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'The Avengers' Makes $1 Billion… In 19 Days

When Disney acquired Marvel back in 2009, the animosity from the latter’s fans towards the deal was undeniable, perhaps in fear the brand they loved would be compromised to suit its new owner.

However, as the commercial and critical successes of ‘Captain America’ and ‘X-Men:First Class’, it was clear the deal worked best for all parties- Marvel retaining full creative control and Disney reaping the rewards at the Box Office.

Now it seems, this deal got that much sweeter.

For, after just 19 days, their action flick ‘The Avengers‘ has raked in $1 billion worldwide.

With $1.032 million pulled in over the weekend, it sits atop the US box office raising its domestic figure to $373.2 million and so reached the billion mark with the aid of $628.9 million pulled in overseas.

Fans will also be pleased to know it’s sequel is currently in development, set for release circa 2014.

Peep a featurette from the flick above.

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