Iggy Azalea Hints At Roc Nation Deal

Published: Saturday 21st Jul 2012 by David

Iggy Azalea is headed to Roc Nation!

Well- that is if a recent Tweet by the ‘Murda Bizness‘ creator is anything to go by.

A tweet, which saw her confirm she was to meet the management/label who house Rihanna, MIA, Rita Ora and if reports are to be believed- Pop philanthropist Shakira.


Tweet below…

If Iggy is indeed to sign with ROC, let’s hope she’s learned from earlier mistakes and says sayonara to Grand Hustle…forever.

For, perhaps by way of naivety or lack of common sense, Azalea signed to a group with no record of launching sustainable careers in the way ROC can boast feats scored by Rihanna and Cash Money with Wayne, Drake and now Nicki Minaj.

Indeed, as harsh as this sounds, it seems Iggy let her inner-fan get the best of her, rejecting a deal at Interscope (Lady GaGa, 50 Cent, Eminem) when the label requested she drop T.I. from her project.

An error, we’re sure she now regrets.

So, here’s hoping something good came from her meeting yesterday, and encourages the starlet to take control of her  otherwise promising career.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax July 21, 2012

    Why isn’t any of the other roc nation
    artist Compared to Rita? Are any of
    the Newbie’s for that matter?

    • Jessica July 21, 2012

      That statement made absolutely no sense.

  2. Lax July 21, 2012

    I suppose they don’t have 22 Million Twitter Followers
    or 59 Million Face Book Likes, Or 1.9 Billion Youtube Views….

    When Rihanna is in the top 5 of the most youtube views it
    make you wonder what is it that the Barbadian Queen have
    going on that make people love watching her Videos. I mean
    after all her Haters always calls her a “Million Shades Of Talentless”
    Ha, Ha, Ha….Haaaaaaaa, Haaaaaaaaa, Haaaaaaaa, Ha, Haaaa, Ha!

    • catnipbitch July 21, 2012

      Everyone wants to see her t&a ok

  3. jamie July 21, 2012

    dang you must have nothing to do in your life except comment on any post and talk about your idol when her name is not even in the title. You did not really have to comment twice and add unnecessary statistics.This is a iggy post so unless it has something to do with her then dont comment.

    PS: maybe go for a walk or hang out with your friends. Its really scary seeing you comment on every single post and typing PARAGRAPHS. It really isnt healthy because as much of a stan you are, you still need to live your life!!!

  4. jamie July 21, 2012

    and Im not coming from a hateful place, Im just an observer. I understand your love and commitment for her but at the end of the day she’s living her life and you should do the same. You shouldnt be on blogs 24/7 and type millions of comments. You should love yourself more than who you stan for and enjoy the summer instead of being on the computer all day to defend her or any celebs for that matter. Their millionaires and they really dont give a s*** about nothing else but doing their job and making money!

    • CHYNA July 21, 2012

      @ JAMIE, I totally agree with everything you just said. I actually stan for Rih, but this post had absolutely nothing to do with her. The said part is, LAX will be the first one saying others are attacking Rih, when it’s obvious here he instigates the stan wars. LAX, word of advice: Step away from your dial up internet service and go wash your b*** or something.

    • Honestly Speaking July 21, 2012

      I really have to agree with both of your comments. I don’t “stan” for anyone and I never will. I think that everyone should have enough respect for themselves to live their lives and not be on blogs 24/7 defending people that don’t even know they exist. I’ve always thought that the term “stan” was silly to begin with but even then some people just take it to a whole new level with their “devotion” which is really just code for stalker.

  5. Honestly Speaking July 21, 2012

    This chick is so painfully irrelevant. She already got off on the wrong foot with the “slave master” comment and lying about having signed a record deal when she hadn’t. And now the b**** is upset because Azealia Banks has taken her buzz and she is dissing her supporters on Twitter and unfollowing them. It’s funny how this racist ass bigoted b**** can run to Roc Nation which is full of black people and embrace African American culture when she needs a hit but otherwise she’s just the “master” of the field slave Negros.

