Pound The Alarm : Nicki Minaj Continues Ascent On UK Charts

Published: Sunday 8th Jul 2012 by David

In what can only come as great news for the Rapper, Nicki Minaj‘s new single ‘Pound The Alarm’ continues to soar on the UK Singles Chart this week.

The highest rising cut on the tally, its ascent also makes it one of the fastest selling numbers of the year- well on its way to surpassing feats scored by her earlier hit ‘Starships‘.

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Now perched at #16, ‘Alarm’ has climbed a mind blowing 136 spots on the charts in the space of three weeks, rising by 18 places since last Sunday.

This, while her new album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘ drops 5 places to #25 after a cool 14 weeks on the LP tally- 33 places above her debut album ‘Pink Friday‘ which holds court at #58, one spot up from last week.

As if that wasn’t enough, her David Guetta produced smash ‘Turn Me On‘ has also enjoyed a sales bump, fist pumping up the chart by 33 spots in a single week.

All of this, extending Minaj’s lead as the highest charting Femcee in UK history.

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  1. JoArmy July 8, 2012

    Pound the alarm<<<<<her best song from her pop album. 🙂

  2. the real xoxo July 8, 2012

    this song will slay. now watch how she will be bragging about how shes breaking so many previous female rappers records with POP music.

    • hate me July 8, 2012

      well can they do it? if not then shes walking the talk.

      People always say this and this but mostly every commercial female rapper has dabble in pop, including lil kim, Trina, and missy elliott.

      Nicki is doing both, her pop songs are just whats making noise on the charts.
      Its funny when right by my side was out, people wasn’t mentioning that it was not a pop song.

      these days good straight rap is practically unheard of.

      Kanye and jay does it but they already had a huge fan base and established themselves with radio before now.

      Rick ross and his crew is bland, he does the rap that destroys the good rap because he raps about the same thing.

      Wiz khalifa, snoop dog, BOB, and florida are doing pop music too. Not to mention so many rnb artists.

      Do I love it? nah, but it is what it is. Blame yaselves for not supporting good rap music when its out.

      • FAF July 8, 2012

        Lil’ Kim was slayed for being “POP” during her prime by Foxy Brown who was the more “Street” rapper & everyone said she was a Hater.. but when it’s Nicki being accused for being “POP” no one defends her…

      • the real xoxo July 8, 2012

        pound the alarm is not hip hop/rap. you cant deny that. Pink friday was a perfect way to mix pop and rap. wheras this is not pop. i am a hip hop head and its just not right that a popstar is breaking hip hop records

      • FAF July 8, 2012

        neither is “I’m Human” or “Right Now” by Lil’ Kim… Kim often speaks on how her second album was not well accepted by her street fanbase b/c it was too much of an advanced, techno sound on some tracks… Nicki is breaking RECORDS, not just Hip-Hop.

    • the real xoxo July 8, 2012

      okay.” lets go to the beach, each” is hip hop. “Whip It” is a classic hip hop song.

  3. WELL DAMN! July 8, 2012

    Pound The Alarm is my s***! Get em Nic!

  4. JoArmy July 8, 2012

    Nicki minaj does Pop/Rap we all know that!

    • FAF July 8, 2012

      Still rapping… there’s no difference. Her album was 1/2 & 1/2 so she good…… shes HIP-HOP

      • B**** please July 9, 2012

        There IS a difference u young money B******! *snatches this B**** hiphop card*

  5. White girl mob July 8, 2012

    #Icant with this pop s*** who the hell wants to hear this pop b******* nicki is a f****** clone clown who jack lil Kim swag smh nicki Minaj is a fraud b**** like Rick Ross.. Kreayshawn diss nicki Minaj and she didn’t respond cause nicki is a p**** ass b****
    Kreayshawn runs you c*** hahahaha

    August 14 kreayshawn debut album it’s a class people straight to billboards number 1

    • JoArmy July 8, 2012

      Have seat and go eat kreayshawns breakfast.

