Nicki Minaj Blasts British Festival Demand Claims

Published: Monday 23rd Jul 2012 by David

Despite enjoying a sales boost in the country as a result of it, Nicki Minaj’s UK festival tour this month saw her face a number of unflattering  but trivial controversies.

Accused of pushing a festival worker in a pool of mud and demanding  ‘T In The Park’ organizers to cut the location’s grass before agreeing to walk in it, the Rapper  kept mum on the matter even after the reports made the rounds on the British press circuit.

Now, she has bitten back.

Her comments below…

Speaking to the Australian Herald, the one time waitress explained:

It’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard printed about me in a very long time. Who gives two f**ks about someone’s grass? I was wearing my wellies and it was all mud…

I would never tell anyone to cut grass. I don’t give two s**ts about anyone’s grass.

I went to the festival happy to have an outdoorsy (sic) type experience. Why would I go somewhere and ask somebody to cut grass? It’s sad because I can’t defend myself against these lies.

Peep the MC’s performance at the festival below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

    This flop is lying through that tacky ass lace-front. It is a well known fact that she showed up late and then had the nerve to be rude to the entire staff at the event. She then hopped her ass up on stage and showed no stage presence or charisma whatsoever and basically the crowd booed her off the stage. This is what I meant by flavor of the month. Onika won’t be relevant in another 3 to 4 years so whatever.

    • JR July 23, 2012

      you really need a f****** seat

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        B**** you need a LIFE!!! Go find it!

      • Roman ReFLOPPED July 23, 2012

        You’ll stay mad.

      • Benron (F*** you h**) July 23, 2012

        Nobody said any of this. They said she was a dumb slutty b**** who came 50 minutes late, only performed her tone-deaf vocals and 3rd grade raps or 30 minutes (she was supposed to do 1 hours) and lyp-synced.

        The only thing you have right is the mud thing.

        If multiple performers and staff of the event claim she did what I said the Trinidadian fake hip/ass/boobs/hair/teeth/eyes/lips/rap/music b**** did what I stated in my first paragraph. Then she most definitely did it just like everyone did her sillicone ass!@@

      • Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

        I have a life 🙂 if anyone seems steamed pressed over my comment it’s you three delusional stans that think Nicki has an audience over the age of 15-16 year old girls. They will grow tired of her by the time she hits 35 and they realize that they’re listening to a damn near 40 year old in a colorful wig trying to shake her fake ass to some overproduced beat to remain relevant. Seats shall be given to y’all b****** today. Stay mad.

      • Kugan July 23, 2012

        lol yall be wilding on each other on this site.

        $1000 Weed Purchase Sends Rick Ross on Munchie Binge That SHUTS Down Unsuspecting Grocery Store in Jamaica …funniest sht i read all day

    • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

      You’re usually always the first one to comment on Nicki Minaj posts which means you really don’t have a life and your p**** stinks you hermaphrodite. Nicki Minaj is more successful than you or anyone else you may know will EVER be. Enjoy hating from the nosebleeds h**!

      • Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

        And you know me and information about my life how exactly? you really just prove the theory about Nicki fans being dangerously close to overtaking Beyonce stans as the most uneducated and illiterate fan-base out there to be true. Pathetic.

      • TheTruthHurts July 23, 2012

        Said the phagg that stalks lilkimzone and is ALWAYS the first to comment on a Kim post. Sit down, slore

      • Roman ReFlopped July 23, 2012

        LMFAOOO He does stalk LilKimZone He stalks her twitter acct as HasBeenSlayer & He stalks Lil Kim & a vouging transexual on Youtube named Leiomy. He’s a computer Troll

    • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

      Everything you spiteful d**** said Queen NIcki wouldn’t do..SHE DID IT! She is setting herself up as a global superstar and you loose p**** b****** can’t deal! Who are you a fan of? Aside from Burger King you big fat w****!

    • Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

      These tacky ass insults….#ICan’t with the ignorance.

