Teaser: Michelle Williams Stars On ‘Styled By June’

Published: Saturday 21st Apr 2012 by Sam

Destiny’s Child alum Michelle Williams is the latest star to feature on hit VH1 show ‘Styled By June’.

The powerhouse vocalist sees her fashion choices critiqued, cracked, and remoulded by the renown June Ambrose in what is being billed as the series’ best episode yet.

Check out a teaser for for Monday’s show after the jump…

Bonus: And as she readies her new album, peep Michelle rocking That Grape Juice’s The Splash below…

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  1. Dev April 21, 2012

    Vocal powerhouse? Anyway, I couldn’t see the June video.

  2. dOneGun April 21, 2012

    I love the dress in the picture so much. anyone know the designer?

  3. Irealla April 21, 2012

    I. Love the dress;)

  4. THE REAL TYLER* April 21, 2012




  5. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012

    wow Michelle is looking more gorgeous than ever. still think she needs a bit more meat on her bones though, a fuller face would really augment her beauty. Good to see her doing her thing

    Go Michelle Go Michelle *Bey voice* lol

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE April 21, 2012

    Love Michelle so much, she looks lovely in that!

    Plus there are two videos of her performing.

  7. B_STANNING April 21, 2012

    wow michelle looks great. she looks refreshed.

    @virtuoso… that the former grammy.

  8. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012


    yes it is love, what gave me away? lol

  9. Stevie April 21, 2012

    She did a great job because Michelle has been looking all types of high fashion lately she has that sample size figure so she could wear anything. Kelly Rowland might to give her a call because she’s been dressing like an old maid from Vegas.

  10. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012

    just saw the video, wow she looks even more radiant in motion picture .. dont care for the song though. My friend @ROYALKEV always thought Michelle was a better solo performer than Kelly, reviews for destiny fulfilled tour echoed the same sentiment. I hope he’s seen this performance.

  11. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 21, 2012

    she is talented and way underrated , and to me , she was the most distinctive member of DC vocals-wise.

    TGJ need to promote her more than those basic b****** iggy and co.

    U gO MW 🙂

  12. Edward Ponton April 21, 2012

    Yall get the f*** out of here talking about Michelle is a better solo performer than Kelly Rowland. Lol Kelly has s*** loads of stage presence. But all 3 of the members has something unique to them.

  13. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012


    i know you’re Kelly fan and i used to think it was some far-fetched ish too cus i used to judge Michelle off of DC performances, she never completely got their vibe down but in moments where they let ride in the front ( see girl – DF tour) and as a solo act, Chelle is her won woman, when i see her perform, she’s comfortable and confident. i dont think of Beyonce or DC, i just see Michelle even if i dont care for the song besides Michelle has a better technique than Kels, u of all people should know this 😉

    with Kelly, gawd, her weaknesses are so obvious, they show her right out e.g. breathing issues. im not saying all her performances are subpar but she hasnt come into her own fully as a performer yet. She only gets condolence credits for effort. When i see kelly perform, i feel like i should be watching Beyonce instead cus they’ve similar stage personas except Kelly’s is or so rough and teetered. U feel me?

  14. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012


  15. B_STANNING April 21, 2012

    lol because i know the way u talk and the thing we got in common WE STAN HARD FOR BEY

  16. DIGGER BEY April 21, 2012

    Michelle looks AMAZING! She has been stepping up lately n the fashion game! I love all my DC girls! I hope Michelle’s upcoming album prove shes underrated as a great vocalist and performer. Cant wait!

  17. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012

    oh i hope u like the way i talk lol,

    quick question: who do u think is the stronger performer on the solo front, Kelly or Michelle?

    *exclude their DC eras performances just their solo career

  18. Hot! April 21, 2012

    I think Kelly should go back to her natural hair and real name then perform with authentictiy reather than someone trying to imtiate to whole Im sasha fierce type of way. Then she’ll stand out i think its because she never fully developed or was encourage to persue to sweet innocent but tough chick that I can see so she think she has to be this sasha fierce type of charcter and thats Beyone’s lane. Also Michelle has been stepped out of their shadows even with their last album michelle stuck out to me and made me someone who didn’t like her to someone that gave her a chance because her verses on Destinys Fullfilld were awesome and mind-blowing plus her voice wasn’t stickly r&b it was a gospel vocie. But for her next recod she should combine all of the sounds she’s done over the year from; Gospel, R&B, HIP-Hop, Dance, Techno, Blues, Jazz, and make it into inspirational and fun music then people will see who Michelle is. She has a unique sound its just that she needs to perfect her vocal consistency and strength so people will become fans and finally understand her.

  19. B_STANNING April 21, 2012

    lol i do like the way you talk u mad cool. i think kelly

  20. B_STANNING April 21, 2012

    but michelle sounds better than kelly in cater to you. kelly sound better than michelle in bad habit

  21. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012

    fair enough, i appreciate your 2 cents and thanks lol

  22. Mitch April 21, 2012

    Great job!!!

  23. mona April 22, 2012

    Love Michelle. Always been my fav

  24. lyric commander lee April 22, 2012

    um please – stage prescence over ms kelly – espcially now? gtoh! ed i see you – michelle is ok but she needs to stick with what works which was gospel. ms kelly is doing here so deal with it haters – dont come for ms kelly

  25. NIKKO April 22, 2012

    Her voice is very unique. & i love that show 🙂

  26. Reez April 23, 2012

    she looks better lighter skin. Really. When you look at her old photo in DC, she is much more lighter skin. Im not racist. I just find her more appealing in lighter skin. Her unexpected album will be more successful if its release this year. cause music this year are way better than previous years, base on promotion and illegal music control. Youtube are doing their best to promote artist and vevo are a great way for a one stop music video. I really hope michelle will release a, R&B album or a pop inspirational album, follow up of unexpected. She is way too talented for gospel. She deserve the best.

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