Watch: Nicki Minaj Performs Upbeat Set At ‘T In The Park’

Published: Monday 9th Jul 2012 by David

Nicki Minaj continued in her bid to dominate the UK yesterday, working the crowd at  the T In The Park‘ event.

Rousing her audience with a set list that included ‘Moment 4 Life’ , the 5x Platinum ‘Starships’ and the budding hit ‘Pound The Alarm’, the Pop star’s performance was ‘colorful’ to say the least.

All the fun below…

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  1. the real xoxo July 9, 2012

    she got booed off the stage because she was an hour late! they cut it out.
    then her fans were disrespecting my country “f*** scotland, kilt wearing bastards” etc.

    its not my countrys fault your sell-out flop fave was an hour late!

    • leah dizon July 9, 2012

      your a liar I was therer no one booed her and Im scottish

      • virtuoso intellect July 9, 2012

        em she was definitely booed. the tea has been spilled all over the web. It’s pointless denying it in this twitter age hun

      • truth July 10, 2012

        why u lyn, b****?

    • the real xoxo July 9, 2012

      and here is the first delusional barb. my mates were there and have it on video she was booed!

      • WTF July 9, 2012

        i was there. im from scotland. she got booed. deal with it. f*** off. take a seat.

    • Mob July 9, 2012

      I was shocked at the tweets I read about her from various ppl who either attended the show or worked behind the scene. WTF was she smoking last night…LOL?

    • The Zolonski Trap July 9, 2012

      ohkay, it’s simple. she’ll naver go to your “country” again. selfish arogant asses. if you guess can’t understand that she’s not some youtube sensastion and she’s a real MEGA STAR and that she has a lot of buisness and travels alot, then you mutherfuckas need NO concerts. Stick to your local acts. Dosen’t matter if she’s late or not, she showed up and performed. So take ya stuck up asses elsewhere! #DoneWithThisTopic

      • YASSSSS July 9, 2012

        i dont know if she was booed, but from the video, it looks like they were happy as f*** to see her. :/

      • Hayley July 9, 2012

        @ The Zolonski Trap, You = delusional ass kissing fool.

      • truth July 10, 2012

        this is a big festival, not a mear show. just proves how delusional you barbs are. if nicki told you all to f*** off you would still dickride her.

    • OpD2 July 10, 2012

      you are not from scotland,you are just a regular hater giving nicki her daily hate,anytime something negative happens around nicki you all amplify it and try to make it out to be more than what it is,typical of you all same old sh-t just a different day.

      • OpD2 July 10, 2012

        i bet if one person booed and some local acts was unhappy the nicki haters is going to amplify it to make it out to be something more than what it is,i am a nicki fan and alot more like me is out there and we would never diss another country because some people was unhappy over an obvious misunderstanding and i know nicki would never dis anyone over there are any country she bin to,but thosespeople running on twitter disrespecting her was a bad look and if some barz replied in a disrespectful was there were just fighting fire with fire i am not saying it,s right but some people dissing nicki over there without getting the facts ofcourse some of her other fans wasn’t going to take it so lightly.

      • truth July 10, 2012

        yes i am from glasgow you delusional tit. why would other ARTISTS bash her attitude? she was being a b**** just accept it.

    • marlon July 11, 2012

      Flop? She’s THE most successful female rapper of all time. Starships has taken the record of most consecutive weeks on billboard of ALL TIME.

  2. NM July 9, 2012

    This b**** is always f****** late. In Amsterdam she also was an hour late, bet she doesn’t know what it feels like to stand a freaking hour in a space full of crowded people with no seats to sit on. I hate her for that.

    BTW is it me or is this b**** performing everywhere these days ? #winning

  3. Kira July 9, 2012

    This bytch got exposed once again.

  4. White girl mob July 9, 2012

    I’m getting tired of seeing this plastic looking b**** everything on her body is fake smh

    Kreayshawn is REAL no fake s*** on her.. Nicki Minaj need to take some notes

    500,000 Of kreayshawn debut album sold it first week yup ya gonna be hating like crazy when ya see the numbers.

