Jay Z & Kanye West To Release ‘Watch The Throne 2’

Published: Friday 25th May 2012 by David

They’re coming back!

Yes, after launching the collaborative LP ‘Watch The Throne’ to favorable sales, reports of Jay Z & Kanye West’s plan to release a follow up were finally confirmed today, thanks to Kanye producer Mike Dean.

Full story below…

Hit the 5.34 mark below:

Mike, who also lent himself to Kanye’s latest solo effort ‘Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘, is also credited for his work on a number of ‘The Throne’s classics.

Classics, which include ‘N*gga’s In Paris‘ and ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, both of which helped the project shift a cool 1,421,000 copies in the US alone, five months after its November 2011 release.

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  1. RDK May 25, 2012


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    • mobwife May 29, 2012

      LOL Really?

      YAWN…..When is Beyonce’s pet camel going to stop standing on Kanye’s shoulder’s to prop him up?

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  2. Ugh May 25, 2012

    But I thought Jay was taking time off to be with Blue, or was that typical Carter PR.

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  3. mONSTERHIVE May 25, 2012

    Watch The Throne was hands down the best rap album of 2011. The overall production is amazing. Ye is a beast on the beats & Jay goes without saying. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Nicki stan or not, YMCMB & Maybach music could never!

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    • OsaGz May 25, 2012

      Common had the best album last year

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      • MONSTERHIVE May 25, 2012

        I’m sure he’s up there as well. But Watch The Throne was a masterpiece, nothing like what Drake & Lil Wayne put out. Or even that fat tub of lard Rick Ross.

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      • darren May 25, 2012

        Agree about Common’s album

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  4. JER May 25, 2012

    i swear people can’t leave well enough alone

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  5. BIM & BAM May 25, 2012

    Huh, they still hungry for this food?! Belly not full yet with this throne menu? They haven’t had enough? Still tryna pump people for more $$ watching? I know I long had enough. No more for me thank you. I’m not helping to pay for a no. 1 rap WTT pt. 2. *spits*

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    • darren May 25, 2012

      100% agree

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  6. Teacher May 25, 2012

    Rih better be on it…if u want a big hit and bigger sales….

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  7. LindseyMari May 27, 2012

    I’d rather hear another Kanye solo album, but okay…

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