New Song: Rita Ora – ‘Roc The Life’

Published: Sunday 22nd Jul 2012 by David

Sure to send much of her fan base into frenzy tonight, minutes ago saw the official release of Rita Ora‘s ‘Roc The Life‘.

Arguably her most chart friendly effort thus far, the mid-tempo number sees Ora pay homage to her ROC family by way of slick production and even slicker lyrics- akin to Beyonce’s ‘Hollywood‘.

Listen below…

Well produced without ever sounding overworked, ‘Roc’ is easily the best cut Rita has spawned since her debut back in February.

We say this, because while ‘How We Do’ ticked many a Hot 100 designed box, it lacked the personality Ora serves in abundance with ‘ROC‘- channeling the young, hot and decadent vibe she has only been able to give off aesthetically… until now.

In short, by way its her easy on the ear vocals and infectious melody, we see no reason ‘Roc’ shouldn’t mark Ora’s first US smash hit if handled correctly.

Handled in a way which sees Rita serve a video strong enough to push the single in case live performances fail to do the trick.

A video we’d say should draw on Janet Jackson’s You Want This‘ for inspiration, a pastel piece with the sole purpose of presenting Rita as the premium girl next door.

Fresher, chicer and friendlier alternative to the now ‘R rated’ Rihanna.

Not sure what we mean?

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo July 22, 2012

    its okay, but thats it. thats the problem with her and alot of popstars these days. a strong image yet “meh” music.

    • BEE-HIVE July 22, 2012

      NEXT! she’s wack..her music just ain’t doing it for me. corny ass lyrics, same generic s*** *plays 4″

      • catnipbitch July 23, 2012

        4 on repeat 4 ever
        I do like Rita and this song is prolly my favorite of hers
        better than that other one…

  2. YESIDIDBITCH July 22, 2012

    Whatever that f*** that was please shoot it….than shoot it again to make sure it’s dead

  3. HOTSTUFF July 22, 2012

    another REJECTED song from rated R. Hang it up gurl, you’re basic, nothing new or fresh.

    • Noel July 22, 2012

      please shut up. Not everything is about Rihanna. Bye.

      • HOTSTUFF July 22, 2012

        Come make me shut up and i’d also like for you to eat my cake even though it’s not my birthday.

  4. Rita ora is the future July 22, 2012

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssss so happy!!! Finally the studio version!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lax July 22, 2012

      Hey Rita when you get the time try this Joint…
      Cold Case Love

      They should have made a Video of this great aong….

      • catnipbitch July 23, 2012

        It doesn’t bother you that all of these great songs you love by your idol aren’t actually written by her?

      • Lax July 23, 2012

        no because it don’t matter to me who write
        it because it’s always about the badass who sings it to me!

  5. DR July 22, 2012

    Great cut for the album, I definitely like it. I wouldn’t release it as a single though, the lyrics aren’t catchy enough, but definitely a great track 🙂

  6. Jay July 22, 2012

    Shes so boring to me for some reason. Wish her the best but I just don’t see that “it” factor about her. That song wont do well over here.

    • Ziggy Stardust July 24, 2012

      I was thinking the same thing. I want to try and like her musically, but it’s just not happening for me. This song was o.k., but it didn’t make me jump out of my chair like, “Hell, yeah Rita!” And, I also agree that she’s boring. It’s like she’s just there filling up space. She doesn’t have that “IT” factor as you’ve said.

  7. YESIDIDBITCH July 22, 2012

    Miss Oral is going to have to start sucking major c*** soon, if those hits don’t start coming……This s*** is going to flop harder than King BITCHyonce Thighs

    • Benron July 22, 2012


      • Lax July 22, 2012

        ROTF LMAO…..MS ORAL!

    • Warren July 22, 2012

      Ha! suck c*** just like Rihanna did & she should have a fight with her boyfriend.

  8. Benron July 22, 2012

    If she was as talented as her fans claim she wouldn’t need to speak/ use autotune in all her songs. All this song will od is get people t ochange the station, its a definite flop.

    Also, Rita is not really super great like everyone claims. But she can do one thing, sing acoustic versions of her songs. She has no stage presence, no swag, no otiginality, no coreography and nothing distinct about her. Whenever she sings a non acoustic songs she sound awful, she is nothing special.

