Watch: Nicki Minaj Performs Live At ‘2012 BET Awards’

Published: Sunday 1st Jul 2012 by David


Minutes ago, Rap sensation Nicki Minaj took to the 2012 BET Awards to serve up a long awaited performance for the event.

Curious to know how she fared? Watch her in action below…

{Video Removed As Requested}

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  1. HAPPY AS HELL July 1, 2012

    she did great!

  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS? July 1, 2012


    flips hair!!!

  3. Slay July 1, 2012


  4. Josu July 1, 2012

    Wow!!!! Nicki is fabulous!

  5. Truth July 1, 2012

    I caint staaaand thar B**** but that actual wasnt bad. Good job u satonic B****.! I liked it

    • FAF July 2, 2012

      SHUT THE F*** UP.

  6. b****** July 1, 2012

    b****** gimme a link for live stream a guud one pleaaaas

  7. Andrew July 1, 2012

    she either needs to take some serious dance classes or stop trying to dance like that, cause it is not working.

  8. Army Of Queen Aaliyah July 1, 2012

    That Off-Key Singing Was NOT The Tea , it’s Cute that she could keep up with the cherography. Beyonce Singing Along >>>> Performance

  9. Belladonna July 1, 2012

    I Love Love Nicki but this was just ok I wish she would have went crazy and over the top like the Grammys or made her skin Pink and hair Green or somthing but hey you cant win them all. but I still cant wait for the new Pound the Alarm music video I know thats goimg to be CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jamilaa July 1, 2012

    on a scale of 100 i’ll give dis performance a 60….she did ok,,nothing extraordinary

  11. Viciousss July 1, 2012

    killed it. Had Beyonce singing along.

  12. Jayla July 1, 2012

    NICKI did her thing!

  13. OpD2 July 1, 2012

    nicki did her thing and gratz on wining the award.

  14. Jessica July 1, 2012

    Sorry it was garbage- it bled my ears that I had to change the channel- straight GARBAGE!!!

  15. Yeezy July 1, 2012

    Yall knew she couldnt c** to BET with that trash ish she normally does…. thumbs up if u agree.

  16. Os July 1, 2012

    a live orchestra and all that,even got the audience and beyonce and jay-z trapping,now that,s what i am talking about nicki did her thing.

  17. Tbozfan10 July 1, 2012

    Hey @ yeezy’s quote: “Yall knew she couldnt c** to BET with that trash ish she normally does…. thumbs up if u agree.”

    Those were Both tracks of her latest album. This is what she “normally does.”

    • Yeezy July 2, 2012

      Trick…. do you think she would have done such tastless stripper like performance had it been MTV?? nope… sit ya 13 year old a** down.

      • nicki and bee # 1 fan July 2, 2012

        you trippin sit down somewhere and think before you talk trsh about another singer cause look at her somebody aint complainincause she famous and goot some fans and you don’t check yourself heafer.

  18. WELL DAMN! July 1, 2012


  19. Nahjee July 1, 2012

    I was not surprise when nicki won best female she the only one relevant. Her Proformance was off the chain to I like it

  20. john July 1, 2012

    Nicki did that. I beez in the trap. Isiah Classic Food by Isiah Hurts is available on kindle.

  21. Love on top July 1, 2012

    Yall can’t hate I looooved dis perormance *goes down to download Beez in the trap*

  22. itsmw July 2, 2012


  23. Saetana July 2, 2012

    I’m not that keen on Nicki as a rule (Super Bass excepted) but that was a good performance, her rapping was excellent, singing and dancing not so great but give her time. That black outfit was also far more flattering than that awful Barbie stuff she wears most of the time ;o)

  24. Keepwinning July 2, 2012

    Real QUEEN works hard 2 defend their kingdom & throne. Real queen leads by example & nvr let her emotions effect wats best 4 her pple (fans ). & Always makes sure her pple nvr go hungry.Nicki is a TRUE queen she does talk s*** just state facts & #s!!!

    • FAF July 2, 2012


      • nicki and bee # 1 fan July 2, 2012

        you got that right boom

      • Hayley July 8, 2012

        You just like many others who like her= delusional fools

  25. Keepwinning July 2, 2012

    Real QUEEN works hard 2 defend their kingdom & throne. Real queen leads by example & nvr let her emotions effect wats best 4 her pple (fans ). & Always makes sure her pple nvr go hungry.Nicki is a TRUE queen she doesnt talk s*** just state facts & #s!!!

  26. TL July 2, 2012

    Two comments. First off, as far as her winning an award, Nicki won that by default. When you put her in a category with other female artists who haven’t had a hit since who knows when.. it’s obvious who’s the winner. It’s not that Nicki is that great, it’s just that her competition pales in comparison making her look the best. Sort of like the pretty girl with the ugly friends..

    Second, this chick switches up performances like her personalities. How fitting for her to put on her “black” face last night with Beez in da trap song, all the gangsta hand gestures and the stripper-like outfit. I think if it were the American Music Awards or MTV, it would have been valley-girl, Starships and a Cyndii Lauper outfit. Will the real Nicki please stand up?

    • Yeezy July 2, 2012

      @TL Thank you!!…. very few people (well most people over the age of 15) can see beyond this fraud.

      • SD July 2, 2012

        Both of y’all sound stupid.

