Rita Ora Praises Rihanna : “Her Work Ethic Is Hardcore”

Published: Saturday 28th Jul 2012 by David

Keep an eye on that nose Rita.

Yes, in what we’re hoping doesn’t see her catch a severe case of the Pinocchio‘s, Pop Princess Rita Ora has claimed that that she admires the work ethic of part time performer Rihanna.

Perhaps as consolation for breaking her record for being the first ROC rookie to score a UK #1 single, the fun loving belter has praised her rival by billing her work ethic ‘hard core’.

Niceties below…

Speaking to Complex magazine, she claimed:

I admire Rihanna.

She works her ass off. She hasn’t had a break and she has given people hit after hit after hit. That work ethic and discipline is hardcore. That’s the kind of sh*t that I want to do. That I will do.

On the snap above:

People were like, ‘What the f*ck’!

Everyone thought that we hated each other, but the whole thing was created by the media. That’s what’s so funny. She said, ‘Let’s just tweet this and get people mad’.

Everyone genuinely loves and cares about each other.

In an industry where it’s against one’s interests to ‘tick off’ rival fan bases ( see Aguilera‘s media portrayal following ‘Who’s Lady GaGa-Gate’) Rita’s public support of Rihanna makes sense- at least on a PR tip.

However, it’s a quote by ROC partner Tyran Smith we hope Ora keeps in mind when she next decides to compliment her competition:

Rita makes friends easily.

That’s a good thing and it’s also a bad thing.

Everybody in this business doesn’t have the best intentions, but she still thinks people are who they say they are. She’s going to take some knocks along the way and she’ll learn with time.


Your thoughts?

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  1. RihannasHairFlick>>>>YourLife July 28, 2012

    More namedropping?


  2. Lax July 28, 2012

    Rita we know, baby we know and at Bee HIVE
    with yo slick talking asses, just know that we
    Love Rita and Beyonce It’s Your Raw Hate for
    RIhanna that make us RAIL and when we as
    Fans of all the Musicians we or happy when
    we can see Rihanna accomplishments in plain
    sight and if RIHANNA wasn’t the “HBIC” then we
    would never be reading the Hurt in yo asses
    over her doing Great in the game and you
    can type till yo asses come unscrewed from
    your Behinds, REMEMBE we or Happy because
    we already know that you WISHED we hated Rita
    but we don’t we love her and wish her well but she’s
    going to have to work OVER-TIME to catch up to
    Rihanna and her long ass legs!!!×9

    • RihannasHairFlick>>>>YourLife July 28, 2012

      every time I read your comments my IQ drops by about 50 %.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

        (aka. @LORD)

        Everytime I read his comments, it feels drier than chewing on a wood.

      • Lax July 28, 2012

        Do not read me Skip, Hop & Jump right over
        that bytche that’s causing your Pressure to
        climb up to the boiling point and take a seat
        and wait for me to five a Single half a Phuck
        as to if you read me or not…take seat i speak
        of is in the Basement …..
        When you can look like this on a stage it don’t
        matter to much about what yo Doubters are saying.***-02.jpg

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

        How are you even going to START talking about “pressure” and “boiling points” when your name is @LAX????

        Damn girl, you’ve left nothing for the imagination of human brain!!!!!!!

      • Lax July 28, 2012

        @WATCH YO MOUTH…
        R&B singer Ne-Yo has come to the defence of Bajan beauty Rihanna, stating that despite her love of partying, the 24-year-old ‘We Found Love’ singer means business when she’s in the studio.
        ”She’s a workhorse,” the 32-year-old singer-producer told sources at his Compound Foundation benefit on Saturday in East Hampton.
        Ne-Yo was recently in London working with French DJ David Guetta and music producers Stargate on Rihanna’s new album.
        “I just recently went in to do some stuff for Rihanna, you know,” the ‘S*** Love’ singer exclusively told Capital FM this week.
        “She’s the hardest working woman in showbiz right now.
        ”She definately has her fun, and she parties and lives her life. But at the same time she works. She does not sleep,” he said.
        Both Ne-Yo and Rihanna collaborated on the 2007 track ‘Hate That I Love You.’
        He is currently working on her highly anticipated seventh studio album, the follow up to her 2011 Talk That Talk

      • LORD July 28, 2012

        Good morning @LAX!!!!!

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

        I just got an instant hard-on seeing that hot white chick!


        @Rihanna Nazy members on this post

        I know that was nothing but one of them 5300257019 trillion @LAX comments, but you really REALLY need to check out that Beautiful WHITE gurl in that pic!

        BLEYAWCHAY could NEVAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lax July 28, 2012

        Good Morning Lord!

