t sell 251K, floops sells under 100K, this is a SUCCESS, not better than Pink Friday did, but it’s still a success, now it’s over 1,4 MILLIONS copies sold only in US after only 6 months since the release, also it certified platinum in US and Ireland, STFU

  17. Onyx April 10, 2012

    April 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    This is the kind of comment that only stupid people make, what is success to you.

  18. mobwife April 10, 2012

    You have to remember that she dropped in the Fall around “Black Friday” if I’m not mistaken.” Black Friday” is one of, if not the, busiest shopping day in the states. Ppl make many purchases especially for CDs & DVDs at this time each yr. She also was an unknown, signed to a popular label, & backed by major FAVORABLE MEDIA COVERAGE! She was a pleasant surprise for most. Now, she has her niche audience – either you like her or you don’t. The media has spent a great deal of time slamming her since the Grammy fiasco so her sell’s figures (which are still good) shouldn’t be unexpected! IMO

  19. LosAngelesKid April 10, 2012

    *List of stan bases that should reserve themselves on commenting on someone’s first week sales*

    Rihanna Navy
    Katy Kats
    Lil’ Kim stans
    & any fanbase who’s fav haven’t even sold 250K first week. Some of your favs have yet to land a #1 album after relasing over 3 albums.

  20. YASSSS April 10, 2012

    @FLAWDA So jcole first week outsold ‘katy perrys’ but katys is now 2X platinum, whilst jcoles is STILL not GOLD… slow and steady wins the race.

  21. YOOSONDALOOSE April 10, 2012

    Amazing album that deserved this!
    I think the sales will keep rising as they video will help and there are so many different possible videos and new single choices!

  22. MISHKA April 10, 2012

    Congrats to Onika but chile…What’s Rihanna’s problem though?

    Anybody can kick a #1 album except you gurl, there’s something wrong here.

    If Rita Ora hits #1 this year before The Rih, I’m done.

  23. Hot! April 10, 2012

    i think artist and consumer alike should stop looking to the so called white audience as a confirmation of value becasue plenty of other people like pop and other white folks like rap. The thing is does any artist have artistic value…?

  24. Shalay April 10, 2012

    I aint buying it. Drake sold 600K with much less promo and Wayne sold 1m with less promo. This is not a good look for an opening, no matter how you spend it. Yes, it will go platinum eventually, but she only opened with 50K more than Lionel Ritchie covering his own songs.

    The Grammys was a “WTF” moment too because they used her in their promo and everything and she still came up empty. Four nominations, promo shoot and couldn’t even win Best New Artist.

  25. Tami April 10, 2012

    Y’all need to stop lying that’s a FLOP and she’s losing fans. What a joke. Please you cant tell me with the major promo This gimmick had those are good numbers. Grammys… Super Bowl.. Kids Choice what else? She was everywhere. That’s a shame smh. Now if this was anyone else they would be dragged. So glad people aren’t falling for this sell out gimmick . We will see where she will be next year. A complete pop arist I bet ! GIMMICK

  26. flawda April 10, 2012

    @ YASSS

    J Cole is not a pop artist and his album has sold 600k copies to date based of making music of substance which is more than i can say for Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj. J Cole did all his work by himself, he never leaned on Jay-z like Nicki did Drake and Wayne to get hot in the public eye.

    I bet money J Cole will be one of those artist who will be here 10-15 years from now, and you want to know why, he is a true artist. No gimmicks and doesn’t have to sexualize his music to get attention.

  27. Kyle April 10, 2012

    I think these sales are actually really good. “Pink Friday” dropped on the busiest shopping day of the year and that’s why it sold what it did back in November 2010. For being a female rapper in 2012 and selling 250K in first week sales, I think Nicki has proven herself. The album is growing on me and I’ll be interested to see where it goes from here. I guarantee you she is going to keep releasing the pop-type songs in order for the album to stick in the top 10.

  28. dang April 10, 2012

    You guys do know that a number 5 in New Zealand is like literally 10 copies right? And number one is about 10?

  29. SHESDUMB ★ THE CAPS LOCK ICON April 10, 2012


  30. ShadeCatcher April 10, 2012

    I think Nicki should have offered her album for 99 cents & she would have probably sold at least 900,000! Then she would have the lowest second week sales drop in history by 85%. Oh wait, that was Gaga right?