    • truth July 23, 2012


  2. YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

    That b**** is a mess, and that wig has been snatched several times but b**** still tapes it back in place. B**** REST please….

    • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

      Who snatched her wig??? PLEASE tell me WHO!?

      • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

        @whorefullyspeaking F*** twitter she has 14,000,000 followers and the people they showed on camera had an amaaaazing time which is all that matters. Try again you mildewed p**** deep throat d*** guzzling bear!

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        Hummm b****** is mad???

      • Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

        LOL @ these ratchet insults. These b****** are as mad as Nicki when she accidentally steps out of the house without her lace-front and the pink chicken wing around her neck.

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        Humm and how many bought that album????? You really think those mofo’s like that shovel nose, c** injected, show clown b****????

      • Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

        Nicki and that tacky ass nose job need to go somewhere. People are supporting this hooker like she has them on her payroll.

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        THis is my post, but yet i”m the tight one. DOn’t try to use that “You keep Responding you must be mad” s*** on me…How about you go scoop on some change from your cushions to support that ol bean head circus b**** you call your fav…

    • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

      And your p**** still stinks you funky w****!

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        ANd your d*** still burning f**!!

    • truth July 23, 2012


  3. Roman ReFlopped July 23, 2012

    She’s a habitual LIAR. Just like she lied about Lauryn Hill performing on her set in summer jam. Just like she lied about all the subliminal diss tracks she made towards Lil Kim along with all the other female rappers in the game.. Just like she lied on her father & said he tried to kill her when she was little…. etc I’m sure the staff at the British T in the park wouldn’t lie on her.

    • Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

      Just to clarify, I’m a little all over the place at the moment so my reply to that one stan wasn’t directed towards you. I didn’t even bother to look at your username or the other two comments until I looked at the replies again lol. And I agree with your comment!

      • FAFRELOADED July 23, 2012


    • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

      The bottom line is you are commenting on HER post, she would never comment on yours LMAO! Now who’s the flop you ugly b****?

    • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

      I definitely look amazing unlike you and those rotten c**** you call a family! Maybe Nicki can provide you all with some healthcare to help with your family’s “problem”. You all have a*** from your whorish mother LMAOOOOO

  4. TheTruthHurts July 23, 2012

    So I guess the other performers and the staff that ALL said she was being bitchy are just flat out lying on her…..

    Just like how she swore everyone was a liar in that suitcase incident….

    Oh well.

  5. DaHotNig July 23, 2012

    Like my fellow fan stated…Queen Nicki Minaj conquered all the former rap b****** legacies in 3 years and now she’s globetrotting to sold out arenas!!! You b****** can’t deal with your beat down p******! LMAOOO

    • Roman ReFLOPPED July 23, 2012

      My fave is Adele. Who is Nicki shitting on again?

      • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

        LMAO you don’t even like that fat miserable w****! You just said that cause she sold a lot of albums! That b**** stay hoarse LMAOOOOO

      • Roman ReFLOPPED July 23, 2012

        And you two f****** stay on TGJ stanning with no life accomplishments. I need receipts that say I don’t like Adele. Unlike you two clinic regulars, I can support my favorite artist by purchasing her CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED AND RESPECTED albums. Your b**** struggles for GOLD.

        The failure…smh

  6. Outspoken July 23, 2012

    Sorry…we don’t believe you #youneedmorepeople

      • Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

        Why does your busted ass keep posting that link all over the place when NOBODY is clicking on it? she is irrelevant and you will deal with that fact. Go get a life instead of staying on the internet trying to insult somebody for not kissing her overly injected ass.

      • Lax July 23, 2012

        @Honestly Speaking,,,ROFL HA, HA Over injected ass
        OMG lol.

  7. HOTSTUFF July 23, 2012

    I Like Nicki but she’s the definition of a sophomore SLUMP.

  8. EDUBB July 23, 2012


  9. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 23, 2012

    Who cares, she still put on a show, is selling albums and singles, is filling arena’s, is the hottest rap chick in the game, has managed to s*** all over the old rap b****** combined careers in 3 years and shits all over your rap chick fav so you all better deal. Nicki Minaj is the real deal and she is slaying.