  3. OopsIHitItAgain July 28, 2012

    i used to hate tgj for starting this Ri vs Ri propoganda until i saw the ora cover. How can her label be pissed at people calling her a single white female when the picture looks like a Rihanna talk that talk outtake.

    • 16GrammysAndABabyToMatch July 28, 2012

      You just worry about Britney taking her meds boo boo, don’t worry about what Rita is doing ok?

      • Lax July 28, 2012

        Eleven number 1’s and the biggest Digital seller
        in the Us Ever! First week sales of Talk That Talk
        over 500,000. and wen on to move 1 million faster
        then any of her other albums!
        Over 20 million Records sold in the Uk! along! Rita
        can’t top “Blue Ivy Carter” who’s still in diapers and i knoe that to make it to #3 of the RICHEST under thirth is a
        streatch and all Rita can do is work hard just like Rihanna
        and the others to try and reach the OUTSKIRTS of the music promise land, Rihanna has reached her destination and Rita can to and i already know that each comment that is NEGATIVELY toward Rihanna will forever keep Rita’s stock low and in that same BASEMENT where you can fing slick typing, smart asses who hates any POSITIVIE types or even though off from Rihanna’s Navy.

      • VirtuosoIntellect July 28, 2012

        He knows I’m a hooker and it kills him inside
        To know that I gave Tom D*** and Harry a ride
        They left my c****** crying

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012



      • Virtuoso Intellect July 28, 2012

        @WATCH YO MOUF

        i didnt type that. I would never use the word “c******” or reference lyrics that do. Some loser is impersonating me.

    • QueenOfTheNavy July 28, 2012

      SPEAK ON IT Brit Bot! The Navy will never welcome this copy catting fraud who clearly learns her tricks from the Queen Of All Copyright Infringements Fossilyonce’.

      Pushing 30 and still no Oscar?

      • BeyoncesKiss July 28, 2012

        Industry h** but still no boyfriend?

        Ms. Karrueche you may now take to the floor:

      • QueenOfTheNavy July 28, 2012

        5 months pregnant in August but didn’t have the baby till January?

      • RitasLipStick July 28, 2012

        Seven years and no number one album?

      • QueenOfTheNavy July 28, 2012

        Nobody invited you here b****. Get back to nursing Rob Kardashian’s 2 incher.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012


        Not having a #1 album in the old big-assed U.S. doesn’t mean a s***.

        It could be a #1 on the World Albums chart, which >>>>> Billboard 200, as we both know.

        I’m not a Rihanna fan (any more) but I gotta admit it that “No #1 albums in the YOO-ESS” s*** is lame as f***.

      • Lax July 28, 2012

        @Watch yo Mouff,,, On the number 1 album
        comment Cosign You!

    • WOW- Celebs July 28, 2012

      You guys are on this blog, day in and day talking the same BS.

  4. Lax July 28, 2012

    Rihanna’s Accomplishments for 2011 says it all, Rihanna id driven
    and she has loads of Raw Determination and she might not be a
    blonde with blue eyes but shes Carribbean with hazel green eyes
    and that is good enough and the next best thing. We know that
    the record keepers have documented Rihannas success story
    very well and it’s a rare thing to see so many admiring RIHANNA’S
    Success which is talked about all around the Universe…..
    Question is what will the Music Historian say about Rita’s career
    cause they or not going to use any of Rihanna’s success stories
    in Rita true Rags To Riches Stories, Bee Hive and Rihanna’s many Haters!

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

      Agree with you, but the so-called WASHED FLOP C*** Beyonce’s accompalishments for 2011-2012 (HER LEAST SUCCESSGUL ERA) have been great too.

      She’s got a commercially successful album that reached a sales’ mark that MANY MANY “relevant, non-washed up” Top10 / #1 makers are DREAMING of.

      * It was #1 in the U.S. and Worldwide,
      * Was the 10th best selling of 2011,7th best R&B album,
      * Certified Platinum in the U.S.,sold 2.7M worldwide,
      * Won many major awards, and listed as one of the best * Albums of ALL TIME along with ICONIC ALBUMS.

      She’s had 2 Top20 hits on the World Singles Chart, 3 Top5’s on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart (with one of them being a 7-weeks #1), 4 consecutive #1’s on the Hot Dance/Club Play songs chart, and 2 Top20 hits on Billboard Hot100

      She’s had 2 successful concerts,
      One of them was sold on DVD, received Gold + Platinum certifications in the U.S., and was the 2nd best-selling musical DVD in the U.S. and worldwide.

      So, can anybody tell me where’s the IRRELEVANCE you’re talking about??????????

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 28, 2012

        shut it down babe

    • Lax July 28, 2012

      @Rihanna’s many haters i don’t dislike a skunk
      i just Hate his Smell!