  31. Mrirunit April 10, 2012

    Oh stfu Ciara has sold 330k first week with the evolution and went #1 so stop it and Rihanna don’t need a #1 it’s about the journey you ppl think first week is what matter he’ll no but I will say Nicki shoulda did more but we just gon have to wait for the outcome

  32. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! April 10, 2012

    I think Adeles going back to number 1 next week.. it sold over 150,000.
    Taylor swift sells another 13,000 of her album speak now this week

  33. YASSSS April 10, 2012

    @FLAWDA like i said, jcole sold that much how long ago? and has NOT sold anymore, you’ll deal with it, you want substance, listen to ADELE, which is what people do, if they want fun music they buy nicki, katy rihanna, SO where does that leave jcole ? exactly, nowhere in the future.

  34. minajesty April 10, 2012

    only female rapper to have 2 #1 albums.

  35. FairTrial April 10, 2012

    Drake is smart by releasing both his albums during the holiday season. Nicki should have waited or released this album in December of 2011. This is not a flop! A flop would be selling less than 200K & debuting at #3 or lower! She should have never released Stupid H** even if it wasn’t a single! She needed to release the Starships video a week before the album released. The single is still on the top 10 charts so I’m sure after she releases the video the album will keep selling. Not to mention when Right By My Side ft Chris Brown gets the proper promo it deserves!

  36. keva April 10, 2012

    Rihannas fans do not rush out first week to buy an album just to prove they can get a #1album. Rihanna is always in the top 5 of album sales on debut week, and constantly and steadily build on her sales. I ‘d rather be a Marathon seller than sprint off first week then don’t end up selling much in the long run. One thing about Rihanna is that she always finishes strong.

  37. Os April 10, 2012

    SHESDUMB ★ THE CAPS LOCK ICON remember nicki is selling her album and singles for full piece,the deluxe album,tax and all is about 17$+,she is doing her thing a mill first week are not,anyways nicki keep doing your thing.

  38. Os April 10, 2012

    on the other hand why is 2 Gaga fan on here trying to shad nicki.

  39. ImJustsayin April 10, 2012

    Rihanna’s fans don’t rush out to buy her CD at all! hence the reason TTT has yet to cross 1 mil in the states and with 3 #1’s LOUD is yet to cross the 2 mil mark. There is an issue when Nicki, no #1 single can push her PF sales past LOUD and they dropped at the same time. SMH

  40. Os April 10, 2012

    and why is some Riri fans shading nicki fans,and they know that we all are cool,what it would be better if we were enemies in yall sight?

  41. Black Madonna April 10, 2012


  42. Os April 10, 2012

    anyways Congratz nicki,keep doing you sista.

  43. jill April 10, 2012

    That’s a FLOP!!!!! She was EVRYWHERE promoting and she only pulled in these numbers? She will not outsell PINK FRIDAY……..her pop audience is basically tired of her, the only people that’s buying her album is little kids. No grown person will bump that s*** in their car…..


    wanna be a down b****? trying to be like GAGA, KIM and rihanna all packed in one?

  44. jill April 10, 2012

    That’s a FLOP!!!!! She was EVERYWHERE promoting and she only pulled in these numbers? She will not outsell PINK FRIDAY……..her pop audience is basically tired of her, the only people that’s buying her album is little kids. No grown person will bump that s*** in their car…..


    wanna be a down b****? trying to be like GAGA, KIM and rihanna all packed in one?

  45. RR: is a flop April 10, 2012


    what are you talking about at least rihanna has her own style!! Nicki is confused she doesn’t know if she wants to be Lil kim or Gaga. One minute she’s on a starship the next she’s in the trap house…fake flop b****

  46. flawda April 10, 2012

    @ YASSSS

    If i want fun music i would much rather spend my money on someone like a Beyonce, Jessie J, etc, you know artist with actual talent. Why do you make the assumption having to like “fun” music means listening to artist with no talent or fun means lacking substance.

    It’s mindless fools like you why people like Nicki and other wack artist who shouldn’t be in the business have careers. If you want fun, go play a Nintendo WII.

  47. DIGGER BEY April 10, 2012

    Those great numbers for someone on their second album. She outsold all her pop peers like Katy, Rihanna and Britney. The only thing that help her sale more than them…is her declining Hip Hop fanbase. I dont know TGJ keeps saying thats not great for someone of her stature. She isnt a bonified superstar and she isnt a Icon. The only reason PF did those #s n the first week is because of the holiday season. Kanye had a album out. And she a fresh Hip Hop fanbase interested n her but now has vanish.

