Lady GaGa Manager Says “She Hasn’t Made It Yet” / Dishes On Her Future Plans

Published: Thursday 21st Jun 2012 by Sam

The success narrative of Pop phenom Lady GaGa is like no other in recent history.

Indeed, the singer has achieved in  four years a level of commercial and critical success others have taken decades to garner.

It’s such accolades which have led many to hail her as an icon. However, it’s not a sentiment shared by her manager Troy Carter.

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Speaking at the Music Matters conference in Singapore this, Carter discussed the star’s meteoric rise, opposition to her cause, as well as her future plans. Peep the interesting report, via Billboard, below…


“It’s less about Gaga than it really is what’s happening in the world right now as a whole,” Carter said when pushed to speak about the Jakarta protesters. “This is a microcosm. It’s a generational divide. Jesus Christ got crucified. It happens.

Carter, who got his start working with urban artists like Eve, Diddy, and Will Smith, quickly insisted that Gaga would not be changing anything about herself to fit markets like Jakarta, residents of which took offense to some of the Grammy winner’s provocative lyrics and music videos. When asked if Gaga would transform the “Born This Way Ball” in any way, Carter responded, “we’ll skip them.”

However, Carter insisted that Gaga and her team had loved every moment of their trip to Asia thus far, claiming “Asia is a very loyal audience and an audience that really, really loves music….it’s not a passive audience at all…we plan on spending a lot more time here.”

Though the manager wouldn’t confirm details about Gaga’s rumored fall LP, he spoke briefly on the singer’s contract with Interscope. “We have I think three records left with Universal [Interscope]. There may be a [record label] system there by the time her deal’s up that looks more attractive.”

Asked by interviewer Michael Schneider whether Gaga has “made it” yet, Carter bluntly said no, comparing the star to a “200-lb toddler.”

Gaga has yet to announce American dates for the “Born This Way Ball,” but Carter notes that she plans to tour extensively until the end of next spring. It’s gonna be an additional year before that tour is over. It’s a long album cycle but it’s part of the storytelling.”

“Born This Way” topped the Billboard 200 following its May 2011 release.


While we’re side-eyeing the suggestion that the crucifixion of Jesus has any parallels to GaGa and Jakarta, the interview otherwise made for an intriguing read.

Smartly, Carter isn’t buying into the hype he helped create. Rather, he sees it for what it is – an amazing movement with the potential to become legendary. As such in achieving this, it’s clear touring (aka honing her craft while raking in that cha-ching) is rightly high on their agenda.

One can only hope that  a new project – one more “accessible” and less contrived than ‘Born This Way’ – is released this year, though. For, as the critical and commercial response to many of ‘Born’s’ singles highlighted, the masses want a more refined and less preachy product from the paw purveyor. And with much today’s audience having the shortest of attention spans, leaving it any longer could prove commercially fatal.

Your thoughts?

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      • Suicide Blonde June 21, 2012

        What was that it hurts my eyes.

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 21, 2012

      get a good laugh that vid is so ghetto and funny and its a man

      • Suicide Blonde June 21, 2012

        OMG! haha.

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 21, 2012


    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 21, 2012

      that GIF >>>


      • Suicide Blonde June 21, 2012

        It’s cute, isn’t it.

    • Miao June 22, 2012

      Honey ur still pressed?! Sad!

  1. Kreayshawn June 21, 2012

    F*** b**** ass n****** ya ain’t gonna buy my debut album “somethin bout kreayshawn” that comes out August 14. Ya some hating b**** ass n****** man I’m tired of ya b**** ass n****** man.. I the top rap b**** out here

  2. I Judge Flops June 21, 2012

    Say what you want about GAGA

    The b**** SLAYS YOUR F****** LIFE.

    80 Million Records SOLD B****

    • Dax June 21, 2012

      And all of them are wack as f***. How she doing on albums sold? I hear that’s a much more modest number…

      • THE REAL TYLER June 22, 2012



    • Lady Fraud Fraud June 22, 2012

      Madonna sold more in 4 years in that time where there was no downloading or internet Gaga has a major advantage yet still has flopped. So try again, Michael Jackson as well sold a lot without interne and downloading, so try again.

      • Miao June 22, 2012

        “Madonna sold more in 4 years in that time where there was no downloading or internet Gaga has a major advantage”… ADVANTAGE? If u thing that advantage is that people download Gaga’s s*** for free is advantage, then LOL!

