Universal Music Enjoys Revenue Boost / Credit Madonna & Nicki Minaj

Published: Saturday 19th May 2012 by David

Universal Music has much cause to celebrate this year- well, at least on a financial tip.

Enjoying a revenue boost of 9.1% since last year, the Group’s parent company Vivendi has attributed to its success to Pop god Madonna and Rap idol Nicki Minaj.

Find out why below…

Increasing by 9.1% to 9.61 million Euros ($1.28 billion at the March 31 exchange rate), Vivendi has credited the label’s success to strong release schedule. A schedule, which saw the release of Madonna’s ‘MDNA‘ on March 23rd and Minaj’s ‘Roman Reloaded‘ on April 3rd.

Thus far, despite failing to match her previous chart feats,’MDNA’ enjoys 5x Platinum status in Russia and a 2x Platinum feat in Brazil, debuting with a cool 359,000 units in the US.

Marking her second time atop the Billboard 200, sales of Nicki’s ‘Roman Reloaded’ have made her Universal’s fastest selling Rap act of 2012– so far.

Debuting in the US with an underwhelming 253,000 units (122,000 copies less than that of her debut LP ‘Pink Friday‘), ‘Reloaded’ sold over half a million copies world wide within its first month of release, set to reach the 1 million units moved mark by the first week of July.

This, one year after ‘Friday‘ wowed critics by outselling Rihanna‘s ‘Loud’ and Chris Brown‘s ‘FAME’ in the US, sans the benefit #1 single or subsequent world tour.

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  1. skintightjeans May 19, 2012

    Damn she ugly

  2. Ugh May 19, 2012

    Nicki has peaked. Madonna’s done for now.

    • ThatBoyLuke May 19, 2012

      The difference is that Madonna isn’t trying, she’s concentrating on her tour that’s gonna make her $500,000,000+ while Nicki is desperate.

      • Ugh May 19, 2012

        I agree.

  3. Nats May 19, 2012

    Nicki is where the money is at haters, not Lil Kim with her club performances. She has to hook up with Missy and Eve for a comeback or to even get ppl interested in coming to her club shows. U know they all there for Missy.

    • ThatBoyLuke May 19, 2012

      Nicki may be where the money is NOW but Kim is where the money was at and back then she was making a lot more money than Nicki. It’s a month and three singles since “PF RR” dropped and it isn’t even Gold but Kims second album was Platinum by a month after release and two singles.

      P.S Wasn’t Missy and Eve being at the show a surprise? So nobody knew they were coming and it didn’t have any affect on ticket sales.

      • freshminajisty May 19, 2012

        Nickis first album went platinum after a month so there isn’t an argument there

      • Barbie Slayer May 21, 2012

        @freshminajisty Did Roman Reloaded go platinum in the US after a month? How about gold?

  4. ass May 19, 2012

    talk about the art of spin. Umm there is nothing impressive about these numbers, so keep reaching.

    Madonna is a legend regardless. What nicki will end up as remains to be seen..

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 19, 2012

    This is a sign of recession. If two albums that have both failed to surpass 2 million ww are adequately successful to please a whole label, then imagine how dead the market is. And I’m not shading Madonna OR Nicki. I’m only shading the industry 😉

  6. Lax May 19, 2012

    @ The grape juice and rihanna is still richer than you or.

  7. Lax May 19, 2012

    Rihanna is still richer than nicki is, hello!
    every little bit helps and rihanna’s album “TTT”
    Is still making waves while others who dropped when
    she did is no place to be seen like mary j and jay and west

    Rihanna sole 500,000 her first week with “TTT” keep
    right on talking rihanna and her achievenments down.

    For the last fifteen headers you have slanders Rihanna more than you have each and every artist you have written on. It is amazing how sweet you talk about even KKK and the world know that Kim was getting her box EATEN OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE AND YOU STILL TRIES TO BEAT RIHANNA’S WHEELS OFF AND IT DO NOT LOOK GOOD, OKAY!!!!!!!

    • Lax May 19, 2012

      You ask yourself why would a blog site be so angry with RIHANNA this blog site act like rihanna
      killed their parents, gransparents and their favorite pets. Why do they bash and try to slander her name so hard???Many can see this and the question is why????
      Could it be because she is rich and famous and more rich and famous then this site will ever be????You wonder that if they hate rihanna so , why then do they bother
      to write on her. They talk a hundred miles of shyt, they never down others for things they have done that was above the law in the pass, never…
      iF rIHANNA HAS GOT YO DRAWERS TIED UP IN THAT TIGHT OF A KNOT WHY DON’;T YOU ALL JUST KNOCK YOUR DAM SELVES ALL THE WAY OUT AND STOP, JUST STOP POSTING ON rIHANNA WE WILL GET OVER IT, BECAUSE YOUR REPORTING IS BIAS, PREJUDICE, AND RACE BATING TOWArd rihanna not to mention that you have did a really good job of slandering rihanna along with your bias reporting. You neve report negative tings about many of the main people you feature on this site like beyonce getting sued for a 100 million dollars, why is that????why do you hate rihanna so hard, grape, bee hive and rihanna haters…..why what did she ever do to yo broke busted asses,,,,,

      • Lax May 19, 2012

        Why can’t rihanna be given the same right as others that or posted on????? whay is she always slandered by this site??????

