Explosive: Tyrese Forms SuperGroup With Ginuwine And Tank

Published: Monday 14th May 2012 by David

R&B lovers rejoice!

This morning, in what we’d call an out of the blue announcement, Tyrese Gibson revealed that he had joined forces with fellow crooners Tank and Ginuwine to form the trio, ‘TG’T’.

Details below…

Taking to his Twitter account Gibson announced:

Breaking: Its not a rumor…TgT_ is in the studio this WHOLE WEEK to start our new album as a group! @Tyrese @Ginuwine &@TheRealTank.

TGT will pick up where Jodeci left off.

The threesome will embark on the ladies only ‘Shirts Off Tour‘ later on in the year, in support of their aforementioned project whose label ‘home’ is yet to be announced.

Peep all three in solo action below:


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  1. NE-YO*STAN May 14, 2012

    Back at it, huh?

  2. ass May 14, 2012

    ladies only tour is not the move. If they don’t know shuning the gay boys will be to their detriment. It also seems homophobic to me. As for the straight men you could have their money too! How many females would drag their men to these shows? Many.


  3. kingphoenix May 14, 2012

    Lmfao….Why did i initially read this as “Tyrese forms Subgroup with Ginuwine and Tank”…

  4. The-Truth May 14, 2012

    Nothing about this is new. They have already done this before.

  5. KNUCK May 14, 2012

    LMAO @ this 5 year old story… They need to give it AHHHPPP!!!!!!

    All three of them have released albums in the past couple of years with Tank just coming out or about to come out.

    Just try your luck individually! Remove a few articles of clothing and you should be fine.

  6. Beyonce’s Kryptonite May 14, 2012

    They have already formed together years ago, and no one was interested. Ginuwine and Tank should remain solo, and Tyrese can hang up the mic. #noshade

  7. mobwife May 14, 2012


    Oops, I mean LOL, this is a great idea. They all have such talent and it would be an interesting thing to see a new OJays, Temptations, Spinners, Whispers etc. When was the last time R&B has had a great all male group?….Boys 2 Men???

  8. Stephen May 14, 2012

    Boy2Men was the last good vocal group(male) in terms of vocal abilities without screaming..

  9. Hot! May 14, 2012

    they did form a group some years ago but their indiviual labels wouldnt sign off on it given that they prob own the rights (contracted ) to their names and they didnt allow them to do it, but now um glad becasue from the little what i heard the tracks were bangin. And TGJ instead of Jodeci yall should said LSG as each has an established solo brand/ name and they coming together to form a supergroup.

  10. Skintightjeans May 14, 2012

    Please! This b**** RIGHT HERE N*GGA will be at that concert! shoooot, don’t know what you b****** are talking about on here but that s*** is hot!

  11. AMAZINJALEN May 14, 2012

    WTF does Rihanna have to do with TGT? TGJ, so sad!

  12. Yessir May 14, 2012

    I agree that a ladies-only tour is not the move. I get the concept but it’s not like these are the hottest/biggest selling artists out right now. They would be better off making it a regular concert and getting EVERYBODY’S money! Either way, they’re all talented and I wish them much success. I’m glad they’re out there making strides for R&B but my question is, is Tyrese the first “T” or the second???? LOL

  13. MISHKA May 14, 2012

    Great idea!

  14. Darianna Jones May 14, 2012

    Ladies Only? Please, I’ll walk in there with no makeup, and they’ll never realize the difference.

  15. tokens May 15, 2012

    You form groups when you cannot sell solo alone any longer…. LSG remember??

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