    • TheTruthHurts July 23, 2012

      Clearly YOU care because you made it a point to march in speaking of things irrelevant to the subject at hand.
      She a liar. The end.

      Your chair is over in the corner, occupy it.

      • FAFRELOADED July 23, 2012


    • TheTruthHurts July 23, 2012


      Let’s talk facts then, dear.

      FACT #1 You dumbass doesn’t even know what the post is about, because if you did you wouldn’t even have said something that stupid.

      FACT #2 The media didn’t make up a lie. MULTIPLE people (other performers and the STAFF) tweeted about her bitchy attitude WHILE the event was going on

      FACT #3 Instead of Nicki just keeping her mouth shut, she lied ONCE AGAIN to save face, even when theres a pile of evidence that debunks her statement.

      FACT #4 You still BROKE and can’t afford a Nicki album, single, mixtape, poster, or a keychain.

      FACT #5 It’s a wide selection of seats on the other side of the room, pick one and hold it near and dear to your f***** ass heart.


      • Lax July 23, 2012

        @The Truth Hurt,,,,LMAO

  10. ENOUGH ONIKA July 23, 2012

    Who’s the white woman in the photo??

    • Benron (F*** you h**) July 23, 2012


  11. That B*tch July 23, 2012

    Nicki needs to put down those skin lighteners, colored contacts, and blonde weave. It ain’t cute.
    Self hatin b****.

  12. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 23, 2012

    the comments in this post >>>>>>> LIFE

  13. ImMadAsHell July 23, 2012

    How can you be a b**** when your 2nd cd flopped??? I see if her 2nd cd was an success, but it flopped.

  14. im July 23, 2012

    sigh the haters are in a frenzy as usual,another nicki post and HONESTLY SPEAKING you are a stalker,you really don’t have a life you are the type of hater who time every nicki post to comment first to start it off,negative,so nicki is lying in yall sights,was anyone of you there,f-ck that we hear 2 sides of the story so it,s up to you who yall want to believe…all you f-ckers acting like yall was there and now facts,anyway keep doing u think nicki jealoust and envious people will all was try to stuff you just continue pressing along and do u.

  15. Black Jiggaman July 23, 2012

    Sam u mos def making money on these stan wars. SMH!

  16. Benron (F*** you h**) July 23, 2012

    Nobody said any of this. They said she was a dumb slutty b**** who came 50 minutes late, only performed her tone-deaf vocals and 3rd grade raps or 30 minutes (she was supposed to do 1 hours) and lyp-synced.

    The only thing you have right is the mud thing.

    If multiple performers and staff of the event claim she did what I said the Trinidadian fake hip/ass/boobs/hair/teeth/eyes/lips/rap/music b**** did what I stated in my first paragraph. Then she most definitely did it just like everyone did her sillicone ass!


    • truth July 24, 2012

      #dead at ur post. Read!

  17. the real xoxo July 23, 2012

    haha, girl dont come to my country scotland and expect us to take your b*******.
    she got booed off stage because she was over an HOUR late. with no explanation, and did 4 or 5 songs then f***** off!
    i was there, alot of people were gutted because they thought she would do a proper set like every other artist did.

  18. Tbozfan10 July 23, 2012

    Quote: “She’s a habitual LIAR. Just like she lied about Lauryn Hill performing on her set in summer jam. Just like she lied about all the subliminal diss tracks she made towards Lil Kim along with all the other female rappers in the game.. Just like she lied on her father & said he tried to kill her when she was little…. etc I’m sure the staff at the British T in the park wouldn’t lie on her.”

    Just to let you know what a fool you are, here’s the truth about everything you said without being completely distorted.

    *She never said Lauryn Hill was a part of her set dumbass. She rightly stated she was invited by Nas who was invited to be part of Nicki’s set.