    An amazing artist can paint a stupid picture just like A great singer can make a stupid song. And Ritas only song that had potential was RIP…. #SMH

    • Rita Slays July 22, 2012

      You make me lol every time. What auto-tune is used here, on R.I.P or on How We Do? You stan for Rihanna who NEVER sounds good live even though she uses heavy playback every performance. I don’t ever want to see you come for someone’s vocal ability when your fav sounds the way she does on stage. SMDH

      • Lax July 22, 2012

        Rihanna “SoS 2008

        Say what you want about Rih but one thing is for
        sure she owns her songs and in such a unique

      • Benron July 22, 2012

        Rihanna doesent use heavy playback, you can always hear her and she uses it rarely.

      • Warren July 22, 2012

        Rita don’t use autotone

      • Lax July 23, 2012


  9. lolax July 22, 2012


  10. BEE-HIVE July 22, 2012

    NEXT! she’s wack..her music just ain’t doing it for me. corny ass lyrics, same generic s*** *plays 4″

  11. monstarebel July 22, 2012

    Another weak ass song only song I like from her is R.I.P. and that song isn’t even all that smh b**** do better!!!!!! #RihannaNavy!

  12. Rita Slays July 22, 2012

    About time we heard the studio version of Roc the Life. It could do well over here if it’s promoted better. Rita seems to little promo over here compared to the promo she does in the U.K. The most How We Do got was her GMA performance which was pointless because her targeted audience doesn’t even watch that show. Besides, Radioactive has been confirmed as her second U.S single and How We Do is her second single in the U.K. Roc the Life could be third single world wide.

    • Lax July 22, 2012

      Well if Rita is slaying then i suppose Rihanna
      and others or Killing it. But i say give her some
      time and she too can build herself up, but when
      the Bee Hive gets finished with trying to butcher
      Rihanna’s career to try and save Grace for Rita
      then a great young artist will be worn down before
      she even gets started real good.
      My goodness Jay hired Rita in 2009 what in the
      world has Rita been doing from 2009 until right
      now? Thats going on 4 years, ohhhhh i know
      Rih did the collabs with Chris and that pissed
      Jay off and promoting Rita heavily is Jay’s way of trying
      to control not only Rihannas career but her personal life
      which is hers to live also. I see you Jay you or trying to
      protect Rihanna from all of those wolves that is out there trying to be her down fall.uhm huh…i see…then there beyonce pissy cause she wants all of the shine and will not share it with “bic less on Rita or Rihanna.

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      She has had promotion. She has had her picture taken, for glamour magazine by patrick dermachilier. She has hit up every radio station, both pop and urban, performed dozens of shows and showcase, she has been in vibe magazine, Had Jay take her to z100. Appeared on gma and that is an important TV show to go on, it whups the today show in ratings. That is why they fired Ann Curry. Promotion cost money and as she is not a global act, where is the money gonna come from.

      She has had more than enough time and promotion on this LP and track. HER VOICE IS WACK, SHE CAN’T SANG AND she does not sound like a star.

      • coolo July 22, 2012

        It’s time for Rihanna’s flat ass to go. Her no singing voice will get harsh just like Whitney. Keep drinking & smoking Rihanna it’s very good for your voice lol

  13. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 22, 2012

    Not going to lie, I like this song, it would sound better if RIhanna sang it though as it sounds more like her song. Rihanna is so kind, she is kind enough to give the songs she rejected to Rita Flopa. Don’t ever say Rihanna never gave you anything Rita Flopa, besides giving people a reason to talk about you, she is also giving you her rejected songs, clothes, album covers etc.

    Funny thing is whilst Rihanna keeps on giving, BeYAWNce keeps on stealing. go figure 0:)

    • Lax July 22, 2012

      @beyonce Weave lol….

      • Lax July 22, 2012

        Rita is looking for a hit and so is jay
        I’m waiting to shee what you working with
        Rita i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt
        cause i already know that kannnnng bey’s
        fand or RUTHLESS and they will work over
        time to try and carry you to the top that is just
        how deep their Love is for Rihanna. lmao..,…
        This is one time beyonce will get off her hard earned
        money to help try and help Rita shine as bright as
        Rihanna is shinning! Out of Spite!

