Hot Shot: Lady GaGa Covers Vogue

Published: Thursday 9th Aug 2012 by Sam

Check out Lady GaGa looking all flavours of fierce on the cover of Vogue. 

The Pop titan takes over the magazine’s September 2012 issue, the pages of which sees her dish on her new fragrance The Fame, her current tour – the ‘Born This Way  Ball’, and forthcoming album ‘ARTPOP’.

While the interview arrives on August 14th, when the issue hits newsstands, you can check out another shot from the diva-defined shoot below…


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  1. jom August 9, 2012

    now tell me who is more prone to photoshop????

    • the haters are always first August 9, 2012

      your mother.

    • arfa August 9, 2012


  2. Rihanna Navy August 9, 2012


  3. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 9, 2012

    Now I love Gaga, don’t get me wrong but these shots are clearly photoshopped. Lady Gaga isn’t really attractive, I’m just being honest here. I’ve seen photos and magazine covers of her without makeup and she never looks this cute. Anyways I can’t wait to hear new material from her upcoming CD.

    • prettigurlrockD August 9, 2012

      well she’s not exactly cute in the face. But her body is desirable and I dont see how this shot is anything different from what we’ve seen of her home cams on instagram and twitter. She looks average without makeup as she does in these shots.

  4. trillafood August 9, 2012

    Shes repetitive. I’m so over her and her gimmicks.

  5. JAKE August 9, 2012






    😉 😉 😉

    • Miao August 9, 2012

      And who is always original?

      • prettigurlrockD August 9, 2012

        Haha. Great comment. I agree.

  6. Viciousss August 9, 2012

    Anyone else notice since she got a man she’s actually trying hard to look cute?

    I haven’t seen any stupid dresses, ugly style or 18 inch heels this era? The days of meat dresses are over since she realized she’s gonna have to change to keep him.

    • Saetana August 10, 2012

      She always has really high heels on, you obviously haven’t seen her much which is not surprising given she is on tour. Her style has been as quirky as ever and her boyfriend doesn’t want to change her.

  7. Bobby Bulgaria August 9, 2012

    Eff… Ay… Kay… Eee…

  8. August 9, 2012

    That cover shot look like she has hips and thighs like a black or Latin chick. How misleading. I guess her next gimmick will be to get hip and b*** implants like the rest of these body snatchers. Smh

    • Mobwife August 9, 2012

      –> “I guess her next gimmick will be to get hip and b*** implants like the rest of these body snatchers” <—


    • Nicola August 9, 2012

      Honey, your fave on cover of Vogue?! Didn’t think so! Stay mad!

    • JAKE August 9, 2012



    • prettigurlrockD August 9, 2012

      But if you’ve seen her backside her cheeks are what’s up.

  9. Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens! August 9, 2012

    this cover is nicer than her first vogue cover.. that one wasnt nice at all
    …. Just google kelsnetwork…

  10. Mobwife August 9, 2012


    Why do the same ppl grace the same covers several times a years? There are too many TRAINED MODLES who are not given the opportunity to do their jobs because of the COLLUSION on the parts of the controlled, fake media & music industries! Expect to see ‘pAnks’ manly looking tail on next months cover….YAWN, I see the scheme & the scam!

    BUT on a positive note: Gaga actually looks nice on the cover! The Madonna style stealing, 2 for 1 best buy, 99 cent amazon dot com scam artists. 🙂

    • Nicola August 9, 2012

      Mad, b****?! Stay mad!!!

    • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 9, 2012

      Lmao @ Mobwife I always love your posts but yeah I agree. There are models for a reason! Let models stick to posing and let singers and actors stick to singing and acting.

    • prettigurlrockD August 9, 2012

      Well if a singer can model why can’t they get booked for a shoot? Not everyone can sing and sound great which where you are wrong. And if real models arn’t getting booked that’s their fault and their agents.

      • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 9, 2012

        I didn’t say that an actor or singer can’t model on a magazine cover but clearly there haven’t been much opportunities for models with actual contracts to be on magazine covers.

  11. Truth August 9, 2012

    Wow senseless Hate for a Talented Woman….. ThatGrapeJuice is a Biased joke for gay queens to talk s*** about people making an impact in the world while they d***** they ass before the next f*** & spend they time talking mad s*** online

    • Nicola August 9, 2012

      PREACH! F*** YES!

    • Lady Germ August 9, 2012

      Lady caca is not talented, she is overrated and generic.

      Where’s the so-called amazing talent?

      Her lyrics?? HELL F*CKING NO!