  48. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) April 10, 2012

    I see the Rihgoat’s are mad at Nicki! haaaaaaaa,ya’ll are mad miss Onika got a number 1 album before the barbadian goat who got in the game some 7 years ago? and has had as many albums in as many years and still hasn’t smelt the NUMBER 1 SPOT?? I see why ya’ll are mad! lmao! anyway she still outsold all of RihJECT’s first week sales,but didn’t sell as much as the queen SLAYONCE. But it’s ok Nicki boo,i ain’t even mad atchu! though im not a fan,i respect your hussle!

  49. ImJustsayin April 10, 2012

    @RR:is a Flop

    Own style?? Have you seen Rihanna lately? She stole Cassie’s last year look head to toe, Paris I believe. It is safe to say no one is original original. But you understood exactly what I was saying, hence the reason you change the subject to something completely irrelevant. However, I was responding to @Keva who said Rihanna’s fans don’t rush to buy her album, she is the slow and steady kind. I simply stated that her fan don’t buy her album at all. That’s no lie look at her album sales. And the fact that PF has out sold LOUD and if PF:RR outsells TTT I will be done, it already did more in its first week than TTT.

  50. ImJustsayin April 10, 2012

    plus 2 albums in 2 number 1’s, 6 albums in 0 number 1’s WTH Navy!

  51. X,Y,”and Z” April 10, 2012

    Rihanna CAN’T do those numbers..!! And just you wait till she begins to tour the U.K./Europe: GAME OVER, Camp-Fenty..!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  52. commanderofthedancefloor April 10, 2012


    unless your fav sold over 6 million in the last two years then you need to just hush and keep it cute!
    only artist to have an album sell over 6 million in the last two years are
    taylor swift
    thats it!!!!!!!!!!!! where the hell is your fav? talk that talk wont do no 6 milli but it is already on its way to 3 mill and what position is ttt on billboard? still top 20 and its been 5 months!! still consistantly selling with little promo!

    now with nicki first week dont mean anything as long as you get those sales eventually!

  53. KAT DELUNA FAN April 10, 2012

    The h** is dressin up exactly like Cassie from head to toe in France.Look like Goatssie spend more time on tumblr jacking people style than getting into her songs writing.

    Lmao,Nicki is killing the French radio as we speak.And Starships video aint even out yet.

  54. YUMADTHO April 10, 2012

    @RR: IS A FLOP Don’t act like Rihanna is the most original person in the world. Cause Riri didn’t say she was “inspired” by Elvira from Scarface with that Grammy look huh? Cause she had her recent sense of style including her dirty blond hair before Rita Ora right? Cause she shaved her sides before Cassie correct? Calling RR a flop considering it went #1 first week & had higher first week sales than Riri’s albums is a joke! You don’t know how well the album will do, it hasn’t even been a month since the album was released yet you’re calling it a flop? Girl 250K is far from a flop!

  55. kijano April 10, 2012

    lol @DANG ! welcome to TGJ

  56. NICK April 10, 2012

    gotta admit it, Rihanna had how many #1 singles & still didn’t get # 1 album, regardless she outsold RIHANNA who is the HOTTEST CHICK OUT RIGHT NOW (LOVE THEM BOTH BTW) I am just saying this is fine, I am shocked ADELE ass is #2, wtih over 150,000, WHO IS BUYING ADELES ALBUM STILL?!!?!?!? hhahahahaha BUT YEAH THIS NICKI ALBUM IS GREAT-I LOVE EVERY SONG, its hip hop, its pop, its R&B, its TECHNO, its ghetto, its prissy, its real, ITS REALLY GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POUND THE ALARM!!!!! 😉 CONGRATS GIRL! I bought 2 copies & the t shirt version-thanx!!! 😉

  57. Auntie_Jackie April 10, 2012

    Nicki did okay, she did pop numbers, and she did on the upper end compared to competitors like Katy, Rihanna and Ke$ha. She’ll probably sell much more in the long run. But, I do think she made a calculated decision–and perhaps a mistake—in the way she crossed over. Time will certainly tell. She hasn’t made very good music lately (despite the “hit” single), and she didn’t make a cohesive album. That’s why she didn’t do smash numbers.