    • Suicide Blonde July 22, 2012

      Love your Comment.

      • Lax July 22, 2012

        Thanks suicide blonde….

      • Lax July 22, 2012

        My english isn’t worth a shyt, though i suppose i will
        see if Rih will pay for me to get some more schooling
        maybe we could go together that would make the haters
        as happy as a baby in a dirty diaper.

      • Suicide Blonde July 22, 2012

        Where do you from LAX?

    • Benron July 22, 2012

      I love your comment to pieces!

    • Ren July 22, 2012

      I love voting down your comments! 😆

      • Lax July 23, 2012

        The carribbeans
        @Haters we know you love voting us down, and yo
        broke asses voting us down let all of us know that
        we or Winning, right on.

      • Lax July 23, 2012

        @SUICIDE blonde The Carribeans!

  14. LOURDES July 22, 2012


    • Benron July 22, 2012

      It sonds like more contrived Bad girl image.

  15. monstarebel July 22, 2012


  16. Honestly Speaking July 22, 2012

    I actually like this song however it does sound like a TTT or Rated R reject. Hopefully she has songs with more personality on the album and not just rejected Rihanna b-sides.

  17. imusicjunkie July 22, 2012

    Why do we have hear The-Dream’s annoying voice on every show he produces. The live version > studio version.

  18. I Never Comment But… July 22, 2012

    I like her, I’m rooting for her and all, but… this is album filler at best. Not gonna be a hit in the US.

  19. Kingphoenix July 22, 2012

    Can’t wait for the vid!

  20. Dollar$ign$kills July 22, 2012

    Kill the Rihanna comparisons already. We get it

  21. C.R.E.A.M. July 22, 2012

    I could only stand 0:34 seconds of this garbage. . . . It sounds like a Rihanna B-Side. I don’t like it. . . I actually have a Kim Kardashian song that I listen to and enjoy much better. hahaha.

  22. Suicide Blonde July 22, 2012

    In short, by way its her easy on the ear vocals and infectious melody, we see no reason ‘Roc’ shouldn’t mark Ora’s first US smash hit if handled correctly.

    (REALLY!, even the Macarena was more infectious than this song and that was a horrible song).

    In short, by way its her easy on the ear vocals and infectious melody, we see no reason ‘Roc’ shouldn’t mark Ora’s first US smash hit if handled correctly.

    (LMAO!, this girl has no future in the US, trust me, well, maybe she became famous with a song and joins the club of ONE HIT WONDERS).

  23. MC July 22, 2012

    sorry, I am not feeling it

  24. KayeV July 22, 2012

    said it before and imma say it again ; but i still dunno what this girls musical direction is . she really juss comes off Rihanna-esque .. everyone and their mama keep saying the Rihanna comparisons cause its not a lie and its not shade , juss the truth

  25. FAFRELOADED July 22, 2012

    now we all know I LOATHE rihanna, but this will NOT help rita fight off comparisons. I hear rihanna singing EVERY WORD OF THIS!! SMH…..

  26. Lax July 22, 2012

    @DOLLAR$SIGN,,,Yep because they or two totally different artist.

  27. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. July 22, 2012


  28. Back2Business July 22, 2012

    Ehh I don’t like this<<< What happened to How We Do? That was actually a good song along with RIP. But she needs to go work with some B-List & C-List producers who can help her develop her own sound and identity. JAY NEEDS TO PUSH ALBUM BACK TO NOVEMBER AND SCRAP THIS ALBUM AND STOP GIVING HER THE A-LIST TREATMENT SHE GOTTA EARN IT AND BUILD HER STATUS IN THE INDUSTRY!

  29. MACHAVIEL July 22, 2012

    Annoying Hating Ass Navy Already Trolling SMH! You Go Rita We Love You!!!

    • commanderofthedancefloor July 23, 2012

      funny because i see several hive members saying the song is crap.

  30. MILD July 22, 2012

    sounds artificial. her perfomance of roc the life on vevo lift uk is a lot better than this s***

  31. MACHAVIEL July 22, 2012

    And I do Loooove This Pic!!! F*** You Hating Ass Navy!:-)

  32. Benron July 22, 2012

    This is so bad for her though.