      Lady Caca is wack. Nobody with good taste likes that sh*t.

  12. Truth August 9, 2012

    And please. Bring up Madonna style stealing again. Madonna was never original either. Tired of these kids with no facts

  13. Miao August 9, 2012

    September issue, 916 pages, 120 anniversary and LADY f****** GAGA! Come on kids, have some respeact! I know that your fave could never, but..

  14. Lady Caca is nothing but a lunatic and a wannabe August 9, 2012

    Nobody gives a sh*t a Artflop, Fartflop, Fartpop, Artpoop.

    Everybody knows it’s just going to be a collection of diarrhea generic dance songs, as usual.

    Lady Caca’s music, piano and voice are all an absolute basic generic piece of sh*t.

    Lady Caca has been overrated as f*ck.

    No person with a brain is here for Lady Caca and any of her useless REDUCTIVE sh*t.

    I hope Madonna continues to put this Lady Caca troll in her place and continue to make Lady Troll Caca secretly pressed and stressed.

    • John August 9, 2012


      • kill germs and germanotties with Windex August 9, 2012

        The only pressed and compressed idiots of this world are all the Lady Caca fans and Lady Caca herself.

        You are all NOT hiding your pressed-ness well.

        Lady Caca is secretly crying in a corner somewhere, sniffing drugs and drinking her foktarded Whiskey, being the stupid idiotic wannabe that she is.

        Madonna sh*ts on her. Veterans always win over stupid foking ignorant newbies.

        Who’s pressed? You and your embarrassing idol Lady Bullsh*t.

        Now GTFO you gag-inducing deformed ugly monstrosity.

    • prettigurlrockD August 9, 2012

      I think they are both great creative artists and smart business women but clearly gaga has more talent. Stay pressed.

      • kill germs and germanotties with Windex August 9, 2012

        Lady Caca’s talent is boring and average.

        Lady Caca will only be remembered for being a wannabe and a plagiarist.

        You stupid monsters are the epitome of wackness.

  15. Bey Fan August 9, 2012

    Loves it

  16. Ugh August 9, 2012

    She looks stunning. i’m glad she’s not wearing any of that weird pointed enhancements on her face or shoulders. i didn’t like that phase at all.

  17. YESIDIDBITCH August 9, 2012

    Humm so no over the top outfits, and makeup ??? Gaga TRYING to look cute??? B**** if you succeed you will first need something to cover that ugly ass face, because cute is not your forte….

  18. Rob August 9, 2012

    Hail to the Mother of Photoshop. LMAO!

  19. Nick August 9, 2012

    I love the hat

    but this is totally photoshopped

  20. I ate yo momma 4 breakfast August 9, 2012

    LOVES IT! I wish Gaga was at the VMAs this year 🙁 Hope her new album is good! Tho I liked BTW I liked TF and TFM better.

  21. Belladonna August 9, 2012

    She’s Looks Amazing! Best American Vogue cover ever other then Nicole Kidmens cover. But like it or not She is the new Queen of Pop, she’s makeing more money, her tours do more then Rihanna, Katy and Nickis and Taylors, all three of her album have been in the top two of the best selling albums on the world chart taking the number one spot in 2010 as amazing as Adele is she just has one hit album and that’s 21 and 19 sold because 21 was so big Gaga has had an Episode on glee been on Time Magazine,Forbes ever year, Had a Thanksgiving spacial, Her standing up for Gay right and really showing up to protests makes her a Gay Icon and Now VOGUE for the sconded time & its the (September Issue) This girl is F****** BIG!!! I think Madonna is a Pop Icon and I love Adele but Gaga can not be Denied anymore she’s the f****** New Queen Of POP and that’s that.

    • Darkwing Duck August 9, 2012

      Will Gaga’s career last as long as Madonna’s? I think not.

      • Belladonna August 9, 2012

        I think if Britney and Beyonce can make it Gaga can make it, and I love Brit and Bey but I’m just keeping it 100ed Gaga is almost bigger then both of them so I think she can keep it going for some more years & let’s not forget she can sing and write her music so I thinks the new Quee Of POP is Not saying Madonna isnt amazing I’m just saying shes not the Queen anymore that’s all. If 15,16,17teen year olds don’t listen to your pop music how can you be Queen? Everyone still listens to MJ and he’s dead R.I.P. think about it?

      • Suicide Blonde August 9, 2012

        So i guess the Music is only for teenages, are you gonna be young forever, what about Elvis Presley, he’s not the king anymore just beceause teenages don’t listen to him?, and by the way i know teens who loves Madonna and when Gaga gets old teens would listen to her coz she’s the best right, it’s ok to have her as your idol, i understand that but there’s only one Queen and that’s Madonna, Gaga may create her own throne.