    *These subliminal diss tracks about Kim weren’t even about Kim. She never through a jab at Kim until possibly the “Hello Good Morning” Remix and definately “Roman’s Revenge”. Both were done after Kim had been trashing Minaj in interviews for months and she and Ray J through their own subliminals at a show in NJ. Before that in 2006 or 2007 Nicki was on a track where she said, “I’m coming for your spot Kim that’s the word.” That’s obviously a compliment in a way since she was acknowledging Kim as the holder of the top spot in female rap, which was certainly way too generous a statement even in 2007. And when later asked about it and the lil Kim comparisons in 2009 Minaj stated, “for real though I admire Kim as a career-model because She has had the most successful movement of all… Until Nicki Minaj (-:.” it’s pretty obvious she admired Kim and was greatly influenced by her and she was quite honest about coming for the top spot. There’s nothing fake about it.

    *And you quite predictably misquoted her father and her as well. Nicki said that when her father was a crack-addict she hated him and hater when he would come home and that he tried to burn down their home with their mother still inside. What Nicki’s father said in response to this was that he wasn’t nearly as bad as she was portraying it…. Well no disrespect to him in any way when I say this, but when you’re always cracked out you’re going to make the people around you ALOT more miserable than you actually realize you are. Do you honestly think the crack addict and the crack addict’s children and family are going to look back on the same memories and come to the same conclusion?? If we were talking about some random family and not Nicki Minaj, would you believe the stories told by the family member who lived with someone who was always doped up? Or would you believe the person who was always doped up when he said he wasn’t really “that bad”? Just something to think about.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 23, 2012

      And lied about not getting the f*ck slapped out of her by her man last year. We heard the tapes Onika, you ain’t did sh*t about it.

    • truth July 23, 2012

      U DRY P**** B**** GO GET SUM D*** HELL!!! Writin all dat s***…u funky b****! stinky p****

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 23, 2012

        Damn you illiteracy baffling! PLEASE tell me your still in elementary school were there’s hope for your dumb*ss haha! “writtin (written) all dat (that) s***…u (you) funky b****! stinky (Sticky, capitalized) p**** (period at the end, incomplete sentence).” lol!! I know that’s probably all new to you, take your time…

      • truth July 24, 2012

        Ok now u pissy b****, u doin the most! Go POUR bath salt in yo momma dty ass p**** and LICK it out! Now grammar check DAT!! U W****!!

  19. Slayty Perry July 23, 2012

    SMDH. Team Minaj is a bunch of ratchet hoodrat b******, black queens, and white children. All are present in this post. I can’t with you heffas and your weak ass GIFs of that plastic skin bleacher. Don’t even get me started at you guys citing Twitter followers as if it’s relevant. No wonder Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded flopped painfully. You stans are probably too young or too broke to afford it. Worse than EBT card carrying B***** tbh

  20. Slayty Perry July 23, 2012

    And btw, she looks like a hot f****** mess in that pic. A cross between Ke$ha and Pamela Anderson. Notice that they’re both trailer trash and not black. I bet she uses the same skin bleacher as Lil Kim, since she copies everything else from her

  21. peace July 23, 2012

    i just wish people would let her be! weather she is lying or telling the truth just let the girl rock man appreciate her accomplishments but realize if the b**** get out of line so what we are all humans and none of us is perfect so let nicki be nicki love her or hate her but let the girl enjoy her time here!

    • truth July 24, 2012

      Shut the F*** up sensitive b****!

  22. nunu July 24, 2012

    Making excuse has usual i like nicki but Come on girl u need to grow up and face it

  23. Keepwinning July 24, 2012

    Y she got lied ? Nobody really cares bout when stars throw tatrums anyway. it didnt hurt her album sales r tour. So y lie? And she does make a good point y would she complain bout grass @ and outdoor event? Thats just plain stupid! Dont mind the haters nicki just keep selling out shows & selling ur music! & Congrats on ur arena tour in Europe!!

    • truth July 24, 2012

      What cd sell u cheap s****?! She sold 12 copies of pfrr! U heffa

  24. truth July 24, 2012

    Nicki a b****

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