    • B**** please July 8, 2012

      Oh my GAAAAAWD b**** shut the F*** UP WIT THIS KWINGSAW B****!!!! Sooomebody hit this h** in da mouf wit a brick! that lame b**** will sell 5 copies! Trailer park trashhoe

      • LORD July 8, 2012

        Dead @ five copies..DEADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LORD July 8, 2012


      Try-Trash-YAWN dissed Nicki and she didn’t respond because she DOESN’T FOLLOW YOUTUBE LEAKED DEMOS.

      and Don’t you ever be calling someone a “clown” with that name.

    • LORD July 8, 2012

      Straight to Billbawrds??

      I bet an ALBUM TITLE hasn’t been chosen yet!

      How about JAY-Z vs. Kreayshawn (I had to copy and paste) verysoon?

      • FAF July 8, 2012

        Lil’ Kim can’t even break her own records………

      • B**** please July 8, 2012

        @ faf stfu

    • Pro Shader July 9, 2012

      Wait. Lmao. GIRL. Kreayshit? Slay Nicki? Kreayshit GOT a reply. “When I fly, it’s one letter and one number. You WACK H*** could get hot for ONE summer (Kreayshit) after that, the QUEEN (Nicki Minaj) will STILL reign here” – I Am Your Leader, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Nicki Minaj. But WHO is Kreayshit again? She can’t even rap. Even Lil Kim said Nicki Minaj isn’t a bad artist. Now let’s hear the “Queen Bee” say that about Kreayshit. Lmfao. Sit down.

  6. Truth July 8, 2012

    What a pop b****

    • FAF July 8, 2012

      $$$$$$$$$$$ MONEY BAGssssssssssssssss.. U BITTER? LOOL

      • Cassie July 8, 2012

        lol You failed at defending Nicki by referencing to that ugly fatass Officer Ricky who couldn’t rap to save his life.

      • B**** please July 9, 2012


  7. JoArmy July 8, 2012

    I wonder if Lil Kim would ever consider doing POP like nicki minaj

    • B**** please July 8, 2012

      I think she would as long as she can hav some control over marketin it so that ahe dont come across as selln out

    • LORD July 8, 2012

      Yeah but, in your dreams only!

      There’re so much artists who’re through with sales and stuff. Lil’ Kim is one of them.

      She’s an ORIGINAL rapper, wether this how takes it or not.

      Nicki thinks that “You a rapper, you should sing rap. But if you wanna be winnin’, so you better load some Pop on your Hip-Hop recs”.

      Or something like that.

      and You see what’s happening.

      Her album is becoming a JOKE as a Hip-Hop.

      TBH, since she considered it the female version of Jay-Z’s “THE BLUEPRINT”, I’ve been like “f*** WHAT?” …

      • B**** please July 8, 2012

        Female jz? Please but I c wat u sayn tho

    • FAF July 8, 2012


      • B**** please July 9, 2012

        Go eat bath salt

  8. Roman Fatale July 8, 2012

    OMFG!! Shes slaying and the song hasn’t been officially released!!!
    The true QUEEN BEE!!

    When will yo favs?
    When will KRIM?

    Nicki keep slaying them lessors~

    • B**** please July 8, 2012

      when will u shut da f*** up chump. #TEAMKIM

      • LORD July 8, 2012


        #TeamKim too.

        That’s what happens when you talk the most degrading s*** about someone who made your ass who you are today.

      • B**** please July 8, 2012

        @ lord – I cosign! Us teamkim stan stick together

    • LORD July 8, 2012

      THE BLUEPRINT should’ve released the other BLUE GIMMIC on her album.

      “SQUEEZ my body RAWK my body BOY you make me GOw”.


      THAT’S WHAT a female RAPPER does.

  9. Lea July 8, 2012

    Is this the Nicki Minaj fanclub.This h*** album flopped.End of story.

    • FAF July 8, 2012


    • B**** please July 9, 2012

      Lolol READ!! and faf…stfi

  10. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. July 8, 2012

    Sadly, her album is one of the biggest flops of the year

    Next to FISTopher & MANdonna 😕

    • LORD July 8, 2012

      and MANdonna >>>>> Your Faves!!!