    I ca nimagine Rihanna’s voice and it goes perfectly with it. It could go On Rated R, she could use the coreography from the loud tour Rude boy performance. Rita needs personality.

    It has its strong points but is basic and weak most of the time.

  33. That B*tch July 22, 2012

    I really like this song but as others have said, I don’t see this as a single that needs to be released. If “How we Do” which is actually a really good upbeat song can’t get into the top 20, then this song sure as hell will not see the light of day…but then again it may just surprise us…anything can happen.
    Nonetheless, I really wanna see this girl become successful.

  34. kelly July 22, 2012

    This basic b**** makes A list the dream’s production sound D list. The dream is great hit maker. He makes smash hits. Single ladies, Hard Rih and Jeezy, Touch my body by Mariah, Umbrella , Baby Justin Bieber.

    This does not sound like an American produced, let alone an Alister. It sounds like a dude from the UK doing it, in his mama’s council flat with a home recording mixer – like he pressed – insert rock guitar.

    She did the same to my fave Producers, the Runners. They done How we do and she made it a wack basic track and they Runners do not do wack or basic. They done Hustlin by Rick Ross.

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      There is nothing there! Jay Z is only hanging on, frantically scrambling to offload to FORCE into accept Rita, to save face. Cos it makes him look bad, everyone was waiting to see if he could make another Rih, and he cannot. So he now looks like the bum failed executive. I think Columbia are gonna pull the plug on that whole roc nation, cos they ain’t popping off over there. They might need Rih to come help clean up house.

      No one on that label is a hit and they keep spending Columbia’s money without profit on these acts.

  35. Ren July 22, 2012

    I like Rita, but I don’t really care for this. I mean it’s okay, at least it ain’t dance/pop…but still, it’s nothing I would buy as a single. I really think “RIP” (minus that awful rapper attached to it) should be the next American single.

  36. That B*tch July 22, 2012

    The song really grows on you the more you listen to it.

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      She has had 3 years to make an LP and has worked with best of the best and this all she has?

      • That B*tch July 22, 2012

        Kelly, just because I like a certain song doesn’t mean you will like it and vice versa, that’s what’s so wonderful about being able to have our own opinions.
        Secondly, what’s the rush? She’s working on her craft just like all singers & performers should be doing. You should commend her for doing that instead of her releasing rushed material just so that she could show up at #1 on the charts just like some other music artists do.

      • kelly July 22, 2012

        She is not immune. ” what’s the rush ”?Time is money is the music business. She is a waste of every time and money.

        You are meant to work on your craft during artist development, not when you are trying to get money from the public. People want a finish product, not someone trying to find there feet. She was not ready for the deal 3 yrs ago, and if JAY ZA WOULD have auditioned her – as he did Rihanna, they would of seen, that she is not ready……..or right.

        You see Rihanna worked with those producers for a year making demo’s and rehearsing. They already HAD PON DE REPLAY AS A DEMO SONG – THAT PROVED TO BE A HIT. Rih came to her audition with a future SAMSH HIT – SHE WAS READY.

        This girl……none of that. They thought a blonde white girl could do the Rihanna. They are wrong.

        If anything, Rih got signed at 16 and had an LP out at 17 – she was the rushed, but she had the magic to make it happen. This is BUSINESS IS ONLY ABOUT NUMBER # 1 – that is all they care about. They only care about number 1’s and making money. They don’t care about talent, as you can make money without talent, now. If they cared about talent, they would be music teachers.

        JAYZ is only doing this for money, he is not doing this cos he cares about Rita Ora, personally. If loses him, he WILL kick her ass to the curb. The other artist who serve up number 1’s are the ones who don’t get dropped. Simple.

      • That B*tch July 23, 2012

        Up until a few months ago Rita Ora was not getting any promo. She had no music videos, no single releases, no photoshoots, no magazine covers, and no interviews so how much money could have really been spent during that time where everything was basically up in limbo? I’m sure it wasn’t much. And yeah you’re right about #1’s being important in the music industry but what’s the point if you have a bunch of number #1 singles yet you can’t translate tthose single sales into album sales? A lot of artists with #1 singles can’t seem to do that, so in my opinion I see nothing wrong with her trying to make sure she has everything together.

