Hot Shots: Nicki Minaj Takes ‘Pink Friday Tour’ To Paris

Published: Saturday 7th Jul 2012 by David

As further proof of her global star power, last night saw Nicki Minaj take her ‘Pink Friday World Tour‘ to the French capital,Paris.

The latest stop on the global event, the Rapper touched down at the Zénith de Paris armed with the upbeat stage show and the benefit of its hype.

This, spearheaded by the recent success of her new single ‘Pound The Alarm‘ which is well on its way to becoming one of the fastest selling UK singles to be released any artist , of any genre.

Her Parisian set also comes before she launches her UK arena tour this winter, marking the first time a Female Rapper will headline her own show at London’s 02 Arena.

However, until that happens peep more from Paris below…

Though there’s been an effort to downplay Minaj’s success in recent months, it’s become a tad difficult to deny or overlook her enormous winning streak.

From the commercial success of her sophomore LP on a global scale to her lucrative ‘situations’ with MAC and Pepsi , Minaj- despite the mishandling of many a single- is without a doubt Rap’s best answer to Pop music.

Interesting, as she is hellbent on labeling herself a ‘Hip Hop‘ act through and through, when the bulk of her stock is invested in her role as a Pop Rapper.

Popular’ enough to pose a serious threat to both Rihanna and Katy Perry‘s Billboard pesos.

Popular’ enough  to launch her very own world tour- casting a pink shadow over the efforts of those who may never enjoy the global acclaim she and her cause stay reeling in.

The global acclaim her rivals wish they had but always fall short of securing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lee July 7, 2012

    ‘Pop Rapper’ – I like that term for her! That’s a good way to describe her sometimes but mess with her and she’ll spit like Em

    • OpD2 July 7, 2012

      Co-Sign nicki is hip-hop and pop rap pop papular anything you call it,she is doing her thing in both gerns.

    • Honestly Speaking July 7, 2012

      Lies. It is not cute to look like you haven’t had a bath with that ratty blond wig/weave running around through the streets of Paris. She looks a mess as usual.

      • TIMELESS July 8, 2012

        Agreed! I think as long as her POP records are successful, why not make them? And secondly she can rap better than most dudes out as well.

  2. CzarM July 7, 2012

    Yeah, “Pop Rapper” works. A nicer way of saying “Fake rapper.” Rappin’ version of Katy Perry and completely UN-hiphop.

    • FAF July 7, 2012

      A BETTER TERM TO DESCRIBE KIM & YOUR FAVE WOULD BE “IRRELEVANT.” The albums is platinum, money is green, and your hate is evident…. kick rocks

      • Dummy July 7, 2012

        What I never understand is why Nicki stans ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS bring up Kim. Is it possible that people who don’t worship Nicki also don’t care much for Kim? Yes, it’s possible. Take your young, dumb, goofy, assuming ass somewhere and stop breathing.

      • FAF July 7, 2012

        b/c more times than not, that’s the reason for the faux shade.. .it’s ok admit it. your fave is #DUNDUNDUN

      • Sara July 8, 2012

        @ dumbass FAF, And what the hell does Kim have to do with this post???…Exactly this is why no one takes Nicki minaj’s fan base seriously because most fans like you make pointless comments that are completely nonsensical and go off topic.

      • FAF July 8, 2012

        H**, sit down……..

  3. kitteneyez2012 July 7, 2012

    Love nicki—the b**** is winnTING.


    Not since the days of Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna have we seen someone command a stage in the way that Beyonce continues to do. Beyonce helps us to remember that it takes a little more than auto-tune to be a good singer. A real star is also a performer.


    • FAF July 7, 2012

      Nobody gives a f***….

      • Dummy July 7, 2012

        Clearly you do. Isn’t it time for your death?

    • OpD2 July 7, 2012

      shot da f-ck up,everyone respect beyonce even nicki,that shade wasn’t needed,even though nicki isn’t on bays level like everyone else,nicki is still doing her thing in here own way.

      • Hayley July 8, 2012

        B**** shut yo ass up! You should be slapped for attempting to defend that ugly, horse face, chipmunk sounding, retarded sounding “rapper”. What you need to do like everyone else is give Sicki three some a beat down for f****** up the Great art of Rap with her retarded ass songs.