    Kreayshawn will be sitting on her throne and it’s up to ya h*** to knock her off

    • WTF July 9, 2012

      B**** please. either your keyboard is royally f***** or you have muscle spasms in your hands but you added about 4 (possibly 5) extra noughts onto that sales prediction right there. The only thing kreayshit is going to be selling in that week is her home to pay colombia back for flopping so hard.

    • Kween Ebony July 9, 2012

      LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO! You STR8 tweaking if you think Krey going to sell that much! Yeah maybe after a yrs time she can sell 500,000! First week HELL NAW! Katy Perry nor Justin Bieber moved that much in a single week! Yeahh you teweaked HARD!

    • Mob July 9, 2012

      B**** STFU about this washed up NEVER BEEN! 500k in what Monopoly money? Boo boo bye bye!

    • B**** please July 10, 2012


      • FAF July 10, 2012

        Why are y’all still entertaining this b****?????????

      • B**** July 10, 2012

        U know what, u right f*** 2his trailer park trash

  5. Bey4lyfe July 9, 2012

    First of all know all ya facts …her flight was delayed which made her late to the show..and second of all the people who said all this was mad because nicki security guard pushed a person out the way dont blame nicki cause any celebrity security guard would of done that ask beyonce

    • virtuoso intellect July 9, 2012

      pls dont bring Bey into this. The guards were wrong. Those were employees at the venue not crazed starstruck stans. they were not endangering Nicki in any way except breathing the same air as her royal buttness. it is just like Nicki to condone such uncultured behaviour

    • Mob July 9, 2012

      No I think it was a bit more involved than 1 shoved person. Multiple sources said a great deal more about her and her overall dismissive attitude directed at the “help”!

  6. Honestly Speaking July 9, 2012

    Apparently not only was this b**** late to her own show but when she did show up, she had the nerve to have her security bully backstage workers and helpers. The reviews for her show were also quick to point out that she displayed no charisma or talent with her set and was basically a waste of time and space. As usual.

    • the truth tea July 9, 2012

      a couple of artists and t in the park workers were tweeting about how awful she was being to the staff at t in the park. they wouldnt tweet that for no reason would they?

      • Honestly Speaking July 9, 2012

        Exactly, everyone from the event from attendees to employees were spilling the tea about her over the top behavior. This b**** rolled up in there like she was running something when in actuality she should be grateful that they included her in this event to begin with. She must think that she’s doing some Beyonce level choreography on the stage when really she is just a low budget mix between Lil’ Kim and that gutter rat Khia.

      • B**** July 10, 2012

        K now, just lev kim outa this. Kim performance slay nicki

  7. Bey4lyfe July 9, 2012

    Umm did they tell yall the reason she was late? Her flight was delayed which made her late

    They was mad because her security guard pushed somebody out the way which any celeb security guard would of done that ask beyonce

    Oh did we also tell you how countless of fans said and showed proof that they brought tickets to one of her shows near scotland and said how great she was and how they were now fans ….

    So while yall talking negative s*** all that was turned into a positive


    • the truth tea July 9, 2012

      maybe a positive to you deluded barbz, but then again if nicki came on stage, laid a s*** then went away you would still be here for it. delusion at its finest.

      artists and t in the park workers were tweeting about how awful nicki was being a shithead etc.

      • OpD2 July 10, 2012

        THE TRUTH TEA man i never seen someone so obsessed with nicki minaj like you and a person called LOL,I SERIOUSLY BELIEVES NICKI MINAJ IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF YOU SHE IS ALL UP IN YOUR HEAD…

    • virtuoso intellect July 9, 2012

      but they’re not talkin about her show near scotland. they’re talking about t in the park. one does not excuse the other. is the flight delay also responsilbe for her posses’ shitty attitude and her lacklustre short set?

      • TIMELESS July 9, 2012

        She rocked the crowd at the end of the day!
        I do believe that Nicki works too hard, and needs to take some time to reflect. I mean She went from the BET AWARDS to TRINIDAD TO FILM A VIDEO then back to LONDON TOO DO A SHOW then off too SCOTLAND. .