  37. kelly July 22, 2012

    How many singles are they gonna put out? I think jay gonna put out every track on the LP as a single. That is like 12 music videos. YOU CANNOT FORCE US TO ACCEPT TRASH.

    She is trash. She is not hot – Ciara, Cassie, Keri hilson Miranda Brooke, Alexis jordan, Christina Millian, Ashanti, Jhene, Brooke Valentine, Olivia all look better.

    She cannot sing K michelle, Brandy monica etc can sing better

    She is no fashionista just a fashion victim who is overstyled.

    She cannot dance, she looks old, wrinkled and haggered.

    Her music is garbage – it cannot even touch Carly Jespson rae.

    She is just a Forever 21 version of rihanna – plus lines around the mouth and eyes.

    Send her back to the uk. No one around the globe is checking for her.

  38. kelly July 22, 2012


    Don’t you dare compare any Of janet’s work to this wrinkle bleached preoxide flat ass hag.

  39. Inspect July 22, 2012

    Rita is prettier than Rihanna and is a MUCH better singer.

    • Cassie July 22, 2012

      I don’t even like Rihanna but Rihanna is considered the beautiful one, Rita looks too old but yes she is the better singer but that’s all she has over Rihanna.

      • L21480 July 22, 2012

        Nah…Rita is way more attractive than Rihanna. Rita is vampier, brighter, more stylish and is better put together. Rihanna looks like a kid.

    • coolo July 22, 2012

      Rita is priettier & sings way better then Rihanna ^^^

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      Well, as Rihanna is the superstar between the two, who is seen as stunning. Your argument is flawed. You cannot really claim beautiful against one of the most beautiful, photographed women in the world.

      • Dejae July 23, 2012

        That forehead sure isn’t stunning.

  40. kelly July 22, 2012

    Go back to the drawing board, Jay Z – and I do not mean with Rita ora. I mean with Roc nation. This ‘label ‘ was not thought out properly at all.

    They do not have the right executives and A&R working there. Jay, Jay brown and Ty ty DO NOT HAVE A CLUE HOW TO RUN A LABEL. If was run by Kareem biggs and Damon Dash. Sony is gonna pull the plug on this WHOLE ‘LABEL ‘.

    There is not a single platinum act. All it is, is a label filled people who wannabe rihanna ( willow, alexis jordan, rita ora ) Alicia Keys ( Bridget Kelly and melanie fiona ) And drake ( JCOLE )

    No one that label has star quality – more like tribute act. ROC NATION IS DONE!

    Man, Now I respect Irv gotti and Murda inc, at least his label created smash HITS!

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      Y’all know jay z begging to suck on Rihanna to come and help him with his struggling flop label.

  41. kelly July 22, 2012

    Don’t ya’ll miss the days of the rap labels and the first ladies? Instead of these wannabe Rihanna labels?

  42. kelly July 22, 2012

    Also, the african american slang, that Atlanta born The dream, does not sound right when Rita says. She is a white woman from London, so is sounds odd when she says black american slangs. She cannot swag the words, cos she not black girl from ATL or BK or Chi town – even island chick can swag.

    You know, when white people try and use black slang and they sound weird – like they are not saying it right. That Rita. Rita sound like a 45 old white woman trying to imitate a 19 yro blck girl from Inglewood. Also she sounds like Posh spice, when she tried to to an urban track, using black slang words It weird when these old white women do it.

  43. ENOUGH ONIKA July 22, 2012

    Rita reminds of that kid in school who wanted to be cool SOO bad, always buying what the so called cool kids would wear, listen to and watch the things they did, but was rejected every time. That’s Rita to me, and that’s why the little fans she has can like to her (i.e. Samantha) because they were also one of those kids. Anyway songs sh*t as usual. Trying to be something she’s not (Interesting and cool) with no real meaning and solely made for radio (or elevator background noise), which ever plays her most. 2012 is a sh*t year in music.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 22, 2012


  44. Miranda Goodenough July 22, 2012

    I kinda liked Rita Ora more than Rihanna. This girl seemed genuine, and she has live singing talent. Nice Song!

  45. #RihannaNAVY July 22, 2012

    it sounds like it was written with Rihanna in mind….