    • Honestly Speaking July 21, 2012

      *hadn’t even been in negotiations.

      • DIOB July 21, 2012

        The slave master comment wasnt taking waaaayyyy out of context. Besides that video was out for almost a year. I am pretty sure she is not racist. Just because she made a lyric in a song. Black people say ignorant things about white people, asian people, muslim people all the time but its ok huh because they are black. We as a race are always so quick to call somebody racist. Azalea Banks came at her because she was mad that she didnt get voted on the cover she was just being salty. You need to have a seat seriously.

    • Iconic Iggy July 21, 2012

      Lmao sit all the way down. Azealia was dissing Iggy fans who followed her. Iggy just unfollowed those fans. She never said she signed to Interscope either. And please explain to me why a rascist white lady names Tupac as her idol and has a black mans name tattoed on her fingers?

      • BeyhiveYourself July 21, 2012

        no boo, she gave the impression she had signed to Interscope when she hadn’t. She is stupid.

  6. Viciousss July 21, 2012

    She has a style that’ll do well at ROC if it’s true. Her mixtap was amazing and it the recent song and video she did was pretty damn impressive. I’m rooting for her, she won me over since ‘Hello’

  7. kelly July 21, 2012

    Oh Iggy,

    What a big mistake. Apart from LA reid, there is not a single black owned record label that can create a star. Jimmy IOVINE IS THE MAIN MAN IN THE INDUSTRY, A SHREWD JEW, HE KNOWS THE BUSINESS AND MARKETING OF THE GAME.

    She should of dropped TI – who knows nothing about the running a label. I think Iggy would be better doing Lady Gaga / fergie / Gwen stefani music AKA white girl pop swagger. Jimmy Iovine WOULD OF been the man to make pop with a sprinkle of urban swag.

    ROC NATION is NOT A LABEL. JAY, Z, JAY BROWN and TY TY. These men DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RIHANNA. RIHANNA WAS ALL LA REID. LA REID is like Jimmy Iovine – a real music executive , with business experience.

    IGGY, do not MAKE THE mistake Rita Ora made……sign to a label run by qualified, educated men with business and marketing merits. That would be Jimmy Iovine of Interscope.

    • China July 21, 2012

      Thank-you, its a shame how Jay-z gets credit for Rihanna’s success, when its all LA. Reid. Jay-z only raps and rips n***** off, Kanye is the real artist.

      • Iconic Iggy July 21, 2012

        Agreed. Check Jay-Z’s credits. Kanye is responsible for most of his discoragraphy

      • MISHKA July 22, 2012

        Jay-Z had previously worked with Timbaland and Pharell before he started working with Kanye intensively. Jay-Z makes his own raps, you can’t take that away from him, he knows how to lay his lyrics on the music – whatever the music is (hip-hop, rock, pop, soul) – and make the swagu. A lot of rappers can’t do that, that’s why they fail to sell after their prime *NAS*.

        He gets credits for signing Rihanna because at that time he was the boss at DefJam and later he signed her on RocNation in order to help her manage her celebrity and make the most of it. And it shows.

        However, DefJam is still in charge of Rihanna’s discography. So I can agree that, for instance, Bu Thiam the current boss of DefJam is not getting enough credit for the LOUD album.

    • jill July 21, 2012

      A producer found Rihanna in Barbados, he flew rihanna out to the Def Jam label that Jay Z was the president for at the time. LA Reid was the Charmain/CEO of Def Jam, Jay Z and LA was impressed with her and they both signed her within 1 day.

      Rihanna management is Roc Nation. Melanie Fiona, M.I.A, Shakira, Wale are all managed. Rihanna herself always give thanks to Jay Z, Roc Nation and La Reid. #YouWIllDeal

  8. kelly July 21, 2012


    The music industry is in decline – there is no money like back in the day. You do not have a SINGLE platinum act on your roster. Even JCOLE has only sold 600+ as of june 2012. Jay Z you are USING BEYONCE MONEY to waste on this flop label, you either close the label down or do the following:

    K Koke – send back to the uk – no one wants a greek white boy english emimen wannabe.
    Jay Elecotronic – is with that rich white chick in the UK. He clearly is not focused getting studio.