  8. Layla July 9, 2012

    @_sleeping souls went innn on Nicki on twitter for her bad attitude & the way she & her crew treated people. I don’t support anyone that gets a little money & fame then starts treating other people like sh*t. Who does this woman think she is? Nicki you need to humble yourself because you can be forgotten tomorrow. In fact the music business was cool without you. If you think that bad attitude will get you far in life just ask foxxy brown.

  9. virtuoso intellect July 9, 2012

    but they’re not talkin about her shown near scotland. they’re talking about t in the park. one does not excuse the other. is the flight delay also responsilbe for her posses’ shitty attitude and her lacklustre short set?

    • virtuoso intellect July 9, 2012


  10. Blackman July 9, 2012


  11. nicko July 9, 2012

    I LOVE NICKI !! =D

  12. DaHotNig July 9, 2012

    Who cares about all that b******* yall talking!?!?! Look at that CROWD! They LOVED EVERY MINUTE of Queen Nicki Minaj! SOme of you are just mad that the WORLD loves Nicki and your fav is having trouble getting the locals into a venue. Good night!

    • B**** please July 10, 2012

      Eat bath salt b****

      • FAF July 10, 2012


  13. TIMELESS July 9, 2012

    Nicki Minaj Rocked the crowd!
    The security guard situation was unacceptable and i hope nicki fixes it!

  14. TIMELESS July 9, 2012

    She rocked the crowd at the end of the day!
    I do believe that Nicki works too hard, and needs to take some time to reflect. I mean She went from the BET AWARDS to TRINIDAD TO FILM A VIDEO then back to LONDON TOO DO A SHOW then off too SCOTLAND. .

  15. Gilberto July 9, 2012

    Actually, I enjoyed. Gimmickih Minaj is definitely a better performer than R****** and Katy.

    • Yea i said it July 9, 2012

      • Gilberto July 9, 2012

        This song sucks.

      • Yea i said it July 9, 2012

        lol i know but Rihanna top b**** in the game , n**** got song about her ………….mad it wasnt beyonce

      • Gilberto July 9, 2012

        I’m so mad that a wacky rapper like Flo Rida didn’t release a stupid song using Beyoncé’s name. Wow! I’m gonna cry.
        Speaking of it, Beyoncé’s name is cited on two #1 hit singles: Outkast’s Hey Ya! and Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind. Actually, Flo Rida has used Beyoncé’s name on one of his singles, but I don’t recall which one.
        His hit ‘Good Feeling’ was inspired by Beyoncé’s movie, Cadillac Records. She is also cited on the #2 hit ‘Mama Do The Hump’ by Rizzle Kicks. She is cited on the Korean hit ‘Go Away’ by 2NE1. Just to name a few… You know how it is, right? Oh! No, you don’t. You stan for a basic flopped b****.
        When people are inspired by Beyoncé, their music turns into successful songs; by R******; wacky and boring s*** like that.
        Beyoncé is the KING. DEAL.

  16. The Zolonski Trap July 9, 2012

    LATE OR NOT, SHE PERFORMED!! and it was probally the best damn performance any of you #Ratchet ass n***** den ever seen. She just won’t be in places that feel they
    re are too good for a person of buisness to be late. it’s like wtf!!! does she NOT give it her all when performing. Has she not been touring for three months. even look at “realistic” issues. the bus could have broken down, she could have been on he urge to cancel because she wasn’t feeling well, there might have been an issue backstage or any other reason. Were talking about NICKI MINAJ!! EVVVERRYWHERE she goes it’s hetic!! so something went down on the days she was late because i’ve seen her numerous of times and rarley is she late. if anything, she’s like 15-30 minutes. Not no damn hour late. but like i said, late or not, she performed and you b****** were ungrateful. So #TeamMinaj say’s good bye to the ones who wish they could be in her position. have a great day. *drops mic and exits stage left*

  17. Yea i said it July 9, 2012

    Rihanna new show!