  46. haterzstaypressed July 22, 2012

    OK, Sam I don’t know how much Jay Z, beyonce and Rita are paying you… but dude this new song is a direct RIP from Rihanna’s Breaking Dishes – right down to the semantics and lyrical flow:

    Yeah um,,,, no thanks.

    Rita aint hitting here. No neva eva sorry!

  47. yeyay July 22, 2012

    What audience are they trying to get for Rita? Is it different for the US vs. UK? I really think Rita’s vocals are more RnB, not Pop…She needs Beyonce kinda songs, not saying she’s at Beyonce’s vocal level, but I think that sound suits her better than this sound….Wish her luck though…I really like the RIP song a lot though

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      As I listen to 702, Monica, , Faith evans, Monifah, Kut Klose…..she is not RNB. She is not pop either – not the American pop we are use too.

      She is acoustic guitar based FOLK. that is Right! I know it is boring, unsexy, unglamorous and…..well, not cool, but that is all she is.

  48. JAY July 22, 2012

    The live version sounds a 1000x better.

    They sucked the soul out of the song with the studio version.

    Those runs she does live are everything.

    I want her to win, but like everyone else I’m confused with the direction of her music. She needs better material.

  49. kelly July 22, 2012

    Rihanna can sing. JLO cannot sing. However, JLO music circa 1999 – 2003 was better than anything Rita Ora has. Plus jlo was beautiful, glowing, booty real swag and she can dance.

    I’m real, if you had my love, jennie from the block, Play, All I have, Ain’t it funny, love don’t cost a thing,Waiting for tonight, etc….. When you look back JLO was a much better rnb pop star than half the crap that is out now.

    In fact, I’ma say it ! JLO is better ARTIST THAN RITA ORA

    • Uhoh12 July 22, 2012

      Rihanna can’t sing. Hell, JLo might even be better than her. Or equal to. I do know that Rihanna sings no better than her.

      • Lax July 23, 2012

        @KELLY Cosign and besides that if RIHANNA could’t sing
        we would not have all of these has beens talking out of their asses trying to talk RIHANNA down because they see rih winning and that along, kills them lol.

  50. Ny July 22, 2012

    Sam..u must really want this girl to succeed..yo a** ova here day janet..”you want this”.. ?! You are reaching..! Your extra two cents comes off thirsty.. Your constant Rihanna comparisons and cheap shots lower the integrity of this site and come off as biased. You are only hurting Rita who seems like a sweet girl, but in the process you are pitting Rihanna fans against

  51. Ny July 22, 2012

    Sam..u must really want this girl to succeed..yo a** ova here day janet..”you want this”.. ?! You are reaching..! Your extra two cents comes off thirsty.. Your constant Rihanna comparisons and cheap shots lower the integrity of this site and come off as biased. You are only hurting Rita who seems like a sweet girl, but in the process you are pitting Rihanna fans against Rita. Rihanna has the more established fanbase and you are making Rita unlikeable, by dissing Rih.

  52. JER July 22, 2012

    Rita Ora is such a consistent artist. Always serving forgettable mediocre realness. Get it Ms Borea!

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      HA HA HA HA HA HA Rita ORA MAKES JLO look iconic. On the real, don’t u miss the days of Murda inc and JLO?

      Better than this roc nation crap.

    • Saetana July 23, 2012

      LOL, that is exactly what I was thinking – this song is even more mediocre than RIP and How We Do. They aren’t bad songs, they just aren’t good ones and are mostly eminently forgettable. I did get How We Do stuck in my head for a few days but it got old very fast and that “party and b*******” line is cringingly bad. She has no identity of her own and looks like a mashup of Rihanna and Gwen Stefani without Rihanna’s swag or Gwen’s talent. Not sure this will do well even in the UK, its too bland.

  53. mindgames July 22, 2012

    f*** you haters. you don’t know s***!!

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      Rita, is that you.

      I am afraid we do know what we are talking about. We are the record buying public and you’re wack, old, ugly who wants, but can’t ever be Rihanna.

      Is clear enough for you?

      PS: 21? we don’t believe you, you need more people.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 23, 2012


      • Benron July 23, 2012


      • veronica July 25, 2012

        wow kelly u have a lot of time to write on blogs!!! y u so upset?? lol

  54. quetta July 22, 2012

    Rita’s song was okay. I don’t think it beat R.I.P though. and why does janet look so stiff in that video? I know she can move better than that.