  5. Yeezy July 7, 2012

    uuuuuggghh spare us… this chick is trash

  6. bigboi July 7, 2012

    Why does this site lick nikis bum??( not that niki is wack or anything) but ii cant stand this site its full of s*** and so bias. Anyways niki is a rapper. not a hiphop acts. rapping is a vocal style. just cuz you rap doesnt make you hiphop just like singing doesnt make you opera. can we just accept niki makes pop music. a hiphop artists wudnt tour with britney spears!!btw im not knocking her music im just calling her genre

    • FAF July 7, 2012

      But she’s rapping… that’s what you haters fail to realize. … when u get ur head out of 1990s rap & look at what’s CURRENT nicki’s doing it & winning…….. if you don’t like the site why visit???? I’m troubled…

      • Dummy July 7, 2012

        Trouble your ass somewhere and die. How about that?

      • James July 8, 2012

        What you fail to realize is that Rap and Hip hop are not the same thing. Hip hop is a culture/genre. Rap is an art and an element of hip hop; However, a person may rap in a different genre. What Nicki does is “rap”( if you could even call it that with those random noises and stupid punchlines) in the POP GENRE. She is not rapping in the Hip hop genre which is why that person you responded to was correct.

  7. FAF July 7, 2012


    • ADC143 July 7, 2012



      • FAF July 7, 2012

        You’re here…… that’s the validation.

    • Jessie July 8, 2012

      Your comment is a complete fail

  8. get oval it July 7, 2012

    Nicki 4 the winnnnnnnnnnn write it down take a picture b*ches email that she came and saved this think called female rap #fact

  9. get oval it July 7, 2012

    Nicki 4 the winnnnnnnnnnn write it down take a picture b*ches email that she came and saved this thing called female rap #fact

  10. Absolved July 7, 2012

    Pop rapper = fraud.

    No rapper with a soul would dare wanna be tagged a “pop rapper.” In fact, “Pop” has always been considered a dirty world in the world of hip hop, no matter how popULAR the act is. It’s a degrading tag. It means you’re corny and your s*** is weak. Hell, even Nicki herself resists being called pop, even though she is. She doesn’t even play to a hip hop audience. I feel sorry for any rapper who makes music that is interchangeable with The Wanted and Carly Rae Jepsen. That’s embarrassing. I haven’t seen a rapper as illegitimate as Nicki since Vanilla Ice.

    Again, she’s a fraud.

    • FAF July 7, 2012

      She didn’t name herself that so what’s the point? That’s like saying Barack Obama is not a US citizen because his critics say so…. you people are simple…

    • OpD2 July 7, 2012

      if that is the case why is almost all hip-hopers/rappers male and female is doing collabs with pop stars if pop is so dirty and any rappers who do iare dabble in it is a fraud in your sights,i bet you,er fav even song one are collab with a pop star and bet you made it slide even eminem who is labeled the best rapper did pop influence tracks and even collab with pop stars,s,so it,s only dirty when nicki dabble in and is a fraud in your sights,get da f-ck out of here to bias hypocrite,hate all you want she is going to continue doing her thing.

      • James July 8, 2012

        You’re a complete dumbass, “if that is the case why is almost all hip-hopers/rappers male and female is doing collabs with pop stars if pop is so dirty and any rappers who do iare dabble in it is a fraud in your sights”? Mainstream Pop rappers like Drake, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, Ludacris, Eminem (etc.) are completely whack, overrated, and want nothing but money which is why they would agree to work with such filthy untalented pop stars unlike real rappers. Besides, Eminem is not labeled the best rapper. He is nowhere near the lyrical level of rappers such as Tupac, (etc.) so you can stop with that b*******.

      • money talks July 8, 2012

        oops u beat me to it.

    • money talks July 8, 2012

      wow what u think of eminem. I barely hear him on my urban stations. He made his name on pop stations. He’s a pop rapper if anything but hes damn good. People need to get a grip. Pop is short for POPular.

      I guess its different for nicki cuz shes a black girl from the hood. huh.