  58. Justathought April 10, 2012

    251k is a figure most artists have trouble pulling off at this time. No she didn’t pull the 700-800k mark that most of her stans were yelling about, but it’s still a good opener. I’m still gonna say I’m shocked it wasn’t at least 300k with all that promo but I was never expecting 700k.

  59. jamir21 April 10, 2012

    Congratulations on the Number 1 album…

    But the sales…yeah pretty low for her caliber !

  60. PrettigurlrockD April 10, 2012

    Not surprised. The album is weak. Pink Friday was better. Who was Rly hype about this album besides the Stans? She should not have released terrible singles like stupid how and beez in the trap and she woulda done better. The album has some good songs but let’s face it. This is not the revolution of female hiphop sorry onika!

  61. dd April 10, 2012

    Ok so people consider her a fake,sellout copycat with no talent…..yet she sold 251k in a week as an hip hop artist pushing a POP single but she flopped?? GTFOH

  62. CH April 10, 2012

    These sales are not low for her the last album she had urban singles blazing hip hop and mainstream this time she was really only on the mainstream which isolated the hip hop. And the singles she released for hip hop werent on point so these numbers are solid considering…Album is weak though in content.

  63. Quetta April 10, 2012

    Wow… Anyways and you people said, Beyonce album was a flop..haha I really don’t see how if her songs leaked a month before the album was realeased, with no top single and STILL sold more than nicki!!! On first week sales..Haha now this a flop!!

  64. Teacher April 10, 2012

    Congrats Nicki!

  65. Jono April 10, 2012

    Most people dream of selling that much the album didnt “flop” at all its actually pretty good 🙂

  66. Whipyoura$$ April 10, 2012

    Seriously? some people comparing her to Rihanna on getting the number one stop? okay, check when rihanna releases her albums and youll see she releases albums when there is competetion around her dates. weather its a week before or the same day. Check nicki’s…….no one big is releasing anything so its ovi she is gonna land the top spot, there isnt anyone competeting right now.

  67. Tr April 10, 2012


  68. Whipyoura$$ April 10, 2012

    *and one ofhe hottest songs on the album, “pound the alarm,” is a copy of chris browns “turn up the music.” and shes “original?” haha yeah right

  69. SUNSET April 10, 2012

    @QUETTA Beyonce is held at a higher standard than most artists even though artist’s like Katy & Riri dream of selling over 300K first week. For someone like Beyonce, first week sales could have been better. 4 is Bey’s best album, she wasn’t worried about having #1 singles, she wanted to release quality music. And 4 was quality! When you have accomplished so much in your career, you should have the right to have artistic freedom which is what 4 is. 4 was not a flop, it was just not as commercially successful compared to her other albums. For a female rapper to pull in 250K & debut at #1 in the US & UK, that is unheard of! Not a flop.

  70. Whipyoura$$ April 10, 2012

    @sunset i agree with you about the whole beyonce statement, she even said she wanted to make something more classic. But i disagree on calling Nicki a female rapper, im not a hater cause i like her. You can even say RR was mainly pop, to hit those number ones. She calls herself a female rapper cause she dont wanna be known for a gene jumper. Just because the clitch can talk fast and make little kid toy word sounds, it doesnt make it rap

  71. Os April 10, 2012

    WHIPYOURA$$ when pink friday got release,i am talking about her first album,kayne west and some other top artist release the same time,and alot more albums got release ofter,nicki had Competition and she took the #2 spot on hot 200 and got the #1 some weeks ofter,so you saying she got no Competition now like you saying she have it easy is void,both Riri and Nicki always have Competition on them charts,so you trying to justify something isn’t making any sense to me…anyways Riri and Nicki is winning in there own ways.

  72. D.Strock April 10, 2012

    Considering how much Drake sold with Take Care, I honestly expected her to move more. It’s alright though, as long as she can sell some of those singles I suppose

  73. SUNSET April 10, 2012

    WHIPYOURA$$ Even for pop standards that isn’t a flop.

  74. Whipyoura$$ April 10, 2012

    @sunset strongly agree
    @os yes they are both doing pretty well. But im saying right now, im not comparing her album sales. Im talking about taking the one number spot.

  75. NikkiIsChillin April 10, 2012

    Nicki did great. Congrats to her!!