  55. Sleazy July 23, 2012

    Roc the life >>>>>>> Rihanna stans must stop being bitter you clearly threatened #pathetic

  56. commanderofthedancefloor July 23, 2012

    don’t know why but the live version is so much better, i mean i guess it was the live guitars that made it sound alot better, take away some more of the electronics and add instruments and it makes it better.

    • commanderofthedancefloor July 23, 2012

      oh just heard shine your light and really like it, also gave roc the life a few more listens and it definetly grew on me, a good song, not epic but good, so roc the life, shine your light and facemelt will make me buy Ora.

  57. ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 23, 2012


  58. jj July 23, 2012

    Not really a fan of either..

    but this sounds EXACTLY like a Rihanna song.

  59. g(o)rl July 23, 2012

    am I the only who remember rihanna wasn’t a bad girl and it was forced to create a new image for her? so stop downing rita to up rihanna.

    • jj July 23, 2012

      I mean….some people may just be commenting on image, but other people aren’t, including myself. This sounds exactly like a song Rihanna would record and her vocal delivery sounds a lot like Rihanna as well. Just from listening to the production, melody, and delivery, it brings to mind Rihanna.

    • Benron July 23, 2012

      And it seemed fake, but they released the rigt singled (other than shut up and drive)
      Even though she called herself bad she wasnt trying as hard as Rita or going as far.

      Rita is like Rated R + Loud (which just happens to be just like talk that talk!

  60. i’m not throwing shade, but… July 23, 2012

    I have to agree with the masses, the track is weak! It lacks any kind of punch and hr vocals are pretty lackluster, it would’ve been better if she rocked out a bit at least.
    I also hate the cover, why is she forcing her hair over one eye? Who approved this crap?

  61. CrazyEccentricCrazyCool July 23, 2012

    Most seem not to like it but I like its simplicity. Can’t you just imagine doing you just walking down the street with a bunch of pressed h*** hatin and shakin their heads in disapproval. Whiel you roccin’ the li li li li li life lol. Um yeah anyways.

  62. kelly July 23, 2012

    How many singles and Glossy expensive videos does it take to prove you are a star?

    It only took Rihanna her demo and one cheap video to prove she is a superstar.

    I know what ROC THE LIFE is meant to be. It is mean to be a cheap knock off of Rihanna and Young Jeezey, Hard.

  63. kelly July 23, 2012

    Rita says she is good friend of Chris Brow and Drake? Really ma? Like, who next, Melissa Forde? Rih little brother? Rih’s dad? Like, damm. Funny how she. She fancies chris brown – it would be come down for Chris if he went from a mega star to a no name hag.

  64. Lax July 23, 2012

    The folk on this board talking RIHANNA down voting the navy down only
    proves the point that rihanna who her many haters calls out of her given
    name more then they call her RIHANNA her given name, is showing
    their hate and meanest toward Rihanna because rih is leading the pack
    where the black girls or concerned with sales and all things musical and
    for that along Rihanna will forever keep haters VOTING HER NAVY DOWN.
    The navy knows that the down votes or the ones to count because we know
    that the haters or the one’s doing the voting down and talking all things
    rihanna down . Example of a rihanna haters is the clown screen name
    @WARREN speaking about how Rihanna don’t look like her pass pictures well then tell me if that isn’t a B*** HURT HATER!

    • That B*tch July 23, 2012

      GTFOH, ain’t nobody here worrying about Rihanna except you. You were one of the first people to use her name in this post. This is not a Rihanna post it’s a Rita post. You always instigate stan wars then you get mad when someone says anything bad about your idol…SMH.

  65. johny blue July 23, 2012

    I know you guys dont like rihanna but u can’t seriously sit here and think its cool that roc nation is giving her all these rihanna bsides. What makes it worst is despite being a better vocalist she sounds bored and dry. Stop gassing this hot mess of an album and talk about why ddn’t they give this girl her own sound. She’s a marketable act with a lot of potential but this first album is a hot ass mess.

  66. Oh Yeah!!! July 23, 2012

    Super Rita

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