  8. Lax May 19, 2012

    Why can’t the news or what ever be posted and let the people who
    blog deside without the grape putting their funky two cent into the mix
    and acting like a bytch????That don’t make hits, that make people become LURKERS AND they don’t like a fight each and everytime there is a post on artist. That dam bee hive jumps people even if they give a artist a good comment, dam ass wipes
    No one is hating it because these artists make money that is the nature of the game, but its clear that this site hates it that rihanna bytxh ass gets paid ansd she has made more than yo fave has made. Jennifer lopez s*** and beautiful shows her ass 24/7 and there is neve a negative thing written about her or any one else showing their asses all over the place but let rihanna’s ass be seen hanging out and they call it sluty, shitty and whorish, why????? i don’t blame rihanna i’d ket it all hang out also and the lot of those who did not like it could kiss my tight s*** ass or stop TYPING MY “MOFO” TO TRY AND MAKE MONEY OFF MY BLACK ASS……. IF YOU SUPPORT BEYONCE, KELLY AND RITA THEN JUST POST OF THEM THREE MOFO AND LEAVE “OUR GIRL” RIHANNA’S NAME OUT OF YO HATING ASS…..WE WILL SURVIVE BECAUSE IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD RIHANNA IS JUST AS GREAT, GOOD OR BETTER THAN ANY OF THESE OTHER BYTCHES YOU OR YAPPPING ABOUT, HATING A/H…..YOU TOO BEE HIVE,,,FAGGGGGOTS…..

  9. Perry Power May 19, 2012

    I agree with @ASAP. Madonna and Nicki’s latest albums have yet to pass 2million world wide, and Nicki’s first one barely made the mark. So if that is where this increase in revenue is coming from then the music business is in a worse shape than I thought.

    • Perry Power May 20, 2012

      Weird that I can like my own comments lol

  10. Girrrl May 19, 2012

    rap idol? hahaha this girl Nicki flopping left and right with that album that was supposed to change pop culture. Y’all sure know how to sweep certain flops under the rug…

  11. Suicide Blonde May 19, 2012

    The music industry is done nobody is buying the albums, only those crazy fans (kids), the musicians make more money touring or modeling (see, J.Lo, Rihanna ect, ect…), but i think people need to leave the US market because if you fail there you are a flop even if you album is selling well worldwide (the case of Madonna and a lot artists) , the US first make you big then destroy you, i am an American and i now that.

    • Suicide Blonde May 19, 2012

      Sorry i mean I know That. Please Edit Bott….

    • Nats May 19, 2012

      I don’t understand the fascination of getting platinum in the US either. As long as the album goes platinum its good enough for me.

  12. Really Tho? May 19, 2012

    The first album sold 3 million WW so where is the barely made the mark coming from you hater?

    • Perry Power May 20, 2012

      Pink Friday only sold 2million world wide

  13. Tbozfan10 May 19, 2012

    Oh thatboyluke, you wanna talk 1st and second albums huh? How about the fact then that pink Friday has sold 1.8 million in less than 2 years whereas Hardcore has sold 1.4 million since it was released way back in 1996?! Yea, I know it was certified double platinum in 2001 nearly 5 years after its release date. That’s because 2 million copies were sent to stores – not sold. And as for sophomore releases Roman Reloaded had bigger opening numbers than Notorious K.I.M. And that was released back when people actually bought albums!

    • The Last Laugh May 21, 2012

      Hmm…but Nicki can’t go GOLD in a month in this digital age? She has so many more avenues to help her do so than artists did 10-15 years ago. That makes her flopping even more tragic.


  14. MB92 May 20, 2012

    Since when did Pink Friday outsell Loud?

  15. Saetana May 20, 2012

    Not sure why they credit Madonna, has she even sold a million worldwide yet?

  16. ohreally May 20, 2012

    I am confused by this….If it is for the 1st Qtr how can Nicki’s PR:RR contribute when first Qtr ends March 31st? That album came out April 3rd…I understand pre-sales but it is not like she sold millions in pre-sale…..1 plus 1 is not equalling 2 here!

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