  76. Greg April 10, 2012

    Sales like this are SPECTACULAR for an album as awful as this one 😛

  77. Black Butterfly April 10, 2012

    Rihanna sold 47.5 million tracks digitally since her first release in 2005. Last year Rihanna made Billboard history by reaching 20 top ten singles faster than any other artist before her. She also charted her 11th number-one single, giving her the sixth most number ones of all time.

  78. ANTHONY April 10, 2012


  79. Kayla April 10, 2012

    That’s ohkay Nicki..still doesn’t mean that we won’t be at number one…start dropping them hit’s (Pound The Alarm,Come On A Cone, Whip It, Va Va Voom, Champion, I Am Your Leader) and all them b****** gonna be gasping for air…cause at least the s*** we do ummmmm, charts?!?!?! AHA!
    “Know you tell me, who the f*** is winnin…i’m on my Russel Simmons, nicki demin nicki Lenin”

  80. Kayla April 10, 2012


  81. Lea April 10, 2012

    What happen to the 700,00 her fans were talking about?This bytch flopped.

  82. Lisa April 10, 2012

    Drake did 600,000.LOL.Nicki flopped.

  83. cunty April 10, 2012

    FLAWDA spoke the truth gurts…the rest of these chilren are just riding nicki’s small c***!

  84. Jamie April 10, 2012

    Lmao @ J. Cole as a rapper with substance, GET f****** real. I suppose you think ‘Work Out is a lyrical masterpiece full of substance. Nearly all rap is just so f****** ridiculous and full of the same tired ass cliches over and over and over. bad b****** this, im rich that. shake that ass,. im so tough, brag some more etc..

    Common, Mos Def, Lauryn Hill, Blackalicious, now those are some real lyricists with SUBSTANCE. and yet all of them except common have fallen out of the public eye. i don’t get it. Do people like their music dumbed down to the lowest common denominator?

  85. meisha April 10, 2012

    Let’s be real with all that promo she should’ve went gold. How ever she’s a complete idiot that got lucky but her luck is almost over. She does all this boasting and can’t outsell Drake he don’t even need promotion cause his talent is undeniable! I give her next album 70k for the first week then her 15 minutes of fame will be over. Thank God! All that ass couldn’t help this awful album

  86. NT April 10, 2012

    Say what you want about her “flop” sales number , but she did just get her SECOND no.1 album , Yea SECOND she’s the only female rapper to have TWO no.1 albums. She’s also the female rapper with the 2 best selling singles.

  87. L21480 April 10, 2012

    Rihanna wishes she could pull off these sorry first week numbers. And to the person who said TTT was still in the top 20: stop lying. It’s OUT of the top 20.

    The truth is most of these silly pop girls don’t do huge first week #’s, because few takes them or their music that seriously. Their fans are younger and flakier and don’t respect the WHOLE ALBUM concept. They’d rather individually download every track than to do the sensible thing and actually but the whole thing at once.

    It’s usually the non-pop men who’re more likely to garner bigger first week sales, because their audience isn’t as flaky, female or gay, and will make it a point to remember to go and pick up their album.

  88. Diane April 10, 2012

    And you know her fans bought more than one album so it’s REALLY A FLOP!

  89. Anne April 10, 2012

    Don’t know why some people are ASSUMING it will sell big in the longrun or outsell PF. I can’ t tell based on the 1st week so what are these assumptions being based on? I think she will go platinum in the US and maybe eventually double platinum worldwide and that’s pretty good but anything further is unpredictable IMO.

  90. Anne April 10, 2012

    So is TGJS thinking her second week might be bigger than Monica’s first week and Adele’s umpteenth week? Hmm…this will be interesting.

  91. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 11, 2012

    heheheheheheheehe …… that’s all i’m gonna say. and the b**** was speaking about ” having a lane” and ” winning” 😆 😆 😆 :lol;

    and #1 in new zealand ?!! 😆 @DANG already spilled it before me. this is when you know TGJ is looking for a way to make it sound as if she’s winning somewhere 😆 , maybe she’s #1 in narnia as well.

    😆 😆 😆 for such a shady b**** , that’s beyond Flop !! 😆 , where’s #team minaj @sam ?!!! got lost in barbie’s world ?! 😆

    this post made my day. 😆

  92. KeyBlock April 11, 2012

    @♛ POP ROYALTY ♛ (RUDE BOY) It’s number 1 in the US, UK, & Scotland. Flop? Yeah f****** right!