    • Lady Fraud Fraud June 22, 2012

      Also let’s not forget how she dresses like it’s Halloween everyday for attention. People like her for her image(which was already done by Madonna, Grace Jones) not her music. Anyone who seriously is paying attention to her music knows “her” music has been done a long time ago and it’s extremely generic.

  3. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 21, 2012

    This H** do NOT understand. Jakarta’s PEOPLE felt offensive form her Art. she just get deep into critical topics like “religion” and “S**” the VERY wrong way and that is a big ” No NO NO” to them , every Culture has it’s own philosophy and she gotta understand that. not everyone will be cool ” OR OK” with being GAY and trashing ppl’s Religions and beliefs ” i’m not a christian , but i just don’t tolerate referencing religious figures in art” , not that they hate ” being gay” , it is just prohibited in their culture and she gotta respect that. she’s the visitor , she’s the one who is visiting , she should have known a lil about what country she’s going too and what it’s all about.

    most muslim countries have concerts every day by different artists , but some of them are being offensive to their beliefs.
    so they are not like ” oh , she’s singing about religious stuffs and s**” we should kill her , No , that’s not true , it is just the way she put it through …

    Like madonna visited abu dhabi which is a …. well u know it ? now what ?

    she didn’t get banned or anything at all.
    U see ?

    back to GAGa :

    her message “being yourself” is not obligatory to be about “being sexual” or “f*** religion , imma be singing about loving judas” (even if the song is not even remotely offensive to Christianity , but imma do it for Cuntroversy) !!

    she should have known better.

    and what do u mean by “skip them” ????

    next time you are going to visit a country Gaga , google it and see how it’s people feel about your art and your messages and how you put them through !! you are even so Racist without even trying

    ” or orient-made” ?!!!! really C*** ?

    this is all i gotta say about this one cuz no one represent those people ” the ones in jakarta” in here and luckily i can do the job.

    she’s really effortlessly offensive without realizing it.

    next time she gotta realize that :

    if you are in rome …..

  4. Kreayshawn June 21, 2012

    Lazy ass n***** can’t even download my new single ” BREAKFEST” on iTunes. Stupid lazy ass n***** but ya rather support old ass people like Madonna & swagger jacking people like lady gaga & nicki Minaj. F*** that s*** man ya some mess up n***** ya on some b**** n***** s***.

    Anyway I’m going on a worldwide tour next mouth ya better get your tickets and follow me on twitter.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 21, 2012

      b**** you are like unwanted commercial break in TGJ , get a life , GET LAID and get PAID !!

    • THE REAL TYLER June 22, 2012


      NO SALES



      B**** DIE AND BYE

  5. Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 21, 2012

    GaGa is alright with me

  6. Kreayshawn June 21, 2012

    Lady gaga & Madonna & nicki Minaj stans are probley one of the WACKEST fan base out right now hahaha *makes young kreayshawn laugh*

    Bunch of little kids sticking up for a old ass lady

    Bunch of little kids sticking up for a plastic Barbie doll smh

    Bunch of little kids sticking up for a wired ass retarted white girl that think she has a poker face smh

  7. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 21, 2012

    i’m so curious to know what is her next direction , cuz TBQH , i think she did it all with her abilities.

    • HOTSTUFF June 22, 2012

      i like her but i think she did too, especially look at the direction of dance music on the charts…

  8. Teacher June 21, 2012


  9. YouDoRealize… June 21, 2012

    The fact is she knows artists who’s shows have been banned and aren’t half as racy as hers ie Beyonce Experimence/ Best Damn Thing Tour. She knew all along. All this did was keep her name out there in her supposed “media blackout” I love herbut she’s a fame w**** and in a way it contradicts everything she is because she preaches about having humality and all that stuff.

  10. BLACK MADONNA June 21, 2012


    • carboncopy June 21, 2012

  11. DTG June 21, 2012

    “Behind the ludicrous and attention-seeking Halloween costumes, the obnoxiously overblown music videos, the swagger jacking of Madonna’s personality, and the conspicuous plot to manipulate the socially awkward and misfits of society into thinking that they have a voice (and are empowered) through her, is a bunch of banal and contrived gibberish heavily propped by media hype that does not live up to it. What began as a bouncy, pixyish, one-woman-show-esque version of what the Spice Girls did in the late 90s has now become an egotistical, overproduced–yet still oddly generic–mess of grating sounds that is irritating to listen to and takes itself too seriously.

