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Elton John Slams Madonna, Labels Her 'The C-Word'

Published: Sunday 5th Aug 2012 by TGJ


The claws are (still) out with Elton John versus Madonna.  The Queen of Pop has certainly found herself reigning atop pop legend Elton John‘s sh*tlist as the two have embattled in a nearly year-long feud.

While Madge has oft-played the silent card (unlike her persistent digs at pop princess Lady Gaga), John has been more than vocal about his distaste for the Material Girl.  Such distaste is displayed at maximum when the ‘Bennie & the Jets’ singer flew into a list of insults composed for the pop queen – even going so far as to calling her a ‘c*nt’ and saying ‘her career is over’.

Get into this interview with Australia’s ‘Molly Meldrum’ and hear John’s kind words for Gaga and not so kind for Miss Madge (start at 7:07).


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  1. Percy August 5, 2012

    I would not label Madonna ‘the c word,’ but she is now an attention w****, trying to stay relevant before that fame dissipates. Unlike Michael Jackson, who was loved by everyone, Madonna was and is loved by the gays…but her celebrity will be gone and they’ll be on to the next big thing.

  2. mobwife August 6, 2012

    >I always find it interesting that when white ppl dye hair neither the white nor black press says a word but when a black person does it, it becomes a problem.

    > Look at queen Elton’s wardrobe. why has he not been labled by the white media (GQ) as the WORST DRESSED MALE?

    >Wait so it’s okay for ELTON JOHN to have TEMPER TANTRUMS over nothing but let folks actually stress out Chris Brown over something real and ever present and he’s called mean, evil, blah, blah! #racealwaysmatters

    >His vocals are okay but of course the media says there great! YAWN!

    >I like Madonna f**k Elton & CaCa. Madonna has grossed 450k on a 70 city tour which is more than Elton or Caca combined. Have several seats DRAG QUEEN!

  3. gigi August 6, 2012

    Elton John.never.beat his gf. That’s why Chris Brown having a temper is an issue. Idiot. It has nothing to do with how race, its cause he beat his gf.

  4. mobwife August 6, 2012


    Dumba$$! You don’t know what or who Elton John as beaten during the course of his life as the RACIST MEDIA has never focused on his personal live (other than his “gayness”) in a way they do other celebs today! American Idol” alum Adam Lambert was arrested on assault charges for beating his BOYFRIEND Sauli Koskinen. But he is WHITE + GAY so it’s all good right?

    As a TEENAGER, Chris Brown had 1 fight damn near 4 years ago. SO DAMN WHAT! Why is it an issue today? He KILLED NO ONE. RIHANNA ADMITTED TO HITTING HIM 1ST! Was it ok for her to beat on him and if so why? Chris Brown does not have anger issues the WHITE RACIST MEDIA DECLARES THAT HE HAS! This is a ploy that’s often used when they want to constantly attack and humiliate BLACK MEN AND LABELTHEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. 17-yr-old TREYVON MARTIN was just a “lowlife ghetto thug who deserved to be killed” according to popular belief! As for Chris, they only craft stories that highlight his flaws. I have never met a young person who has not struggled and stumbled in life…MYSELF INCLUDED. NONE OF US IS PEFECT NO MATTER WHAT THE SIN OTH SKIN COLOR! We all make misakes. Why is his the only one that is constantly highlghted in the RACIST MEDIA?

    If indeed you ppl have a problem with a TEENAGER having had 1 fight damn near 4 YEARS AGO, then why don’t you same lowlifes have the same problems with ADULT WHITE MEN who have BEATEN WOMEN like: Chalrie Sheen, Eminem, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Alan Jackson, Rodney Atkins, Mickey Rourke, Ozzy Osbourne, Sir Sean Connery, Sir Paul McCartney, Axl Rose, Jeff Goldblum, John McEnroe, Robbie Williams, Norman Mailer, Sylvester Stallone, Davy Jones, John Lennon, Frank Sanatra etc.? When will their CDs, films & TV shows be blocked, boycotted, not reviewed etc., even postmordum where apply? Why just abuse the TEENAGE BLACK?

    THE HELL IT ISN’T ABOUT RACE! This is classic RACISM 101! We see everything but the white “dunce “hats!

  5. D.Scott August 7, 2012

    Well damn, Elton lol

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