  11. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. July 7, 2012

    The album is a MAJAH flop

    She is DONE

    • FAF July 7, 2012

      Platinum, boo! Bye f**…

      • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. July 7, 2012

        Silly C***. Nicki GARBAJs “platinum” certification is based on SHIPMENTS. as the flop album is just over 500k in the US. Which means THOUSANDS of copies are currently collecting DUST on the shelves 😉

      • My2Centz July 7, 2012


        Idiot. All albums are certified platinum based on SHIPMENTS, so you’re putting “platinum” in quotations in an attempt to imply that Nicki’s platinum album isn’t really platinum was a complete **fail** on your end. Doesn’t matter if she only actually sold 10 copies. Platinum is platinum. The RIAA determines the criteria for it, not your retarded blog trollin’/no life having/shame it’s too late for an abortion ass.

        I’m not even a Nicki Minaj fan, and I resent that you made me defend her…but you’re just a imbecile who needs to be slapped. Seriously, you add nothing to any thread you pollute with your unabashed and utterly stupid buffoonery. You are beyond worthless. Do the world a favor and hold your head in the toilet until the bubble stop.

  12. Ohdeam July 7, 2012

    “Winning,” my ass. What is she winning? The approval of fickle 14 year old suburbanite kids who don’t even listen to hip hop, and whose fluctuating tastes will lead them away from her in another year or so? Please. Nicki isn’t even respected by her own community. And she isn’t building a real fan base of her own. Most of her “support” is casual, from those who listen to pop radio and halfheartedly accept her simply because she’s just another name there; this after she tries her damnedest to fit in.


    Once this wave of ridiculous pop music finally dies down, and radio starts rejecting everyone who was associated with it, Nicki is going to be done. She’ll be a pariah, will have nothing or no one to fall back on and will be perceived as a silly clown from a cheesy era of music. She’ll never have the communal respect of Latifah, Lyte, Missy, Lauryn, SnP, Kim or Eve. Even if today they don’t sell what they used to, or to current industry standards, they have respect and are considered icons/forerunners of their genre. Nicki won’t be. She’s just a modern version of Daisy Dee.

    I hope conforming to the point of losing virtually all of her hip hop credibilty and basically selling out (and for what, a measly couple hundred thousand more copies sold) was worth setting herself up to ultimately be dismissed.

    • OpD2 July 7, 2012

      only think i can,t pick out of that filth of a comment of yours,is that you are really the frickled one,do us a faver and stay off the blogs.

      • TIMELESS July 8, 2012

        HATE is an ugly emotion!

      • Hayley July 8, 2012

        @ ugly ass OpD2, Are you on crack? Take your own stupid ass advice and do the same cuz no one wants to read your dumbass comments either you “stupid h**” lol!

  13. Kayla July 7, 2012

    haterz STFU!! yall mad kim aint got a ass TOO kiss!! “if you aint shittin then get off da pot”..
    Nicki looks cute && if she sold everything she’s wearing, it’d pay Ya RENT, CAR NOTE, MORGAGE AND EVVVERYTHING else…so shut that da F*** down…btw, lets face it, Nicki is too much of a winner to not be reconized in 10 yrs. yall said Pink Friday Roman Reloaded would flop && she’d be forgotten, PFRR did but Nicki is the hottest thing out. So yall grandbabies throwbacks will include Did It On ‘Em, Roman’s Revenge, Beez in Da Trap, Dance (A$$), and Super Bass. Maybe even Right Thru Me and Moment 4 Life. Your Love Already gets played thru once started. #BeleeDat

    • LTM July 8, 2012

      No they wont because no one brought or supported half of those songs you mentioned since only 2 of them broke the top 10.

      • Kianna July 8, 2012

        What the f*** does Kim have to do with this? Oh that’s right nothing because some of you retarded Nicki fans love to bring up old topics, I mean you’re such an embarrassment to us real Nicki fans who have moved on and talk about relevant topics to make her look good. Please realize that the more you talk about Kim the more you make her relevant which is bad on Nicki’s part you dumb b****.

  14. LTM July 8, 2012

    “‘Popular’ enough to pose a serious threat to both Rihanna and Katy Perry‘s Billboard pesos.”

    LMAO!!!!! 5 #1s off one album. 11 #1s in 6 years. Multi platinum selling albums that ACTUALLY have the sales to back the certifications up. Sold out world wide tours in MAJOR arenas. Sam stop trying to put Nicki up there with Katy, Rihanna, or Lady Gaga. Her success doesnt even come close to theirs. Nicki isnt even on Ke$ha’s level and thats the hnest truth. Ke$ha has debuted at #1 on the Hot 100 and has held the spot for 9 weeks straight all within her first year out. Nicki will never.