      • Lax July 28, 2012

        Hey gang Serena is playing and The First Lady us sitting with Venus, Serena just won the first set it’s going to be a fight to the finish for Serena to pull it off but i am sure Serena is up to the challenge.

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

      “she might not be a
      blonde with blue eyes but shes Carribbean with hazel green eyes”

      I would’ve never said it better YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Rihanna may not be a blond with blue eyes but she’s recording more DANCE-POP more than any Romanian B**** will ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Carl July 28, 2012

    She needs to be promoting herself instead of those who are already established: Rihanna, Jay, Bey etc…. ch….

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

      Agree bruh

      • Lax July 28, 2012

        @Car so true, she seem to have the drive she just need
        to stick to her guns!

      • LORD July 28, 2012

        HEY neighbor that’s MY sector!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WOW- Celebs July 28, 2012

      Here, Here!

  6. the real xoxo July 28, 2012

    i dont mind rihanna or rita, but what work ethic?
    she doesnt write, compose, produce her music. she doesnt dance either.

  7. WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

    So feel comfortable around me, Rita.

    Consider yourself my pal, my ass-licker.

  8. ty July 28, 2012


  9. ck1 July 28, 2012

    The last Rihanna album I brought was A Girl Like Me… And looking back at it that albums sucks. Popping out music left and right doesn’t make a person a hard worker.

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012




    • Lax July 28, 2012

      True to a point but keep in mind that thees
      Artist all have a Labe head, Mangers and a team
      who is supposed to do the planning for them!!!!!!!!

  10. LA BABY! July 28, 2012

    Beyflopsay fans need know that their fave is no longer the sexiest woman alive. Rihanna came and snatched that title from her.

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 28, 2012

      Thats funny cus Beyonce was voted sexiest bikini body in 2 different polls this past week.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 28, 2012

      British Vote
      1. Beyoncé – 12%
      2. Kate Middleton – 9.7%
      3. Jessica Alba – 9.7%
      4. Pippa Middleton – 8.8%
      5. Cheryl Cole – 8.8%
      6. Rihanna – 7.9%
      7. Elle Macpherson – 7.9%
      8. Helen Mirren – 6.9%
      9. Katy Perry – 5.5%
      10. Kim Kardashian – 3.7%

      Global Vote
      1. Jessica Alba – 16%
      2. Beyoncé – 15%
      3. Kate Middleton – 5%
      4. Rihanna – 4%
      5. Kim Kardashian – 3%

  11. Lax July 28, 2012

    She made her chart debut in June 2005 with “Pon de Replay”, which reached the top-five position in over ten countries worldwide. It was followed by the release of her debut studio album, Music of the Sun, which peaked in the top-ten on the Canadian Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200. Rihanna’s second studio album A Girl like Me was released on April 19, 2006. It spawned four singles: chart-toppers “SOS” and “Unfaithful”, as well as “We Ride” and “Break It Off”; the later featured Jamaican rapper Sean Paul. “SOS” became Rihanna’s first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned a platinum RIAA certification.

    • Lax July 28, 2012

      Bring it on Serena the first lady is sitting
      in your box with Venus. Another ace for Serena!!!

    • truth tea July 28, 2012

      she has come a long way with very little talent. i give her props for that

  12. WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

    Damn this post looks so f*****’ boring!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just too peaceful and full of pets and……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will be back in 3h, maybe Rihanna Nazy members will have woke up.

  13. TARBABY RANGER July 28, 2012

    Pop Princess? This ho aint did s*** ever yet.

  14. aishaaguilerakeys July 28, 2012

    There you have it, Sam. Straight out of the horse’s mouth. Noone but you ccares whether it’s true or not.

  15. Gees July 28, 2012

    Ummmmmm now who paid her to say that? What is a work ethic these days?

  16. JAZMINE SULLIVAN FAN July 28, 2012


    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 28, 2012


    • huh July 29, 2012

      if it’s so easy where’s Jazmine’s?

  17. The Birth Son Of Prince Sterling Infinity July 28, 2012

    Smart cookie!

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

      That s*** hot man

  18. monstarebel July 28, 2012

    Seems like this h** can discuss everything under the sun beside herself, like really why everytime u get interviewed u gotta bring up people like Rihanna beyonce and jayz stfu get yo life h**!

  19. monstarebel July 28, 2012

    IN HONOR OF RIHANNA IM LISTENING TO “BRITNEY SPEARS SHELL NEVER BE ME” >>>>> you’ll never be like Rihanna u basic b****

  20. ENOUGH ONIKA July 28, 2012

    I’m waiting for the day Rita has a convo that doesn’t involve another artist in anyway. I’ve never seen someone have so many interviews but never focus on themselves. Not even the magazines interviewing her care about her career and she still don’t get it….That debut album will come and go.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 28, 2012

      we all waiting for that , but it won’t happen soon. homegirl has nothing to talk about considering herself. she doesn’t even has an album out ? so …..