    • LORD July 8, 2012

      but Who’s that MIDGET in your grav?

  11. Outspoken July 8, 2012

    Nicki is a singles Artist.

    • LORD July 8, 2012


      • FAF July 8, 2012


    • Outspoken July 8, 2012

      Has she sold a mill on her 2nd album? Oh no…
      idc if it was certified platinum. I use to think her first album was trash but after hearing the second one I appreciate the first one more. The proof you need of her being a singles artists is in her “single sales” vs “album sales”…duh

      • B**** please July 9, 2012

        READ THAT B****!

  12. Gilberto July 8, 2012

    Nicki Minaj isn’t a rapper. She’s just another gimmick pop singer. You don’t see REAL RAPPERS, like Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye, Missy Eliott, Eve, Lil’ Wayne, etc recording dance euro trash songs. They respect their roots. They know their real fanbase doesn’t buy this kind of song. She never had a real urban hit on the mainstream radios. And the biggest reason behind her last album’s failure is because she jumped on the dance bandwagon. I REFUSE CALL HER A RAPPER. Actually, I refuse call her an urban artist. Well, actually, I refuse calling her an artist. She’s just a Lady Gaga wannabe with big boobs.

    • the real xoxo July 8, 2012

      exactly. jay z, missy kanye, etc did make more radio friendly music, but done it so that they dont compromise their hip hop sound. rather than just straight up making bubblegum dance songs.

    • FAF July 8, 2012


      • Hayley July 8, 2012

        Don’t you ever put that simple minded clown in the same sentence as Missy Elliot and Eminem. Nicki is nothing but a talentless, demon possessed, ugly, retarded sounding, horse face, fatass, clown looking, old ass, shady, simple b**** who couldn’t rap to save her life. Essentially your fave is a waste of space in the music industry. Point. Blank. Period.

    • Pro Shader July 9, 2012

      wait. But. Rapping is a VOCAL style. If you think YOU can do better, where is YOUR hit song? Where are YOUR #1 albums, platinum albums, 1x 2x 3x 4x platinum singles? Pepsi endorsement? MAC&OPI endorsements? Grammy nominations? BET Awards? MTV Awards? VMA awards?*drinks Pepsi and waits* the fact that you fail to realize that Moment 4 Life was her Urban hit, and Beez In The Trap was too…comparing her to all the new shitty rappers out there, you should be GRATEFUL for her music. Her lyricism comes close to that of LIL WAYNE’S. Now TELL me what artist can do that? She doesn’t remember her ROOTS? What?! Don’t judge an artist based off of SINGLES, child. People release SINGLES that will sell. Have you not heard CHAMPION? HOV LANE? ROMAN RELOADED? I AM YOUR LEADER? Come on, son. Educate yourself before you start making ignorant statements on an artist you clearly know nothing about. Missy Elliot must not be a rapper, because HER ass did more producing and singing than she did rapping, or did you NOT hear her first album? Or her second album? Okay. How is she a Lady GaGa wannabe? To be honest, that is so TIRED. Name the most RECENT crazy outfit she wore. The Grammy’s. 5 months ago. SHe hasn’t been doing ANYTHING crazy. Compare her to Lil Kim, please. It’s less insulting, and something you can prove.

      • MSTEEFROMDC July 9, 2012

        @ pro shader
        y did u just do that to yourself…lil wayne is garbage now….I think he was good all the way up until Lollipop. Anything after that was garbage..and so is Nicki. Wayne don’t even rap the same anymore..tell that nicca take off those leopard leotards he be wearing the shyt aint cute!

        fyi kim’s career shits on Nicki’s by a landslide..sorry sweety…now I need u to do YOUR homework. Thanks & have several seats!

      • Dummy July 9, 2012

        Girl, have 37 seats with that LONG ass dissertation. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    • A.Bright July 9, 2012

      Kanye West did 808’s all singing it wasn’t a rap album.

