Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’ To Be Released…Tonight?

Published: Monday 9th Jul 2012 by Sam

A staple in the minds of many a music critic, Frank Ocean‘s name has been etched (seemingly with ink) in headlines the globe over ever since his truth-baring letter was made public last week.

And with a high-profile performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon slated for this evening, multiple sources are confirming that -in light of recent events- the release of his hotly anticipated album ‘Channel Orange’ has been pushed up. All the way up.

Details after the jump…

According to an array of sources (many of which attended the pre-filmed show), ‘Orange’ will hit iTunes tonight following the 24 year old’s performance – a week ahead of its physical release on July 17th.

Peep the laundry-list of tweets below:

jimmy fallon
[email protected]_ocean on the show tonight. Tune in for a big announcement about his new album.

Lindsey Weber ‏@lindseyweber
Am I allowed to say? Frank Ocean’s album is out TONIGHT on iTunes, at 12:30 AM when Fallon airs. Smart move.

Kristine Abrenica ‏@KBAbrenica
Just saw @frank_ocean perform ‘Bad Religion’ with @mrvndctr. Too dope. 

KELLY ‏@kellyclancy (Ocean’s manager)
i wouldn’t miss frank ocean on fallon tonight…trust me..

Kristine Abrenica ‏@KBAbrenica
Buy @frank_ocean’s new album ‘Channel Orange’ on iTunes now!! 

Alex Peav ‏@peav90x
Frank Ocean’s debut album is being released tonight, midnight on iTunes. You’re welcome.


If indeed the case, it’ll be a stroke of genius on the part of his label Def Jam. It’s a given that certain sects will lash out at the fact that Ocean’s frankness on his sexuality is being used for commercial gain. Yet, folk all too often forget one potent point – the music business is just that…a business. Record sales ensure security not just for the label, but for the artist. The latter being a word that Ocean embodies thoroughly; and with the current climate favouring models who peddle tuneless nursery rhymes, the commercial success of “a Frank Ocean” could have the best of affects on the sales potential of “quality” music. Or, in playing Devil’s Advocate, music – which at the very least – isn’t lyrically limited to sex or getting drunk.

Time will tell.

Randomness: The geek in yours truly has me amped at the likely potential of this spelling an automatic two-week reign for Ocean atop of the Billboard 200 – this week with the digital sales, and next when the physicals are tossed into the mix.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. jayla July 9, 2012

    the f** in you, who is obsessed with sales & charts

    • Champ Boy July 9, 2012

      lol he is very obsessed

      • jayla July 9, 2012

        I’m referring to Sam by the way

    • B**** please July 10, 2012

      Dead JUST DIED LMAO!

  2. NE-YO*STAN July 9, 2012

    This is welcome news! Can’t wait to hear this… been stanning Frank Ocean since 2008 (four years ago, wow). It’s time dude got his shine, as well. And I don’t particularly agree with the third to last paragraph of this blog post, which plays down the success of singers like Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé (for starters).

  3. Suicide Blonde July 9, 2012

    Great for him.

  4. j millz July 9, 2012

    I’m hyped if this true been waiting for his and NAS album ever since I found out the release date let’s go Frank Ocean.

  5. Honestly Speaking July 9, 2012

    If this is true then that’s great for him and it was a very wise business decision on behalf of Def Jam. I’m definitely anticipating his new music.

    • cece July 9, 2012

      Wise move alright. Frank comes out the closet and Def Jam feel that the people accept his sexuality so they have to get will the iron is hot. I’m not buying his album so I am not going to sit here and lie. I could accept him if he was gay but bi-sexual naw and that’s my opinion. This guy want people to accept this but women how would you feel if that was your man.

      • Honestly Speaking July 9, 2012

        Well, as it was previously stated in the blog post, the music industry is a business so of course they are going to release new material from him while he is on the tip of almost everyone’s tongue. It’s a wise business decision. It isn’t that deep. As far as women not being able to relate to him because of his sexuality is concerned, people need to understand that music is subjective and not only that but just because he may be singing about a man or a woman on one particular song does not mean that you cannot take those feelings and lyrics and translate them to your own loved one. If people weren’t so homophobic this whole thing wouldn’t have been as “surprising” or discussion worthy to begin with.

  6. Jay Jay July 9, 2012

    Yes!!!! I’m ready to listen to it. Please go support the album. Whether he’s bisexual or not he is TALENTED!!

    • B**** July 9, 2012

      Shut up sissy

  7. lol July 9, 2012


    Alot of my favs album releases disappointed me but I doubt Frank will disappoint ,,, Bisexual or not his music speaks for it self he is a real artist with something to say .


  8. Spunkypoop July 9, 2012

    Loveee this dude.. and was there from day 1 supporting his music. He is one of the dopiest, most talented songwriters/singers alive. I wish him all the success in the world.