    Once upon a time this character that is ‘Lady Gaga’ may have provided a cheeky and quirky contrast to what had been the model of what was popular, and it may have been quasi-endearing, but when pop stars infuse that much camp into their image, at a certain point the irony *will* get old and lose its charm. In the meantime, this woman has literally crammed about a decades worth of gimmicks, put-on’s and media saturation into a three year span. We have seen her show up kite high, in meat dresses, with horns attached to her head, dressed as a man, with discharged gay soldiers as her escorts, etc., etc. The ‘shtick’ is old. There are only so many heavy-handed stunts you can use to dumbfound the public into noticing before they become either hostile or jaded, and a backlash ensues.

    Lady Gaga has always been a ‘character’ for show, but she has become a caricature and a parody of herself. No longer is it “refreshing,” abstract or inventive; it is now tired and dated. Overexposure is killing the cat and quite frankly Gaga is losing her relevance. By making herself into such a sneaky little cartoon who is force-fed to the public in obscene dosages, she has backed herself into a corner. The only thing left for her to do at this point is to throw on a pair of jeans and act normal, but how boring would that be for someone who named herself ‘Lady Gaga’ and made being strange her ticket to fame? She was here; she dominated the world of music and got her press, but the milk is now sour. The writing was on the wall when dowdily dressed and anything-but-flashy Adele c*** blocked what was supposed to be a Gaga-dominating 2011. Kids do not listen to her, it is not “cool” to be a walking freak show…and quite frankly it is not cool to like Lady Gaga now.”

    • nyy June 22, 2012

      Couldent agree more with this article

  12. Avenger June 21, 2012

    Who cares? She’s garbage. Instead of calling it “taking a dump,” I renamed it “taking a Gaga.” Why? Because she’s shitty.

  13. WHO_ARE_YOU? June 22, 2012

    God…you mean it isn’t over yet?!

  14. PrettigurlrockD June 22, 2012

    Jealous c****. Gaga has proved herself. Stay pressed. Lol.

    • WHO_ARE_YOU? June 22, 2012

      you mean proved that by the second go round, she obviously isn’t that substantial artist with longevity like the legendary female singers before her? Her moment fizzled when she was selling her album for 1.99…get over it. You don’t see Mariah and Whitney going Diamond in their hay with underpriced albums.

  15. Tbozfan10 June 22, 2012

    When did she take a pic in Madonna’s come bra??? BTW single cover?!

  16. Dejae June 22, 2012

    There’s nothing good about her. Her music is crap and her image is just plain stupid. I wish she would just go away.

    Gaga = Clown.

    • Miao June 22, 2012

      Lady Gaga’s pubic hair > Your life!

  17. CzarM June 22, 2012

    Are people really still checking for this carnival freak? I mean, seriously, hasn’t the novelty of her being a weirdo, who makes b******* pop music so awful that it’s virtually unlistenable, while pandering to gays – because it was the only demographic fool enough to embrace her — worn off yet?

    Just like I didn’t buy her other 2 albums, I won’t be buying this next one either.

    • Miao June 22, 2012

      Like someone gives a Sh## what u will or won’t do!?

  18. Saetana June 22, 2012

    For the ignorant – that is not Madonna’s cone bra, it is GAGA’S firework bra, it has sparks coming out of it when it on, you can just about see the top of the matching “knickers”. That is a lovely picture of her, not seen that one before ;o)

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 22, 2012

    I’m not even a fan, but it’s obvious that GaGa HAS made it. Not only has she made it, but most people think she’s already lost her thunder, so her manager should be more careful with his statements. If he downgrades her achievements so far, then what is he going to say if GaGa never tops them?

    Anyway, GaGa still has plenty of buzz, so, if I was her, I wouldn’t rush to release a new album. She needs to be very careful this time around. No rushed videos or sloppy songs, for her own sake. I wouldn’t like her to restrict herself creatively, even though I consider her OTT, because that’s her identity and granted that she’s already rich and famous, she doesn’t need to alter it just to establish herself more. She needs to spend time in the studio and get plenty of rest in order to promote the next album effectively. The extremely poor quality of her performances was one of the reasons why her previous era underwhelmed.