      • Belladonna August 10, 2012

        Well Elvis Presley was an amazing entertainer and he did do alot for music and be4 him no male solo artist was toping him but when MJ came and did a lot of the things he did he did that s*** on a hole new level and became bigger then every artist in history so what I’m saying is you can stay King or Queen as long as someone dosent do it better then you and for MJ know male artist has done that but as far as Madonna goes Britney couldn’t do it X Tina couldn’t do it but Gaga Miss Lady Gaga O she did it! Her Videos her performances her singing her outfits everything even with the hole Born This way b******* Gaga made a song that important Exspress Your Self was not. even the fashion world loves Gaga just as much as they do Madonna but the one big diffrents Is Gaga did this in all of 4years so like I said New Queen Of POP!

      • Suicide Blonde August 10, 2012

        There is not such a thing like new Queen, Madonna often imitated but never duplicated.

    • ty August 9, 2012


    • John August 10, 2012

      Oh, baby, try a little bit harder! FAIL!

  22. Benron (Frank SideHoeShit is whack) August 9, 2012

    Lady FlopGag looks awful as usual. Hideous face, mutant eyes, looks like a horse, bony disgusting legs, fat torso and flat boobs. She is Gimmicky as ever just like “Born this cheap”. If only she could sell music off of intrest and/or talent, shame because she can sing andhas the least depth of any artist!

    • ty August 9, 2012


  23. MRDIVABITCH August 9, 2012

    YES! SLAYAGE DELIVERED! Your faves could never 🙂

  24. Guest August 9, 2012

    LOL at everyone saying this is photoshopped! No s***! What magazine cover isn’t photoshopped/airbrushed? Remember Adele’s vogue cover when it looked like she lost 100 lbs?

  25. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 9, 2012

    thank God for Photoshop !!

  26. MACHIAVEL August 9, 2012

    Awwwww! Gaaa-ga Oulalah!!

    @TRUTH & @MIAO You Two Never Lie And Always Slay Pressed FlopCunt!!!!

    @GUEST, Because It’s Lady G, They Are Bitter And Madly Angry Toward Her Cause They Can’t Take The Fact That Gaga, In Less Year S*** On Their Favs Even If She’s “Ugly And Copycat”! That’s Why!

  27. MACHIAVEL August 9, 2012

    Awwwww!!! Gaaa-Ga Oulalah! Lady G Has A Nice Body!
    @TRUTH &@MIAO, You Two Never Lie And Never Fail To Slay Pressed FlopCunt! I Like The Way You Stand Up For Gaga!:-)

    @GUEST, Because It’s Lady G, They Madly Bitter And Angry Toward Her And They Have A Deep Nonsensehate For Her Cause They Can’t Take The Fact That She S*** On Their Favs In Less Years! It’s Double Standar On TGJ When We Talk About Gaga!

    Sorry For My Sucking English!

    • Miao August 10, 2012

      Thank you bb! Only truth!

  28. kill germs and germanotties with Windex August 9, 2012

    If you are a fan of Lady Caca, you are LITERALLY INFACT INDEED an UGLY MONSTER.

    You are most likely UGLY, DEFORMED, BRAINLESS, IGNORANT, STUPID, BLIND, etc. You have no taste!! You relate to Lady CaCa and her troll sh*t.

    It’s a big mess and you can’t realize that, you monstrosities! smh eww

  29. J August 10, 2012

    I do indeed like Gaga,she’s not my God, nor would she want to be, BUT I ain’t feeling the first picture, it’s too RuPaul. The second picture should be the cover, it’s not over the TOP, the hat’s a nice touch, and I think it’s a bit of an homage to “My Fair Lady”, what do you think? VERY interested to hear the new stuff, Ga!

    • Saetana August 10, 2012

      Interestingly enough she tweeted about channeling Ru Paul on the cover, something about coming for your weave b**** (she was joking). I’ve also seen the My Fair Lady comparison elsewhere. I’m just glad its better than her last vogue cover with the horrible pink bob, one of her worst covers ever. I might actually buy Vogue for the first time for this issue.

  30. BrealK August 10, 2012

    Now that’s what you call a fierce cover. Simply dynamic visuals.

  31. blah August 10, 2012

    Umm Rupaul did the same photoshoot dress,hair and all…… I think it was Photoshop… Check it out for yourself… Rupaul looks better

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