  9. Verve July 9, 2012

    How is this a “genius” move when the album was promoted to be released next week? Jimmy Fallon’s show isn’t Idol or Dancing With the Stars; he’s not in prime time and doesn’t attract 20 million an episode for Ocean’s performance/announcement to be seen by a herd of viewers that’ll immediately flock to iTunes. He’s throwing the public off. Few are anticipating it tonight and won’t be looking for it. If this is true then methinks he was just too scared to come out (pun) on the same day as Nas.

    Everybody talking about how authentic his music is and blah blah blah…meh…seems to me that he’s trying to act like Gaga; pulling a bunch of “stunts” to get attention.

    • lol July 9, 2012

      Obviously your just now catchingon to who Frank is… your wrong . period -point-blank

      Frank is the type of artist that would attend red carpets and wouldn’t even speak to reporters and press vying for his attention. Just because he is being honest with himself and finally letting his fans glipse at who he is as a person is not a Stunt , he’s a story teller at the end of the day not a tragicstuntqueen like lady gaga

  10. Jazzy July 9, 2012

    I’m looking forward to his performance on Fallon tonight as well as the album!!! Gay, Straight, or Bi….one thing you can’t deny is his talent.

  11. Layla July 9, 2012

    “and with the current climate favouring models who peddle tuneless nursery rhymes, the commercial success of “a Frank Ocean” could have the best of affects on the sales potential of “quality” music. Or, in playing Devil’s Advocate, music – which at the very least – isn’t lyrically limited to s** or getting drunk?”But yet y’all stan for Nicki Minaj?

  12. F*** Your Swag I’m Dope. July 9, 2012

    He’s a gay homosexual and I wouldn’t be surprised if his music was enough to give somebody’s PC a virus.

    • B**** please July 10, 2012

      He make yo p**** hot dont he f**

  13. Benron July 9, 2012

    Horrible idea, Wy would you push it up to a day, then tell that day. And not even sell it in pshyical copies, I predict 50-85k sold this week #SMH he could of done MUCH BETTER!

  14. Helter July 9, 2012

    He must have known that no one would be talking about him and his generic music if he didn’t admit his love for other mens penises.

    • YesIDIDBITCH July 10, 2012

      Word now the back door is now open, let’s see what else comes out….

  15. Crony July 9, 2012

    Wouldn’t “Channel Pink” make a more realistic title for this cats album?

    • DTG July 10, 2012

      He should have named it “Skittles: Taste The Rainbow.”

  16. Champ Boy July 9, 2012

    very genius move, to get the Gay community on your side 2 weeks before your album drops lol, His team knows that gays are the strongest fan base & supports their artists to the extreme because they have no life. They would spend money on multiple copies for the sake of “Sales” lol

    • YesIDIDBITCH July 10, 2012

      Those gays are super fans

  17. chase July 9, 2012


  18. Stav July 10, 2012

    He’s not gonna beat Zack Brown Band for #1 album next week and he’s not gonna beat Nas for #1 album the week after that.

  19. SUSPECT July 10, 2012


    • B**** July 10, 2012

      Eat a d***

  20. YesIDIDBITCH July 10, 2012

    The gays are like mexicans selling ORANGES on the high way….They pushing this s*** strong. It’s number 1 on itunes

    • Champ Boy July 10, 2012


  21. Tbozfan10 July 10, 2012

    Damn a lot of these comments would make hitler smile. All of this hate-mongering just because ol’ dude was honest that he has had feelings for a guy before. You all throw stereotypes on him and jump to all kinds of conclusions to confirm your own prejudices. You would be the ones who would stand by and watch while the lynch-mob carried out their hate crimes.

    • Absolved July 10, 2012

      Why do I need to know who he had feelings for? Why is he inviting me into his personal business and past relationships? DId Trey or Tank ever write some super long post on a blog about some 5 year old relationship that ended badly weeks before the release of an album as a ploy to market it? Everyone who is falling for this dude is a tool. He knew he was boring and virtually unmarketable beforehand, so he decided to pull this stunt because he had nothing to lose and it was something to get people talking.

      Just sing the damn song and discuss your unresolved angst over a past relationship with a psychiatrist. If Frank was already heavily anticipated and if he had had a top 10 hit, no way would he have done that.

      • jayla July 10, 2012


      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 10, 2012

        amen @absolved !! amen !

      • Mob July 10, 2012



  22. call me crazy July 10, 2012

    wouldn’t this mess up his debut week’s sales. why not just pre release like everybody else.

  23. j millz July 10, 2012

    Lol I don’t see why everyone keeps talking about his sexual orentation when this dude makes great f****** music. And for the dude who said no one was checking for Frank ocean before he came I don’t know were you have been at.

  24. j millz July 10, 2012

    Lol I don’t know why everyone is talking about his sexual Orientation when this guy makes f****** great music. And to the dude who said no one was checking for Frank ocean before he said he was bi I dont know where you have been But a lot of people where checkin for him.

  25. commanderofthedancefloor July 10, 2012

    oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

    if this is true i will be so hapy!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait to hear his album

  26. CzarM July 10, 2012

    I don’t remember TGJ posting many — if any — updates on this guy before he came out. Now every time he has a bowel movement, Sam giggly reports on it. Already I can tell TGJ is about to start riding this fools nuts as hard as they do Nicki’s. I’m yawning already.