  93. Remey April 11, 2012

    I just can’t seem to understand people’s obsession with a #1 album. It has no indicator of an album’s success. Sam continues to hop on Rihanna for her lack of #1s, but her albums have been commercial masterpieces. We just witnessed that a #1 one can mislead you aka MADONNA!

    I’m proud of NIcki, but I really don’t judge an album’s sales until after the first month. That way I’m able to fairly gauge other important factors such as PR, music quality, fan reception, etc.

    I am no fan of Roman Reloaded because I think it was a rushed attempt. But let’s see what happens in about a month.

  94. MRB April 11, 2012

    LMFAO Yes her album is number one in the UK and but she will not keep her number one spot next week! She dropped her album with NO competition so of course she would be number one! BUT lets see how long it takes to fall!!!!! With all the promotion she did she should of sold way more then 200K….. Look at Madonna!!!!! LMFAO Now that the numbers are out what else can the Nicki stans come up with! As you see her album(s) is garbage! Her numbers will continue to drop! No one with real music taste in the USA (which matters more) dont support a FRAUD!!!!! Her album is number one but NONE of her music is ICONIC and WILL BE FORGOTTEN 10 years from now!!! Try again nicki!!! Find you own lane instead of being 4 people in one!!!!!

  95. Lacrondrac April 11, 2012

    What is TGJ??????

  96. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here…) April 11, 2012

    Oh and can we put that birdman buys records to rest cause there’s no way he would let her debut with those numbers compared to her last album sales and what Weezy and Drake debuted with recently.

  97. antertain April 11, 2012

    Nicki will defo pick u in sales with her ready made hits set to give her album a longevity on the chart.

    I hope she chooses better hip-hop songs for urban releases as that should not be ignored and Beez In A Trap aint no urban single!!

    Will assume Pound The Alarm will be the next Hip-Pop release

  98. grammy dammy sammy April 11, 2012


    im a huge fan of yours cus u kinda always hit the nail on the head unlike most blog commenters tryna be witty and all that. i now Nicki has many hits sitting on this album but do u really think she’ll do great in the long run? look how long it took katy to go 2x platinum and all the tricks she ahd to pull in the long run. rih is more established than nicki and even she needs 2, 3 no1s to just go platinum in US. i think this album wil struggle to hit platinum, her pop fans will onyl buy her pop singles

    i dont know why anyone is surprised by these numbers though.. anyways at least she opened with bigger number than rihanna ever has

  99. jooceman April 12, 2012

    This is ridiculous!! If you like her music then buy it and if not then dont but the facts are the facts this album flopped just from a return on investment stance. Why are you guys bringing up Rihanna and Katy Perry when this is suppose to be a hip hop album and this is the problem that I have. Somebody told her to go pop and she went flop. for any business its about return on investment roi. Millions was spent on promo for this album so she can not do j cole numbers the first week when you are guaranteed to have a 70% drop the next week. Now her fans can say that she will make show money and thats true but the label gets paid off of album sales and only album sales if they dont have a 360 deal with the artist well spins and single sales as well but let’s not act like this isnt important when we are all on here debating whether or not it’s a flop. I think its sends a very strong message to the industry and to artists to leave hip hop alone and if you want to do pop then do pop but dont call it hip hop

  100. Ms.Minaj April 12, 2012

    RihannaNavy s*** you asses down rihanna had a number 1 single for 10 weeks and still her album only sold a lil over 100k yall should be ashamed of calling nicki a flop when she slaying

  101. Ya mind is Mine April 14, 2012

    All the clown make up and day glow neon colors couldn’t stop this album (using that term loosely) from flopping. With all that promo those #’s should be higher but their not and to think that 70% drop hasn’t even kicked in yet. I can’t wait to see the excuses her retarded stans come up with next. Next album out I predict 75k first week and her neon stupor & finale 2 mins will be up!!!!

  102. Nunya July 8, 2012

    I jjust hope that on the next album she doesnt do pop. just Hip Hop & RnB. Maybe just 1 or 2 pop song. idk what the hell she was aiming for with all this Pop music.

  103. diosha July 8, 2012

    Im sorry but yur lying wen u sayy aint no originals cause Michael Jackson is original and sold over 100,000,000 one hundred million on his 2nd album thriller so no excuse if you not good your sells reflect that

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