  20. mr.m June 22, 2012

    WOW! she’s SO 2009 .. HAS-BEEN

  21. Brad June 22, 2012

    Opinions are great and all but why do we all waste so much time hatin’ on s*** we don’t like? We should all start talking about the things we like instead of wasting time trying to paint a picture to the world of how much someone sucks. No one is forcing you to buy someones music, nor should we be trying to force someone to hate it either. Its 2012, instead of growing as a people, we hide behind computers turning further into crazy animals.

  22. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 22, 2012

    LMAO at these pressed b****** on here trying to downplay Gaga´s first 4 years in music when they stan for absolutely less powerful artists in music business
    The tours Gaga is doing after only 4 years in the game are massive. Please be serious
    And I wasn´t refering to Madonna fans since she is on the hishest level obviously, but what´sup with @suicide and @pop ??? Trying to talk s*** about Gaga and her tours lately on every damm post but praising Jennifer Lopez as a godness of music???????? LMAO hahahahahahahaha

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 22, 2012

      i didn’t talk s*** about HER , i was just addressing the foolishness that is her manager’s response to what happened in jakarta. and i was trying to make u feel how they feel about her art. that’s It.

      and J.LO is a BRAND and the only one who’s actually taking the madonna bussiness pathway seriously and doing it Her own way , i didn’t say she’s the goddess of Music , that’s probably CHER or even kylie minogue 😆 , she’s A GODDESS in her own way. i never said she’s a magnificent vocalist or something , that’s not what we should talk about when she’s there for more than 11 years , that’s already a solved problem !! she’s still there without it and she’s working hard to be somebody and she became J.LO , so ….

  23. Pressed B****** June 22, 2012

    I love how Gaga has these b****** mad in 4 years she has gone from playing clubs to selling out stadiums around the world. Gaga is the 2nd biggest female touring act behind Madonna yes that includes Beyonce,Rihanna,Britney and Perry cant gross as much as Gaga….. The asian leg of her tour grossed 48 million dollars alone. Gaga hasn’t even announced the dates for her American leg yet… This b**** is selling out a stadium in South Africa as we speak her career isn’t based on top 40 radio play. Yes Adele outsold her last yr but she has outsold everyone so what? Tell me why Gaga still made more money then Adele last yr and will out gross her this yr as well there’s no money in selling records there is money in touring she is connecting with her fan base all around the world and building a bond so she will always have a career. I see many of you love to downplay her talent let’s see she writes her own songs and she plays the piano …. Hmmm and has one of the most versatile voices in music she can sing pop,country,rock,jazz and can go urban as well she already has proven this. I can only laugh at most of this but yes get used to it this b**** is established and will be around for a long time get used to it.

    • Miao June 22, 2012

      ^^^^^^^^ F*** YES, THIS! ^^^^^^^^

  24. Lady Fraud Fraud June 22, 2012

    Again like I told someone else Madonna and Michael Jackson sold more without downloading and internet. Gaga is a flop. Gaga has what over 25 million twitter followers has over what 40 million likes or more but why are her albums never selling over 40 million why did BTW only sell 9 million-10 million? People like Gaga for her image which is why she’s famous it’s not because of her music, her music has been done before it’s extremely generic.

  25. Lady Fraud Fraud June 22, 2012

    @DTG let’s not forget she’s not only stolen from Madonna but Grace Jones(who was before Madonna) David Bowie. Also has stolen her perfume that is colored but sprays on clear from Wode by Boudicca. But of course since most of her fans are stupid they’ll believe her when she says it’s the first time a perfume has been like this. Let’s not forget she steals from Daphne Guiness and Isabella Blow. She is not original and let’s not forget how the “different” meat dress was done before.

    • Saetana June 22, 2012

      She didn’t say it was the first coloured perfume, she said it was the first BLACK perfume, any idiot knows there are other perfumes available in pale pastel shades usually.

  26. Just terrible June 22, 2012

    Gags is wack.

  27. The Real B! June 22, 2012

    EVERYONE CAN’T SHOULDN’T PRODUCE USELESS, MEANINGLESS, MUSIC JUST TO SEL You bloggers are so contradicting. Yomake “Rihanna” dance music and it’s make “Gaga” music…”preachy”. Make up ya’ll f****** mind. I guess Beyonce is the only one who makes good music. Get the f*** outta here!

  28. Ashley June 23, 2012

    And there are also no new songs registered with BMI.

  29. escorts June 24, 2012

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    I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site?

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