    • OpD2 July 8, 2012

      shot up everyone knows all the facts,sam just say thing like that to get under the skines of d-mn stans like you,just shot up and stop f-cking with fabricated drama.

      • Hayley July 8, 2012

        Do everyone a favor and fix up your grammar before you continue to bother people with your pointless comments.

    • Ch. July 8, 2012

      Are you mad that Nicki sold 25 million digital records in 3 Years? Or that Starships has spent 20 Consecutive WEEKS in the top ten of the bbhot100? Or that it racked 1.3 billion cumulative audience impressions? Like stop trying to downplay Nicki’s success and worry about your faves… Bye!

      • GoofyBarb July 9, 2012

        My fave is Adele. Who’s pressed? Since she’s POP, holla at me when Nicki goes DIAMOND.

        You can take your seat now.

    • Adjustments Needed July 8, 2012

      You are quoting man made, well actually media & industry made statistics. I was over Katy Perry when they tried to compare her worthless musical accomplishments to those of the Legend and Icon Michael Jackson. MJ earned his success through many years of work. The Nicki’s and Katy Perry’s of the world are just products of good marketing and a media that will only promote them above all others.

  15. Nala_shakur July 8, 2012

    Ugh to the obvious idiot jerk wit poor grammar…

    MORTAGE. That is all.

    Proof tht majority of nicki’s fans are underaged insipid fools.

  16. money talks July 8, 2012

    even if yall hate nicki or her music can yall admit shes doing some big s***. what other female rapper is doing what shes doing the past 5 years. Can yall give her that credit. and if thats the case, why should she really wrooy about what yall are saying.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

      i will ADMIT she’s doing big S*** “literally”. Shitty Music and shitty Career.

      • Smh July 8, 2012

        @Pop Do you have job.. cause you seriously need one.. no grown ass person would sit on a blog and try to bash a person who is getting paid and certainly doesnt give a f*** about them.. get a life boo.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

        @SMH :

        the same can be applied 2 U too.

        and why do u care so much about Me ?!! i will hate on whoever i please and U can hit your head against the nearest wall buddy.

      • Ch July 8, 2012

        your Just Plain Sad and pathetic..

    • Adjustments Needed July 8, 2012

      It’s not based on her individual skill though. Her success (pretty much like Lady Gimmick and Just-Go-Away Bieber) is built by mainstream media suppressing others in the genre to promote ther as the sole musical options. I dont know how well she would far with competition? I’m not hating on her at all. I actually like a few of her singles.

  17. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

    a Flopped CLOWN.

    • Ch July 8, 2012

      Lol the irony of you having rihanna as your icon…

      • FAF July 8, 2012

        Right… LOL is rihanna’s album even certified wood yet? LOL She better stop sucking Chris’ d*** for song features..

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

        @FAF :

        rihanna’s latest Album Outsold your Fav’s Flopped one.
        and u need to worry about buying yourself and your 10 member-ed family a copy of Fortune each. :mrgreen:

    • Ch July 8, 2012

      @Pop TTT was released in November of last year you dumbass c***.. PFRR was released April of this year.. of course TTT will sell more r*****.

  18. Hottie – Queen Of Dragging July 8, 2012

    The comparation between Rihanna’s success and Nicki’s success is INVALID

  19. Hottie – Queen Of Dragging July 8, 2012

    Nicki Minaj is pop rapper.

    But she used to be the s***.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

      WTF is a pop rapper ?!!

      you gonna give the s*** she do a name now ?

      whatever , it still not workin’ , the h** is done an flushed since the release of ‘starshits” music video ….

      • Adjustments Needed July 8, 2012

        It’s the new term given to non-Pop stars who are now featured in the mainstream Pop World. I’m with you tho, most of it is hot steaming garbage.

      • Hottie – Queen Of Dragging July 8, 2012

        Pop Rapper is person who sings but claims that is rapper.

  20. Lax July 8, 2012

    BEYNATION Replied:
    July 8th, 2012 at 1:37 am


    You can keep posting bull shyt like this till all the cows come home and that still
    will not kill our love for RIHANNA, no way Hossea, cause you see it’s clear that
    you or from the bee hive and we know that here lately RIHANNA has cooked bey’s
    dam goose and her WORTHLESS BEE H** goose well done. No one in their right
    mind or going to ever fall for the b/s that the BEE HIVE runs with on a daily aganist
    other artist’s.

