Watch: Bobby Brown Talks Whitney Houston’s Death On ‘Today Show’ (Part 2)

Published: Thursday 3rd May 2012 by David

Today, the second part of Bobby Brown‘s interview with ABC’s Matt Lauer aired, days after its first half sent shock waves the world over.

Taking the chance to give his side of the story, peep Bobby weigh in on Whitney Houston’s funeral, his thoughts on her family and Bobbi Kristina’s alleged relationship with her adopted brother below…

While some may fall for the ‘all is well’ vibe Bobby is throwing, we are not.

Yes, we all make the bed we lie in and must be held accountable for our own actions, Bobby’s refusal to accept the part he played in Whitney’s problems is almost as tacky as ‘Being Bobby Brown’ itself.

Whatever you feel about the situation, it’s a shame Whitney’s story came to this- when the music she gave the world stood for so much more.

So, what do you think?

What did you make of the interview?

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  1. RoyalKev May 3, 2012

    Matt’s such as asshole. I’m not big on Bobby Brown. I think musically he’s actually talented. As a person – he leaves a lot to be desired, but this interview was kind of ridiculous at times. Matt seems rude and abrasive. Why is this man ordering Bobby to give up private details about his daughter. Matt needed a seat … on the floor! … and Bobby should have kicked him out his chair to help him get there!

  2. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) May 3, 2012

    I´m with TGJ on this
    Ok Bobby is not a monster but please now he is not a saint either

  3. Tru Voice May 3, 2012

    I told y’all he’s a b******.

  4. number1k9 May 4, 2012

    Today, the second part of Bobby Brown‘s interview with ABC’s Matt Lauer aired, days after its first half sent shock waves the world over.


    @ TGJ, Matt Lauer is not an ABC jornalist, he works for NBC, which homes the Today show. FYI

  5. tipper May 4, 2012

    Okay Matt, really? I’m sorry but I have been a Whitney fan from day one, and even I know that Whitney was responsible for Whitney. I have had a very close loved one on drugs and ultimately that is a personal battle. They were a mess together, but he is not reponsible for her choices, most especially not 7 years later! Give me a break, leave Bobby alone, and let Whitney rest. We saw this coming so stop acting so surprised.

  6. MRDIVABITCH May 4, 2012

    Bobby didn’t force Whitney to do drugs, did he? he didn’t give her drugs before she died…it was all Whitney. Let’s face facts, as talented as Whitney was, she was a messy drug addict who never took her recovery seriously and lied and lied about it.

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