Watch: Frank Ocean Rocks LA; Performs Beyonce

Published: Wednesday 18th Jul 2012 by Sam

Soul-filled singer Frank Ocean switched Los Angeles on to ‘Channel Orange’ last night during his hotly anticipated tour stop in the California.

The ‘Thinking Bout You’ crooner thrilled the adorning audience at the Wiltern with a bevy of favourites from the critically acclaimed set, including ‘Bad Religion’. Also tackled was Beyonce‘s ‘I Miss You’, which the 24 year old penned for the superstar’s ‘4’ LP.

Peep the performances after the jump…

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    • LORD July 19, 2012

      i love you.

  1. slimsexy July 18, 2012

    There’s new pictures of blue and new pictures of Beyonce running into her office.

  2. Fraud July 18, 2012

    lmao Def Jam probably bought half of those copies.
    Still waiting for a #1 album and a radio hit. Otherwise I’ll stay conviced that Def Jam bought 50 000 copies of their “Itunes Exclusive”.
    How could this nobody sell more digital copies than Justin Bieber, the biggest digital act? Very suspect in my opinion.

    This guy is a fraud:
    -he can’t sing, I’m not here for a mic full of autotune and nasal vocals. He should take singing lessons
    -stole the channel orange concept from Devonté Hynes aka BLOOD ORANGE, even his album cover cover is a rip off of Devonté’s single covers
    -He lied He is dating a girl named Alycia Bellamy, Chris brown’s ex girlfriend.; He is just another singer using the yag community for publicity.

    He said it himself on twitter he is trolling the industry and everybody is jumping on this fraud bandwagon but I ain’t buying it.

    He will always wonder if people like him because of his talent or because people feel sorry for him because of his very well written confessions letter
    Playing the victim for sympathy is double-edged sword, he will learn it the hard way.
    If you have faith in your talent you will let your talent speak for you. People who wanna sell their private life always end up in bad situation and depression. Look at britney, michael, rihanna, chris brown. Hope he is enjoying his 15 min of fame tho.

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 18, 2012

      ok 1st, he coulda sold more digitally than Bieber that 1 week cus that was the only sales outlet for his music then. Bieber’s fans had choice. Its easier to purchase multiple physical copies than multiple digital ones anyways.

      2nd, his letter told of an unrequited love towards a man. He didnt say anything about not dating girls so where are the lies? As far as i know he is yet to refer to himself as a gay man. Is Angelina lying to Brad now cuz she once dated a girl?

    • JOSE July 18, 2012

      Christopher is this you?

    • Yeezy July 18, 2012

      Kill Urself… Thanks… Toodles Hater F**k Off And Choke On Devont’s Irrelavant D***

  3. Latrell4Bey July 18, 2012

    Yess Slay Ocean! Someones A Little Mad ^^^^…CTFU Broke Bitter B****** always repeat the same s***! DO YOU FRANK OCEAN!

  4. Army Of SLAY-Liyah (Queen Of Urban Pop) July 18, 2012

    YASSSS ! Frank Keep Slaying ! Hmm It’s Cute The Pressed Lessors Are Mad You Out Sold Chris & Ushers Opening Week With No Hit Singles ! Lmfao Did That Hater Bring Up Justin Bieber Then Say Frank Ocean Can’t Sing ?! DELUSIONS !

    Sam Can We Get A Post About Frank Debuting At #2 In The UK & US !

    • bored July 18, 2012

      Did he really? How would you know if Frank Ocean outsold either Chris Brown or Usher? The numbers quoted are from Frank Ocean’s ONLINE/DIGITAL sells. The number’s quoted for Chris Brown and Usher are from POINT OF PURCHASE/OVER-THE-COUNTER sells! These are two different type sells.

      • lol July 18, 2012

        Either way when his digital sales and over the counter physical album sales are counted he will have slayed chris and ushers album sales , especially considering their albums have been on pre-sale on amazon and itunes for the longest and they still under performed

  5. JJFan1814 July 18, 2012

    Congrats on your success, Frank.

    Keep the haters mad. 😉

    • LORD July 19, 2012






  6. Nick July 18, 2012

    ALL RITE FRANK YESSSS Boy…, get it

  7. bored July 18, 2012

    I just don’t understsnd the hoopla surrounding Frank Ocean? He sounds pretty much like the run of the mill R&B singers I’ve heard.

  8. An0thrNight272 July 18, 2012

    Some of your kids dont understand because youre stuck on fast food radio hits.

    Frank Ocean is a genius – his lyrics are out of this world, the conviction in his voice as he sing’s about his stories are transcending, and his humility is inspiring. He isnt the typical R&B hearthrob – he’s unique. His artistry is true to himself and people relate and appreciate the pictures he paints. Keep hating on him because he’s successful and it makes you mad because he may not sing and dance like the artists you stan for, my advice – RELAX and let him and his fans , Be. Better yet – get off your computer, MAKE SOMETHING of yourselves, then maybe you’ll see the world in a whole new light. Then you’ll be too happy to hate on others.

    • danny b July 18, 2012

      OMG. THIS. THAT. And everything in between!!!!!

  9. Jayla July 18, 2012

    Gays support their artists

    • Nacole July 18, 2012

      Frank is being supported by all sexual persuasions because his music is for everyone…

    • LORD July 19, 2012

      a Solid example: Your step sister

  10. ArtistLoveMe July 18, 2012

    Frank was off key on ‘I Miss You’

  11. tha_truth21 July 18, 2012

    Thank u Artist….He does not sound good in this ‘Miss You’ performance…And what the hell is wrong with that keyboard playing? I generally rock with Frank, but that was terrible…SMH

  12. Nacole July 18, 2012

    Can’t wait to see him when he comes to my city! Keep being true to yourself Frank because your real fans new and old so appreciate it.

  13. GREG July 18, 2012

    was a little bored with these performances… shade.

  14. David July 18, 2012

    That Bad Religion song is so f****** tough

  15. MACHAVIEL July 18, 2012

    Ooookay How The F*** This Guy Got More Posts Since He Annoced That He Loves Men And Women???
    Don’t Get Me Wrong, Cause I’m Myself A Bisexual Girl Too, But I Don’t Get This Sudden Love And Admiration!

  16. lol July 18, 2012

    he needs to get over it he gave it to beyonce

  17. its ok… July 18, 2012

    The truth of the matter is if this guy hadn’t made his”announcement” he wouldn’t have any of the attention he has Now.
    Call me a hater. Not my problem.
    He is clearly exploiting the gay community.
    If they like it I love it.
    Judging from his performances it can’t be the talent. I’ve heard children,teenage,adult,and senior males who sound way better than this guy.
    Just admit it. Most of you are bandwagoners.
    I did the same with adele…only to be dissappointed After giving it a try After the undeserved hype….this guy is doing nothing different the average R&B male normally does… Sucks that his sexuality has so much to do with him as the artist

  18. LORD July 19, 2012

    There is no way how great his voice is.

    After being one of my Recycle Bin contents, This song can EAT “Dance for You” for dinner performed by Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just GOT a feeling that this guy will be the Male version of SlayDELE..

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