    Negative shyt like this is posted around the net on all of the artist we in RIH’S navy just know it makes the bee hive small di*ks not get hard knowing that RIH is UNFAZED & UNBOTHERED BY YO FLIMSY BULL SHYT. So since you or so worried about the navy seeing yo bull shyt i as a rihanna navy who visits this site often will take YO ASS DOWN MEMORY LANE, ASS HOLE….Because you can add to yo list that RIH made….
    # 7 on the top tours of 2011 with a 90 million haul
    #4 on the forbes list for this pass year with 53 million
    Rih made it to the times 100 most influencial list
    Rih “TTT” is still making waves
    Rih has has two albums & two singles in the top 5 in the UK
    Rih “TTT” moved over 500,000 copies it’s first week
    Rih is the only artist to have 11 #1 and she got them sooner then mariah did
    she was younger then mariah was when she accomplished this

    And ther is much more you ass wipe aka bee hive who is doing all you can
    to boast how great beyonce’s rubber neck ass is, and mind you RIH has
    accomplished this and shes is CALLED, talented because she don’t dance,
    sing and pop her chooch as hard as beyonce does.
    And another thing kiss my red ass because I HAVE NEVER WANTED RIHANNA TO BE NO ONE OTHER THEN THE hard working girl she is from the caribbean who has come to america and worked her ass off to get to where she is and to
    still be hated , called every phucking name in the book and slandered to knoiw end because shes not this PICTURE PERFECT BEING, NO RIHANNA CQAN STILL LIVE HER LIFE LIKE IT’S GOLDEN EVEN THROUGH ALL OF THE HATE, SLANDER AND PEOPLE LIKE YO HAS DOUBTING AND HATING ON HER EVERY MOVE SHE MAKE …..

    • Lax July 8, 2012

      @BEY NATION For yo vewing pleasures deery…

      For one year mind you and add her screw ups and yo bull shyt post painting all thing rihanna negative thank yo own self very much,,,,keep the negativity coming haters where ever and who ever you like because i know it’s trying to shine a negative light on Rihanna and while i don’t stan for many of her antics i still respect her hustle and i love her many haters because if she wasn’t the “HBIC” and a Baddass then yo asses would not be coming ag=fter her in the first place.
      The squeaky wheels get the oil and if you love them being ms perfect then hang close with beyonce, kelly and ms piggy,,,,i mean rita….looking for a perfect gem in Rihanna you have got the wrong girl, bytches….
      We accept Rihanna “Flaws & All”, what you see is what yo asses get and if you don’t like then Cut Both Wrist”, and keep it moving!!!

  21. Adjustments Needed July 8, 2012

    OMG, Nicki what are you wearing Bob Boo? I hate that fans of music are limited to a few popular entertainers. Nicki is okay but I would like to see more competition that allows female rappers other than Nicki to take center stage. Drake keeps proclaiming that Nicki’s “the best female rapper in the game”. He should be saying the only female the media will allow the masses to see & enjoy.

    • BKMEKA July 9, 2012

      she is wearing her fake a**, stockings and shorts as usual.. lol

  22. Truth July 8, 2012

    This b**** is really a clown

  23. Princess July 8, 2012

    ok ladies, if your man is BIsexual, BI meaning two, why the f*** would it matter who he’s f****** when you break up. i mean yeah it more suspects if he’s a cheater. but thats besides the point. its one thing if ya man is GAY, then there is a problem. that means he was NEVER attracted to you. but since hes BISEXUAL, then he is attracted to you. Now he may like women more than men or men better then women but your both in the same category. either one could be his boo thang, fiance, or one that he falls in love with. IDGAF, id date a bisexual man because im not the one f****** him in the ass(altho its recommended that in straight relationships, the male should get f***** by the woman with a strap on at least once a month during s**)but hes f****** me. and if hes public about his sexuality,thats a turn on because only real men do that. Chris, NO!! Trey, cute but he aint a real man and any other dude in the world thats DL…hold ya nuts, say whats real and be either loved or hated.

    • La la la la labia July 9, 2012

      This is totally off topic but you just said some real ass s***. As a bi man myself, I must say this is the most mature, real s*** I’ve read from a woman regarding a bisexual man.

  24. BKMEKA July 9, 2012

    fake a**, stockings and shorts as usual..

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