  18. YASSSSS July 9, 2012

    she killed it … whens kim doing it? 😀

    doubt kim has even performed in anywhere other than usa.. oh and that 10 seconds she had on 50 CENTS concert in africa . mad ?

    • Yea i said it July 9, 2012

      look lil kim up b**** she been all yall youngin are so 2000

    • Sara July 9, 2012

      Idiot, I hope you realize that you only make Kim more relevant every time you talk about her. It doesn’t matter where you perform as long as you’re making money which she continues to do. Besides, If I were Nicki I would make sure that I do well in the U.S. because that’s the hardest market.

    • B**** please July 10, 2012

      B**** she HAS performed international h**. And goin bk to s. Africa for tour this fall u stink p**** b****

      • Ahaha July 10, 2012

        Umm that was cancelled due to low ticket sales

      • truth July 10, 2012

        why the F*** you lyn for nothing you s**** b****. no it hasnt been cancelled you h**

  19. Outspoken July 9, 2012

    Wait…she was demanding that the grass be cut because it was too high for her to walk on? LMAO I can’t yo!

  20. QueenSize July 9, 2012

    pound the Arlen sounds like starships. Is that hip hop too?

    • truth July 10, 2012

      doesnt matter. these blind, deaf and dumb barbs will eat any s*** she throws out and she knows it.

      • FAF July 10, 2012

        nope its pop……….. the same pop your idol kim & your faves FAIL at. deal w/ it

      • Trev July 10, 2012

        but who said it was hiphop?

  21. call me crazy July 10, 2012

    speople be lyin. I wasnt there but I watched the video and if they booed, it was drwoned out by cheers. It was so many people there that was loving it based on thevideo. Hm but I dont know somebody might have footage of the boos somewhere.

    • truth July 10, 2012

      if you wasn’t there then SHUT THE F*** UP!! SHE WAS BOOED H**…I WAS THERE!!

  22. Os July 10, 2012

    look at the people cheering even though nicki was sick as hell and with her flight delayed on top of it,she still went and performed and that cost her set to be cut short and some people was unhappy because of the short set but she is on a schedule regardless that she was late,she couldn’t go over on other peoples time so she had to make use of the little time she had left..she went up there and did her thing though ,i am not listening to them hate who is trying to change facts…like i always say keep doing you nicki keep locking it down… my respect go,s out to the scotish people for showing nicki love even though some was p*** it,s all good.hopefully next time nicki is out there she is healthy and she gets to perform her full set.

  23. Jay J July 10, 2012

    Ya’ll act like people don’t have delayed flights. If you’re already late to a show, you don’t have time to conversate with people backstage and shake hands, it’s a simple hi and bye, I need to do my show. She wasn’t giving an attitude just to be doing it, she was being a BOSS and trying to get to her FANS. Ya’ll always talking down about her & really, you’re probably the main one’s going around singing “D*** in yo face”.

  24. CC July 10, 2012

    I was there, after an hour of waiting with no explanation she ran on the stage and basically got boo’d off. Why this article doesnt mention that i dont know and why people are saying they were there and never heard any booing must have been on too much illegal substances to even know what planet they were on. People were chanting for Swedish House Mafia to come on early and for her to just get off the stage and stop wasting our time. She sang like 5 songs… mimed about 3 of them. Absolute farce of a performance and i am no longer a fan. I dont think she will come back to Scotland and frankly i couldnt care less if she does. Will spend my time and hard earned money on other PROFESSIONAL artists who appreciate their fans.

  25. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 10, 2012

    I don’t care if she was booed or not. All the artists that are more than half an hour late to the venue get booed before they start performing. I would be interested if she was booed for being a mess on stage, but that didn’t happen, so the crowd’s reaction was mundane.

    I’m not a Nicki fan, but I have to give some credit for improving her performing skills. The girl used to be a pure unfiltered tragedy! Remember that VMA’s pre-show in 2010? Epic fail. Now she’s closer to being a seasoned performer.

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