      • nicki and bee # 1 fan July 2, 2012

        i know

    • pudding tang July 2, 2012

      everytime you see Nikki perform, that is the REAL NIKKI. She is of all makes and MODELS. Dont hate cause you dont have enuf intelligence to know the when a performer knows when to dress for the occation.

    • TK July 2, 2012

      You sound stupid. You’re saying she won by default which is true, but whose fault is that? It’s not Nicki’s fault that that half of the rap girls are too lazy to put music out & the other half that are putting music out, can seem to get a hit even when they team up.
      Secondly, Nicki is versatile, half her album is hip hop, half her album is pop. Why? partially because she likes both, and partially because half her fan base is hip hop & half is pop. The BET awards is more of a Hip Hop & R&B event & crowd, therefore she performed the fitting songs that she knew the audience wanted from her. At the MTV awards which is more of a pop audience, they wanna hear her “poppier” tracks & she performs those. She knows her audience & she gives them the songs they want, that’s not called being fake, that’s called being smart…But I understand why you wouldn’t understand that.

      • TK July 2, 2012


      • Trini_Minaj July 2, 2012

        I think they just dont want to understand it. They know BET is more urban music and MTV Awards is more pop. So therefore the artiste would have to switch their style up. As a fan I love both Hip Hop and Pop, so I like all of her songs on the album. Pound the Alarm is already slaying and so will Va Va Voom, Champion and HOV Lane. This album will be a huge success, especially in terms of singles. I have lots of songs from Nicki that are straight hip hop, so when the haters come in dissing Starships and PTA, all I can do is laugh because I love both sides of Nicki, whether it be pop or hip hop. But to the haters, keep hating because we can’t have everyone liking Nicki, we need u to hate so we can love her even harder, making her an even bigger success.

      • TL July 2, 2012

        Nicki is hip-hop and pop you say but, I bet you wouldn’t call her pop in her face. You might get cussed out or better yet, she might cancel the show and walk out.

        I don’t understand how a music artist who “wants” to step outside the box and do different music gets offended when people call her pop. All I’m saying is if you are going to be versatile take pride in all of your work …pop,hip-hop whatever. Especially when the “Pop” part is probably what is keeping her paid anyway.

        I cant support this fraud… I’ll leave that to the white folks, girly boys and the teeny-bopper fans, TK.

      • TK July 5, 2012

        @TL Would you call Kanye a pop artist? I wouldn’t call Nicki a pop artist, not because I’m afraid she’d be offended but simply because she’s not solely that. She has put out around 300+ songs and about 10 of them are pop which means the remaining 290+ are hip hop, therefore making her a Hip Hop artist who also dabbles in pop. To only acknowledge those 10 songs & solely call her pop is equivalent to only acknowledging “808’s & heartbreaks” by Kanye & dismissing all the rest of his music (which happens to be the majority). It’s insulting. Why is that just about every other artist can make a handful of songs outside of their original genre & can still be identified as what they actually are at their core, but not Nicki? She gets offended being called “pop” because most of the time it’s someone from the hip hop community calling her that and they’re using it in a negative & offensive way. The way they use it, pop = garbage, so yeah she’s gonna be offended cuz they’re basically calling her garbage. Was that particular interviewer using it negatively? no, but the fact is she has to sit & defend herself against simple minded idiots all day, she was probably already in defensive mode which is understandable. Summer Jam is perfect example of ppl using the pop term negatively. Rosenberg got up there and disrespected her based on ONE song that wasn’t even intended for the hip hop audience. She didn’t cancel the show because he referred to her as pop, she cancelled the show because he & his radio station were unprofessional idiots. You don’t ask someone to HEADLINE YOUR SHOW, then get up on stage before they perform & disrespect their music & fans. If he didn’t like that ONE song fine, but he should have been professional enough to STFU, that was not the time or place. She had every right to be offended by that.

        You’re saying you want her to take pride in all of her work but she already does. She loves her hip hop AND pop tracks, but people are so simple about it acting as if she has to choose one or the other, just acknowledge & respect her as an artist who loves & does BOTH, that’s all she wants. The simple, closed minded people can’t understand that though, TL.

  27. Sheltop July 2, 2012

    I’m not a big fan of her’s. I like her tho. I will say this was her best live performance to date!

    • Trini_Minaj July 2, 2012

      I loved the performance with for Check It Out. That performance by Nicki was slamming. I also loved her Grammy performance.

  28. Trini_Minaj July 2, 2012

    To Team Minaj….don’t hate the haters. They are there for a reason, they are simply doing their job! We actually NEED them, their hate makes us love and ride for Nicki even harder! Nicki does both hip hop and pop music and we love it, some love only her hip hop side and some love only her pop. Most of her fanbase loves ALL of her music, like me. Cause let’s face it, a lot of hip hop lovers like pop music as well. To top off her performance I had the pleasure of seeing KING Bey rap along to Beez in da Trap. That made my night! No one slays like King Bey and Queen Nicki. I will forever ride for the King and Queen!

  29. BKMEKA July 2, 2012

    WACK !!!!

  30. nicki and bee # 1 fan July 2, 2012

    i love nicki she rocks . she da boss man and her clothes is fly

  31. GAY JAMES4SIGHT IS UGLY July 3, 2012


  32. All Cellebrithy Zone September 17, 2012

    2012 BET Awards performance wow it really great new

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