  13. LORD July 8, 2012

    That picture SCREAMS plastic.

    • B**** please July 9, 2012


  14. Benron July 8, 2012

    Oh please, she is a b****! Don’t beleive me? Ask people who watched her performance last night!

    Frank Turner ‏@fthc
    To clarify: Nicky Minaj has been being a total selfish shithead to all the hardworking crew backstage at T. Pathetic. F*** off.

    The Sleeping Souls‏ @_sleepingsouls
    You know what? Nicki Manaj can just f*** right off. n

    The Sleeping Souls ‏@_sleepingsouls
    I know nothing about her music but backstage her security guy just pushed a crew person off the path into the mud so she could walk past.

    Frank Turner‏ @fthc
    You can (I suppose) be a d*** to your own crew, you’re paying them. But everyone else? And not to mention the people out front. Ugh.

    Nicki Minaj is almost an hour late for her #tinthepark show on the NME/Radio 1 Stage. Huge crowd formed and stage set up.

    Lauren Pattison‏@laurenpattison
    nicki minaj-50 minutes late, played half an hour instead of an hour,mimed & looked surprised as to why she was booed constantly #tinthepark

    MRS GARBAJ dissapointed SMH!

    • Benron July 8, 2012

      *Ooops it was today!

    • Mob July 8, 2012

      Damn really?

    • B**** please July 8, 2012

      This proves it.. She’s a funky b**** just as I been sayn..and now there’s proof. Nicki hoez

    • OpD2 July 8, 2012

      who give a f-ck f-ck them all,why is nicki getting blaimed for sh-t,if she is coming through why the f-ck they are standing in the way,i don’t even know them people i think it,s jealousy you haters can f-ck off,i new sooner are later someone over there was going to start some b-llsh!t,there is no way in hell this tour was going to go smoothly without some godda-mn drama.

      • OpD2 July 8, 2012

        minaj was sick and she still dragged her @ss out there to perform.

      • Hayley July 8, 2012

        @ OpD2 (who’s clearly on crack), See there you go again disturbing people with your bad grammar. Please get help and stop defending that ugly animal who sounds like a r***** that is possessed by the devil.

      • B**** please July 8, 2012

        #dead @ haley’s comment! Sl-LAYED!

    • Quetta July 8, 2012

      You should have posted the tweet where @_sleepingsouls asked who was nicki Minaj and then @RTR1879 replied, “An anagram of talentless up her own a*** cow bag” lol

      • OpD2 July 8, 2012

        this nobodies tweet dissing nicki to get there 15 mins,and this kim fans are happy nicki bin through this every day it an’t new,that why you people do dis nicki having her name in yall mouth just making her more famous,it,s all good nothing new.

      • Ch July 8, 2012

        Her Flight was delayed from london plus she was sick the whole weekend.. so the f*** what if she was a couple of minutes.

      • B**** please July 9, 2012


    • nicko July 8, 2012

      She was SICK !! She didn’t feel well !! WTF ?!! She’s NIcKI MINAJ !!

    • Ch July 8, 2012

      And how is it her fault that her BODYGUARD pushed the people out of the way?

      • OpD2 July 8, 2012

        you know that anything go,s down nicki gets the blame,if nicki is in the building she gets the blame that,s how it is,they try to lump her with every negative sh-t that go,s down,she was sick her plain was delayed she gets the blame for that too just another day in the life of nicki minaj.

      • Quetta July 8, 2012

        She should have spoken up when her body guard pushed the guy. If she didn’t say anything while he did push the other dude clearly she accept that kind of behavior and obviously that’s not the only time he has done it.And she’s yelled at someone because of her eyebrows and she does have a a stink attitude. Hence, she could never keep a job because she was always cussing people out.

  15. Roman July 8, 2012

    What are all these Lil Kim’s stans saying? When Lil Kim was the 1 who said she was actually going to go pop! Stfu and take a seat… Nicki was doing crossover styles throughout her mixtapes…

    Haters gunn’ hate as usual :///….