    • jayla July 10, 2012


  27. jasmine July 10, 2012

    The gays will support anyone just for the fact that they are gay.It’s number one on ITunes.

    • Mob July 10, 2012

      Frank Ocean timed his bisexual annoncement very well I must say. President Obama is blathering on about his child’s friends parents are same-s** or something or other. Joe Camel ( how has called NAS a fa**ot more times than I can count) has now jumped on the Obama train. Now that it is cool to be GLBTQI (can someone in the gay community tell me what the “I” stands for? THX) Frank will be fine and I bet fair better than STRAIGHT MALE R&B artists!

      • BCinKS July 10, 2012

        I think it’s “Inter-s**” like if you were born with both male and female s** organs.

  28. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 10, 2012

    2-week reign atop of Billboard 200?? LOL!! He won’t even get one week!

    He has no hits, no promotion, no strong brand, no hype outside from Twitter and a very limited fanbase. I have nothing against him and I’m supporting new talent and creativity, but let’s get out of the bandwagons and start being realists. I wish him luck, though.

  29. Mob July 10, 2012

    And there you have it folks! Every artist should release their CD online 1st. WTT, Carter IV and now this.

    Also, if a CD leaks it should be released immediately to iTUNES/Amazon so that it can be purchased legally. It’s funny how certain record companies are allowed to do it for certain acts and not others! Considering that certain ppl’s s*** keep getting leaked ahead of schedule something needs to be done to correct that! For example, Chris Brown’s “Fortune” leaked a week prior to it’s sceduled release date while RCA protected “Looking 4 Myself” by Usher Raymond. Since it leaked by RCA’s negligence, it should have immediately been released on iTUNES! The same thing should have happened when the bastards at JIVE leaked Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale CD! Teh msuic industry is for s*** from top to bottom. Artists need to relase their own music and not go through big record labels.

    • Gilberto July 10, 2012

      It doesn’t work like this. Labels are in touch with retailers. If you aren’t on a big label, your album won’t be on the shelves. If your album isn’t on the shelves, people can’t buy it.
      Albums leak because of the retailers. Actually, not because of the retailers themselves, but their employees. When a label ships a new album to a retailer, they do this a week before its official release so it will be widely available. An employee of that store can get an copy and leak it. Some stores sell the album before the official release.
      If the label release it on iTunes right after it leaks, they could really damage its first week sales and promo.

      • Mob July 10, 2012

        I say, the minute a CD is leaked the 1st week sells are already damaged! With ubiquitous computing a record company can’t possibly stop ppl from leaking a CD and shut down all those sites that leak it. The ONLY alternative is to RELEASE THE CD ON iTUNES should it leak in advance of it’s release date.

        Also, it seems as though only the physical copies (POP sales) are calculated into the 1st week sells count. They don’t count pre-orders or digital sells! As I recently witnessed! I don’t think it wil hurt anyone but the organized structure – THE POWERS THAT BE – who control everything!

  30. Mob July 10, 2012

    Let’s just be honest. Frank Ocean will be more successful now than he would have ever been. He will proabably receive more favorable media support for anything he says or does. I bet he receives more Music Awards than any other Black Male R&B artists on the scene. This is what the popular society wants to promote of BLACK MEN anyway.

    The media claims that the Black community, especially Black Men/Hip Hop blah, blah, are the most homophobic but I’ve yet to see them lynch a gay person. Everyone I’ve ever seen maimed or killed were not by the hands of this group of men. EMASCULATING Black Men is the primary scheme and always has been. There is a constant need to humiliate Black Men (he did this years ago….he said this the other day… black men aint …blah, blah, blah). To state that Black Men are gay when you know damn well they are straight. To rob them of opportunties when they don’t go along with the scheme and crazy agenda. DAVE CHAPELLE is a great example of this. His outright refusal to WEAR A DRESS, LIPSTICK, HIGH HEEL SHOES, AND A BLONDE WIG cost him dearly.

    With that said, all hail the NEW KING of R&B FRANK OCEAN <—- WATCH & QUOTE ME LATER! 🙂

    ***No shade or hatred. I'm not a fan but some of his music is pretty good. However, I didn't purchase it before & wont be purchasing it now! But good luck to him although as I said he will have all favorable media attention which will help him greatly from here on out! *Taps Toes Waiting On Anderson Cooper Interview*

    • kelly July 10, 2012

      This is just an attempt to force this gay lifestyle on to blacks. But, The crazy christ like support and praise he has received is because they are trying to protect Obama back. Obama should go in nov

  31. kelly July 10, 2012

    How sad. People are really giving their souls to make it. Frack Ocean is number 1 on UK itunes. HE IS NOT EVEN KNOWN IN THE UK -OR HAS had a single song in the UK charts. He is only selling because he is gay, and they want gays in hip hop.

    White men have a thing for black c***.

  32. MC&TB4LIFE July 10, 2012


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