    Alexis Jordan – that is a waste, she is young pretty and can sing she could have been a new ashanti.

    Brideget Kelly – better off staying as Jay Z backup singer on New York; at least it is a regular job.

    Hugo – hu – who?

    Willow – that carzy scientology kid needs to quit showbiz, leave LA, move to new york / down south , get in church and go to school

    Jcole – one biracial lyrical rapper is enough. He is no drake. However, I feel he would thrive on cash money.

    And last but not least…….RITA ORA – Halloween is OVER. Time to take the Rihanna costume off!

    ROC nation only gets by on Rihanna and JAY Z success from Def Jam under Lyor Cohen and LA reid. That is all

    • Ugh July 21, 2012

      There are not a lot of successful record labels today so what’s your point? Labels are becoming irrelevant anyway.

      • kelly July 21, 2012

        The point, Roc nation cannot make a star

    • Benron July 21, 2012

      jcole is black and ethiopian, so he is all black.

      • kelly July 21, 2012

        He is half white, like me, so he is biracial

  9. joker July 21, 2012

    lol. the next idiot with that “deal”. i wonder what they gonna make outta her.

  10. kelly July 21, 2012

    Can anyone name a big superstar signed to ROC NATION?

    • Ugh July 21, 2012

      How many superstars are there today? Gaga/Adele/Rihanna. Unless you lessen the meaning there are only 2 “superstars” of today and the chances of ROC nation having one is slim.

      • kelly July 21, 2012

        ROC nation does not even have a start or any one who went platinum.

  11. Iconic Iggy July 21, 2012

    Lmao you people are so quick to jump to conclusions. Iggy is still signed to Grand Hustle. Until she says other wise, Im going to assume she is still with them. In terms of launching successful careers, Roc has Rihanna and J.Cole and Rita Ora is getting hella promotion. Iggy’s career would be better of there. Grand Hustle only has T.I and B.O.B.

    However, Roc Nation does sign alot of people and do nothing with them….

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      Rihannna is signed to def jam. JCOLE is a flop. His album has only sold 600K . Rita Ora is over promoted, yet she is not breaking out of the top 60.

      Iggy needs Jimmy Iovine, not Jay Z and his former drug dealers who do not know how to run a company.

  12. Legendtina July 21, 2012

    Why does race have to be brought up in every Iggy Azalea post?

    Grand Hustle>>Roc Nation. So good for her. But as @kelly mentioned above, she should have signed to Interscope to begin with. Going with Grand Hustle was just dumb. I hope this deal works out for her

  13. ck1 July 21, 2012

    The girl is hot but I can’t take her music seriously.

  14. Real Music Please July 21, 2012

    And this is why records sells are in decline! B****** like this use looks, not talent to get ahead! Plus all off the artist that these record try to push on the public are boring as f***!!!!!!

  15. MACHAVIEL July 21, 2012

    Damn Some Blacks People Are So Quick To Press The Racist Bottom While They Are Themself Racist Cause They Can’t Stand “white People Doing Black’s Music” SMH! I (GAAGLOOO)Already Said I’M Black African And I Love More Iggy Than The Ghetto Classless A Banks! Now Call Moi Racist!!!!!

  16. totz July 21, 2012

    a granhustle and roc nation deal makes a lot of sense

    people shud always remember the grand hustle acts are still under major labels, so its left to iggy to pick one since interscope is uninterested in in a grandhustle collab

  17. Jennifer Flopson July 21, 2012

    Interscope only had room for one Azealia lol. I think Iggy will enjoy being an mkultra slave with Roc Nation.

  18. MISHKA July 22, 2012

    Iggy Azalea, by sticking by T.I. I understand she wanted to show loyalty. But T.I. ain’t no manager and Young Money is big no-no since Nicki is the only king there. So Roc Nation is a good fit for her somehow. She’ll be the only female rapper (I think) on the label which is a good start.

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