    • FAF July 8, 2012


      • Cassie July 8, 2012

        Money this… B******* nominations that… Shitty Albums this…. Stupid ass Awards that…Money this…. Title that….Bla bla bla bla bla…… Come back when your fave actually has talent because no one give two f**** about all that pointless s*** you listed because you know damn well that none of that crap proves that a person has talent.

      • Hayley July 8, 2012

        @ F***** FAF, B**** calm the f*** down with that b*******. No one gives a f*** about that ugly old ass wild clown so can stop writing those long stupid ass paragraphs about her ghetto ass, wig wearing, fatass, old ass, retarded sounding, demon possessed, old b****.

      • B**** please July 8, 2012


  16. Truth83 July 8, 2012

    Everyone is calling Nicki’s album a flop but she is in the top 10 best selling album of the year so far, according to billboard. The market in general is low.

  17. Meisha July 8, 2012

    F*** NICKIMINAJ! U don’t pick fights with Kimmy Blanco

  18. itsmw July 8, 2012

    SIGH nicki is blowing up over in the UK…so is MYA and NIVEA…LOOOOOL

    when Nicki sells 550K in the UNITED STATES lets have this covno again….until then TGJ needs to SIT

  19. itsmw July 8, 2012

    nicki wins 3 EBTS awards and her fans so crazy…and what happened to her Pepsi commercial…I dont see it on T anymore…do they even play her videos on TV…do you hear her ont he radio unless is a collabo….exactly…NICKI IS DONE!

  20. Pro Shader July 9, 2012

    What I don’t get. If so many of you hate Nicki Minaj, why are you wasting your energy being pressed about her. She’s living her life, she’s making her money, she has her fans. Why do any of you think your opinion matters? Why are you checking up on her, if you don’t like her? Why are you clicking on blogs with her name in the title? Beyond me, is what it is. I guess common sense really ISN’T common anymore. Since I have common sense, let me break this down for you: *memo from Common Sense* Common Sense SAYS: If you DON’T like an artist, don’t LISTEN to them, don’t WATCH them, don’t CLICK on ANYTHING that has their NAME IN IT, don’t COMMENT on anything about them, don’t THINK about them. The fact that an artist has you so PRESSED that you waste even 1 minute of your LIFE, TALKING about them…that is just BEYOND me.

    • B**** please July 9, 2012

      F*** you. Nicki a flop, h**

    • GoofyBarb July 9, 2012

      LOL yew med. Nicki stans are clearly advocates of novel-writing with random capitalized words for supposed emphasis. I will continue to click on her links and drag her to hell whenever I damn well please. Who gon stop me? #StayMad

  21. aj July 9, 2012

    Lil Kim just mad some other h** took her place. Kim has already done pop… she popped her p***y to her paypal number one album! Then popped it again to get that back alley surgery that makes heidi Montana’s post cosmetic appearance look like it fell straight from heaven.

    Back to nickI, she is what she is … a rap artist for the mainstream masses. She spits fire when she wants to but that’s what shes no longer popular for. Like it or not she s a black gaga … a gay icon. Someone who expresses her personality that’s why she’s popular. Her pop music is care free. No one checks for hiphop nicki that much but then in general there’s a marked decline in the popularity of r&b and hiphop anyway. The rest of you h***/heaters need to stfu cause seriously the world is begin for everyone. Carry on hating cause ain’t no one gonna love ya

    • B**** please July 9, 2012

      Kim shits in yo mouf b****. Nicki done

      • lilkimisdone July 9, 2012

        While Kim is lickin a big black ball…an eight ball in that new video she’s in. And your stupid, black ass can’t even see the metaphore. The sad thing is Lil Kim didnt see how that Diddy produced video DISSED HER. And that’s her place in the music industry … a old bottom b**** trying get her pimp to notice her after the new Ho is brought in.

    • GoofyBarb July 9, 2012

      So, everyone who doesn’t like Nicki loves Kim?


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