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 28, 2012

        Lol absolutely true..

  21. slimsexy July 28, 2012

    Please how is rhianna sexiest woman on earth?cos esquire says so?well I got news for you,by popular vote beyonce has won the. VH1 best celebrity beach body,secondly in a survey in england beyonce was voted best beach body and came second to jesica alba in the worldwide survey and guess what she beat out your so called sexiest woman sexiness lies in the eyes of the beholder,so don’t try to force Rhianna down my throath simply cos a mag named her sexiest woman alive,didn’t people mag name beyonce most beautiful?does that mean everyone has to agree?

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

      But by the word “HOW” what do you MEAN??????????

      It’s OBVIOUS as SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      RIHANNA is the #SEXIEST woman ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just HOW many times have you busted your F***** roommate fantasizing about Rihanna’s Big Black BOREHEAD up that ass????????????

      Rihanna IS the sexiest woman alive B****.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 28, 2012


        Thats what I see as well as:

        British Vote
        1. Beyoncé – 12%
        2. Kate Middleton – 9.7%
        3. Jessica Alba – 9.7%
        4. Pippa Middleton – 8.8%
        5. Cheryl Cole – 8.8%
        6. Rihanna – 7.9%
        7. Elle Macpherson – 7.9%
        8. Helen Mirren – 6.9%
        9. Katy Perry – 5.5%
        10. Kim Kardashian – 3.7%

        Global Vote
        1. Jessica Alba – 16%
        2. Beyoncé – 15%
        3. Kate Middleton – 5%
        4. Rihanna – 4%
        5. Kim Kardashian – 3%

  22. slimsexy July 28, 2012

    I thought the navy would start loving rita for praising Rhianna.But I guess the navy just love to hate on Rita.wish her all the best.

  23. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 28, 2012

    Still cheer-leading I see. Rita honey, no one cares about that, what you need to do is tell people who Rita Ora is, what she is about, why they should care, what to expect from Talk That Talk….oh I mean O.R.A., and also what Rita Ora brings to the table. No one cares about who you praise sing because you’re not a star yet. Promote yourself first, then you can praise worship later.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 28, 2012

      every time i see your Avi …….

      • BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 28, 2012

        lol, I love it too.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

        ……. i see one of the highest-paid live performers whose vocals will never get old …….

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 28, 2012

        Thats what I see as well as:

        British Vote
        1. Beyoncé – 12%
        2. Kate Middleton – 9.7%
        3. Jessica Alba – 9.7%
        4. Pippa Middleton – 8.8%
        5. Cheryl Cole – 8.8%
        6. Rihanna – 7.9%
        7. Elle Macpherson – 7.9%
        8. Helen Mirren – 6.9%
        9. Katy Perry – 5.5%
        10. Kim Kardashian – 3.7%

        Global Vote
        1. Jessica Alba – 16%
        2. Beyoncé – 15%
        3. Kate Middleton – 5%
        4. Rihanna – 4%
        5. Kim Kardashian – 3%

  24. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 28, 2012

    and the moral of the story : she want to be Rihanna. sorry girl.

  25. LA BABY! July 28, 2012

    Grammys grammys grammys……………

    beyfoon stans keep talking about grammys and we all know she got none.

    rihanna has 6 , beyfoon’s 16 were purchased not won.

    anyway riri has more number ones on bbh100 than beyfoon will ever dream. and that’s what matters.

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 28, 2012

      HOW #EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Unless she never got an African-American Rat’s Ass to give on “#1’s” and s*** since she announced that in 2007, WHY didn’t she choose to PAY FOR BILLBOARD INSTEAD?????????????



      • LA BABY! July 28, 2012

        lol u r so delusional…………………

  26. Suicide Blonde July 28, 2012

    Dangerous Kiss.

  27. commanderofthedancefloor July 28, 2012

    regardless of how any of you feel towards rihanna she does have a hardcore work ethic, you people do realize that an album is not made in a few days it takes months, and rihanna has written on every album except for one, even then she goes through demos and picks what she likes she records them, and overseas her album.

    you also know how i know rihanna writes what the credits says, she writes? its becuase if she was just puting her name on it to say she wrote something she would do what other artist do and just put her name on all of her songs, not just the ones she actually writes on. which is another reason why i like her, you dont see her getting sued for taking credit for writing a song when she did actually write it and failing to pay the writers of one of the songs she took.

  28. black kupid July 29, 2012

    Go riri oh i mean ritah

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